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پیام به ملت ایران در پنجمین سالگرد پیروزی انقلاب (ارزیابی شرایط ایران)The revolution and Islamic establishment remained like an indestructible mountainThe revolution and Islamic establishment remained like an indestructible mountain
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Message [Evaluating the condition of Iran, Islamic Revolution, war and social issues on the fifth victory anniversary of revolution]

Jamaran, Tehran
Evaluating the condition of Iran, Islamic Revolution, war and social issues on the fifth victory anniversary of revolution
Iranian nation
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 18 from page 270 to 284
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
O, God! We humbly appreciate you for your boundless favors and blessings and for honoring us on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the victory. It is now five years since the oppressive hold of the monarchical regime and the world oppressors was broken. Calculations of the east and west and their westernized and easternized agents went wrong. Those who could only see the superficial aspect of things and were unaware of metaphysical power thought it was impossible for empty-handed people that did not have any kind of modern arms to overcome a a 2500- year regime armed to the teeth with American, western and eastern weapons. Thereafter, their other calculations and ideas that each revolution should either tilt towards the west or east or that this nascent and unprecedented Islamic Revolution could not last more than a few months turned out to be wrong. Many months and years have elapsed and Iran has been able to regain peace. The revolution and Islamic establishment remained like an indestructible mountain, encountering the eastern and western world with divine power. By the will of God Almighty, Islamic nations and oppressed people of the world have turned their back on the atomic powers and turned to revolution and uprising against wrong and dictatorship in the garb of democracy, butchering in the guise of humanitarianism and plundering in the garment of socialism. This universal flood cannot be stopped by weapon and force. By God's special graces and benevolent attention of the Imam of the Age (May our souls be sacrificed for him) the power of Islam in Iran, with its rays traversing the world, has been felt by the satanic powers. In every nook and cranny in the world where the oppressed and plundered people rise up in revolt, the high-ranking officials of hellish powers accuse Iran of having a role in it or claim Iranian youths have masterminded it. The palaces belonging to superpowers such as the Whitehouse fence off security walls, with jet fighters flying over their ship and fleets. God Almighty has stripped them of peace, granting victory to fighters in His cause by instilling fear in the heart of the enemy. «1» Rumormongers, who want to weaken the Islamic Revolution by their lies and undue accusations, strengthen the Iranian fighters with these rumors. Subsequently, the oppressed peoples of the world become morally strong. God strengthens His religion through the ill-wishers.
The world powers should realize that today is not like those days when the nations do not retreat, as did the governments in the past. Today it is the satanic power of the US and its accomplices that shut themselves in places, which are fenced off with walls if there is an explosion in corner of the world. While the Islamic Republic of Iran has had no role in any of the blasts, it has displayed the art of shattering the illusory gigantic idols, relieving the oppressed people of fear and intimidation and implanting the fear in the heart of the oppressors. This achievement by a nation with a small population and without much equipment is a miracle, which has occurred by divine power.
