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Speech [Absence of self-purification the cause of troubles and warmongering]

Husayniyyah Jamaran, Tehran
Absence of self-purification the cause of troubles and warmongering
Officials of Islamic Republic, civil and military authorities «1» and people from different walks of life
جلد ۱۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۴۱۲ تا صفحه ۴۱۷

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Real guest in God's banquet

I wish God bless this auspicious feast for Muslims, our country and people and hope He will treat us based on His favor. We were not good guests for God Almighty. God invited us to banquet; He was a great host and we were not good guests. What can we say in the face of this great divine blessing of inviting nations to His banquet with all His Names? How can we be gratitude with this blessing? We know that we are nothing and that He is everything. However, He bestows His special favor and calls Himself the host and we the guests. God has either elevated us to the level we should be deserving of this banquet with His grace or has sent down His favor as He has done with regard to the Qur'an in the month of Ramadan. The Qur'an is a revealed scripture that came down the holy month of Ramadan, after crossing veils of light, to the blessed heart of the messenger of God and descended one more so as to become utterable. The quality of the revelation of Qur'an is an important theological problem. The nature of receiving he Qur'an through divine revelation from the angel represented for this act is also another important subject that is beyond the reach of our comprehension. However, what we know of ourselves is that we are not good guests for God. If guests of God consist of the messenger of God and Immaculate Imams, who are we? The reception God accord to them is not accessible to us. Yet, we rely on His favor. Whatever our failure, we want our gift from Him: treating us with His favor not justice. I hope God will grant success to this nation who has become prepared to serve Muslims and Islam to manage the ordeal: serving Islam and the God's servants.

Nations are suffering at the hands of powers

Servants of God today are in the grip of those who are tyrannically supervising them. People are all entangled in the claws of these powers which consider themselves be reformers. What can we do with the situation prevailing in the world today? What can we do about the way big powers treat human beings, and worse about the passive condition of some governments? It is a disaster for Muslims who are afflicted wih such governments which are quite passive. It is a disaster for the world that some oppress the people in the name of peace and supporting the masses. Those who wrongly call themselves followers of Jesus Christ and claim that Jesus had said," if one slapped you on one side of your face, offer him the other side" but this is a lie, because Jesus, a grand prophet of God would never make such an inaccurate remark. If Jesus the opportunity, he would have dealt with his own people in the manner Musses dealt with Pharaohs. But he did not have respite. Nevertheless, those who say to be followers of Jesus Christ they act worse than the communists who do not believe in God. It cannot be said which one is worse than the other. All are worse than each other. They attribute this false statement to Jesus Christ. Yet, those who say to be supporter of such an idea how they slap on the face of people. How are the people entangled in them? Those are the Christians and these are the Muslims who are under the domination of their governments and their governments passively look to big powers.

Absence of self purification the cause of oppression and subjunction

If Muslims had collectively entered God's banquet in this very holy month of Ramadan and purified their selves, it would not have been possible to bow to oppression. To succumb to oppression equals committing oppression. Both have their roots in absence of self-purification." He is successful who growth; and remembereth the name of his Lord, so prayeth." «2» Purification, remembering the Names of God and prayer are stages to which if we had reached, we would not have been so passive in giving in to oppression and committing oppression. The reason is that we have not been edified; governments have not been purified nor will they be purified unless God favors them. They are oppressive. The nations which have not undergone edification shoulder the burden of oppression. Nations cannot produce any excuse to justify their submission to oppression. Iran stripped them of any excuse. The power Iran shattered is not found in other governments. First, people underwent mental transformation and then they did what the world witnessed. The country that is now in your hand is a country that brought about such a development with spiritual evolution. However preservation of this development is more important than the development itself. All should strive to preserve this development. They wanted to lead our youths to the debauchery centers and alienate so as to rule over this country but God Almighty favored the youth. They move out of that situation and went into the bunkers; they rid themselves of those corruptions and went into temples of worship that is the bunkers which are divine temples. Those who find fault with us as to why we refuse to compromise with these corrupt powers; they don't know the attitude of the prophets of God. These critics view things from material perspective. How did prophets deal with oppressors? Do they know or do they feign ignorance? Compromise with oppression is doing injustice to the oppressed. Compromise with superpowers is to do oppression to humanity. Those who call on us to compromise are either ignorant or mercenaries. Compromise with oppression signifies untying the hands of the oppressor to commit injustice. This runs counter to the opinion of the entire world. The grand prophets struggle as much as they could to obliterate oppression from man's life, using preaching, admonition, enjoining to good deeds and forbidding evil acts, etc." He revealed iron, wherein is mighty power and (many) uses for mankind." «3» Cauterizing is the last remedy. After preaching fails and advice does not work, one may use c 367 auterization as the last cure. Sword is the last solution.

