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Speech [The Party of God and the satanic parties]

Husayniyyah Jamaran, Tehran
The Party of God and the satanic parties
Sayyid `Ali Khamene'i (President and Secretary General of the Islamic Republic Party), Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly), members of the Central Council and officials of the offices of the Islamic Republic Party from across the country
جلد ۱۷ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۱۷۸ تا صفحه ۱۸۰

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Statement of difference between the Party of God and the satanic parties

This, too, is by the blessings of the Revolution and the movement of Islam that I am meeting with the people that are in proximity and I hope that these meetings and gatherings are useful. From the beginning of the universe until now, there have been two parties: one, the party of God and the other the anti-God and satanic party. The effect of each of them has also been distinct so that the one which belonged to God and because its objective is the Blessed and Almighty God, it moves towards Him and is on the straight path. The one that goes against this path- and the majority belong to it- is the satanic parties. From the advent of the universe until now and also during the era of the Prophet of God, it has existed and even in our own era, you saw the Rastakhiz (Resurrection) Party and know what its objectives were. Divine parties are manifested by the spirit of God meaning that they strive not to invite to themselves and invite one to God, not to invite one to nature and invite one to divinity and spirituality. This is a sign by which a person can know where he is headed to, whether he is heading towards the party of God and to God and is a member of the party of God or is on the side of other parties. A person can judge what he is doing. However, sometimes coverings prevent a person from knowing what he is doing. Those that are on the way to finding the path can tear the coverings and come on the path of the Party of God considering that" the army of God will become victorious" «1» and the other parties assuming that they stay on for a while and struggle shall ultimately be defeated.

Hypocrisy is the worst and greatest of deviations of human beings

What is necessary for all of humanity is that they take care to admit themselves in the Party of God. The Prophets also arrived for this same purpose meaning that if they fought wars, it was for the cause of God and if they would make peace it was for the cause of God and if they called to religion, it was for the sake of God. None of the Prophets we know, would live in isolation; he is a shepherd, he takes his staff and moves on to rescue the people and the pharaoh; but the pharaoh could not be saved. It is Islam, which moved together with these poor people, with this same people who were regarded as inferior by other people, and they would criticize the Prophet that he was supported by a bunch of lowly and backward people! Today, all the good that is in the world and all the manifestations of good is the result of the call of the Prophets. This means that those who accepted the call of the Prophets left behind good legacies and a group that were stubborn, yet even they left behind good legacies was also due to the influence of the Prophets. Because the influences of the Prophets caused them to do such things out of fear of the nations and to take to this path and enter the scene to further their objectives, but this is a deviation and a person must be delivered from these deviations.
The worst deviation is that a person assumes one form outwardly that is contrary to the reality. This is hypocrisy and in the glorious Qur'an, the worst of tidings has been stated for the hypocrites themselves. In particular, there is a sourah revealed for them whereas there is no special sourah revealed for others than hypocrites. Of course, for the deniers of faith and disbelievers there is for the disbelievers also include the hypocrites. Therefore, to the extent that Islam has stressed for the extermination or reform of the hypocrites, it is not so for the deniers of the faith. A person knows how to handle a faithless individual but does not know how to handle the hypocrite. It was the same during the era of the Prophet of Islam, the hypocrites have been condemned more strongly in Islam, and the hypocrite is the worst manifestation of faithlessness.

Reforming the self before reforming others

In any case, our society, our clergy, our intellectuals and our scientists must think about this blessing and opportunity, which God has bestowed upon us; we should not be ungrateful for them. Wherever the men are, whether in the party or outside the party, they must endeavor to keep the people in the arena. When people gather together, it is that they can accomplish a task; and when the drops gather, a flood will occur. Therefore, we must call upon the people, and our call should not be to the self; it should not be a call to worldly things; it should be a call to God. When the call is to God and the world also becomes divine, it becomes the afterlife and it becomes the afterlife of the world. There is no difference between here and the hereafter; all are manifestations of God. The thing that corrupts the world is that a person pays attention to the abased world in relation to the Blessed and Almighty God. One who is worldly, gives in charity, and pays the religious tax and portion of income and all of these things will not be worse off in this world. The yardstick is not the volume; the yardstick is the spiritual circumstance of each person.
The source of all dangers for a person is man himself; and the source of reform also is man himself and it must start from the person himself. It is possible for a preacher who has not reformed himself to reform others. That preacher is able to sermonize who has reformed himself from within. Likewise, any person that wants to preach must pay attention to what he wants to say. Does God approve of what he says? Is it an invitation to himself or an invitation to God? After he has spoken, he should sit down and reflect whether the sermon was for this or that. This is the way for a person to reach God, which is that he takes note of himself and then after this self-appraisal he undertakes an evaluation. It is not that the political party is evil or that every political party is good; the criteria are the concept of the political party. If the concept is something else, then this political party is a party of Satan whatever its name is. Therefore, we must strive to make our party the Party of God and make ourselves the members of the Party of God. I hope that the men are successful wherever they are; that they work for Islam and for God and for attainment of the Divine objectives. If they find any person among themselves who is deviant, they should inform the officials. I hope that God endorses you so that God willing, you will become useful for Islam.
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
«۱»- Sourah al-Ma'idah ۵:۵۶.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 06 دی 1361

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