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Speech [Insisting that the workers and farmers strive harder, and refrain from working less or not working at all]

Insisting that the workers and farmers strive harder, and refrain from working less or not working at all
Employees of the Iran Atmosphere factory
جلد ۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۴۸۳ تا صفحه ۴۸۲
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The country's economy dependent on the labor of the workers and peasants

The workers and farmers of every country constitute its base. The basis of a country's economy depends on the labor of the workers and farmers. Unfortunately, these two pillars of the economy on which it was based were demolished during the days of the former regime. You saw how they totally destroyed the country's agriculture in the name of land reform. Iran that should export; that should be active in agriculture exports- one province of Iran such Azerbaijan or Khorasan has enough (export) capacity for the whole of Iran- was turned into a market for America because of what they (the regime) did. We have to import whatever we need from America and other countries. They also did something to our workers that disrupted their lives. Their labor was also at the service of foreigners.
You the respected workers and cultivators; brothers! You in whose hands lies the basis of Iran's economy, just as you were formerly under the control of the taghout and your work used to be ignored, you are now (working) in the Islamic government, God willing, with Islam attaching great importance to workers and farmers. The government has you in mind. We are your supplicants and have you in our thoughts. But the devastation is of such an extent that it cannot be repaired early enough. The difficulties are so many that we cannot extricate ourselves from their clutches so soon. Some patience is necessary.

The continuation of the Revolution with the support of the youth

You who have been patient for fifty years under the pressure of the taghout have to wait a little bit more until a permanent government comes into being; until a permanent Islamic Republic that would take everyone into consideration, comes into existence. And just as you see at present, it does have everybody in mind: plans have been laid for the workers, the farmers and the poor. These are all plans that are being implemented. But they require time, no doubt.
It is now necessary for me to remind you brothers and the valiant youth of your having seen how you defeated the regime with your spirited cries that also arose from the throats of the people. And while it was a big, satanic power itself, it had the backing and support of all the other powers and countries, especially the superpowers, which were not able to keep it intact. You young people defeated that regime through your sublime efforts and faith in Islam, and thanks to God, freed yourselves from the yoke of oppression and suppression. You have all been together so far and have rid yourselves of the suppression. By means of your strength and power, this movement, from now onward, too, must be taken to the very end. You the valiant youth, you the young workers, who are the backbone of the country, should, from now on, run this country and bring Iran's economy to fruition.

The empty claims of the Shah's regime

You sometimes hear of less work being done in factories and offices. In fact, just today somebody said that, at times, no work was being done in these workshops and offices, while there were many instances of less work being done! The same thing is being heard about the factories, while it is now the time for all of us to work. With your efforts, you should, together, set right all this chaos and the destruction that they have left behind. The country is now your very own; its benefits should also accrue to you. If, God willing, Islam and Islamic principles are realized, you will then see what Islamic justice is. It is different from the claims that used to be made by Muhammad Rida Pahlavi during the former period, during the time of the former regime, it was just talk. He did not do anything for anybody. In fact, the number of slum-dwellers increased. In the name of industrialization, and for the country to become industrialized, he destroyed its agriculture. And the industrialization was also not effected. Now that they, themselves, have imported some industrial plants from abroad, the benefits will again go to the foreigners. There would be no benefit for us; in fact it would be a loss to us as in the case of the steel works which has caused great loss to Iran and which they cannot abandon, while continuing with it would also incur a great loss. All the activities stemmed from crimes and treacheries, and they took the country to rack and ruin.

Avoiding the practice of working less

And now you must strive, everybody must strive- I, a seminarian to the extent I can, and you, who are, thanks to God, powerful, to the extent of your power- to avoid working less (than we should). We should not be idle. Now that the country is for your own selves and has been delivered from the foreigners, you ought to work (as much as you can) lest the work be inadequate because of which you and we would not be able to manage the country. And then they would say that we need a caretaker; that we need somebody to come and run our country. Every one of you ought to join hands and manage this country, put the economy on a sound track and set its wheels rolling. The factories should start operating through your efforts. And when they do so, the benefits accruing would go to your country and to you. It is hoped that oppression of the past will not be repeated, and that you will not be oppressed anymore. I know that you had been subjected to oppression; not only you, but everybody else, too. While all the segments of the people had been the victims of oppression, the workers, perhaps, had been more so.
May God give you might and may He make you prosperous. May you be the pillars of this country, God willing, and set its economy in motion. May you all be prosperous, and your brothers, too, be prosperous because of your endeavors.
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 04 تیر 1358

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