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Speech [The real aim of the Revolution: establishing the Islamic system in the world]

The real aim of the Revolution: establishing the Islamic system in the world
A group of women from Ahwaz, Qum and Buroujerd
جلد ۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۴۸۳ تا صفحه ۴۸۲
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The divine Islamic movement

Praise be to God for the movement being faithful up to now, though we are still in the early stages. This movement has been the reason for us to gather in one place and discuss our problems. Prior to this, such an event was not possible. We were on one side and you on another. All the other people had also been dispersed. This divine movement has caused all these people to gather and talk about these matters that need to be heard and discussed, so that, God willing, the problems are solved; thus, enabling us to reach our goals.
The problems are many, but what is important is that we are only midway; we have not yet reached our destination. We have only removed the obstacles; however, our aim is higher than this. The important thing is to safeguard this movement- this movement that had the might to overcome such a satanic power. While being very powerful himself, Muhammad Rida had the support of all the powerful countries of the world. They were all for him, but against us. Nevertheless, this movement succeeded because it was a divine one; not materialistic one. It was a national movement; a divine and Islamic one. All the powers were not able to protect this satan. He has gone, and will never return. But this was not the issue at stake. The issue was the severance of the hands of those powers (from this country) following his departure, and this has been done. Of course, the remnants are still there bit they will also be destroyed, God willing. However, this is not the end of the matter. Our basic purpose was not the ouster of the monarchial regime and the severance of the links of the others. All this was the prelude to our main purpose which is Islam. The aim of the prophets who used to fight against the enemies of monotheism was not just to wage war and destroy them. Their real aim was to spread monotheism in the world and to propagate the creed of truth. The enemies were obstacles that the prophets had to remove in order to achieve their purpose. The aim of the Noble Messenger of God (s) was not to destroy the polytheists of Mecca as such, or those of the Arabian Peninsula. His aim was to promote Islam; to establish the role of the Qur'an and Islam. As they were obstacles to the materialization of Islamic role, the matter would lead to antagonism and war. These people would oppose and confront Islamic rule The many wars ordered by the Noble Prophet were for the purpose of removing the obstacles to this divine aim; this sublime aim of theirs which was to strengthen Islamic rule, God's rule, Qur'anic rule- everything was for this- in such a manner that had they not opposed it, perhaps, the wars would not have taken place. They resisted in order to prevent this government from becoming a reality. And so it led to war.

The prelude to establishing Qur'anic rule

Our aim- the nation's aim- is, and was, not only the ouster of Muhammad Rida, the abolition of the monarchy and the curtailment of the power of the foreigners. All these constituted just the prelude. Our goal is Islam. We want Islamic rule in the country; we want Islamic precepts to take effect here. If we suppose that the monarchial regime is dismantled and another one appears that cuts off the links of the foreigners with the country, and if this government that is established is not only un-Islamic but anti-Islam, our purpose then will not have been achieved. If the aim was to oust Muhammad Rida and cut off the hands of the foreigners from the country, yes; but if our real aim is that Islam become a reality; if the real aim of the Iranian nation is the realization of an Islamic republic and a government of divine justice, their departure, then, is the first step to this aim. This mistake should not be made that we wanted him to go and so he did go, and that was the end of the matter. No, it is not. He was an obstacle to our purpose and, since he was so, we opposed him. He did not want this country to be an Islamic one with a just government, and come to terms with its policies. That is why he was opposed; and so he left. If another regime- like the ones in Europe, for example- is to replace his; if, for instance, we want it to be like the one in France; if we have removed Muhammad Rida just for the sake of having a French kind of system that has nothing to do with Islam; if it is to be so, then so much of our nation's blood was not to shed to have a country that is not Islamic, a country though not a monarchy is a non-Islamic one, nonetheless. No! There are many independent-minded regimes, those that are independent, those that give (their people) freedom, but a freedom that is not compatible with Islam. Their principles are not Islamic, their system is not Islamic and their kind of justice is not like the one in Islam. We never wanted nor want such a thing.

