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Speech [Attempt for easing dependencies - US conspiracy against the nation - Refusal to weaken the forces]

Attempt for easing dependencies - US conspiracy against the nation - Refusal to weaken the forces
Officials of Qum Reconstruction Jihad
جلد ۱۰ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۶۱ تا صفحه ۲۶۴
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Cleansing stains of national dependencies

I am in conditions that find little opportunity to meet my brothers from Qum closely. I am interested in the youth and people of Qum whom I know since long.
What needs consideration on part of the nation is that today the country is in control of you. It looks as if you are in your home. Therefore, as landlords, you should care about it. The landlords are the nation, particularly the working class who toils for their own nation. This house was a cramped place that came into your hands and you must be careful about it. Qum has always taken the initiative in affairs and I should thank you, sir and your son for putting forth things and what troubles you have suffered in different affairs. I also thank those who are still involved in such things. All provinces, towns and villages integrated should rise up for construction. I also reiterated this to some groups and one becomes ashamed of seeing an export-oriented country stretching its hands out to America- enemy of the nation and mankind- for aids. The aids are given to us on purposes, which go for them rather than for us. Therefore, we must let out such a shame on our country.

Economic dependency, source of dependencies

Our agriculture needs to be strengthened in such a way that through the efforts of our youth and all people that we can become exporter after one or two years, being changed into a giver rather than taker. If we are in need to foreigners for food, the reliance paves the way for political dependency that is to be discontinued from the east and the west. In case we want our country to be free, independent and ours, we have to work for economic and cultural development and in other fields instead of staying aside. The state should join as much as it can. The state and we need to be joined in forces. As the gentleman said and you see, you let things ahead with your efforts with no good assistance on the other side. From now on, the entire nation must act so, joining hands to carry the burden home.

US plot against Iran

You see that plots are being staged and America has taken the traitor «1» and number- one enemy of man there under the excuse of being sick. We do not know if it is true or not? Physicians over their surveying his illness said he did not need to come to America for such an ailment. He could be curved here in Iran. It became obvious that conspiracy is underway. Of course, it is not possible fro him to become somebody and breathe again, thank God. Yet, he is a cat's paw of powerful nations and devils because they need others and sorts of people to serve them. They should know that you could not reach Iran any more. No longer can you again bring about whatever of misery as you did before. This is a nation risen up and knows its own obligation.
The change now occurred in our people, one example of which is you, my dear youths, engaged in such activities; women and men are also involved in actions. The change as such supports this country. They wanted to force in here when such change never existed; the nation was not awakened. Now if you ask someone who his enemy is, he answers it is the east, the west, America in the first place and Zionism in the first place. This nation can never be deceived. You uselessly resorted to take a corpse to your country and use him as a plaything! Of course, we object to this as our enemy, first class criminal and a great felon is taken away. We ask them to extradite him since he owes us and keeps our treasures. Foreign banks now available keep our national reserves saved by him and his subordinates. We want them for our people. America claims that it is happy with the revolution launched! Such things they shoot. When the revolution was moving ahead, the very America frequently sent somebody to me in Paris, saying," Ignore the Shah, let him be in power," later Bakhtiar was too a concern to America. America has become revolutionary now! As you see, who the people coming here are and claim what of campaign and torture they had suffered before! Whereas I know they used to live in a state of welfare with no activity whatsoever. If they had done something of action, it was against the line of nation. This is customary to say such things these days but as they observed torrential flood flowing ahead, they joined it before being flown away. Some of them still continue to say such things.

Political growth of the nation

I wish the so-called intellectuals, academics, university chancellors and professors and all such people think of this country. Do not you ever think of making problems for courts, cops, IRGC and the administration? This demonstrates that we have no political growth again. The people with political growth seeing once the nation is released from the claws of the wolves and that those rotten roots might join again to make troubles must unify. No one should sit at home with his words and his pen telling things against the nation. This is because we are not grown. Whatever intellectuality exists in us, yet political growth is another thing. Whatever knowledge we have, yet political growth is another dimension.
If we are politically mature in a country now in our hands with good, human and free life, we should not keep fractions in, say, several months and as seen 200 groups with different names and mottos are formed as there used to be problems in early constitutionalism for breaking apart the powers congregated then. They have started to organize various parties as before. Unfortunately, the parties forged here in Iran all are at odds and quarrels! This is something people should avoid following.

Treason of weakening the loyal forces

People of all walks of life must join forces to help the country out. They should not sit to attack and weaken the state, the nation, the Assembly of Experts, committees, IRGC and the like. Treason means weakening the nation, RG and the people now serving this country. We should stop thinking of writing whatever we want. As I write, I do not think what I write! At times, writers are such! They write well but they do not write good things. They write about something harmful to the country in nice and bombastic manner to make it look favorable to the youth, but in fact harm the country.
Gentlemen! Come to your sense! O' Writers, speakers and intellectuals of our country! This country is yours now. Sit down and join hands with the people busy with actions. These poor people make homes, baths, mosques, drugstores and the like- as the gentleman briefed. Well, you too join them to help. If you do not make baths, do not demolish them, at least. If you cannot reap crops with farmers, do not bother them with your pens, at least.

Expressing regret over unwise actions

I am really afraid to see useful people for country after mischief. Be assured you win if the revolution, God willing, moves forward and it does. God stays with you as you rely on Him.
I am sorry to say if the country goes ahead as wished, then they will be of no use to us for when one opposes revolution within the revolution times, saying things American and Zionist agents say- I do not say they are agents of them, they are senseless, only a few! They say what is said in there; well, when the revolution reaches the end, they are not allowed to stay here in the country. We like to see you working in your own country. Why do not you make a hash of yourselves before the nation? Why do you stay away from the nation? Why do you stop or delay a revolution that has gone ahead this much, God forbid? It reaches destination but your words might delay it a bit more. Why do you act in such a way everyday that the negligent youth might be affected by you, appearing in the universities and streets to do something that is against the line of nation? After all, use your heads and set up sessions and talk together. Do not ever sit and write against the line the nation goes along.
Just today, a deviant newspaper was brought to me and I read it a bit last night long though not being on the mood to do so. The newspaper says it goes along with the so-called people while it thoroughly contains things at odds with the nation. Why on earth should this so? Why is your paper so provocative while claiming that you are pro-nation and serve it? Why is your paper as such to let our youth astray? Think a bit, consider a little and come to yourselves.
I have always thanked you, people of Qum and I am thankful now. I pray for you and the nation. May God protect you under the auspices of Imam of the Time (`a) and place you as national servants! May he assist every body, God willing!
«۱»- Muhammad-Rida Pahlavi.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 06 آبان 1358

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