The US should know that hasty decisions, clumsy attepmts, and the recent claim that Iran is on the list of countries advocating or involving in terrorist acts would not resolve any problem for it, nor provide a loophole for it. Presently, the oppressed world has been mobilized to curtail the grip of oppressors either in the form of uprising or revolution or other forms. No problem will be created for Iran either. After suffering defeat in Iran, the US using its western allies in Europe imposed an economic embargo against Iran, doing whatever they could. We warmly welcomed the sanctions. Directors of the Whitehouse should know that the world has changed and diabolic powers have been stripped of ancient and modern colonization weapons. The US policy makers should change their mode of thought and policies. They should not think that they are to run the entire world and that all countries are at their disposal with closed eyes and ears. They should know that cutting relations, economic sanctions and false lists would not force a country into a corner. Bringing Egypt in the organization of Islamic conference with those arrangements and collusions with Husayn, Hasan and Hosni will not resolve the complexes they have developed as the result of awakening of people and sparking their protests. It is not strange that the US and its servile agents turn no stone unturned for return of Egypt to the fold of `Arabs. Deplorable and strange is the condition of `Arab leaders with all those lengthy preparations, propaganda, secret and open shuttles, weird clamors and talks about plans raised in gatherings of kings, presidents senior leaders of `Arab and non-`Arab countries, perhaps those who did not know them expected that the forum was dedicated to discuss the problems brought about by superpowers for Islam and Muslims and oppressed people of the world, exploring the solution to the international predicaments. They assembled with those formalities and summed up the entire problems of Islam and Muslims in return of Egypt that entered into negotiation with Israel to the group of `Arabs! That day Egypt was expelled because of signing the peace accord with the Zionists; today they brought it back because of stabilizing and identifying Israel! That day Egypt was dismissed because of turning its back on the demands of `Arabs; today Egypt was welcomed because of kissing the US hands. That day Egypt was discharged due to treason to Palestinian cause; today Egypt was brought back for collective endorsement of that treason. More deplorable and more disgraceful is that Egypt nonchalantly rejected all conditions. One of the senior Cairo officials said `Arab leaders should acknowledge their mistake! The predicaments of Lebanon, Afghanistan and other `Arab nations were not problems for which the so-called heads of Islamic countries would spend their dear time! How can the oppressed and respected non-`Arab, `Arab and Muslim nations tolerate the shame that these are their leaders. It is not time for Islamic nations to rise up and humble their leaders before the dignity of Islam or treating them as Iran did. Are the so-called Islamic governments asleep and unaware that nowadays the situation of people is different from the past? Do not they want to understand that eyes and ears have opened and subterfuges of eastern and western mold have lost their force? Do not they know or see that Islamic Revolution has been exported or is on the verge of being exported and that with confirmation of God almighty the flag of Islam will be hoisted across the world in not too distant future by the Islamic nations as well as the oppressed people who thirst for Islamic justice? Therefore, would it not be better for governments to come to their senses and repent the cardinal sin they committed in Kazablanka and transgressed upon the dignity of Islam and Muslims, particularly the `Arabs and left behind historical disgrace. Is not it better for them to return to the Almighty God lest His fire of wrath burn the good with the bad?
Now, at the beginning of the sixth year of victory, it is necessary to reiterate the points I have made time and again." And warn, for warning profiteth believers." «2»
1- Now that, thank God, due to the favors of God Almighty and supplications of the Savior (May our souls be sacrificed for him) the Islamic Republic is going ahead through the efforts of all social strata in a firm and resolute manner, I call on the honorable nation to be actively present in the scene, and spare no effort in helping the government, the warfronts and other fronts. Defense of Islam, Islamic country and Muslims' property and principles is a sufficiency obligation. Each one of us is obliged to, proportionate to what he has at his disposal, contributes to the warfronts and behind the frontline, as the latter also helps with defending the country. I appreciate the honorable Iranian people who steered the revolution to victory anmd are pushing it forward with their presence and unsparing sacrifices. I call on them to continue with their presence, and win God's contentment with this presence. I hope that will show this nation His favors and regard all people as strugglers in the cause of God, and give them a share of the rewards of companiens of our prophet (peace be upon him) and the strugglers in early Islam.
