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Speech [Need for observation of the law by Iranians and Muslims abroad]

Neauphle-le-Chateau, Paris, France
Need for observation of the law by Iranians and Muslims abroad
A group of Iranian students and residents abroad
جلد ۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۱۵ تا صفحه ۲۱۷
[In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful]

Comprehensiveness of Islam

May God make everyone successful. I have a request to put to the gentlemen, and that is that wherever they may be they take certain points into consideration: one is that Islam, as you well know, does not solely comprise rules for the outwardly apparent acts of worship individuals must perform, just as it does not consist wholly of uprising and movement and the like. Islam has many aspects and someone who wants to understand Islam must recognize all the aspects which exist in Islam. That which concerns the development of the individual; that which concerns the development of society; that which concerns the policies of an Islamic government toward other countries; that which concerns the economy, education and culture, these are all to be found in Islam. Unfortunately, I have been told that some individuals- some of these young people who are living in Europe or America- take into account only one aspect of Islam that is the aspect concerned with struggle, demonstrations and the like. Clearly, struggling against the enemy, struggling against corruption and struggling against corrupt governments form part of a government's, that is an Islamic government's, program and are included in the rules of Islam. However, Islam is not confined solely to such things. Just as the gentlemen take action and are active in this regard, so too they must go to great pains to carry out those duties which are for developing their personality, duties which God the Blessed and Exalted has asked the people to perform, for indeed all of these are to man's advantage, and through this means they must develop themselves.

Iranians abroad must preserve Iran's reputation

One matter which grieves me deeply and which is spoken of frequently over here, many questions being raised about it, is that occasionally some of our youth living abroad violate the law in shops, government offices, banks or on trains and buses, arguing that because these countries have stolen our wealth, then we may as well steal theirs. This is not right. The position of those of you who are presently living abroad is such that if you are seen to commit a crime, the nation of Iran will be judged by your action. The Iranians will be called a nation of thieves or it will be said that the Muslims in general are thieves! For this reason, you must be very careful about such things. Even if you believe such actions to be permissible- and indeed I say to you that they are not- but even if you believe it is permissible to take money from these organizations, you must not do so. Guard yourselves against doing such things because it is necessary to preserve your own reputation and that of Islam and the nation.
If, for example, when our young people in one of these countries want to travel on a bus or take a plane or train journey they cheat or carry out a fraud when buying the ticket, this constitutes playing with the human dignity of a nation. You should advise your friends against doing such things, tell them that this excuse that because they have stolen our wealth we can steal theirs, is not a justifiable one, it is not right. You should safeguard the dignity of your nation and preserve the high standing of Islam, for suppose that you are arrested by a policeman at the scene of your crime, the onlookers will not say that this man is whatever, they will say that the nation of Iran is like this or Islam is like this. Thus, this is a very important responsibility that you must shoulder.
All Muslims, whether from Iran or other Muslim countries, who are living in Europe or America should preserve their dignity and safeguard their religion and their reputation in these countries; they should never commit crimes which bring dishonor to a nation. Even if you believe this to be permissible, even if someone exploits you, you must not do anything which is classed as a fraud and which the police class as a fraud.
Advise your friends against doing such things. I am repeatedly asked about this matter by people who come here and I have said over and over that they should not do such things, now you too pass this message on. Such actions are damaging to our reputation.
Now as for the problems facing Iran, wherever you may be tell your friends, your American and European friends, about these. Tell them how the Shah has treated the people and that all the people are saying that they don't want him. Make these things known to those over here, so that these foreigners will have no doubts in their minds and they will not think that the people of Iran are barbarians who are acting against a government! No, this is not the case; rather, they want to get rid of a barbaric government. You
must speak out about these matters. May you always be successful, victorious and healthy, God willing.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 20 آذر 1357

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