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Speech [American plots against Iran]

American plots against Iran
Iranian Central Insurance Office Staff
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 10 from page 344 to 348
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

America the Great Satan

I remember a narration, which read that the Messenger of Allah was appointed prophet, Satan cried and gathered all other devils and it made our duty difficult. «1» In this revolution, the Great Satan is America that gathers around other devils blatantly. Ranging from satanic children is in Iran and outside America and has raised a tumult.
You know that Iran was entangled in serious problems during the reign of these two vicious ones «2» who ruled the country illegally. In a period of time, the people suffered from England and later from America. England brought Muhammad-Rida to rule over us while Muhammad-Rida allies, so as to ensure the interests of the people, borrowing their words. Certainly, they just considered their own interests not our national interests. As you know, we, women and men, suffered so many hardships and tribulations during that time. Probably you may not remember, but I remember what they did in the name of unity and removing chador (long black gown covering Iranian women from top to bottom). How much they coerced and how many fetuses were aborted owing to the harassment for taking off chadors. That time passed with its bitterness and the allies; that are England, who had brought him overthrew him and declared it on Delhi radio they were involved in bringing him to power, but removed him after he betrayed them. Then he gathered some jewelry and packed his luggage and boarded a ship, but as one of his fellow travelers said, a ship carrying livestock was fixed to their ship and took Rida Khan into his real place. Once he asked" how about my luggage?" They replied," It comes later." They took him away into that island and stole his suitcases.
Then plundering time of this second arrived. Most of you remember at least the late time. A major number of you remember from the early stage that what they did and what crimes they committed in this country under alluring names. Lamentably, some had believed and some others were their accomplices having been impressed by their propaganda. Some of them are still active. These are the devils that are engaged in making mischief by the call of the US. The nation should fail these plots vigilantly.

Spreading lies and rumor by enemies

Spreading rumor and lie is the most important of these plots, which at weakening the nation's moral. Suppose that some robbers kill several people somewhere. Suddenly words come that one hundred were killed in one place and other 25 were decapitated. In other news it is heard that other 400 were killed whereas it is not true. They want to demoralize you by these rumors. All such news, that police stations were smashed etc. aim at deceiving and discouraging you and your morale.
Among the, unceasing spread, one is that revolution has been accomplished; nothing has improved. Monarchy has been replaced with the clerics in form. But I underscore that what the nation sought has been fulfilled. What did the nation look for? What did the nation chant? They chanted freedom, independence and Islamic Republic. Did they not? Which one of these has not been achieved? You and I are now sitting here at a meeting. This is indicative of our freedom. Was such meeting possible five years ago? Never! We are today independent. If we see the US, this great Satan, raising chain and bringing the devils together around him, it is because the US grip over our country and our resources curtailed. Its hands have been cut off from its vested interests and our resources. U. S. makes conspiracy because it dreads its hands would be cut off forever.

Capturing the American den of espionage

The center captured by our young people, as it was informed, had been a center for espionage and conspiracy. The U. S. expects our young adults just to sit and watch while they are busy brewing busy with conspiracy in their base in Iran and in their own country by granting asylum to the Shah. The roots have been of corruption had assumed their activity so that we would interfere in ordering the youth to leave the center they have seized. They did so because they saw they were downplayed. They were angry with the Shah who has plundered the country over 50 years and donated the assets of the country to aliens. Above all, he has committed unthinkable murders and been engaged in mass killing. On Khordad 15, as reported popularly, some 1500 people have been killed. Since Khordad 15, one hundred thousands have been killed and some hundred thousands have become invalid. Mostly they have been disabled at the time of revolution. Now I was told they have a meeting on Ghadir Festivity, and invited me, so I will certainly go there. Do they expected that the young people remain unconcerned about this person who has afflicted our country over 50 years and at this time has been taken to America under the pretext of being sick or feigning illness, there is no difference? They have kept the Shah under their protection; if our young voice their opposition, they are either scattered or imprisoned. Just two or three days ago, our young went to resort to the statute of liberty which is a whopping lie in America, and tied a piece of clothes on which they called for extradition of the Shah. Police had gone there and scattered them and arrested a number of them. It is expected that they take our number criminal, protect him, make a center here for concocting plot and I do not know, whatever they crave for our nation, young, adults, university students; and clergymen sit and watch the blood of one hundred thousands being wasted just because of showing respect for Mr. Carter and the like. There must be no plot. If there is no plot or stonewalling, all people are free to live here. But since they hatch plots to revert to former situation, it provokes angry response of our young people. The young look forward to an independent country administered by them. So it is unfounded expectation that they sit and watch, while foreigners continue with plundering and conspiracy. Our young adults must courageously and alertly battle against their conspiracies.