2- My pen and words are inadequate to appreciate the self-sacrificing strugglers of Islam who through their sacrifices, efforts in the cause of goal, safeguarding the Islamic ideals and their remarkable victories on all fronts have brought honor and pride to the Islamic Revolution and saints of God. How can words or pens glorify the youths who because of their love of God and their enthusiasm to meet Him compete with each other in defending the truth and Islam, and are ready to lay down their lives like the great prophets and the doyen of self-sacrificing and oppressed people, in the cause of their holy goal and cry out the motto of- Far be it from me to succumb to wretchedness- proclaimed by that great man of history in their words and deeds throughout the country and the entire world. Which pen and word can praise the dear ones who transformed the fortifications of war to altar of prayer and ascending place towards God? Let us suppose the authors versed in employing their faculty of writing, painters and artists can depict a clear picture of the scenes of extraordinary bravery and audacity under the fire of the enemy's machineguns, their ingenious victories in the dark nights in the face of the perfidious enemy's missiles and bombers and their crossing of the winding routs blocked by barbed wires and mounting the lofty mountains and bringing out the enemies of God from concrete bunkers equipped with most sophisticated equipment. But how can they portray that mystical dimension and that divine spiritual manifestation that cause souls to fly towards it and picture the hearts thawed in the divine manifestations? Indeed, how do these westerners, easterners, westoxicated, eastoxicated, and nationalists justify or explain these self-sacrifices, which brim with spirituality, mystical spirit and divine love? Here action or audicity is irrelevant; what counts is the incentive, spirit and divine direction. Love for real Beloved who assimilates everything and burns any incentive save love for Him. Which war, movement, revolution and revolt in the course of time and throughout creation have recorded soldiers as selfless as the Iranian ones? These soldiers are only found among the divine saints and those nurtured in their school, which has illuminated the children of this land, children who have been relieved of their self. Where in the world can one find mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers and other relatives who take the lead to offer their children after already sacrificing a number of them? This is the true school of Qur'an, Islam and these are the children of this Qur'an and schools, and that is the founder of our school. Peace and greetings of God and His messengers on these mothers, fathers and these honored children. Salutations to the war disabled and those who sacrifice everything in the cause of goal.
3- O, dear ones of Islam and assets of the nation, Struggle to remove selfishness from your heart. We should know that existence is His manifestation and that body, soul spirit all emanate from Him. Endeavor to eliminate the veil of selfishness and see His beautiful image. At this stage all difficulties become easy and sufferings become pleasant, and sacrifice in His cause sweeter than honey, even greater that anything. Beware lest the vaints of courage, youthfulness and victory finds its way into your heart, as with their infiltration, everything you have built will collapse and the arch and porch of the ideals will crush. All valorous groups ranging from the military, Sepah, Basij as well as gendarmerie, disciplinary forces of Sepah, police, and tribal people to all others should struggle to become a single body. Avoid selfishness and attack the enemy like a single hand and united power, the goal of you should be defending Islam and the Islamic land. Victory of one layer should be the victory of other ones. Aim is what counts and not being member of Sepah, military or other valrous forces.
I forewarn the armed forces that if, God forbid, through the devils and the enemies of the revolution such things come about in future, be sure that you will be deprived of God's favors; you will suffer defeat in the battle against the enemies of Islam; you will be disgraced before the Islamic nations and suffer eternal shame. Above all, you will be expelled from the divine court and, God forbid, be forsaken in the Hereafter. My dear ones, the matter is important. It is the question of shame and dignity; happiness and depravation. Therefore, seriously avoid carnal passions as they have their roots in Satan. Shake hands of brotherhood and equality with one another. So far you have been integrated by the grace of God. Try to get closer and more intimate. Consider Islam and the interests of your country and think of nothing else. May God be your helper!
