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پیام به ملت ایران، به مناسبت سال نو (توصیه‌های سیزده‌گانه به مسلمانان)Take power from the enemyTake power from the enemy
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Message [Thirteen-point recommendations to Muslims]

Shemiran, Darband, Tehran
The Iranian New Year Eve
Thirteen-point recommendations to Muslims
The Muslim nation of Iran, the Muslims and the oppressed ones worldwide
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 12 from page 176 to 183
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
I congratulate all the oppressed ones of the world and the noble nation of Iran this New Year, which has brought us all the organs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was the will of God, thanks to Him, that the victim nation should was rescued from the atrocities of the cruel tyrant regime of the arrogant and the superpowers particularly that of America. Also it was His will that the flag of the Islamic justice hoisted over our country. It is bound on us to confront the superpowers. We have strength which makes us confront them, provided that our open minded people give up their dependence on East and West and their Westernization. They should pursue the straight path of Islam and the nation.
We are in fight with the international communism as much as we are with the world-hungry West under the leadership of America. We strongly campaign against Zionism and Israel. My dear friends! Do know that the danger of the communism is not less than America. And the danger of America is to the extent that the least carelessness or negligence will result in your annihilation. Both the superpowers have girded themselves for the devastation of the oppressed people of the world. We must try to export our revolution to the other parts of the world. We should give up the thought that we shall not export our revolution. Islam between the Muslim countries does not draw a line of distinction. It is the supporter of all the oppressed ones of the world. On the other hand, all the powers and the superpowers have made themselves prepared to deracinate us. If we dwell in a close and confined environment, our defeat shall be close and certain. We must square our account quite frankly and openly with the powers and the superpowers. We should show them that in spite of the ordeals and grueling trouble we will confront the world on ideological front.
My dear youth! You are my hope. My hope is on you. In one hand hold Qur'an and in the other a weapon and rise in such a way so as to defend your worth, honor and entity. Depredate them of the faculty to think or even conjecture a plot against you. Be so kind to your friends and do not fall short of sacrificing of anything you can towards them. Be aware that today the world is the world of the oppressed ones. Sooner or later victory will be theirs. They are going to inherit the earth and to be the divine rulers of it. All the appraisals, fronts, and groups that campaign for emancipation from the claw of the superpowers, either left or right, I once again declare any kind of support to them. I declare my support to Palestine and Lebanon. I once more express my condemnation for the bestial occupation of Afghanistan by the aggressive robbers of East. I hope that the Muslims of Afghanistan may attain their real and true independence, and free themselves from the grip of these so-called supporters of the labor class. «1» The noble nation must know that all the victories gained were due to the will of God the omnipotent. «2» Next, it is in the consequence of the change that swept across the country and the spirit of Faith besides the commitment and cooperation that came into being among the majority of people. Our concentrative attention toward God and the unity of word is the pedestal of our victory. If we forget this secret of victory and become refractory to Islam and its sacred rules and pace the way that would lead to differences and divisions, I am afraid there is a dread that the Mercy of God would be taken away from us. The way will be paved for the arrogant ones. Again the tricks, treason and treachery of the satanic sources will captivate our dear nation. And the blood that was shed in the way of independence and freedom, and the pain and agony suffered by the young and the old, would go in vain as a result. What happened in the arrogant regime might again grip the Muslim country everlastingly. Those humiliated by the Islamic Revolution might treat us as they have done and are doing with the oppressed ones, the victims of the world. Therefore, with a feeling of divine duty and with a sense of religious obligation, I would like to point out some matters. I insistently enjoin the president, the Revolutionary Council, the government and the security force to see it as a carried out matter. At the same time, I want the whole nation by all its power and the commitment they have towards Islam to exert their sincere support to them across the country. I see the satanic plots in a wide dimension to provide a ground for the hold of East and West. Standing against it and stopping it with all the strength possible is an Islamic, national and a human obligation upon the government and the nation. Here are some issues to be reminded:
1. This year the security should return to the country so that the noble people could live in complete comfort and safety. Once more I declare my support to the gentle military. The military of Islamic Republic of Iran should be mindful of discipline and regulations. The president who has been delegated the power of the commander-in-chief on my behalf, is bound to punish severely those who intend to go on a strike or to cut short doing the job or to create anarchy in the rows of army or to ignore the military regulations and its discipline or to move forward to the orders without taking their rank or position into consideration. In the case of their wrongdoing being confirmed, they should immediately be dismissed from the service and handed over to the authorities. I can never tolerate any more irregularities in the military. Anyone who causes disturbances in military should be handed over to the nation as anti-revolutionary. The nation will square accounts with him along with the rudiments of the army of the traitor Shah.
My dear brothers in the army! You turned your backs to the Shah- the profligate- and came into the embrace of the nation. Today is the time to serve the nation of Iran.
2. I once more declare my support to Sepah- the volunteer force. I point out to them and to their commanders that the least irregularity is liable to account. God forbid! if you perform any act that causes anarchy in the smooth run of the system or discipline, you will be dismissed forthwith. Whatever I have told regarding the military concerns to you, too.
