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سخنرانی در جمع اعضای شوراهای محلی توزیع کالا در تهران (امتحان الهی)Humiliation of AmericaHumiliation of America
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Speech [Vastness of divinely test and examination]

Husayniyeh Jamaran, Tehran
Vastness of divinely test and examination
Members of local Islamic councils in charge of distributing of goods in Tehran, staff of the center for telecommunications research
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 18 from page 254 to 260
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

All are subject to divine examination

I should appreciate the gentlemen who are here and pray for their success in serving the servants of God. I hope that God will grant you and other brothers' success to serve the country that has been deprived in the course of history. May God grant success to anyone in any place to render service.
I should say that you, we, and all people of the world and our Iranian brothers are exposed to examination. There is no wise mature person in the world exempt from divine examination. Today, I would like to talk about ourselves, the officials of our country and the respected people. The position and the responsibility of each person will serve as a basis for testing them. The examination for the esteemed president is his presidency, what he does in his capacity as president, his thoughts, ethics, deeds and whatever crosses his heart, etc. this is true for all officials and Majlis deputies. For them that seat in Majlis is the basis for their trial. Their thoughts, words and opinions as deputies will be examined. They are examined on whether the seat they have occupied an Islamic one and for Islam or not. The same place is their venue for examination. Likewise, the government's venue for examination is the very ministry, the place where the prime minister works. For people in different department the basis of trial is the same offices they work in. The army men undergo examination in terms of their power. Their source of examination is the very place where they are engaged in army activities. Our Sepah-e Pasdaran are examined in terms of the power in their hands in the same place they are working. Gun in their hands is an examination. All those who possess an instrument for rendering service are tested by the same instrument, thus reflecting our deeds in the next world. That gun reflects the deeds of the rifleman. The Majlis reflects the deeds of the deputies in the next world and the works you dear ones for which we appreciate you and I hope will be heeded by the almighty God and gain His approval. You are liable to examination in the same place you are located and your deeds will be reflected. You should be careful because the reflection of your deeds may bring about shame and disgrace for you. Now, Iran and the Iranian people seem to be more liable to examination than any any other place. People of Iran destroyed a regime, notorious for its tyrannical rules, with the power of people and clenched fists and without any arms and just by cry. With those cries people curtailed the grip of the US and other powers. Today, your country is in your own hands. There is no one superior to you to govern you, no advisor from other countries and no foreign experts to dictate their opinions.

Public responsibility in serving the country and improving affairs

Everything is in your hands and you are responsible. In the former regime if people were asked, they would argue that they could do nothing as nothing was in their hands. Today when everything is in your hands, no exercise is acceptable from you. Everyone in every place whether a security guard working in a department, the one who is sitting at the table in an office to whom people refer, the one who is fighting a battle in warfront, the one engaged in serving behind the frontline, the one doing business in bazaar, the civil servants active in government departments, the farmers working on land, those serving in factories and all strata of people in this country question you about the fate of the country. No one should imagine that for instance one is working in bazaar and cannot do anything; the other is a junior civil servant, etc. There is no difference among you in this respect. Everyone will be tried based on what he has done in his work place. An employee doing a manial job is tried for the job he is engaged in. He is tried on how he does the job entrusted to him, how he deals with the custemers and whether he has satanic or divine motivations. There is no exception in this matter. Prophets also undergo examination. Anyone setting foot in this world and being obliged to fulfill a duty will be subject to examination. One should not imagine that no one could see what one is doing. What you do will be reflected. God Almighty is present everywhere. The angles of God watch over this individual. We should think what we should do to fulfill our duties efficiently. We who are today responsible for the destiny of our country are responsible. There is no one who is not responsible. All are responsible. We should try to fufil the responsibility devolved on us in a way that will save us from shame and disgrace before God and the prophets and will give us a sense of pride. Everyone should do his job well wherever one is working. You should do the right thing even though all people need in the wrong direction. Everyone should think about themselves. Everyone is responsible for one's works. No one is responsible for what others do. You are entrusted with a job and are under watch, but no one can understand the depth of your works. However, God is present. Those rendering services in various places should notice that God almighty and His angles are watching their deeds. The waves emanating from your words and deeds will act as witness. You should notice that the responsibility is big. For example, those who are serving in warfronts are composed of different groups ranging from the military, gendarmerie, pasdar, Basij, tribal people and police. People from all walks of life are serving there. Ordinary people also flock to serve in the war theaters. They should watch out that here is their place of examination Are those who are active and want to save their country and defend it in harmony or everyone wants to work for oneself. Are they working for God or for themselves? If they noticed that they were willing to take power and not the other one, they should know that Satan motivates their deeds. Their martyrdom brings them no reward. They should work for God. Working for God means that the one who serves in Sepah does not want everything for Sepah and the one who is in the military does not want everything for the military and so on and so forth. All should proceed for God and for protecting the people and the country. It should not make any difference who is doing something. What counts is the destination. Prophets were like this. Saints of God were like this. The work is for God and it is all the same whether you or I or others do it. If the army, Sepah, Basij and other armed forces share this mentality, they are victorious both in warfronts and proud before God Almighty. If you fail to maintain this attitude, wherever you go you will not succeed.