Clandestine and underground conspiracies

Today is not the time to sit and watch. Today, the situation is worse than that of the age of Muhammad-Rida. Formerly, this traitor was clearly standing against the nation who was in turn standing against him. Today, we are faced with underground plots. These underground plots are brewed in embassies chief among them pertaining to the U. S. We can't let them be busy with plots. When it has come to our notice that the country has been ruined and they have deceived us by their loose talks such as democracy and the like. They claim since it is a democratic country has the right to settle here and everyone is free to hatch plot. These loose talks should be brushed aside from your memory. Our nation must move forward and cut their hands. If they do not mend their ways and fail to extradite the Shah who has stolen the treasuries belonging to our nation, depositing many of them, only a portion of which we might be aware, we have to deal them in another way. We will do so with regard to England. They should not think that we just sit unresponsively and let them go jump in the lake. No, this is not the case. It is the question of a revolution, one that is greater than the first one. They must sit in their own place and extradite this traitor. They must also extradite that traitor- Bakhtiyar. They should not give shelter to that traitor- Bakhtiyar- there to conspire and gather some people around him to bring out newspaper, with the British government capture our young because they demonstrated against the Shah or Bakhtiyar. As long as they are busy with such actions and do not extradite these thugs or at least oust them, we have another obligation and we perform our duty.

Do not feel weakened against plots

Move forward vigorously. If the feel a sense of weakness in us, as these unfair writers depict the people to be suffering and that these writings have impressed you, this will make them bold enough to attack you. They do it worse than before. Do not feel a languor in spirit. These writers aim to weaken the morale of the people by inculcating the idea nothing has been achieved and that today is like yesterday. I saw the day before yesterday in a newspaper that they had claimed that politicians today are in jail as before, and that there is suffocation as it was in the former regime.

Difference of prisoners of taghouti regime and those in Islamic Republic

Some were incarcerated in former regime. They were behind bars. Today, some are behind bar too. There is no doubt. But who are they? Who were in prison in former regime and who are they today? Who were hanged before? We must scrutinize who were hanged in former regime and who are hanged in this regime? They do not take it into consideration. Generally they utter words and deem that they cheat our young. Those who were killed in former regime were our best, committed and Muslim youth. They were `ulama'. Mr. Muntaziri «3» was in prison for a long time. The deceased Mr. Taliqani «4» and the like were in fetters too. Do you know who were sentenced to death! They were the deceased Mr. Saidi «5» and the like of him. From among these `ulama' were captured and imprisoned by them. This Mr. Lahouti who is in IRGC was in jail for a long time. Theological School `ulama' were exiled. They were exiled. These kinds of people were in prison that time. Those hanged and exiled were of this kind. Now come and consider this side of the coin and see whether there is any difference between this time and that time. Huveyda «6» and Nasiri «7» are hanged. They beat the breast for these people. The objections raised by these writers are the same as those voiced in the US, asking why, why and why? The unjust advocates of human rights inveigh against nag and us why we hang them? These people do not utter any words about massacre of civilians in so many places such as this corrupt America. They raise Cain over execution of Huveyda or Nasiri or some other corrupt ones. Their agents here write no improvement has been made. Who the prisoners are today, who were yesterday? Can you find one a true man in prison? Can you find a believer or nationalist in jail? At that time all nationalists were in prison. And let's say that the like were in jail but now who are in prison? Those who committed crimes are in prison. Now compare these prisoners with those prisoners. You must ask of those prisoners about the condition of jails in those days.

Clandestine agents linked to Kurdistan confusion

The confusion made by this devils and supporters of corruption is easy to be dealt with. They surmise that the problem of Kurdistan is an unsolved one. Mowing down and killing them would be so easy if they did not involve people of Kurdistan- the young, women and children- in this matter since we do not want a single innocent. Unfortunately, they conceal them before the Kurdish people. Probably you heard they protect themselves behind the shield of people and by shielding them they killed our young adults. Those brave youths avoided confronting them lest innocent people should be killed. Well, if they had not been mingled with our people, they would easily be wiped out. They are not more than a group of rebels. We were up against them formerly too. They are a group of rebels who have nothing to do save robbery. Every now and then they are engaged in kidnapping or murder. They are not any power against our government and our nation. At whatever time we will, we ca mobilize the nation go to Kurdistan to trample them to death but we want to move peacefully. Now a group has gone there to resolve the problem in peace and questioned their wishes. We have fulfilled their demands, though. They pretend that they are looking for people's interest in answer to our question that is, they are in favor of the left but profoundly they wish for U. S. They are leaning to the right, dishonest rights.
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امام خمینی (ره)؛ 14 آبان 1358

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