The long road to the realization of an Islamic government

Not that we are talking of an" Islamic Republic" does not mean that we have just voted for it and that we have nothing to do with other issues. The significance of an Islamic republic lies in everybody- or the majority- voting for it; but it should be endowed with Islamic precepts- a republic whose laws should be Islamic. If it is to be a republic without Islamic laws, then it is not what the nation wanted and for which purpose it had voted. All this blood of the people was shed for the realization of (the rule of) Islam. It is the continuation of the endeavors of the prophets, the Messenger of God, the Commander of Faithful, and the Doyen of the Martyrs. The Doyen of the Martyrs gave his life so that Islam would become a reality. Yazid wanted to wipe out Islam. We are aiming for the realization of Islam; not just in name; not that it is enough for us to have succeeded in getting it (the "Islamic Republic" appellation). We want Islamic precepts in all respects and in all the affairs of our country. We want Islamic rule, Qur'anic rule to govern us, and nothing apart from that. We are still on the way; we have not reached our destination yet.

The foreigners' dread of Islam and the clergy

Unfortunately, you can see these seditionists around the place- especially around you- who do not want this task to be accomplished. They are foreign agents. They are not sympathetic to our people. They do not want this Islamic republic. They are afraid of it, and so are their masters. They are afraid of the very name of Islam. Therefore, their agents are insisting that there is no need for the republic to be" Islamic".(They say)" Well, let it be a republic, but an" Iranian republic," a" democratic republic"." The reason is that they fear Islam. They have seen in Islam the things that they did not wish to see. Islam slapped them in the face and drove them out. They are afraid of it. They and their lackeys, in whatever form, are making efforts for the name" Islam" not to be used. There could be anything else instead of Islam. They agree to any designation being used instead of" Islamic Republic". Islam should not be there! It can be anything else! The clergy must not have any power in our country, but the communists can! They are aiming for this. They fear the clergy; they fear Islam. Since they fear Islam, they also fear those who promote it. They fear the preachers because they fear Islam. They fear the clergy and the prayer leaders because these people promote Islam. Fearing Islam, they fear anybody adhering to it and promoting it. They do not want it. Hence, their theme of the" unnecessity of Islam; it should be a republic, a democratic republic; there is no need to append `Islam' to it; Islam without the clergy; no clergy even if there is Islam." This means:" Let Islam be, but without Islam!" Nobody can preserve Islam in the absence of the clergy. The plan of these people actually calls for sidelining Islam. This is because they have been dealt a blow by it. They attribute this victory to Islam and martyrdom. Martyrdom has always protected Islam. It was martyrdom that took Islam to success from the very beginning. Even now you can see our youth yearning for martyrdom. In fact, this very day while I was standing outside here, a brave youth was shouting," You must pray for me to attain martyrdom." This was the spirit that brought them and us success. It was the spirit of martyrdom. And it was this spirit of marching forward for Islam and meeting martyrdom that took us to victory. They are afraid of this; they are afraid of Islam.

The revolutionary women encouraging the men

You should reflect on this matter and make efforts to realize this sense of being Islamic; this republic, Islamic in purport and content as I have said. It should be so in the universities, the courts, the Foreign Ministry, offices, bazaars, and in the deserts and the cities. See that it bears fruit. If so, you will be triumphant to the very end. Be together, all of you. Be united. You have a big share in this campaign. It could be said that the ladies were instrumental in the success of this movement because they poured into the streets. While they were not supposed to do so, they poured into the streets nonetheless. If there was any possibility of apathy on the part of the men, the action of the women emboldened them. The men would pick up courage on observing the ladies coming forth and demonstrating. It was you who brought Islam this victory, and you have a big share in it; retain this share. This victory ensued because all of you, together, had undergone a spiritual transformation. It was a transformation from the invisible world that changed you. Maintain this spiritual transformation; maintain your unity of expression. We are now midway. We have much to do for Islamic injunctions to take effect. We are still on the way. We will have reached our destination only when all the Islamic precepts are put into effect; the destination is Islam. Safeguard it! Maintain this unity of expression, this Islamic feeling and this spiritual transformation that have emerged. You will be victorious, God willing. May God grant you victory and prosperity. May you have bliss in this world and the hereafter and God willing, you will.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 11 خرداد 1358

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