Participation in elections with divine intention

One who wants to participate in the elections and is nominated, the one who nominates one, the one who is engaged in electoral activity and the one who advertises for him and for others will undergo test by so doing. Do you who have run for the election have the power to serve the country efficiently and consider yourself being superior to others? Do you who nominate one as candidate consider others inefficient? Do you consider your candidate to be more efficient and better? Do you who are engaged in advertisement for election advertise for yourself or for Islam? If you wish to enter the Majlis and consider it a position, you are advertising for yourself that is advertisement for Satan. If you advertise to enter the Majlis to serve and think you can serve and should not sit aside and find one to be competent and therefore should serve if this is the case, this is for God. Sometimes, one might have misgivings. Moreover, many times one makes mistakes in what he does. Since man loves one's self, one wants everything for oneself unless one has undergone austere practices to avoid selfishness. Since one has self-esteem many of the acts done by him or his affiliates such as children, brothers, family, etc., are considered good. If such deeds are done by others one views them as bad. It is because selfishness covers the reality and one cannot discern. One who intends to nominate a certain person should tell himself whether he was ready to nominate another more efficient person who was not on good termswith him. If one nominated him as well, it becomes clear that one is working for God and is not selfish. If this is not the case, know that the effort is motivated by Satan and not God. This practice is precise and remains hidden for man. The friends and brothers who are all responsible should give care in their works and ask why they are doing what they do. The one, who was charged with the responsibility to distribute goods or work in the councils, should ask him why he is there and he wants to do ther. The one who is responsible in telecommunications, should ask why he is there and what intention he has. Moreover, the one who enters the Majlis should ask himself why he goes there and what his purpose is. Moreover, the one who works in the military should ask himself the same question.

Effort for independence of the country with divine intention

If you want your country to be independent and one in which others cannot interfere, you should begin from yourself. All the fears one has of the enemy is because one sees oneself. If one sees God and works for God, one will not fear, because he determines the destiny. Do not imagine that you can do anything yourself. You are the one who cannot sleep the night if a fly vexes you. You cannot take rest in the morning if a mosquito disturbs you. You are the one who are afraid of a spider if it attacks you. You are the one a sparrow takes something from you; you are not able to take it back. All is weakness and poverty. Everything is from Him. God has granted us this independence, and without his favor, we were unable to attain it. How could we overthrow such a regime, which was back by all big powers? Without God's favor, we did not have the means and power to do this. If it were not for God's favor, how could you expel the US from your country, the US that is devouring the world? I have heard the US president has said Iran belittled them. This is just a beginning. Iran will belittle them to the end. If it were not for God's favor, how could you curtail the grip of a power, which had advanced weaponry and had put down roots all over the world? This is the power of God. This is God's favor. Do not be negligent of this. If it were not for God's favor, how is it that you alone cry neither east nor west in the world? You are actually making this call. There are others who make such claim but everybody knows the claim is not sincere. If it were not for God's favor, who could do such a thing that is unprecedented in the world? These are God's favors. Preserve these favors. In order to preserve these favors you should serve the country God has given you.

