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Speech [Islam and the religious minorities]

Islam and the religious minorities
Members of the Jewish Society of Iran
جلد ۷ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۶۸ تا صفحه ۲۷۲
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Education of human beings, the aim of all divine religions

When we were in Paris, a propaganda was unleashed; this all out propaganda was making the rounds that if in Iran the Muslims become victorious, they shall massacre the Jews and Christians and that the Muslims are bent on massacring all the Jews. In the statements that I made there, I spoke of the reality on which Islam is founded, repeatedly. The representative of the Jewish society also came there and I spoke with him too, and told him of what the traditions of Islam were based upon. All the religions that have been revealed by the Blessed and Almighty God, and all the prophets that were commissioned to spread them, came for the comfort of mankind and for training human beings. With His revelations to the great prophets, the Exalted God wanted to guide the people and all of mankind, and to make them good human beings- in all the aspects that he has. While the rest of the powers and the rest of the doctrines have nothing to do with spirituality. None of the ideologies that are present in the world- except the doctrines of monotheism- is concerned with what a human being is in his essence and what his inner soul is. He is free to do whatever he desires secretly. They are only concerned about safeguarding his worldly affairs, and safeguarding his security. They are only concerned with establishing law and order. And if law and order is in place, then a human being is free to do as he wishes. Behind the closed doors, he is free to engage in any unlawful activity he wishes and the governments have no business to interfere. There is no law- of the laws of non-monotheism- to prevent a human being from engaging in certain things within the confines of his home. They are not concerned about what is happening within his inner nature, in his home, or undercover. They have absolutely nothing to do with this. Only that he should not come out on the street, create a ruckus, and disturb the law and order. This is something, which is common among all non-monotheistic ideologies, in sharp contrast to the doctrines of monotheism and religions that were revealed to the great prophets from the heavens. Religions are concerned with all aspects of human beings, his self even before he is born; what sort of a marriage it should be; what are the conditions for marriage; what sort of a woman he must choose; what sort of a man a woman must choose because well, this marriage is a vehicle for the birth of a human being. Before there is any marriage involved, the prediction that when this child is born he should be healthy in body as well as in spirit is done; therefore, due attention is given to this aspect before the marriage, the conditions of marriage; later during pregnancy. It also gives instruction about before pregnancy, at the time when intercourse is to take place- it must occur under what conditions and what religious tenets must be applicable to it. When the mother becomes pregnant, what things are good for her to eat; what things should she avoid eating; how should she live her life. What are the requirements at the time of pregnancy; after the child is born, what sort of a woman must the person who wants to breastfeed the child be. If a surrogate mother is required to breast-feed the child, then how should she give milk to the child; what should be the timings; what should be the conditions. How should the mother communicate with the child in her bosom? And after it has been weaned from the bosom of the mother, how must the communication be with the father; how should the family bring up this child; how should the teacher be. When it enters the mainstream of society, what sort of place must he have in society? All these are for this reason that this particular human being who wants to attain recognition outside should to be a pious person; an upright person; should possess the correct behavioral and ideological attributes; and perform the right deeds. How should he interact with the people, how must he interact with society; how must he behave with the neighbors; how must he behave with the fellow citizens; how must he conduct himself with his coreligionists; how must he conduct himself with those of other religions. Since God has created all aspects of a human being and has regard for them, all religions that are revealed by the Blessed and Almighty God want to educate the human being with all his dimensions. Thus, in this regard there is no difference between various religions, as all the religions have come into being for the education of mankind.

Islam and the religious minorities

Islam is pertinent in the very meaning that was mentioned- in its teachings; in the Qur'an, in the narratives; and in all these issues some of which I explained. Islam has the highest concern for the welfare of the people; for the comfort of the people and such affairs and in this regard, makes and has made no distinction between one stratum and other strata.
Religious minorities who from the advent of Islam and after the triumph of Islam lived among the Muslims were differentiated from those polytheists who were conspirators or some other sections that would plot and wanted to throw mankind into chaos. These who were the religious minorities were all respected by Islam In one of the instances- perhaps it was one of the armies of Mu`awiyah- a soldier came and stole an ankle-ring from a Jewish woman. On the basis of the narration, the Commander of the Faithful Hadrat `Ali (`a) stated that he had heard of the robbing of an ankle-ring of a subject and said that it was better to die than to do such a thing. This is how he regarded the protection of the interests of all the strata.

