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Jamaran, Tehran
Preparation for confronting domestic and foreign plots
Friday prayers leaders of Zanjan
جلد ۱۶ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۶۰ تا صفحه ۲۶۵
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Preparation for confronting plots
First, I should thank you gentlemen for taking the trouble to come here to meet me. What we are afflicted with these days and do not see to end any time soon are the issues which may arise after our victory in the war. It is not clear that the US will stop her covetous plans in this country. The Iranian nation and we are determined not to return to the previous situation, to that bondage and captivity, to the deprivation our nation suffered, the deprivation the country sustained and the anti-Islamic practices prevailing in the country. From this aspect we should prepare ourselves for resistance in the same way that through the resistance of people from all walks of life including the clerics and other strata, this revolution developed and achieved victory. We should also be prepared for the blows we might, God forbid, sustain both at the hands of the internal opponents who have lost their illegitimate interests and who can no longer commit the injustice they used to commit against the deprived masses of people and attempt to restore the situation and by external elements, the governments affiliated with the US or other powers. The clergy, whom God Almighty may protect, should fulfill this duty. They should spearhead the people. The rank and file may not know what is up. The persons who come here from abroad or the personalities based abroad at times send me messages saying that you still don't know ourselves what you have done and what has happened in the world as the result of the revolution. It is indeed true that we cannot understand the depth of what our people have done under the canopy of Islam and Imam of the Time( peace be upon him ). This should be understood gradually. However, as far as we know, it is clear from the tone of all mass media apparatus directed by the US, the Soviet Union, Israel, Britain and others that they have suffered a blow. If you listen, you will find that all these fabrications and shenanigans are not something ordinary. Well! Many wars have broken out in the world; many massacres and devastations have taken place. However, when we notice, we see that

only a minimal part of what happens in the world is reflected in the media. However, the mass media apparatus cover and fan the events in Iran every day and night, trivializing where the events are in favor of Iran, while magnifying those being detrimental to Iran. From these reactions we should understand that they have suffered a blow. We still do not understand the greatness of the blow they have suffered. However, from what we understand it is clear that we should preserve resistance and the Islamic spirit.
Setting the Holy Prophet as a model in enduring problems
You gentlemen should know that the events which took place in the advent of Islam, the hardships suffered by the Prophet of Islam( peace be upon him )when he was in Mecca and Medina indicate that the Prophet- it can be said- did not have a happy day in the material sense of the term. If you study the Islamic history, you will find this out. Every day he was embroiled in a problem and difficulty his opponents had created for him. When he was in Mecca, the Quraish harassed him, affronted him and pestered him so much that he could not stay there. In Mecca, he was subjected to economic sanction. Occasionally, the Prophet and his companions found some provisions after much effort. Take Khadijah's «1» story for instance. She was a wealthy widow and offered all her wealth to the Prophet and became so poor that she reportedly sucked the skin of a plant in order to satisfy her hunger. We should think of what the Prophet did and for what reasons he did them. He was a human being, but you see he was responsible. He was a man for whom God had specified a duty to fulfill. God had sent Islam and ordered the Prophet to resist." So tread thou the straight path as thou art commanded," «2» This holy verse is repeated on two occasions in the Holy Qur'an: Sourah Houd «3» and Sourah ash-shawra.»
The difference in the two sourahs is that the latter reads:" And be thou upright as thou art commanded" and the former reads:" So tread thou the straight path as thou art commanded". The Prophet has been quoted as saying:" The verse 112 of Sourah Houd aged me." «5» It was because he was anxious that his companions may not put up resistance. Right! He was resistant himself. However, his companions were also commanded to be resistant, in the same way the
( 1 )Khadijah, mother of believers, was the first wife of the holy Prophet of Islam( peace be upon him ). She was mother of Hadrat Zahra and the first women believing in the Prophet.
( 2 )Sourah Houd, 11: 112.
( 3 )Sourah 11 of the Holy Qur'an, Meccan with 123 verses.
( 4 )Sourah 42 of the Holy Qur'an, Meccan with 53 verses.
( 5 )`Ilm al-Yaqin, vol. 2, p. 971.

Prophet had been commanded to be. Likewise, those who have embraced Islam are commanded to persevere. This perseverance should last to the end.
Now we should carry out this mission as far as we can. If the nation pays attention to the problems and difficulties suffered by the Prophet and the Muslims in the early days of Islam, they will understand that they had far more a greater amount of difficulties while we have not yet reached that point. You see that today inflation is rampant in Iran but obviously, we are not suffering from hunger. Foodstuffs are there though expensive. The government is trying to provide welfare for so-called low-income class as much as it can. God willing, it will do it. We should enlighten the masses of people who are subjected to evil propaganda by foreign groups and radios. We should enlighten the people to the fact that they have done something that these radios have changed so much and that these affiliates to foreign powers so closely pursue the issues. Why do not they pursue the events so closely in other places? It is because an unprecedented thing has happened here. In other places whatever has been done, whatever revolution has been accomplished has been dependent on a power. If it has been subjected to a blow by one side, the other side has supported it. Anyone who has staged a coup has been either affiliated with the Soviet Union or the US. The revolution you and our nation accomplished is exemplary. It has been unprecedented in recent centuries. Since the time when the superpowers came in to subjugate other nations, no such event has occurred. There has been no nation which has tried to preserve its identity, has put up with what it possessed, and has tried to get where it would need no one and would not rely on either the West or the East. This is exclusive to Iran. In such a case the masses of people should be enlightened that they are doing a hard work and that difficult tasks call for great efforts. We do not only work for material gains to be reproached by others. We should work to gain spirituality. From the outset, the Muslims in Iran and the nation have cried for Islamic Republic and the laws of Islam. When we want to serve Islam, we should no longer expect, for instance, a garden to be given to us for serving Islam. We serve for the sake of Islam and God will reward us.
Accusing Iran of having relations with Israel
Therefore, resistance is something that necessarily comes with any revolution. This revolution should be more resistant than revolutions elsewhere- we have to tolerate the difficulties caused for us from all sides. You notice that people took to the streets and marched to commemorate the 15 th of Khordad, the day when so much damage was inflicted on people.