Islamic government to incur loss in warmongering

While the land of Islam, the Islamic Iran and its officials constantly declare that they want to be on friendly terms with these Islamic governments and extend the hand of fraternity to nations and that if this finds reality, no longer will any oppression be wreaked on Islamic countries by big powers, the governments have not been purified, they have not entered the fasting month and Allah's banquet and fan the flame of war. They don't know that extension of this war will ruin them. One who is used a medium life style should be afraid of war. Our pasdars who are leading a normal life do not fear war. Our army men who live a life of ordinary people are not afraid of war. War will not bring him any loss. Those who have palaces and live in luxury are the ones who are scared of war. It is they who will uffer loss. We have prepared ourselves to remove oppression as far as we can through advice, through friendship with our neighbors and Islamic countries, through love, through friendship and fraternity. Our officials constantly make such remarks. However, since these countries have not been admitted to God's banquet and there is a curtain over their hearts, being" deaf, dumb, blind, therefore they have no sense," «4» they ruin themselves at their own hands. Man is responsible for any corruption befalling him. All are things accomplished by man. Whatever corruptions befalling man are due to corrupt people, corrupt governments and evil souls. Things that befall us in the next world are also brought about by us. Paradise flourishes by your deeds and hell is also a blaze by our acts. We are now on the straight path, the path whose one end is the world and the other end is the hereafter. We are now moving on the path and if the veil is removed, then we see the path leading to hell which crosses the bottomless pit. The flames of fire have surrounded this path. This is the world. Corruption that is the very fire has surrounded you who should cross this corruption and emerge unscathed. Prophets cross. The fire does not affect them as it did not affect prophet Ibrahim, for whom the fire was cold. Believers also cross safely; they are in danger but will not suffer. This is the reflection of this world. There is no other thing. It is whatever is here. All the things happening in the next world are the reflections of what comes about in this world. Now we are moving on the path that moves through hell. The path is free from fire for grand prophets and saints: hell turns cold. It is safe for believers to cross, but others will be overwhelmed by fire." Lo! Hell is all around the disbelievers." However, we cannot perceive. That eye is closed now. That veil is there. When the veil is removed, one who is from people of hell finds himself in hell and the people of Paradise finds themselves in Paradise. The purgatory state is also Paradise for the former and hell for the latter. Tomb is a pit full of holes of hell or gardens of Paradise. When man leaves this bodily prison another layer will be pushed aside. When that layer is shown, it is all over. We should think of it today.

