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Speech [The mission and the responsibilities of Islamic associations]

Jamaran, Tehran
The mission and the responsibilities of Islamic associations
Representatives of the school students' Islamic Associations from all over the country
جلد ۱۴ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۰۸ تا صفحه ۲۱۲
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mission of the Islamic associations

I would like to say a few words on the Islamic associations- the ones organized by school students as well as the others- that are, by the grace of God, active throughout the country.
To begin with, the term" Islamic" association signifies a commitment on the part of these associations toward Islam. It is not simply and merely the name for a group of people who have got together. It is a commitment to Islam. In other words, you have made a commitment to act according to (the teachings of) Islam, no matter where you are. Thus, you have the dual responsibilities of living according to Islam and inviting others to it.
As regards your responsibilities toward yourselves, you should stay alert so that deviated elements that are not committed to Islam, and which are in fact the enemies of Islam, do not infiltrate into these associations. Those who have suffered personal material losses at the hands of Islam do not wish for it to prevail in this country and they, thus, try to infiltrate into these associations as well as into the mosques and other Islamic places. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Islamic associations- school students' and the rest- to be clear about the backgrounds of all those who intend to join the associations as well as to find out about their activities before and during the Revolution and whether their families are committed to Islam or not. You should enquire whether the person who wants to join the association has been committed to Islam before and after the Revolution or not. It may be that the majority of the members of these associations are honest and are committed to Islam and the Revolution, however, even if a couple of deviated elements infiltrate among them they could end up deviating the entire Islamic association. This is one of the important responsibilities of the Islamic associations. I have been informed, perhaps repeatedly, that there are some people in the Islamic associations who are not committed to Islam and who have infiltrated into them, in the name of Islam, in order to cause deviation among them. Thus, your responsibility is to examine the backgrounds of the people before accepting them into the association. Care should be taken not to allow deviated elements and the enemies of Islam to join in, lest they, God forbid, corrupt your Islamic association and the purpose for which these associations have been formed. This is one of your responsibilities to which you should pay the utmost attention.

Commitment of the associations to Islam and its laws

Another point that I would like to mention concerns the Islamic nature of these associations. Islam is a multi-dimensional religion and due attention would need to be paid to all of its various dimensions by those who really want to be Islamic. One of these dimensions is its belief structure. The Islamic associations should, obviously, uphold the Islamic beliefs. Those who do not believe in and do not abide by Islamic beliefs cannot form Islamic associations. They would never succeed in establishing a real Islamic association and spreading Islam if they did not believe in all the Islamic principles.
Another aspect of Islam is its ethical principles. There may be some people whose beliefs are truly Islamic but they lack Islamic ethics. What is important for you, as the members of the Islamic associations of high schools, is to arm yourselves with Islamic ethics and to abstain from such deeds that are un-Islamic. This is because you intend to spread Islam in your high schools. You do not want to form any odd association in name, simply because some others have done it. You wish for Islam to be given importance in your high schools and this is a function of proper Islamic beliefs and ethics on your own parts.
Yet another dimension of Islam is its actions; i. e. a commitment to the externals of Islam as well as the Islamic commandments and laws. If, God forbid, there is a deviation in the adherence to Islamic actions on the part of those who have formed an Islamic association, they can no more claim to be an" Islamic association" that wishes to spread Islam. Thus, you should first begin with your own selves. Everyone should begin with himself and should ensure that his beliefs, his conduct, and his acts are in conformation with the teachings of Islam. It is only then that you can approach others. This applies more particularly to those of you who are in high schools and are directly involved with children and the youth. A major responsibility rests upon the shoulders of those of you who wish to make the high schools Islamic. This is a great commitment. Those who study in schools and high schools will eventually enter the universities and the future of the country rests in their hands. If they are trained and brought up in an Islamic way and according to Islamic ethics they will be able to build this country and defend its independence. All the corruption that took place in this country during the previous regime, rendering this nation dependent upon foreign powers, was through people who did not have any commitment to Islam and who instead preferred this country to depend entirely on the superpowers. If people understood Islam and committed themselves to it and if they learnt how to deal effectively with the other powers, it would never allow them to become dependent on foreigners and particularly those foreigners who are against Islam and are its enemies. All our problems are due to the fact that a majority of the officials of this country during the previous regime, including the members of the Majlis, the government officials, and the military commanders were in no way concerned with Islam. Those who were involved in the upbringing of our children did not care to offer them an Islamic upbringing or to ensure that they developed a greatness of soul which would never allow them to fall under the domination of the foreign powers. Since they did not have any commitment to Islam they were naturally bound to bring up our children like themselves. It is because of this very fact that most of our university graduates had nothing to do with Islam or with an Islamic commitment and ethics.

Islamic associations should serve as role models

As founders of Islamic associations you should take care to remain committed to Islam, its laws, its ethics and its practices. You should serve as exemplar so that children can learn from you. Invite them to Islam, its laws, its ethics and its practices through your actions. If you as well as all those who work with children and the youth succeed in imparting this great service they will grow up with commitment toward Islam and its laws. And Islam contains everything that is required for running a country. If one is committed to Islam, he can never tolerate oppression; he can never become dependent on infidels or become enslaved by them. All the corruption that exists in the Muslim countries is due to the fact that Islam has not been practiced in these countries in its true sense and because their school children and their youth were not brought up on the basis of the laws of Islam and, thus, when they entered society and gained control over the affairs of their countries, they had no commitment to Islam and their countries and, thus, they did not find it wrong for their countries to be totally dependent upon foreign powers.
You should begin from scratch, with the intention of gaining independence in every respect- culturally, economically, and in character. Once you enter the scene with this intention in mind you can save your country and ensure its independence forever. We have inherited a country that was independent on others for everything and have just begun our journey. Everything that took place here was an imitation of the foreigners. Even when they established schools or trained the military personnel it was with the intention of making them dependent upon aliens. And when Kennedy «1» was assassinated they made our school children sing elegies! And they even held funeral services for him! Recently a murder attempt was also made upon his brother. «2» Now whether this assassination attempt was successful or not, it does not make a difference to us and we shall not mourn for him.
In any case, you should break away from the corrupt trends that the previous regime had implanted in every nook and corner of this country to make it dependent on foreign powers. You and the entire nation, and particularly those who work with children and the youth, should endeavor to make them mentally and culturally independent. These children and youth are going to run this country in the future. And if you all invest sincerely in their healthy upbringing, everything good that they will do, will add to your divine rewards.

The great responsibility of the Islamic associations

In any case, you have a great responsibility. The name that these associations have chosen for themselves makes them responsible. One day you will be questioned for it. And you may be told that in spite of calling your associations" Islamic" you were not committed to Islam. Since you have chosen this name for your associations, if God forbid, you deviate or allow deviation into your associations or in the teachings that are being imparted, you will be held responsible. You will be questioned as to why you did not act according to the teachings of Islam. You will be questioned as to why your students were not brought up in an Islamic manner and as to why there was deviation in these Islamic associations.
We are all responsible. We have been entrusted with a great trust and that is Islam and the Islamic country. All of us, including the government and the entire nation, and especially those who work with children and the youth are responsible to take care of this divine trust and should, thus, endeavor to spread Islam. We should begin with ourselves and then invite others, God willing!
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
«۱»- John F. Kennedy: American president in the early ۱۹۶۰ s who was assassinated. «۲»- Robert Kennedy.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 11 فروردین 1360

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