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Speech [Relying on the youth and the oppressed people purging the offices and reforming the culture]

Relying on the youth and the oppressed people purging the offices and reforming the culture
Members of the Relief Committee
جلد ۱۰ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۷۸ تا صفحه ۲۸۲

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Getting the help of the young forces

I thank you for the labor you incurred in your region and God may reward you. We must know we have to be engaged in things. The nation itself, wherever it is, must stand up to rebuild the ruins left behind by the monarchical system and the 50 or so years. The nation should rise for God and His servants. Avoid expecting the offices, the general governor's offices and the like to work for you. Many of them are the very corrupt brains of the ex-regime. Many of them fail to contribute if not to stonewall. We do not have to wait and see them work for us. We have a great number of our youth, thanks God.
There has been a great change in our country, driving many of our youth out of illegal centers into a public service and serving God Almighty. We must ask the help of these youth. We primarily pinned hope on the honorable youth and the nation. We have always taken our concerns to the nation and its divine- human power. We have taken advantage of the same workers class, young educated class. Bazaar tradesmen and the very" low class" as they say and" high class" as I say. They were the people that led the revolution to this point. They were the people, when they raised the uprising, failed to hesitate to get the help of the so-called general governor or office. They stood up themselves and many offices came to help them. Yet, among these people are people who are now putting a spoke in the wheels. If you see they are not helping you, it is because they have the attitude of the past regime that cannot be changed soon. In fifty years, the nation has been up to an attitude of a sort that cannot be altered such soon. The people serving the ex-regime for years and now serving the foreigners wish now to become palace settlers again if that regime or more corrupted of those come to rule and we even do not find a rocky hole to reside in.

Execution of criminals cannot damage the prestige of the Revolution

These people are still up to mischief. A few of them assembled somewhere in these days. They were distressed, as some men have been executed in Iran! This is the same thing Americans said there as in Iran and in a great gathering it is said that the executions cause our prestige to die in the world! We had some prestige in time of Muhammad-Rida, now we are losing it! Did we have much of it? What prestige did you have before the foreigners that are now being lost? We let the criminals freely move around among the people whose children are killed by them, for keeping you warmed up for congratulations of the foreigners? You have raked your brains as you think our prestige goes away if, say, a few felons are executed or punished? What prestige do you have that is lost in the world? To what prestige and honor has the world accepted you? The world, America of which is such that it says drugs have to be shipped to the third world instead of being used there. This is the prestige you have in the world! We want to ruin this prestige you have and charge it into a human one. You do not cry for the traitors killed such as Nasiri «1» and the like.

Escape of rotten brain drain

You say brain drain is escaping. Let them go away. Let them go out when they worked for the outside and were members of SAVAK. Be not fretted much for them. They should escape. Of course, they see that they cannot take advantage of the chances here now as they could before, so they had better go where they are up to. Is a pithy brain noble, as you say? Ahmadi «2» was a physician in time of Reda Khan, but he was a doctor who injected death into people with his ampoules! Many of you might not have heard of him. We were in that time when he was an agent for injecting death ampoule into the nationalists and those opposing despotism. He was such a brain; now if he is drained, should we be grieved that he has escaped? How do you guess that these brains gone to their masters, gathered in England in collusion with Iran, circling around Bakhtiyar who, with them, have taken shelter in England living under the canopy of its bayonet, and we should be regretful for them? Should we be sorry for the brains gone out to America to spend the money they collected from here? Change your attitudes! The attitude you have cherished in your brains for fifty years, by means of which you cannot distinguish right and wrong. Change yourselves.
We must change our country attitudes. Our universities have to change such attitudes. Let the brains that led our kids to decadence go away, instead good brains come ahead. Now that some benevolent people want to purge them, you should not feel sorrowful for the purge! You are vexed why they are executed. Who are executed? For who are you grieved? O professors! For whom some of you are grieved? Do you eulogize for Nasiri, for Huweyda. «3» For whom are you so? Later, they say a twelve-year-old kid is executed! Well, our opponents say this. They say I have ordered the amputation of women's breasts! They say a 12- year-old kid and a pregnant woman are executed. God executes neither the kid nor the pregnant. What the heck are you saying? Why are you helping the colonialism? Why are you assisting the Imperial regime?
O rotten brains! O decayed men! Wake up a bit. Why do you argue so? Why do you denounce Islam? What has happened that you denounce Islam as such?
O youth! Wake up! O noble youth, sisters, brothers! Wake up! O you who forwarded the revolution here and these men now stumbling block sat aback or failed to help and remained in different, coming to the scene now. O youth who battled guns and tanks and O sisters who lost your young boys and demonstrated yourselves, chanting," God is the Greatest"! Protect yourselves. Protect your revolution. Sit not aside expecting others to help you. They do not work for you, as the foreigners do not do so.