My sons of the Revolution! Be careful to behave sympathetically and kindly and in an Islamic conduct with all one you face.
3. The police and the gendarme of the country! They must be adherent to the regulations and disciplines. According to the information, less work is on the run in the police stations. Those who did not enjoy good experience in the past should exert more contiguity with the people and adherence with the rules throughout Iran. They should consider the people from their own steam and stock. I hope that in future a basic reorganization to be implemented in the institutes of police and gendarmes. The security forces should consider themselves belonging to Islam and Muslims. The blasts that occurred in the south have annoyed me very much. Why don't the police, the volunteer force (Sepah) and gendarmes detect the elements attached to the previous corrupt regime and dependents on America? Why do they not punish them? These are the corrupt ones upon the earth. Both are the same: those who are indulged in such activities and those who direct these actions. The judgment for the corrupted ones on the earth is quite apparent. The Revolutionary courts should act with determination so that they will be uprooted so soon.
4. The Revolutionary courts throughout Iran should stand as a paragon of the justice of God. They should try not to go astray even a step from the rules of God. They should be prudent enough in this regard. They should judge with a revolutionary patience. Courts of law have no right to have their own forces. They should act according to the constitution. Gradually the courts of law should guard the wrong doings with sincerity. God forbid! if any one happens to be refractory with divine orders, he should be introduced to the nation and receive his due punishment.
5. The government is bound to provide the means of working for the workers, villagers, and laborers. But they too should know that going on strikes and doing less work will result in strengthening the superpowers, besides the disappointment to the hopes of the Islamic country's oppressed people and those of other countries who are now on their appraisal. The people of each and every town upon hearing any strike taking place, should go there immediately and see what their demands are. The anti-revolutionaries should be recognized and introduced to the people. The noble people of Iran can no more pay salaries to a group of men ignorant of God.
The dear laborers! You should know that each day a group of men spark anarchy in some or the other corner. They are your staunch enemies. They want you to go astray from the revolutionary roots. They are dictators. If by chance, they come to power one day they will not allow you even to breathe. You should fight with them in all the grounds. You introduce them to the people as your No. 1 enemy. And disclose their affiliations and dependence on East, the aggressor, and the West. The government has the obligation to punish severely those persons involved therein.
6. I don't know why the government has held up the plans, which are useful for the nation. The government should administer and put the plans useful to the nation in effect in order to provide economical relief and betterment for the country.
7. All should obey the government. The departments should obey the government; otherwise, sever action becomes necessary. Any official at any rank in any department wants to create any disturbance should be dismissed at once and handed over to the nation. I am at a loss to understand why the authorities overlook the force and vigor of the people. The people themselves will square the account with the anti-revolutionaries. They will distinguish them and revile and derogate them.
8. Confiscation of the property by irresponsible persons or incompetent courts is absolutely prohibited. Such actions should be stopped. The confiscation should be carried out in accordance with the religious standards supported by the summons of the chief public prosecutors or the judges. No one has the right to intervene and interfere or meddle with. The wrongdoers in this respect should be punished.
9. The lands should be distributed according to religious standards. The competent courts have the authority to take over the charge after the standards are established. Nobody has any right to transgress anyone's land, garden and house. Generally, the irresponsible persons have no right to intervene in such affairs. Those who have knowledge about the properties of the persons depending on the past arrogant regime should pass on the information to the authorities concerned.
The elements of the past regime had got the properties of people by illegal means. Any one, who acts against the religious standards, should in precinct meet the due punishment too.
10. The housing Foundation and the Foundation of the Oppressed ones should present their work sheets. The people should know and become aware of the activities of these two revolutionary organs. The Foundation of Residence should shed light to make the extent of the job done by them apparent. The Foundation of the Oppressed ones should declare and make the transferable and in-transferable properties belonging to the elements of the arrogant regime particularly the Shah and his filthy associates throughout the country open. The people must be informed. They should declare what they have done. The properties of the traitor Shah which they have given to. Is it true that the Foundation of the Oppressed ones has turned into the Foundation of the Arrogant? If it is so, its relinquishment is necessary. Any negligence about this important matter is prohibited. These two organs should submit a detailed explanation to people that why they could not accelerate their performance. In case of any one's wrongdoing under the name of the oppressed ones, it is on the courts of law to take action.
11. A fundamental revolutionary spirit should be brought into being in the colleges throughout Iran so that the professors having links with East and West to be wiped out. The college should be made as a safe environment befitting for the higher Islamic sciences to be taught. The detrimental coaching and teaching of the past regime should be strictly avoided. All this misfortune and sufferings of the society throughout the length of the rule of father and son is due to the detrimental training and teaching. Had we practiced a principled teaching in the colleges, today we would not have had any open-minded elements. In the most fatal moments of Iran, they are in disagreement among themselves. They are isolated from the people. They take sufferings of the people nothing as if they do not live in Iran. We lag behind. The reason is that the open-minded class of the colleges did not grasp the correct knowledge nor were they truly aware of the Islamic society of Iran. Most regrettably they are still so. The fatal blow the society has suffered is the one from the side of those open-minded ones of the colleges. They have always looked themselves superior over the others. They only utter what their friends, the open-minded ones, could only understand. The people if do not understand, let them not understand, no matter what. Here people are not counted. They themselves are important. During the period of the ruling of Shah, the annual training brought up the students in such a way that the so-called open-minded ones did not take the oppressed people to account. They are the same even today.
