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Interviewers: Reporters of the RAI TV of Italy
Question:[ Why are you against Bakhtiyar's government? What is your intended government? ]
Answer: Bakhtiyar's government is illegal. Shah has appointed him and the Shah is against law. The Shah is not there and the two Majlises have approved him. The two Majlises are not national. Therefore, we are against him. The government that we are going to establish is a republic that is dependent on public vote and its Constitution is Islam.
Q:[ How is the form of your Islamic government in Iran, and what would be your role there? ]
A: Our government is a republic like the other republics in the world. And the Islamic rules are democratic, progressive and modern rules that are pro all the manifestations of modernization. I will not have any role in the government and will just guide the nation.
Q:[ What is the role of non-religious people in the future government? Would you have a government composed of non-religious men? ]
A: Our government is an Islamic one, and the non-religious men will have no role in the future government, because they won't have public vote, because the society is Islamic.
Q:[ Do you think there is a chance for the military coup in the current situation in Iran? ]
A: A military coup is probable, but there is no chance for the military coup to calm the nation. But I think that a great explosion is possible, and preventing that is too hard. I suggest those who intend to launch this coup- either Iranian or foreign agents- avoid doing this, which is of no use for them. And I know those Iranians who are going to do this, and they are introduced to me. They should ponder again, because that would be dangerous for them. And if the US is involved in that, it should avoid doing so, because if such a

thing happens, the Iranian nation will consider the US responsible for that, and that would be harmful for them.
Q:[ Would you be against the country that lets the Shah reside in its territory? ]
A: No, we would not be against them. But the Shah should be tried. It is probable that we ask that country( to submit the Shah ), and if that country refuses to do so, we will think of another way.
Q:[ You have recently accepted to your presence the representative of Libya. It is said that they have financially supported you. Is that correct? If not, what are your reasons? ]
A: The Libyan representative has come here, but has conferred with me on other subjects. We have not at all talked about financial issues. Neither Libya nor any other country has financially supported me, and I do not need any financial support. I fight against the Shah with a pen and some paper sheets. If I am someday in need of financial help, the Iranian nation will help me.
Q:[ When will you return to Iran? ]
A: I think the proper time is approaching.

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