bombarded the city of Ilam, a poor district in that city, and killed many of those who had taken to the streets. It is not clear yet how many more have been martyred. Some 200 others have been so far reported wounded. If a portion of such a big crime had been committed by Iran, you would see what foreign mass media apparatus would have done. However, in this case they simply say Iran has claimed such a thing has happened. Then they quote Saddam as saying that this was in retaliation for what they did to Basra! Well! Saddam fabricates a lie. He should find an excuse. He tells a lie and commits such a crime. We should expect such crimes. We should not ask why he did so, because he is known for such crimes. The reason is the revolution you have accomplished. You cry for Islam; they say outright that Islam should not prevail. For example, the Egyptian government openly says that Islamic Republic must not exist. Egyptian president and Israeli president have adopted a unified stance on pounding Islam. He claims to be the president of a Muslim country and Iraq claims that Iran has relations with Israel, while Israel and Egypt pledged to help Iraq against Iran. Notice the one which they claim to be helping us. As you may have noticed they have started a scenario on the foreign radios in the past few days. One was for us, and the other against. The former asked" why you did so?" The latter said you were in the know! One said we did not say to do so. Their parliament said why so and so happened. They had taken the game for granted. Following this game, they dwelt on a mechanism of calling on people to note that this cooperation has been made and this help rendered. They have talked about the quality of the relationship. All right! This was a maneuver they launched. However, their bluff was called. If Israel, God forbid, supports Iran and such a disgrace befalls Iran, well it should not have shaken hands with Egypt in an attempt to overt Saddam defeat. Israel attack one of their military sites, which they later blamed on Iran, but now both sides join hands and want to undermine Iran and Islam. As regards other countries, I don't know what I should tell them. Iran wants to rescue them and protect them against difficulties and servility they are suffering from. Instead, they intend to kill us. Of course, they are not capable of doing it.
But why should Islamic countries act like this? Why should they be in such situation that Israel dares attack an Islamic country Lebanon? All is for the fact that they have given respite to Israel and develop friendship with Israel and perhaps are helping it. We should resist.

Refusing to raise particular problems at public rostrums
The Friday and congregational prayer leaders should make people understand that we have done something that brings hardship. This enlightenment is not exclusive to Friday prayer leaders. We stress Friday because congregation is greater on that day. Therefore, Friday and congregational prayer leaders and `ulama'( religious scholars )should fulfill this duty. You all did it for God and you all say if something is for God it will be ensued by difficulty as our Prophet has said:" Paradise has been wrapped in hardship." «1» One who wishes to obtain the paradise of proximity to God, should also endure the hardships without being disheartened. Beware that these interlopers should dispirit the people. One of the issues I have always stressed besides observing unity of expression, is, as pointed out by the gentleman, holding seminars. Get together two or three times a month and exchange views to develop mutual understanding. Also organize meetings with other `ulama' in different cities and villages. Every one of you should develop this understanding in his own province. You should also be connected with government authorities. If a problem emerges and you gentlemen inform people at the pulpit that such a thing has happened, this will weaken the government. Today, preservation of this government is obligatory- a religious obligation. In the same way that removal of that corrupt regime was obligatory, today preservation of this government is also obligatory. Gentlemen- I mean the entire `ulama' in cities, particularly the Friday prayer leaders who address the public once a week- if a problem occurs or you have grievances against a governor general in a city or against an official, you are advised to settle it between yourselves. Subsequently, you should refer to the concerned officials. But you should not disclose it to people, telling them who has done what. This treatment results in debilitation of the government and today it is not advisable to weaken a government that is wholeheartedly serving the people. Obviously, any officials may sometimes make mistakes. It has always been the case. You who are also serving people may also make mistakes. We should not declare to the people that so and so has happened. Don't discuss the mistakes with people. We should settle it privately. Summon the one who has made a mistake in a private session attended by `ulama' and speak about the mistake. The governors general are not such that if `ulama' invite them, they will turn the invitation down. The situation is never going to be like what went under the
( 1 )The original hadith( narration )reads as follows:" Paradise has been wrapped in hardship" Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 67, p. 78, H 12.

previous regime. Now, the situation is such that the governors are from among the people and come to people to develop understanding. Such is the case with regard to other officials who are, thank God popular. Officials ranging from the prime minister and president to others are like other people and attend meetings, as do other people. I hope that you and we will be successful in serving this republic, in sanctioning all officials, in solidifying unity among all and in acquainting people with their duties. It is among the paramount works to acquaint the people with their duties and remind them of the hardships of the early days of Islam and how they transferred Islam to us. This is something that should be said and I hope that your warm breath will, God willing, waken up the people and that you will be successful. Pray for me to succeed in fulfilling my duty to pray for you all.
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.


امام خمینی (ره)؛ 16 خرداد 1361

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