The committed and the responsible open-minded people! Come forward and put the division and the difference aside. Think of people. For the relief of these heroic people who have given martyrs try to rescue them from every school of political stance, either of East or the West. Be at your own side. Shun from depending upon strangers.
Students of the religious sciences and the college students, you should have your reading and the study based on the fundamentals of Islam. You should refrain from giving the slogans of the seduced and deviated groups. You should replace all the devious and perverted thoughts by the pristine Islam. These two groups must know that Islam is itself a rich school. It does not need anything to be borrowed from other schools and added thereto. All must know that giving any joint of thought (from others to ours) is a great treason and treachery to Islam and the Muslims. The consequence and the fruit of such a conjecture would come to light in future and that will be too sour, too bitter. Sometimes it has been seen that due to wrong comprehension of Islamic issues, some of them are mixed and linked with those of Marxist ones. As such they have brought into being a compound, a mould, a mixture, which is on a way congruous and consistent with high-elevated laws of Islam. Dear students! Don't pace the strayed way of the irresponsible and uncommitted open-minded fellows of the university. Do not distance yourselves from the people.
12. The other issue is the press: I once more ask the newspapers throughout Iran to come and to give hand in hand with each other and write the things in openness and freedom. But do not design a plot. I have told several times that newspapers must be free and independent. But much to my regret and at the same time wonder that I have seen a number of them in a way, which is not justified to write for the vicious purposes of East and West. Still they write for that very sake. Newspapers in every country play a fundamental role that can create a safe and sound environment as well as the reverse. I hope they adjust themselves in service to God and the people.
Similarly, radio and television should be independent and free, too. They should disseminate every type of criticism with utmost neutrality. We do not want to see the same television that was in the days of the Shah again. Radio and television should be purged from the elements of Shah or the perverted ones.
13. The assaults against the pristine clergy are widened these days. In fact, they in the era of the Shah and also in the days of his father were most influential. They campaigned against the corruption that was current in those days. They guided the popular campaign against the Shah and America that the noble people had started. They did not rest till the victory was achieved. There are hired hands of the Shah's associates in spreading the assault. The clergy started its strenuous campaign in the years 41 and 42 against the Shah, the traitor. The Shah named the clergy as `a black ratreation'. The only peril to him and his kingdom was the clergy. They have roots in the depths and the multitudes. They stood against him and his atrocities.
Right now the associates of the Shah for the sake of smashing the clergy, the base of independence and freedom of the country, have inserted the word of `Retreation' in the mouths of my sons who are ignorant of the depth of the events. My dear sons! Today any insult and vilification to clergy is in fact, a blow to the independence and freedom and Islam. Today it is a treachery and treason to pace the path of the Shah and call this most reverend class that neither yields to East not to West `Backward'.
My dear sisters and brothers! You do know that they entail Shah and America who call the clergy `Backward'. The noble nation of Iran pays back its debt to Islam by giving their support to clergy who are the protectors and a fortification of this native land and its borders. They cut short the greed of the tyrants of history from the country. On the other hand, I remark the respected clergy wherever they are. It is quite likely that the satanic elements would disseminate a vicious propaganda against the youths particularly those of college. The clergy should know that the obligation today is that all the classes of the nation, particularly the two great ones, the thinkers of the nation, should be united, hand in hand, exert their efforts against the Satanic forces and the arrogant and push ahead in one row to safeguard the Islamic campaign as their own life, independence and freedom. It was the design of the world-hungry ones and their stooges to separate these two classes. They succeeded and it resulted in the destruction of the country. The same design is now in effect. A little carelessness will lead us to elimination. I hope that all, particularly these two classes in this New Year be vigilant about the tricks and the treacheries and plots. They should foil the vicious designs by the unity of word.
In the end, it is necessary to pray for the martyrs of the revolution in this New Year. May be the mercy of God upon them. We should also give expression to our appreciations for their sacrifices for those left behind. Mothers and fathers! I congratulate you on your bringing up such lion-hearted women and men. The bodily disabled ones! You were ahead of all towards the advancement of the nation's appraisal and the creation of the Islamic Republic. I congratulate you. Truly our revolution is indebted to the sacrifices of these two dear classes. Neither the nation nor I shall forget your sacrifices. We value their remembrance. I pray to God for the glory of Islam and the Muslims. May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
Farvardin 1,1359 AHS
«۱»- Wahshiyaneh. «۲»- Marxist regime based in Soviet Union- ruling over Afghanistan.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 01 فروردین 1359

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