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Jamaran, Tehran
Auspicious feast of Qurban; confirming presidency of Mr. Khamene'i
Comparing the Islamic system with other governments; some recommendations to the Islamic countries and nations
Sayyid `Ali Khamene'i, civil and military authorities »1«
جلد ۱۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۴۳ تا صفحه ۲۴۸
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Comparing the Islamic system with other governments
First of all we should thank the Exalted God for granting success to our nation in serving Islam. We should thank which has concertedly struggled from before the revolution until now to set up Islamic justice, to drive out the devils and corrupt regimes and to establish the Islamic Republic. Since the time they rose up to the present day, they have been present on the stage, made every effort and sacrificed their children and belongings to dispense Islamic justice and establish divine commands. They are more present on the stage than before, as indicated in the votes for the presidents, one being higher than the other. I do not think the latest turnout has precedence in the world. All classes of the nation from the great maraji` of Islam and prominent `ulama' in different cities, and the oppressed people rushed to the ballot boxes and cast their votes for Islam in a short period of time, without massive propaganda and without any fear or greed.
We are indebted to these efforts and services. All of us, all the gentlemen present, be they civil or military men, are indebted to this released nation. This nation relieved us of isolation, released you out of prisons and put an end to the tyrannical rule of the oppressors. May God grant happiness and
( 1 )Messrs: Husayn-`Ali Muntaziri, Akbar Hashemi Rafasnjani( speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly ), Sayyid `Abdulakarim Mousawi Ardebili( Chief Justice ), Rabbani Amlashi( Prosecutor General of the country ), Mahdawi Kani( Prime Minister ), the cabinet and the representatives of Maraji`: Golpaygani, Mar`ashi Najafi and Shirazi, members of the Guardian Council, MPs, members of the judiciary, prosecutor general of the revolution, Society of Teachers of Qum theological seminaries, members of the Supreme Defense Council, Command council of the revolutionary guards, commanders of the three branches of army, representative of the joint chief of staff of army, heads of the ideo-political departments of army, police, gendarmerie, Supervisory Council of IRIB, representatives of liberation movements, disabled of the war and families of martyrs and foreign and domestic correspondents.

victory to this resisting nation and those who are taking trouble in the frontlines and behind the frontlines. All these victories have been achieved due to our belief in Islam, cooperation of the nation with the government, the army, the Majlis, the judiciary and other organs. Our nation is present in the scene. In the same way that victory was secured due to the presence of our nation, its perpetuation will also hinge on the nation's presence.
Compare this country with other countries like Egypt, Iraq and the likes of them and the big countries which are far from us but are guiding their agents to gain power here. You see a president is martyred in Iran, but nothing happens because shortly afterwards another president takes his place. The corrupt president was killed «1» in Egypt and the country was disturbed; martial law was enforced for one year in Egypt. The difference between here and there and between the president of this republic and that in Egypt lies in the fact that here people rely on Islam and that all the nation rose up under the banner of Islam. It the president gets martyred, the nation is always present in the scene and in his place elects another one. There, the backbone is rifles, machine guns and military forces that are separated from the nation and the nation is separated from them. This nation trusts God, while the governments of Egypt and Iraq trust Europe, America and the Soviet Union. Here, nations are in the scene whereas nations are out of the stage in those countries. That's why when the president gets killed here, nothing happens following assassination of the president. In similar cases everything gets mixed up there so much that no one was allowed to take part in his auspicious funeral without permission. Why? Because their people are against them.
Advising Islamic countries to trust God
Here, I would like to remind all Islamic countries of the fact that they are in the wrong. Instead of trusting God you have relied on worldly powers like the Soviet Union and America. Your nations are averse to you and if you remove the bayonet for one day, you will get wiped out. Come to your senses and stop this procedure. Take Iranian nation and its government as a model. The Iranian nation has now restored peace to the country without reliance on another power. The government has declined to rely on bayonet and has trusted God and the nation. That is why nothing happens when the president of the republic or the prime minister is killed or martyred. This is due to the fact that we are under the blessed banner of Islam and trust the Exalted God
( 1 )A revolutionary execution of Muhammad Anwar as-Sadat, the president of Eygpt.

and our nation is loyal to Islam. Other Islamic nations also trust God and Islam.
Governments should do their best to win the consent of people. They should not try to rule at bayonet. You, Islamic governments, commanded neither the power nor the support enjoyed by Muhammad-Rida. He was backed by all powers of the world. When I was in Paris, I realized all supported him. Nevertheless, the Iranian nation which had risen up, broke that bayonet and crushed those machine guns, driving out those big powers. They tried to keep him in power to reap the benefits they desired, but they failed because Iran trusted God and its own power. The governments, affiliated to America and the Soviet Union, to whom affiliation is denounced according to explicit text of the Qur'an, should wake up and note that Islam brings dignity. If they stop the mischiefs they have been taught and return to the fold of their nations- if that is possible- and join their nations, they see that they no longer need to use the bayonet or enforce martial law. You saw that with this great revolution accomplished in Iran, not a single day of martial law or emergency was declared any where in the country. Basically, martial law is declared to suppress people and we did not have any one remove from the nation so as to try to suppress them.
fell into the trap of committing irrational acts. On account of the illusions imposed on him, Saddam attacked Iran. Today, he wants to dig himself out of this trap and everyday he comes up with some sort of plot. One day he is on good terms with Israel, another day bombards one place in his own country and accusing Iran of doing that. One day, he accuses Iran of being in alliance with Israel, while Iran has been opposed to Israel before the revolution. Since the outset of the revolution up to now Iran has always declared opposition to Israel, closing everything destined for Israel and its allies. Yet, Saddam claims Iran is not against Israel but is actually its alley. Well, what drove this man to throw himself into the trap to be forced to tell such whooping lies and brew such plots? Once they do some sabotage in Kuwait and blame Iran for it.
Kuwait and other Sheikhdoms should learn that such things are of no use to them. They should know that the superpowers take advantage of them and the day when they see that these countries bring them no profit, they will discard you like garbage.
We saw that before Sadat was eliminated, America appointed his successor. Sadat was still alive, leading an animal life. America predicted that he must be replaced with an agent who used up all his honor and prestige to serve America. All witnessed what happened in Egypt the day he was

