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Jamaran, Tehran
Carter's worry regarding the trial of the persons captured in the American Embassy. The nation of Iran being stable bereft of fear
The delegation of the representatives participating in the conference) international (for the investigations into the interference of American in Iran
جلد ۱۲ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۲۳ تا صفحه ۳۲۹
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
The anxiety of the American government is the proof of the crimes
I should thank you for the trouble taken to come over here- a ruined victim country. May God help you all to proceed with the truth and defend the victims all over the world. I have a question. I want to know why Mr. Carter is so annoyed by the visit of these delegates to Iran. Why is he so much afraid of the trial of the persons here in the embassy which is called a nest of spies? If he had committed no incursion in our country, if the American government has had no meddling in our affairs, if his embassy here is based on a desired and correct foundation; he should in fact welcome such delegates and pave the way for their indignations. Why is he so much anxious that the things will be looked into? What has he done? What has the American government done with our country that Mr. Carter is so much worried? He has behaved well. He has respected the international laws and regulations. He has not done any tyranny or any atrocity towards Iran. These are his claims and challenges. Besides, his friends too claim the same. We have something else to claim. In order to counterfeit our claim, let him send a delegation of his own choice selecting the persons from each corner of the world. Let such a delegation come over here and see for itself how good he has behaved with our people. Let this be proved that the Iranians are the ones who have bitten the hand that fed them. Let them see if we have any proof to establish the crimes of America. What is in it? and why? He is blocking the way for the persons who are from his own nation and the dignitaries among his nation. He has fixed a fine of 50, 000 besides an imprisonment of ten years. Why? What have they done? They have come here to look into the matter. He has fixed a heavy fine for them. If we have no proof why do they fear? Those who do not know would conclude that there is something in this hiding, which has made him so distressed. His anxiety itself indicates that

things have happened. weak countries are always the winepress into which the big powers tread.
It is a matter of remorse and regret. The weak countries are to be overrun and crushed either in the days of peace or war. There is a saying that a cock is butchered whether it is a marriage or a funeral. The weak nations are the same. I still remember the World Wars, One and Two. I do not presume that any of you remember the First World War. I was a school boy. I used to see the Russian soldiers in Khomein. We had become a target of their race or embattlement. But most of you remember the Second World War. We again became the target of three powers- America, England and Soviet Union. The Russian soldiers were dispersed all over Iran. The Russians were from outside Tehran up to Khorasan. English soldiers were in Qum and around it. Others too were in other locations. We were the ground, a bridge to victory. We must become a ground for their movements that they should triumph. Even after the victory when peace returned, we were once again butchered. The same was the condition during the war. In the time of peace, we were worse than war time. During peace, the world was calm and peaceful. These big powers did not have a war. They had an opportunity to take away all we had. We had nothing during all the period Americans and the British have had direct interventions in our affairs. Our culture was not ours. The persons in the colleges were not trained to be useful to our country or to render a service to the nation. The military force was not ours too. In the economical aspects we had nothing. All the programs were drawn and sketched from abroad. The deposed Shah has written in one of his books, later withdrawn from circulation, that the allies( the three powers )came and met here. The heads of these three powers considered befitting that I should stay in power. His associates perhaps said that such a confession was a great mistake on his part. So, the books were withdrawn from circulation although the sentence was erased from the book. It is said that I was a documentary proof admitted by one who was put at the helm by atrocious tyranny and force. Shah in that sentence admits that he was installed by foreign powers.
Before him, the same case was with his father, too. The difference was that in his father's case, the British themselves announced in Radio Delhi that they brought Rida Khan to power in Iran and installed him on the thrown. But later on he betrayed us. So we expelled him from Iran. This was a confession made by the British themselves. Muhammad-Rida said in one of his discourses that the list of the names was used to be written in the embassy and sent to him. He said that he was obliged to act according to the list and make them members of the parliament. By this confession we can judge the