4- Of the very important issues we will face in the near future is the second term of the Majlis. This issue is so sensitive and vital from various aspects that it is reasonable to talk about it at length. The respected speakers, whether Friday prayer leaders or pre-sermon speakers, should not any opportunity or in any gathering throughout the country, particularly in Friday prayer ceremonies highlight its different aspects and discuss howa change of direction can affect the destiny of our nation and Islam. Majlis is a venue on which the majority of important issues of our country directly or indirectly depend. Whatever befell this oppressed nation in the course of history from the constitutional movement to the last appointments in tyrannical monarchy were definitely stemmed from corrupt Majlis. People did not participate or insignificantly interfered in selecting the Majlis deputies. The clerics were totally banned from intervention. With the cunning and poisonous plots concocted by the west and implemented by treacherous or ignorant westernized and easternized intellectuals the clerics and religious people had come to believe that any intervention in elections amounted to a cardinal sin and supporting oppression and disbelief. The clerics were entirely removed from the scene and forced to seclude. The hands of bullies and westernized and easternized elements were untied, leading the country to where we all witnessed. Unfortunately, those rotten ideas are observed in a few clerics unaware of the world. However, if in every province or city a few right-minded clerics such as the late Mudarres had existed, the constitutional movement would have proceeded legitimately and correctly. Also, the Constitution and its amendment for which the late Haj Shaykh Fadlullah was martyred, would not have been exposed to western ideas or undergone other changes. Dear Islam and innocent Muslims would not have suffered those intolerable pains. Following expulsion of the clerics from the scene, the religious people ranging from cultural layers, workers, administrative clerks, workers in bazaar, etc. abstained from intervention or were ousted. Moreover, these events come about. Now, we should take lessons from the plots and corruption ensuing from the isolation of the religious people and from the slap given to Islam and Muslims. We should know and understand that the Islamic establishment and implementation of its divine commands as well as the interests of the people and Islamic country and its protection against pillage of foreigners depends on intervention of people from different satratums of life, particularly the respected clerics and prominent maraja (religious authorities). If God forbid, any harm is inflicted on Islam and the Islamic country as the result of non-intervention in destiny of the society, every single member of the nation will be responsible before the Almighty God. The future generations that may come under various forms of aggression will not forgive us. Therefore, one of our important religious and rational duties for preservation of Islam and interests of the country is presence in electoral constituencies and voting for competent representatives, from the clerics or else, aware of the world political issues and other things required by the country. As the Majlis needs `ulama' and clergymet cognizant of religious and political rules of Islam, it also needs experts in various fields, which are required by the country. Today Majis is faced with tumultuous world of industry and complex politics, western and eastern cultures and international scenes for survival. Such a Majlis should be packed with experts, scholars and people versed in every branch. Those who introduce candidates to the nation should bear in mind that each specialized field there should be several candidates. If they find out one is more competent than the candidate of their choice is in a different group, they should nominate him/her. The question of election is a divine question separating the clique-oriented from law-oriented candidates and believers and committed people from claimants. If those who run for the elections independently or represent a group do not consider themselves to be competent as a deputy and whose presence in the Majlis is not in the interests of their country should bear God in mind, give precedence to the satisfaction of God compared to theirs and not commit such an indecent offence. The clerics ranging from the Friday prayer and congregational leaders to other respected individuals notice that they should not evacuate their cities from those serving the nation and competent servants of God, as serving the people, satisfying their needs, and training them, which is the noble career of the clerics, is prior to anything else unless they know that their presence in the Majlis is more useful for serving Islam. Everyone should consider value to lie in service and not God forbid in acquisition of a position. You know that in the Islamic Republic posts, to obtain which people resort to legitimate or illegitimate means in other countries, are not important. These posts are of no value unless applied in the service of God and people. You are followers of that great man of history (peace be upon him) who made those statements with regard to government.
People across the country are free to choose their candidates. No one has the right to impose him or the candidates of certain groups. No official, party, group or person has the right to insult others, who are opposed to their views, or disclose the personal secrets of them. Obviously, anyone has the right to properly advertise for himself or his candidates; no one can deny this right. Advertisement should of course comply with the rules set by the government. No one is religiously allowed to vote to anyone blindly. If all individuals and groups confirm competency of a person or persons but the voter finds a different viewpoint, it is not correct to follow them. One is responsible before God. If a group or person finds one to be competent and the voter is certain of this confirmation, one can vote to that person.
Briefly speaking, government is the government of Islam and people. Majlis is from people; vote is from people and no one is under the command of any official or officials. It is noteworthy that the respected residents of each constituency nominate certain individuals and carry out religiously and legally accepted election campaigns for them. For better and more vigorous elections, no constituency should nominate candidate for other constituencies, and confirm or reject the qualification of candidates. Intervention in elections of every constituency is vested in the constituency itself. The candidates of all constituencies had better exchange views on nominating their choice [s]. Having said that, all individuals are free to nominate their candidates if they are qualified.