Need for relying on your power and losing hope in foreigners

Today our country needs many things. Others will not at all help you settle your problems. They act in contrast. You should resolve your problems by yourselves. Preserve the blessing you have found, the blessing of freedom and the blessing that no power can boss you around. This is a Divine blessing of which of others are deprived, others are either. They are either under the yoke of the east or the west, but you are not like this. You have to preserve this situation. You are the only ones who have to this job. A country which has experienced a revolution and actually been born again is normally expected to be in such a state and have some disturbances. A revolution is characterized by disturbance, shortage and scarcity. Iran was unlike other countries undergoing revolutions in that it opened the doors to every one just after the victory of revolution. As soon as the revolution emerged victorious, people established a government, set up the Majlis and so and so immediately. Where could people do these things? God has granted these to favors you. A country that is now embroiled in war, not a war with a decaying government like that of Saddam's, but a war with all the powers that struggle to give him a helping hand and save him, but to no avail. You are entangled in such a war; you are fighting with the world. All propaganda operations are against you. All sorts of weapons are offered to him; all money goes to him; he is being equipped. You are however, alone. You are lonely and only trust God. It is God Who has protected you. Now, your responsibility is great.

Tolerating difficulties for safeguarding revolution and human values

If I say that the responsibility our country has to take on is greater than that of any other country is because God has favored Iran more than all others. Is there any other country, which can claim to be independent of the east and west and do away with them? Only you have done it. When you are the only one and know that revolutions are associated with shortage and trouble you have to make efforts if you want to be real human beings and wish to preserve your human values. It is not possible to sit at hope and preserve one's human values. Anyone who sits at home and is secluded will suffer setbacks. However, he cannot understand that he is not a human being any longer. You who want to mend your way, you have to take trouble. It is difficult to be proud in the world. You have to take a lot of trouble. It is not attainable without making effort. If you bow down to them, you will lose yor destiny. In that case, you are not worth a penny. If you want to get rid of the domination of all and rely on your power, this is valuable- a human value, a human honor. To achieve this, you have to take trouble, experience high prices, shortages, war defense and martyrdom. It is because of the human value. This is what prophets struggled for. It is what for which Imam Husayn was martyred. If he thought it would be troublesome and his companions thought it would be difficult, they could not accomplish a revolution that has remained impressive up to the present day. When one acts for God, troubles will diminish. One sees there are youths, whom I meet on many occasions, coming here crying to help them join the battlefield. The day before yesterday a young man came to me and said two of his brothers had been killed and sought permission to go for war. I told him your brothers have gone and it is sufficient. He began weeping. Such a spirituality cannot be achieved unless by God's favors. This spirituality is a favor that is granted only by god. Those who are sitting aside, sleep, eat and lead an animal life and constantly nag at the country should come to their senses and wake up. Those who constantly nag, complaining that here is wrong and there is wrong do not understand what situation we are involved. They want to sleep at night and get up in the morning, seeing all organizations; the entire country and our agriculture and everything change for the better overnight. They do not know in which adverse conditions we are. We are at war and under economic embargos. In such a situation, the US is openly opposing us and wants to wage a war against us. However, we do not care at all about it. We should understand this is our situation today. There are many problems in such a situation and things cannot be remedied overnight. It can be but it calls for patience. That which has so far been accomplished is unprecedented in the world. If you study history, you will find that the situation in Iran has had no parallel except in case of the saints of God. We are now embroiled by these powers. We should end this war victoriously soon. To accomplish this end, our youths should go to the battlefields. Our youths should not imagine that everything has come to its end and go after their business. Never,. It has not been finished. The US is in pursuit of its plots. Now the US has come to the arena. The arena the US enters is not a right one. The US says these things because of the forthcoming elections. However, we should notice that we are involved in a war that determines the destiny of the nation. We should finish it as soon as possible. This is feasible if our youths join the battlefields. They should not sit idly so that others decide for them. We are all responsible. I hope that God will grant you success and guide you in His cause. May God grant us success in saving and serving the nation, which has suffered at the hands of many during the course of history.
May God's peace and mercy be upon you!

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 11 بهمن 1362

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