members of the parliament and Muhammad-Rida himself and the government well. We can know and judge America, Soviet Union and the British. This serves evidence and stands as a proof.
The victimized cry of the oppressed nation of Iran does not reach the ears of the world
We just want to see what our action says? Ever since Rida come to power and engaged in his corrupt doings, the Islamic Republic clergies started the campaign. The uprising started from Azerbaijan, then from Khorasan and once again from Isfahan. The other clergies of Iran from other parts helped the campaign. Did they want to wage a war? Likewise, on the 15 th of Khordad, what did the people say? Tomorrow is the anniversary of this 15 th of Khordad. What did they say? Did fifteen thousand people deserved to be killed? It is said that the deposed Shah himself was directing the police action. What does the Iranian nation after 20 years want? What do they say? It is a matter of regret that the public media is in the service of the big powers. We cannot broadcast the voice of this oppressed nation outside. We have no means. All the papers inside and outside the country are writing against us. All the TV and radio stations abroad are against us. They broadcast all kinds of lies. They project Iran like a jungle inhabited by wild beasts and animals. One kills another. The breasts of women are amputated. They propagate such things and even more about Iran. So how can we make the voice of these oppressed people heard by the outside world? Who will do this? All are at their service and at their disposal.
Now let us see, you ladies and gentlemen, who have come here and investigated the things. Will you write the facts? Can you? Do you have such a power to make the affairs of Iran known to the world? We do not want anything. We do not want to take any side. We just want that the facts be protected and defended. You can convey or transfer to your own countries only the facts you have reached at. You tell your people what was the story of 15 th of Khordad. Tomorrow you will witness this nation shall always mourn the 15 th of Khordad. You will see what this nation has to say and what this 15 th of Khordad has done to them. 17 th Dey «1» what has been done to them. This uprising was attaining momentum. It is nearly two years that we are having some or other problem. A massacre it was. Do you know about the prisoners in the era of Rida Khan and particularly the prisoners in the regime of Muhammad-Rida? Do you know what they did to our youths in the underground cells of the prisons? You have seen on TV yesterday night
( 1 )The day Rida Khan uncovered the veil.

and the night before. The TV displayed the court. Those who appeared therein; it is two or three cases.
You don't know what the story was. Do you know that they have sawed the legs of some of our clergies? You don't know that they placed our youths on burning hot pans. So how can we make the world aware of our pangs and plights? I suppose you too might not. Tomorrow when you depart, the hired pens will start writing against you too. The traitors of mankind will write about you so as to suffocate your words. But you do tell the stories in your own locations, places and stations as far as your ability and strength goes.
Intrepidity of the Iranian nation in military intervention and economic blockade
Our nation has already started the uprising and its campaign. I hope that the nation will go ahead. There is no power to do things in Iran as they used to do. Mr. Carter and his likes are now anxious to return back to Iran the things, which they were doing before in the days of the deposed Shah. But it is only a vain desire, which the big powers will have to take it to their graves. Iran no more allows them to intervene in its affairs. If they think they have a huge army and plenty of tools and means for the killing of human beings; we too have a great number of victims and the closed fists. The day of the victim is more painful to the tyrant. They want to corner us in economical blockade. They have already done this. We can know these governments, which claim that they are civilized ones and independent, from this very action into their nature as to actually what they are. Carter is sitting there and giving commands. These governments that are imposed upon the nations obey him. They have no independence. The big and stronger governments have no independence. They are not able. They fear America. They fear to go against the desires and demands of America. They fear because it will be pernicious. Perhaps it will be more harmful to them. Many governments have told us that they can provide us the things we obtain from others. We don't want anyone to give us anything. We are the oppressed people. We preserve our own independence. Supposing, if it happens that we should return back to the initial stage of humanity and ride on donkeys for our movements here and there, we shall prefer to be in this stage rather than under the oppression of Carter or his likes and have such and such life. We preserve our independence. Our nation prefers martyrdom. Our nation says that they want martyrdom. Since the uprising, this has been the desire of our nation. I was in Najaf in those days. Men and women still come to me requesting to pray for them to attain martyrdom. I pray for the reward of martyrdom. A few days

ago, there was a marriage ceremony here in Tehran. The couple got married. The bride handed over to me a paper. I read it. She had written therein to pray for her martyrdom. A woman, who has just become a bride, wants to die a martyr's death. Would a nation that has so much desire for martyrdom, fear the military intervention? Will such a nation care for economical blockade? Let the whole world close its doors upon our faces. Let this population of Iran, thirty million, be imprisoned in Iran itself. Let a wall be built round Iran so as to be a prison for its people. We still prefer that. We don't want any outlet, any vent that could give passage to the looters to come here under various excuses to do this or that or to bring civilization. Their civilization is worst than wilderness. The wild beasts of a forest are far better in their conduct than this civilization. This is the door of civilization the deposed Shah wanted to open for us. By doing this, he wanted to impose the foreign powers, a way to take away what we have. They send a few dollars for us in return. They siphon our petroleum and make bases here for themselves. So is this the great civilization? This father and son, specially the son, have dragged our country behind. He spoiled all that we had. It is so vast that if the nation works hand in hand, which thank God they have done, yet we need years to mend or repair the loss. It has taken fifty years and twenty years through Americans intervention. So all these years there has been plunder and pillage. Do you want to have relations and ties with those who robbed us? They close all the doors and impose economical blockade upon us. We have a vast country for ourselves. We have water too. God bestows rain to us. We ourselves cultivate and we eat our own harvest. We are in no need of these things. They need not annoy and harass a nation that is ready to embrace death to safeguard its independence. This freedom and this independence we have achieved is a gift for us from heaven. It is a divine bounty lavished upon us. We are obliged to preserve it. If we do not preserve it, we have denied the God's bounty. We don't fear these threats, nor do we care their ships sailing this side and that side of the gulf. Now these things are out of date. It has lost its charm. In the past, yes- it had the efficaciousness and workability. If a ship came from England and appeared in the gulf, the whole issue was resolved.
The unseen succor of God in defeating the tyrant and oppressed
Now bring here all the ships you have. You can send all your planes here. The matter is not as it used to be before. We have trust in God. We have this belief that there is one to handle the world and the worldly matters. Those who were so far inadvertent, let them pay heed and attention to this