assassinated. This second imposed president who plans to rule in Egypt just like his predecessor has completely put himself at the disposal of America. Prior to coming to power as president he declared his solidarity with America and Israel. He has not realized that in the same way that his sinful predecessor «1» was sent to hell due to the rage of the nation, similar treatment will be meted out to him as well.
Call upon the Egyptian and Iraqi people to rise up
The Egyptian nation should know that if they rise up against these plots just as Iran did, they will attain victory. The Egyptian nation should not fear the martial law and not care about it. In the same way that Iranian nation broke the martial law and took to the streets, they should follow suit and drive out these American scums. The Egyptian nation should not sit and wait for this almost lost power to pull its weight together and force its influence on the nation. This is the day for the Egyptian nation to rise up. Today is the day of the government's weakness and the nations' power. They should show strength and not care about the martial law, which is against all standards. They should break this martial law and take to the streets and topple this government which wants to fight Islam with bayonet. He has said outright that whoever is loyal to Islam will be suppressed. This is a duty for the Egyptian nation and for the scholars who do not depend on the government. This is a duty for scholars. Egyptian scholars should rise up and defend Islam for the sake of God. What excuse can the scholars of Egypt give for sitting and listening idle and seeing the same people region power? Prior to coming to power, this government declared that they would suppress whoever related to Islam. Today, you are victorious. Today, the Egyptian people command the power.
The Egyptian army should not give Israel the opportunity to rule over their country, and not let America and Israel control the destiny of their country. The Egyptian army should take care that if it wants to back this government that has declared to be following America and Israel and will stifle whoever speaks of Islam, it will carry this disgrace for all times. They should not bring this disgrace upon themselves. Army is very unlikely to be on the government side, except those officers who are agents of the U. S. What benefit did the Iraqi army reap out of this affiliation?
The fault of Saddam, who served America and Israel which had suffered damage by Iran, was attacking Iran. What benefit did the army of Iraq get
( 1 )Mubarak who replaced Sadat after his assassination.

from this aggression, except thousands of slain troops? The Iraqi army that sees Iraqi nation is against this corrupt and infidel party should also oppose it. The Iraqi army should not allow its youths to be killed any more. We and our army do not want to kill young Muslims who under coercion come to Iran to carry out the corrupt ideas of Saddam. We love all Islamic nations and youth and want them to take the straight path of Islam and the Truth and to go the way of their nations. Why the army of Iraq is sitting while Saddam is destroying the Iraqi country and the army and disregarding Islam? Iraqi army and nation should rise up and drive out this scum! All Islamic nations must rise up and take the straight path. All governments must return and be subordinate to their nation. Of course, it is too late for Saddam, just as it was for Sadat.
Advice to the youth to foster independent thinking
Those inside the country engaging in mischief are inspired by crooked illusions. We do not like the deceived youths, boys and girls to live with these devils and get inspiration fro them. What have you girls and boys seen from your corrupt leaders except empty claims and perversion? Were they not those who claimed that they were on the side of the people and against foreigners? You saw that they acted contrary to their claim and took refuge in America, which backs them up. Why did you let others think for you? Why do not you have independence in your thinking? Why do not you read about those leaders who are corrupting you while they themselves are either in the ruins or have fled the country? They want to perish you. When you do the work, they will come and rule over you. Why do not you think? Why do not you pay attention to your own interests? It is not clear what they will do to you when they come and assume power. The one who is not in the line of Islam is not loyal. They were the same people who assassinated their own people whenever they did something not in line with their opinion. They are the very people who after seizing power will only take care of their own party and whoever is related to them. If their adherents wake up and voice one word against them, they will carry out mass killing. Do not think that they care for the nation and for Islam. You saw that despite their claims, they escaped to countries they claimed were their enemies and took refuge in places that are the enemies of poor nations. Why do not you think and have mercy on yourselves? Wake up, be aware and put an end to all these evil mischiefs. Do not let them fool you for the purpose of their own wicked goals. Do not let them get you killed for their own ends. We do not want you

the youth, who can be the hope of this nation, to perish intellectually and physically.
I pray to God to grant happiness and health to the entire nation, particularly the poor. I want those who did their best to get the country to a better position to do their best to serve the poor and to forget about serving the rich. After the establishment of the government, which is almost done, there will be no excuse for anyone. Sabotage is a thing of the past, and now that there is rapport among you, no one will hinder the job of others. All should be of one opinion and with one voice rise up and serve the poor and the nation, to whom we are indebted. May God grant you success. I want the military forces to put an end to those unwelcome intruders into our country and drive them out of the country with all their might, as soon as possible. I hope God will grant happiness to you, the military and civil, our nation and all oppressed people of the world, and cut off the hands of the superpowers from the oppressed nations.
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 17 مهر 1360

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