5- The fiqh-oriented seminaries and universities are of special significance, because they are regarded as the raw material constituting the destiny of a nation and country. These two entities are the sources from which verities of Islam and political, social, economic, cultural and other issues of the country emanate. With this social class in good order, the power engine of a system will start to run. It is these two units whose correction will correct the country and, God forbid, their corruption triggers corruption of a nation. If schools and universities were active and upright, the former parliaments, governments and judiciary would not be so deplorable and the country and the innocent people would not experience those afflictions. If our nation wants not to be entangled in the clutches of aggressive powers and their affiliates' governments such as those in Qajar Dynasty and much worse ones in Pahlavi reign, they should endeavor to rectify these two entities. If theology students, men of letters, `ulama' and eminent maraja (religious authorities) as well as academic layers, university professors and students and scientists want their country not to be in the grips of world-devouring colonial and exploitative powers, they should strive for correct Islamic, national and revolutionary education of the nation. University students and theology students should make great efforts to build up themselves under the guidance of their professors, teachers and trainers; they should also seriously try to consolidate unity between the universities and Islamic sciences schools. Because the enemies of the nation and country reaped many profits from disunity of the two and the country and Islam sustained tremendous losses. Today, learned men and teachers of Islamic sciences should preserve the way of their righteous predecessors and apply their thought for greater enrichment of fiqh, exegesis, philosophy and other Islamic sciences, guiding their students towards these divine purposes. University professors and scientists should also devote their time and energy to different scientific matters which the nation needs and lay the foundation of scientific and cultural independence, so that, God willing, after some time in light of their efforts, diligence and self-confidence they will be able to satisfy the scientific needs of students in a way that they are no longer needed to be senr abroad. This is something attainable. If it were not for the foreign and domestic propaganda of the agents of the west and those enamored by the west, this would have so far been materialized. However, westernized intellectuals, these flunkys fawning over Britain and France in the past and then the US did not let us realize our talents and disappointed our youths, inflicting those calamities on universities as we observed. Corruption overtook the Majlis, government and all parts of the country. Now, time is ripe to realize our abilities and foil the colonialist machinations. Our dear youths who are the assets of the country should know that going to western and eastern countries for learning their different sciences would stop them from the goal that is independence and freedom, and will make them more dependent. Our enemies who have fixed their covetous eyes on our country will never allow us to achieve independence and get rid of dependence. We should inculcate in ourselves that in the west they would do nothing except keeping us back from civilization and development. We all should know that our plundering enemies are harboring the idea of infiltrating our universities, even though in distant future and deviating our pure-hearted youths with their alluring fables and fabrications, thus opening their way for plundering and exploitation of our country. The professors committed to the interests of the country and the spirited and patriotic youths should watch out lest the opportunist-westerni elements interlope their ranks, gradually imposing the sinister intentions of world-devourers in graduation. If you observed the slightest deviation in the words and deeds of an individual, you should not regard it insignificant and immediately nip it in the bud. May God be your haven!
6- The judicial power, which is the refuge and shelter of the oppressed people, is an independent power and no authority is entitled to interfere in it. If there are those who unwittingly interfere in judicial matters, they should know that they have acted in contrast to the instructions of Sharia and the Islamic Republic; if they do it deliberately, they are liable to prosecution and punishment. It is upon the government and executive power of the country to avert such aggression and violation anywhere by anyone. Those who refuse to attend the court after being summoned by judicial courts should be prosecuted and subjected to punishment. Those who violate the verdict of religious judges and resist them have acted in contrast to Islam and God's command and must be prosecuted. Those who grievances against a judge or protest the judge's verdict should refer to competent authorities; they should not do anything willfully; they should know that the verdicts issued by religious judges is binding as long as they have not been found contrary to Sharia by competent courts and authorities. Magazines, newspapers and the mass media apparatus should notice that debilitation of the judicial power is in contrast to Islamic standards. Any grievance a judge should be vented in the court in conformity with religious regulations. The plaintiff, whoever maybe, is not entitled to bring the case in the press, mass media or public venues and provide political atmosphere. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television should heed these questions and the corresponding matters. In brief, judgment, respect for judge and obeying their verdicts are issues of great concern in Islam. May God grant you success!
