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Message [Foreigners' attempts to sweep the Islamic content of the scientific and cultural programs]

Opening of academic year
Foreigners' attempts to sweep the Islamic content of the scientific and cultural programs
Professors, collegians and students
جلد ۱۰ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۵۴ تا صفحه ۵۸
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Peace belongs to knowledge, university and students that are the light the path leading the nation towards elevation, prosperity and virtue.
Greeting to the youth endeavor hard for uplifting the dear Islamic country with the weapon of knowledge and its advancement; sparing no efforts in achieving human-Islamic ends.
Peace belongs to the collegians and professors who have suffered from deprivations, mental and physical tortures during the long years of suffocation, standing bravely and firmly against bullies and tyranny and did not surrender to evil powers.
Greetings to dear ones who defended the deprived people and the oppressed people in the hardest times of the Islamic revolution, never fearing the invasions of troops on cultural-training centers and encountering them selflessly.
Salutations to all students including elementary, high school and university students, scientists and professors throughout the country turning their scientific and sacred places into strong castles and unbeatable redoubts and defending their country's independence and freedom, crushing the devilish bunkers with the support of the great nation and burying the bloodthirsty enemy.
Now, O sisters and brothers and dear children of Islam universities, high schools and elementary schools! You are about to enter a very delicate and determining stage. The adversaries of Islam and the pillagers of the country are going to penetrate into the great redoubt of Islam, which is the hope of the nation and very determining, through deceptions and intrigues. They want to divert your attention from the right path, the deprived and the depressed people, through their evil agents and prevent you from achieving your real goal by working sabotage in the scientific centers. I found it necessary to inform you of some important points, so I might pay back a portion of my debts to Islam, the deprived people and to you and fulfilling a portion of my responsibilities before the Creator and His creatures.

Mental dependence greatest dependence

1) As I have pointed out time and again, the greatest dependence of the oppressed nations on superpowers and arrogant powers from which all other dependences originate. As long as intellectual independent is not achieved by the nation independence in other aspects will not be attainable. In order to gain independence and to leave the prison of dependence on others, one should wake up from the artificial dream imposed on some strata of the nation, particularly the scientists, thinkers and intellectuals, discovering their national and cultural treasures and heritage. The greatest disaster for our nation is the intellectual dependence that makes them believes that everything comes from the West, that we are poor in all aspects and that we should import all our goods from abroad. You, the professors, teachers, university and college students, writers, intellectuals and scholars, should endeavor to wash away your brains from this sort of dependence and save your own country and nation by this great and valuable service.

Ignoring the Seditionists

2) With the opening of universities, colleges, high school and elementary school, certain groups may work sabotage in the activity of universities' under alluring names and propaganda, preventing students from attending their classes. Collegians and students should treat them coldly and thwart their plots. People know they are the ones who were separate from the path of the nation and in the path of taghout right from the very beginning of the revolution till now. They are the ones who were dissociated from the Islamic revolution and moved against it and who struggled to undermine the referendum. They also disobey the votes of the absolute majority of the people. They are against the nation and interests. They are dependent upon the West, East and the former regime. Do not pay attention to their propaganda. Stay away from them as you did from taghout and the taghouti regime.

Unity of Student groups, secret of victory

3) What I have repeatedly underscored as secret of the victory is the unification of collegiate groups and formation of an Islamic-national group against the deviants who struggle to create discord. They strive to lead astray you the dear youth who are the hope of the nation and on whom the promotion and prosperity of the country depend. They work to prevent you from taking steps towards progress of the country and with holding you from preoccupation in science and literature, contribute to advancement and emancipation from old-age and neo-colonialism. Beware that differences and dissensions are the sources of all miseries and slaveries. Some corrupted agents may find their way to universities and other training centers and start provoking disunity among you by calculated plans. You are required to identify them vigilantly and show their true identity to the young generation, so they might be aware of their intrigues and try to frustrate them.

Endeavor to gain knowledge and skill

4) The dear students are required to base their activities upon the attainment of knowledge and skills in different fields of study s o as to meet the needs of our nation the country would gain autarchy through your hard work. It is unfortunate that in the past, everything was based in a way to make us dependent and they did everything in their power to make us go cap in hand to others. Try hard to overcome this dependence and meet the needs of your own country. Never ignore the power of your faith. Avoid depending on foreigners and insure your independence in every dimension. Never fear the outcries of the West and west-intoxicated elements. Verily the Almighty God will stand by you.

How to treat the followers of other religions

5) Islam is a religion supported by cogent argument and logic; it never fears the freedom of expression and the pen. It is not afraid of other schools, which have been proved ineffective and doomed to failure endorsed by their own scholars. You, respected students, should not treat the followers of other religions harshly and severely nor should be engaged in commotion conflict with them. Talk to them and invite the Islamic scholars to discuss the matter with them. One of their plans is to draw you in conflicts and make illegal use of that. We agree with freedom and logic. However, if we face intrigue and sabotage, we have another duty to fulfill.
I beseech the Almighty God not to allow this happen at all.

Necessity of fundamental changes in educational centers

6) One of the very important issues in all organizations, especially universities and high schools is to introduce fundamental change on programs particularly educational programs and approach, so that we can save our culture from west-Intoxication and colonial trainings. During recent half of the century, foreigners particularly America have been trying to eliminate the national-human content of our culture and scientific programs and replace them with colonial and despotic ones. The culture promulgated in time of taghout put our country on the verge of collapse, but the Almighty God came to help this nation. Nevertheless, without correct radical changes and cultural and intellectual, mental and spiritual changes would be impossible. We may approach our destination by hard work and all-out efforts made by governments, university chancellors, teaching staff and collegians. God willing, we will be relieved of dependence and affiliation and we will save our dear homeland.

N ecessity to purge cultural-educational centers from corrupt elements

7) One of the important issues, which are a prerequisite to reforms, is to refine all centers particularly cultural and scientific ones. Councils composed of learned and faithful individuals committed to revolution and with the support of chiefs, professors, collegians and teachers, must help purge the cultural-educational centers from corrupt elements and agents of the former regime. As long as these agents, who are at the service of aliens at a wide scale, particularly scientific and educational centers, are not purged, we will not be unable to gain intellectual dependence and will be unable to stand on our own feet.

Unity of theological seminaries and universities

8) The old and modern scientific and cultural center, the clergy, cultural scholars, theology students, university students constitute two significant poles and two pensive brains of the society. Foreigners have always struggled to separate these two poles and divide these two sensitive and humanizing centers. Separation of these two pillars and pitting them against each other, and thus defusing their activities in the face of colonialists and exploitative powers, would be of the greatest disasters of the present era. This would spoil our country and us altogether and pervert our young generation that is of the most energetic treasure of our country. This evil conspiracy taghout to which different strata of people vigilant scholars, must be particularly thwarted with full force and prudence, opening the way leading to understanding and solidarity as soon as possible. Once these two thoughtful poles are united, the country would reach its real growth, development and perfection. The scholars and scientists are required to make efforts to unify these two precious strata. It should be born in mind that neither university excluding theology school would get independence vice versa. My dear ones! If you want Islam, and the country to the order of God and obey" And obey Allah and His Apostle and do not quarrel then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart." «1» Difference and dispute will lead you to defeat power and impacts in humanistic community." And cling to the covenant of Allah altogether and be not disunited". «2» I beseech the Almighty God to grant you success in fructifying the Islamic Republic and administering justice and equity. May peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah be upon you?
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
«۱»- Sourah al-Anfal ۸:۴۶. «۲»- Sourah Al-e `Imran ۳:۱۰۳.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 31 شهریور 1358

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