Zionists are non-Jewish

We regard the society of Jews to be distinct and separate from the Zionists. The latter are not at all connected with religion. The teachings of the prophet Moses- may God's peace be upon him- which were divine commandments are valuable teachings and in the Qur'an the name of prophet Moses has been mentioned far more numerously than any other prophet, and the history of prophet Moses has been narrated in the Qur'an, and the manner in which prophet Moses, being a shepherd with a world of power and determination, conducted himself in front of the Pharaoh and revolted against the great power of the Pharaoh, and destroyed him. Reliance on divine power and paying attention to the interests of the needy vis-a-vis the arrogant; the foremost of whom was the Pharaoh, revolting against the arrogant was the characteristic feature of prophet Moses- may God's peace be upon him- and this is quite the opposite of the plan which this group of Zionists have in mind. These have joined with the arrogant; they are their spies; they are their servants; and act against the interests of the oppressed. This is contrary to the teachings of Prophet Moses who gathered these same common people of the streets and bazaars and their likes and revolted against the Pharaoh and the power of the Pharaoh. The oppressed led an attack on the arrogant in order to rub the nose of the arrogant in the mud, in contrast to the methods of these Zionists who are on the side of the arrogant and act against the interests of the down trodden.

Hatred of the Jewish people for the Zionists

These number of Jews who were taken for a ride and who gathered there from all parts of the world are perhaps now repentant because that they are Jews and do not wish to act against the lofty teachings of prophet Moses, and for having emigrated to that place because a person who goes there and sees what plans these people have, and how they engage in useless killings, and how they are connected to America and other powers, cannot tolerate that a section should claim to be part and parcel of Jewish society and act against teachings of prophet Moses. Jewish society is quite distinct from their (Zionist) society. And we are opposed to the Zionists. Our opposition to them is because they are opposed to all religions. They are not Jewish. They are a political people that engage in nefarious activities in the name of Jews. And the Jewish people are also disgusted with them; and all human beings must be disgusted with them.

Religious minorities in the Islamic Republic

But concerning the society of Jews and the rest of the societies that exist in Iran and are a part of this nation, Islam treats them in the same way that it treats the rest of the sections of the people. Islam does not consider it at all permissible to oppress their rights. It is not at all right to assume that it wants to place them in a tight spot. This is against the principles of the teachings of Islam; it is against the revelation; it is against the wishes of the Blessed and Almighty God who wants that all of mankind live in happiness and prosperity. Islam follows the divine commandments and in the same manner that the Blessed and Almighty God accords respect to all categories of nations, Islam too accords this respect- you should be sure about that Islam does not intend to put any particular section in difficulty. I stressed this point in Paris too, before the victory of this Revolution and the triumph of this movement, to that person who had come on behalf of the Jewish society as their representative to see me: Islam is for all and desires that everyone should live in happiness; and that everyone should live in peace and security. And this question that is often raised that Muslims will do so on and so forth to the Jews is nonsense, and you saw that when they triumphed they neither caused any problem for the Jews, nor did they cause any problem for the Zoroastrians, and nor for the rest of the communities. You saw it with your own eyes When we triumphed, did anybody attack the Jews? Did anybody attack the Christians? Did anybody attack the Zoroastrians? There were no attacks involved. Later on too, after God willing, the Islamic government is established in the manner that the Blessed and Almighty God has wanted, you will see that Islam is better than all other doctrines in respect of the consideration it gives to all sections of the nation, and it will perform better than all others. I pray to the Blessed and Almighty God to grant prosperity to all the people and all of mankind; and may all attain happiness; and may all be guided. May God guide all of us on the path to righteousness; may God grant happiness to all. And, you should all be convinced that there is no oppression in an Islamic republic. We will neither oppress and nor will we be oppressed. This is something that Islam has taught us; that you should not indulge in oppression and you should not be oppressed either. To the extent we can, we will not be oppressed and will never oppress. May God willing, you all continue to be successful; and you all participate fully in this uprising together and remain united until God willing, this movement reaches fruition. And this movement is a humanistic movement so that all human beings must be in agreement with this movement. And I hope that all are prosperous.
May God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 24 اردیبهشت 1358

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