Furthermore, the judicial system and respected judges should notice that they are serving in the most sensitive position in the system. Try hard not to make a mistake. In case, you make a mistake, in no way feel ashamed to retract your verdict, as embarrassment before the Almighty God is graver than being ashamed of people. Try to deal with people with utmost care, kindness and firmness so that people will be pleased with you, as people's satisfaction brings God's gratification. The honorable judges should refrain from undue suspension and attend to the people's works as soon as possible.
7- Because Iran wants to implement progressive Islamic rrules of which big powers are afraid and regional governments have an unfounded fear, it has come under attack of all bullies, who spare no propaganda or military campaign against our country. In this international climate, the nation and government should support each other with full force. Even though they might have brotherly complaints against each other, they should shake hands of brotherhood. The government is entirely at the service of the people. Moreover, the possible shortcomings are inevitable, since this fledgling establishment has not completely left behind its revolutionary state and is at war- a war with the world- devouring powers of the east and west which are confronting each other in every dimension. The resistance put up by the government in this hellish atmosphere is praiseworthy and appreciable. The nation should fully support the government, remind the government of the deficiencies and cooperate with it to remove them. The government should also endeavor to eliminate the shortcomings. If the entire nation, all members of the government, the armed forces and tribal people fail to defend the country and Islam unanimously and concertedly and thus occasion some defeat, all will be responsible before God Almighty and the future generations and condemned by the oppressed people of the world. What was pointed out does not mean that constructive criticism and fatherly and brotherly warnings of the Majlis, which is entitled to do so, is objectionable. In fact, it is welcome. Whenever they see a deviation, they should protest and can go as far as impeachment.
8- The Iranian people and government and all Muslims committed to and aware of the interests of Islam and the world as well as the oppressed people aware of the world developments- these oppressed people of history- are disgruntled with some deeds of regional government and some other Islamic countries, considering their deeds contrary to the dignity of Islam and Islamic countries. The efforts of these countries in the form of conferences aim at nothing but opening a way for recognition of the usurper Israel and the influence of the US in the region and Islamic countries. They pave the way for the US to plunder the enormous treasures of Muslims, add fuel to the fire of war against the innocent Lebanese people and contribute to Saddam's aggression in the war he has imposed on Iran, thus help strengthen the pillars of the usurper government of Israel. These acts are all condemned. We denounce the Morocco conference in terms of its both venue and content. They chose a venue and appointed one as chairperson who shed the blood of people of Morocco at the same time when efforts were being made to accept the Camp David or Fahd peace accord. Wave of protest hit the entire cities of Morocco. Moreover, once more the host of theirs shed the blood of many innocent Muslims. Despite all the calamities and problems afflicting `Arabs and other Muslims of the world, I propose that the `ulama' and intellectuals of all Islamic countries should chalk out a plan for greater contact with each other in an attempt to find a way for rescuing the Islamic countries from the clutches of superpowers of the west and east, relieve the heads of Islamic countries of the domination of world-devourers and resist colonization and exploitation. The plan should aim to awaken the deprived peoples. They should definitely believe that they will find the right path and emerge triumphant. I hope that God almighty and His servant will be satisfied with them, they will be honored in both worlds, and will be fondly remembered by future generations. No doubt the situation of the world is about to undergo fundamental change. Today's world will not let two powers do whatever they wish and a few people in a country shape the destiny of a nation. The committed `ulama' and intellectuals had better get closer to nations and bring them into consideration prior to the general transformation and treat their people as prescribed by the holy Qur'an and tradition of the holy prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny). In this way, they can attack the attention of nations and remove or diminish the division emerging between the intellectuals of every society and the toiling poor masses of people. Today our people do not understand pseudo-intellectual speeches. One should express the people's pains in their own language. Only in such a condition will people support you, get rid themselves of abject subjection to superpowers and their affiliates, and find shelter in strong bastion of" There is no god but Allah". Exactly in this case will all Islamic nations shake hands of brotherhood and move towards honorable life, elevation and progression in their religion and world, thus taking pleasure that is hundred times as much as this anxious and unstable life. The groups of people who have been deceived by the propaganda ploys of the east or the west and have tilted towards the west or east are not fully aware of Islamic culture; or they will all openly embrace Islam. It is hoped that our intellectuals and those in all Islamic countries will express in a simple language the sense of self-reliance and resistance against superpowers for the people of Islamic countries and be sure that no one is inherently inclined to be dependent. We should struggle with all our power so that people get to know that it is possible to stand on our own feet, that we can defend our national and Islamic culture and prestige in the face of east and west and that we can defeat the material world and hoist the flag of There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger in the entire world.