issue: A nation had nothing except a cry of: God is the greatest"( Allahu Akbar ). Indeed, all is enclosed in that. How has this nation overcome all the powers? How did it set aside all the powers? The powers that were Satanic and supported by all- not only by the big powers but the second grade powers too- how did this weak nation, bare-handed and bereft of every military tool and training, triumphed over them? They did not let us live in our own country. They did not allow us to do anything. So, how was this victory achieved? It was nothing but God-created terror in their hearts. The terror gripped them by the will of God. And we gained victory. We won. They lost. This is the same incident that happened in the early stage of Islam. God bestowed victory upon a little band of Muslims over a huge multitude of pagans. God created terror in their hearts that they could not defend themselves. A band of thirty thousand with swords won over a huge number of seventy thousand. Sixty thousand were in front line. But the huge number was defeated by a little number. What was that? It was nothing but an unseen hand at work. Should not they wake up? Those who have no attention towards moral and spiritual matters? They have no belief in the unseen. Who destroyed these helicopters of Mr. Carter, which were heading to Iran? Did we destroy them? Did the sands destroy them? Sands were under God's command. The winds were under God's command. The people of `Ad was destroyed by the winds. These sands obeyed God's orders. Let them try once again.
Preservation of the moral spirit of the initial stage of the revolution
We should not become proud. I tell the Iranian nation not to give vent to pride. All power is that of God. So, you should depend on Him. That great power which the nation of Iran depended upon in the initial stage of the revolution, the cry of Allahu Akbar( God is the greatest ), should be preserved. If you do so, then you have insured yourself under divine insurance. God may not allow the hands now at work to triumph in making you disappointed. God may not let them deviate you from the moral issues that you had before. That day would be a day that God has lifted His Compassion from you. You will fall back to the same past situation. So, be at your guard to keep the condition you had in the early days of the campaign. You did not campaign for your bellies or for a room or a house or a position. You aspired for martyrdom. A carpet or some other gain is not a desire. This is a divine condition. Preserve it. Guard it. As long as it is saved, you are victorious. I promise victory to you. God too has promised victory to you. He

says:" If you help God, He will help you «1». Keep your feet firm. Close your fists fast. They are divine ones. Preserve it. Do not fear any big power. Do not fear any inside or outside propaganda. We trod our own way and that is the way of God.
Awakening the oppressed ones is the first step against the arrogant
This delegation has come and investigated, though they cannot investigate nor can they discover or assuage our pains and agonies. The agonies and havocs I have witnessed in the days of Rida Khan now seems to have been forgotten and and out of date. The persons who had seen those atrocities now do not survive. Now you cannot become aware of the things befallen on this nation during the period of fifty years. You cannot imagine what befell on our youths. What they suffered in the black holes and the underground cells of SAVAK( the secret police ). The information you have gathered and even you went to the spot to see for yourselves, the locations and the documents are already handed over to you. You can see that the place has no resemblance to an embassy. You can concur that the issue is not hijacking the diplomats. This has been imposed upon you by foreign media and radio stations. They insist to give them the term of diplomats. If you see there you will understand that the place was not a place for a diplomat. These follows were not diplomats. I hope that God may grant victory to all of us and all oppressed people of the world to get rid of these big powers.
This is a thing, which has already taken place. It has already been the case that the oppressed people have started a campaign against the oppressors. They are awaken now. Awakening is the initial step, a first step of uprising. In the procedure of mysticism, awakening is also the first step. This is a divine procedure and mysticism. So in this field it is the first step. The Muslim countries, the Muslim nations, the oppressed ones throughout the world are awaken. The Blacks of America are getting slaps of this wakening. They will win the day, God willing,
May God's peace and mercy be upon you.
( 1 )Part of verse 7 of sourah Muhammad.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 14 خرداد 1359

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