Purging the state-cultural offices of incompetent people

Offices have to be purged. Culture has to be purged. Universities have to be purged. People not linked to Rida Khan Pahlavi and Muhammad-Rida Khan Pahlavi for long years must manage them. The people connected to them cannot handle the country. They must be purged out and the state must do so. Rely on your own power, as you see you have done all this. You say our governor-general is not helping you or stonewalling, no problem provided that you work yourselves without their aid- by relying on divine power. Earlier, you thought of no help from them and they did not do so, in not making problems. Now that you have embarked on reconstructing the country by yourselves, you can do it. Take care of you own affairs. The nation must stand up itself. The country is yours. These brains are running away and the country is yours. They took foreign currencies away with them and now they escape one by one as you see. Here is no place for larceny any longer.

Deprived people are the real owners of the revolution and country

The country is yours; it is our youth's and it goes to ghettos-settlers of Tehran. I am, God knows, grieved for them. Nobody has thought of them. The country is theirs. The revolution is led ahead by them. Some day, Tehran suburbs were shown on TV. There was almost an old man coming out of a hole with a group of people! He was asked by someone what he had done. He said," We go out to demonstrate early in the morning". This was the way they lived and they went out for protests and helped the nation. We owe them. They manage our lives and they did so. This crowd and the like, the youth, the official and collegiate youth, those linked to the nation, bazaar tradesmen, farmers, workers and all the rest did so. Higher class had nothing to do with us. They are now putting spoke into the wheels and demand every thing. They say the brains have run away! Let them go away- to hell with them who escaped! They were not academic people but they were treacherous. If otherwise, who leaves his country away for Americans and running away to live in England? Joining Bakhtiyar and the like of him who decayed our country? Let them leave. Much better of them who escape! Do not be worried such for them who are killed.

Managing the country in light of the committed specialists

O brethren! Be aware that the brains eluding have led you to depravity. They never let our youths be fully educated. They should go away; they have no place to live here, for the nation is awake. An awakened nation never lets each of you do whatever you want to do. You must lead yourselves. All of us must enter the battlefield. Do not think of a governor doing something for you or somebody does something for you. Do not rely on them.
Be as you said you wanted to be. Thank God, a change made that all classes including the engineers, the physicians come to work, people who have human brains. People with no brains had better to escape. Sir! Some brains run away but we have brains, though scientific, stay and go for harvest. We want such brains rather than those now with no vagrancy that are escaping. Why do they not come to their sense? Why do they not value themselves and their country? We want the brains, though physicians and engineers, joining the Reconstruction Jihad. We want the brains coming from America for help here not those who escape from here! We never want the elusive brain; let them go away. The way is open for them to leave if they have no room here! Our country is in need of men not the brain that finds shelter in England or America.

World looks forward to this revolution

May God succeed you all! I boast when I see you with serving and human faces. I feel proud of having such a country. The world now looks up to our country rather than to that class of society. It never looks up to the farmer class of people who were in office; as you say they use their cars for taking their kids to schools but not helping Reconstruction Jihad with them! The world looks up to you rather than to these automobile owners and palace-settlers. Ghetto settlers are the people who own the country and are the capital of this country, not those palace-settlers. May God keep the ghetto residents for us? May God keep the committed Muslims, the youth serving Islam and their country! May God protect all of you, sisters and brothers and grant power to you. Be assured that you win with such morale and nobody can overcome you but you come over him or her.
«۱»- Ni`matullah Nasiri, head of SAVAK. «۲»- Ahmadi, the physician, was a man who killed many of liberalists and the regime's opponents with different tools such as" air ampoule", being ordered by Rida Khan. He was seized and tried earlier in time of the Muhammad-Rida Shah. In the court, he called judges and justice department mess as his accomplices when committing all crimes. «۳»- Amir `Abbas Huweyda, who served as Iran's Prime Minister for ۱۳ years in Shah's regime.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 08 آبان 1358

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