9- Of the affairs we should give more care to is the welfare of prisoners whether those groups that have taken up arms against the Islamic Republic and murdered the innocent people in the street or those who corrupt the children of this land by selling and distributing narcotic drugs or other offenders. They are now held captives and live in bondage as the result of their own acts. Treat your captives, whether these one or prisoners of war kindly and brotherly. Transform the prisons into a school imparting ethical education as you have so far done so that the deviants and offendered taste the sweetness of Islamic justice, turn to Islam and the Islamic establishment, repent truly and return to Islam and God Almighty who opens the door of mercy before the sinful ones with more ease. Even those who are subjected to divine punishment due to committing murder or other crimes should enjoy the kindness of the officers up to the gallows and place to receive their punishment. The Supreme Judicial Council and the board investigating the condition of prisoners should speed up the process. Anyone who is entitled to receive from amnesty should be immediately introduced to be released from the prison and return to his normal life. I hope amnesty will bring them good and they will be active for their country.
10- I request all the Iranian expatriates who can serve the country and help the oppressed people, whether in other fields to spare a thought for a nation which has experienced pain, suffering and tyranny during the course of history and see if the clear, honorable Iranian conscience will allow them to reside abroad, serve the enemies of their mother land and religion, to hear the agonized cry of their compatriates and co-religionists and stay in different at a time when the false propaganda of foreign radios and media which monarchists are all enemies of this nation, and the rumor- mongering of munafiqin and who think of nothing except their and the US interests, try to bring the country, like in the past regime, in to the fold of America Does your conscience allow you to serve the countries that are enemy of your country and your religion, and remain indifferent to the agonized cries of your compatriots? What you hear in the mass media apparatus of the foreigners is nothing but baseless propaganda. Come and closely see that your people and country have gained independence and curtailed the grip of the plunderers and taken their destiny in their own control. They have been relieved of political, military and cultural dependence and proceed towards economic self-sufficiency. Come and see the developments that all social strata have experienced. Come and see the services rendered to these deprived people of history in these few years. In spite of all troubles facing the government and people, such as the revolution itself its ramification, the flames of war kindled by the big and small powers, seditions and treasons of domestic groups and splinter groups, back-breaking pressures such as economic sanctions, propaganda operations of global mass media apparatus and influx of Iraqi and Afghan refugees, the government and people have managed to save the country from leaning towards the left or right. Therefore, come, serve your country, and fulfill your duty towards your country. If you believe in Islam, see what the manifestations of Islam today are and what they were in Pahlavi regime. If you are nationalist, see what power and fame Iran has today gained as the only country in the world standing against the US and Soviet Union. That is why almost all governments, powers and mass media are intent on containing this fame and influence. Come and see in what situation Iran is. In the former regime whose Shah, was a servant of the US and had made the people dependent to the extent that they were held captive in the clutches of the US, many miseries and afflictions befell the nation. Obviously, I do not address those who plundered the country and stole its resources and fled and who are now twisting and turning in the wallow of sensuality and corruption. However, I am talking to noble people who have not lost their human conscience.