Recommendation and advice to countries supporting Saddam

If there is self-purification, one will not fear war nor will one turn down peace: one will fear nothing. But when self-purification is absent, one argues: If we don't wage a war, perhaps the enemy will do such and such." The warmongering you observe in the region today is the result of this approach and emenates from carnal passion. Carnal desires drive one to attack a country and burn the region. One is burnt in one's sensual desires in this very world. Again we advise the regional countries- we should advise each other- to desert this beast. He will not mend his way. It is impossible for him to mend his way. Deserve him and do not embroil yourselves in something to be avoided. We advise you; we wish you well. We never attacked Iraq; at present we are also defending. If we give him a one-day opportunity, he will disturb Iran. We are now defending ourselves and the Iraqi people. People of Iraq and we are not two. They are our brothers. We are defending a nation that has been entangled; this nation's army has been afflicted, its administrative personnel and all others have been afflicted with a hellish party. The reports coming from there give one the shivers. What difficulty are they involved in? What is regrettable is that among all Muslim countries a deviant wearing a turban on the head foment such things. That is, they are hostile to Islam. Take that court clergyman. He knows if Islam takes over he will suffer greatly. If this class goes corrupt, it will corrupt the entire world.
We should strive so that what has happened in Iran can continue. The development emerging in our youths should take place in all. When I think of these pasdars, the gendarmerie forces and the army who are serving Islam in the intense heat of Khouzestan, I feel ashamed. I think what we are and what they are. They have been to some extent refined, but we are still at the end of the line. I implore God to deal with us with His favor and have mercy upon us and to save us from the quagmire we are entangled in- the quagmire of our self and our deeds. May God grant success to you all to serve this nation, to the nation to serve the government and to all of us to serve Islam! May our strive be directed at elimination of oppression from the oppressed and curtailment of the hands of the arrogant powers.
May God's peace and mercy be upon you!
«۱»- Sayyid `Ali Khamene'i; Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (Majlis Speaker); Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini; Sayyid `Abdul-Karim Mousawi Ardebili (Chief Justice); Mir Husayn Mousawi (Prime Minister); Imami Kashani (head of the Aministrative Tribunal); Qasim `Ali Zahirnejad (Joint Chief of Staff); Muhammad-Taqi Falsafi; representatives of Experts Assembly; members of the constitutional Guardian Council; Supreme Judicial Council; Cabinet Ministers, Majlis deputies, Society of Teachers of Qom Theological Seminary, Friday prayer leaders of provincial centers, chiefs of Inspectorate Organization, Administrative Tribunal, Joint Chief of Staff of the ground, naval and air forces, members of Supreme Council of Sepah-e Pasdaran, Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and University Jihads, Society of Militant Clerics and Preachers of Tehran, Superintendent Council and Managing Director and officials of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, chiefs of Police Station, Traffic Organization, Gendarmerie, Islamic Revolution Comite, Governor General's Office, municipality and governor's office of Tehran, prosecutor general's office and revolutionary court of army and disciplinary court of judges, ideo-political department of the disciplinary and military forces, Martyrs' Foundation, Khordad ۱۵ Foundation, Mutad`afan Foundation, Islamic Propagation Office of Qom, Islamic Propagation Organization and War Propaganda Headquarters, Islamic Republic News Agency, Consulting Office of Supreme Defense Council, Headquarters for holding Friday prayer in Tehran, central secretariat of Friday prayer leaders, Endowment and Hajj and charity organization, Imam Khomeini's Relief Committee, Committee dealing with affairs pertaining to Tehran Guild (trade affairs), Housing Foundation, Seven-man Delegation for Transfer of Land, Chamber of Commerce, university deans and chancellors of Imam Sadiq (`a) University and Azad Islamic University, Red Crescent Society, Islamic Republic Aviation, Headquarters for Support of War-Torn regions, Reconstruction Headquarters, Governors' General across the country, print media managers, foreign reporters, members of the Supreme Assembly of Islamic Revolution of Iraq, ambassadors and charge d'Affairs of foreign countries, officials in charge of Holy Shrine of Imam Rida (`a), Headquarters for election of president and central electoral supervision board, Central Bank and Environment Protection Organization. «۲»- Sourah A'ala ۸۷:۱۴-۱۵. «۳»- Sourah al-Hadid ۵۷:۲۵. «۴»- Sourah al-Baqarah ۲:۱۷۱.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 10 تیر 1363

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