11- What I would like to tell the respected clerics and Friday and congregational prayer leaders are that the gentlemen have always been the pivot of unity of expression among people. As you know, today we stand in need of unity of expression more than any other time. Today when unclean hands are actively engaged in sowing discord and are afraid of the unity of expression among the nation and might impress the simple-minded people unaware of the world revolutions, you are the best segment of population to deal with such people. You can save them from ill-wishers and plotters through your enlightening speeches and remind them of the fact that they conducted the revolution and liberated themselves from the bondage of the US and other world-devourers and oppressions of the Pahlavi regime. Now, if they listen to the aspersions of the ill-wishers and insinuations of people affiliated to the US and others and, God forbid, discord creeps into their rank all the exhausting efforts and pure bloods of the martyrs will be wasted. Islam and Islamic countries as well as future generations will be held captivate by the aliens and enemies of Islam and the country. Islam that was revived by you will suffer irreparable defeat for centuries to come and they will be condemned and called to account by God and the future generations.
And I tell the dear nation and the have masses of Iranian people that no revolution has been or will be conducted without martyrdom-seeking, self-sacrifice, hardship, high prices and temporary material pressures. In terms of its Islamic content which attracted the masses of Muslims, followed by other compatriots such as religion minorities or revolution surpasses all others in that it yielded high gains and a litlle loss. Thank God, through unity our nation secured a victory, which has shaken the world and traversed the globe. Now preservation of this honor calls for patience, endurance and struggle. You have so far, thank God, fulfilled your Islamic, national and patriotic duties in the most competent way. It is hoped that you will do it henceforth.
Let me tell that group of the educated people, intellectuals and scientists who are not afflicted with westernization or easternization and are not ready to sacrifice their Islamic, national and patriotic honor to cater to the whim of powerful people or for fleeting pleasures and passions that they should use their pen and word to promot Islam, their country and nation. Join hands with the deprived masses of the people to preserve the freedom you have achieved from the clutches of east and west. Do not spare any efforts in rendering this service. This opportunity has not been provided for any nation in the world. One can say only few nations have benefited from this opportunity. I hope God will grant us success to find out our duty.
12- Let us raise our sinful hands towards the beneficent God and implore Him not to leave us to ourselves for a moment and shower His favors on the Muslims of the world and particularly the Iranian nation. We know that without the favors of that sacred existence we could not resist the criminals who keep the world under their satanic domination. God has preserved this country despite all the political, military, and economic and propaganda pressures. Grant us success to continue for your cause, for you and for Your innocent servants. Protect us from temptations.
O, God! Accept our martyrs who loved you and include them in the rank of your saints. Grant our living martyrs who went so far as to the frontier of martyrdom and lost their health in the cause of defending Islam and Your innocent servants the reward of the martyrs of the early days of Islam. Grant them their health. O, God! Help all our dear ones missing in action return to the affectionate lap of the nation and their dear families. O, God! Our prisoners of war have been captivated by the cruelest executioners of the time. Their resistance has amazed the world. Release them as soon as possible to serve you and your servants. Grant their respected families' patience, reward and health and forgiveness. Bestow prosperity, health and blessing upon the honorable Iranian nation. Grant the final victory to the dear combatants as soon as possible. Grant us pure intention and save us from the evil of Satan and tempting self.
Endless peace and greeting of God upon the grand prophets, particularly the most noble of them and the seal of them, and upon the Immaculate Imams, particularly the Imam of the Time (May our souls be sacrificed for him). God's peace and blessing be upon you!
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
«۱»- Inspired from the implication of the Verse ۲۶ of Chapter al-Ahzab. «۲»- Sourah az-Zariyat ۵۱:۵۵.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 22 بهمن 1362

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