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Jamaran, Theran
The Divine tests in the life of man, explaining the biggest one of the tests
The families of the martyrs of Dezfoul, some of the people of Khorramabad, Pol-e Dokhtar and Kouhdasht of Luristan, together with the clergy of the region, the Malawi representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the little childern of Mousawiyyah of Tehran
جلد ۱۳ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۸۵ تا صفحه ۳۹۰
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Man's existence is accompanied by tests
At certain times, one is at a loss for words on witnessing these scenes. I now see before me the photographs of martyrs. There is a placard in front of me saying that the families of the martyrs of Dezfoul and some people from the esteemed tribes of Khorramabad, and also the people of Khorramabad( itself ), have come. On that side there are the little children of Mousawiyyah in Tehran. What can I say when I see these scenes? In this world, the people, whoever they be- including great ones like the prophets and the saints, and everybody else as well- are being tested. Tests are concomitant with one's existence. Nobody can exist in this world without being tested. Sometimes it is a test of hunger, fear, loss of life and property or a loss suffered in the yield of fruitsand such things. Many of these tests are actually taking place now in the war-stricken areas. This is a trial to which you gentlemen have been subjected in Dezfoul, Ahwaz, Sousangerd and all the other places attacked by the infidels. This is a divine test for us and you. Sometimes, security is subjected to a test. Man, at times, is tested by( creating )insecurity and fear; at other times by giving him security and safety; or even by the loss of fruits and life. Youths are taken away from their families; brothers are taken away, and the women and children tested thereby. Man is also tested in that he is blessed with an increase in the yield of fruits, wealth, progeny and security. People are being constantly tested. They cannot exempt themselves by claiming to be believers. The great prophets were also tested. Ibrahim Khalil( `a )was tested in that astonishing case in which he was ordered to sacrifice his son. «1» All the great prophets and saints were tested. The Master of Martyrs
( 1 )This story has been mentioned in the chapter: as-Saffat, Verses 100 to 107.

was subjected to the test; so were his offspring and grandchildren. And all of us will be tested as well. All human beings will be put to the test. Tests in matters relating to security, possessions, wealth, position and the like are harder tests than the life of a person or the lives of his children. It is quite likely that the person who claim to be believers, prove otherwise when facing the test. There are those who claim to be supporters of the oppressed ones but fail to pass the test. And there are also those who claim to be in the vanguard when war breaks out, but do not succeed in passing the test. You the people of Dezfoul, Ahwaz and Sousangerd gave the test and came out with flying colors.
Success in the test and good tidings to the patient ones
These photos now before me which are the cause of sorrow and sadness are your examination certificates and the testimonials to the honor in which you are held. The Blessed and Exalted Lord says:" give glad tidings to the steadfast." «1» That is, those who patiently bear the loss of fruits, loss of life( soul ), and loss of sons and say:" We are from God and to Him shall we return." Our youths are from God. They made sacrifices for the cause of God, and will return to Him. If one realizes that whatever he possesses is from God: if he has life, it is from God; if he has children, they have been gifted to him by God; if he has wealth, it is gifted to him by God and everything( else )that the Blessed and Exalted Lord has granted; if one believes this deep in his heart and is sure about it, he has, then, returned to God the things that he had held in trust for Him. One's children are a trust vested in him by the Lord. Women and children are what one holds trust for God. Wealth is a trust from God that has been placed in one's hands. We are from God and will return to Him. If we succeed in the test, and just like the prophets and saints did their tests, we too, follow their example, then we will be given the glad tidings, which the Blessed and Exalted God mentions, and showers them with His blessings and mercy, and considers them to be the rightly guided ones. «2» This test is easier than the ones to which the government officials are subjected by the Lord. There are many presidents of countries in the world that claim to observe human rights. Prior to attaining the presidency, they claim to champion the cause of freedom, fellowship and human welfare. But when they occupy the presidential position and are tested by God, they fail the test. Instead of supporting human rights, they take
( 1 )Sourah al-Baqarah 2: 155.
( 2 )An allusion to Sourah al-Baqarah 2: 157: Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided.

humanity towards destruction, Instead of supporting the meek, they crush them. Just as there are blessings, mercy and eternal life for the patient ones in the next world, similarly there is news of dreadful suffering and disgrace for these people.
Testing is necessary; making mere claims is not enough
We ought to be tested. It is not acceptable if one merely claims to be God-fearing and freedom-loving, or to respect the rights of people. It is also not acceptable to just say that if one becomes president, the head of government, the prime minister or, for instance, the chief of tribe and clan, one will behave well with the people and to see to their independence and welfare, and that he, himself, is like that when that( high )position has been given to such a person, when he attains such an office it is then that he ought to be studiously observed so as to find out whether he is like Carter or like `Ali ibn Aboutalib. One can then see if he behaves with the meek and the poor like `Ali ibn Aboutalib used to behave, or like Carter and Stalin. «1» All of them claimed to have the same attitudes. Stalin also claimed that he wanted to serve the people and treat them equally. But when he became the head of state, he massacred hordes of people. Carter also claims to support the freedom of the people and that he is interested in their welfare and is a humanitarian. But when these people took office, they proved otherwise. They behaved with people in that way. Saddam also claims that he wants to do this and that for the `Arabs. But when the time for the test arrived, he killed people in Khouzistan in a way that even the Mongols did not. If given the opportunity, he will do to Iran, Iraq and wherever he is able to lay hands on, what the Mongols did to Iran. It cannot be maintained that I am a clergyman and am concerned about the people, when I make such a claim. It has to be seen as to what you really are when you attain position. When the prime minister «2» was imprisoned and tortured, he no doubt, thought to himself that it was a bad government( that had so treated him ). He must have thought about the things he would do if he ever took office. He had nursed such thoughts at that time. But now he is being tested. All these heads- president, prime minister, parliamentary speaker, chief justices, provincial and administrative heads, commanders, governors and all- are being tested at present. This test is greater than the test which concerns losing one's wife
( 1 )Joseph Stalin, the Head of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics after the death of Lenin. During his rule, he had millions of the opponents of the communist party killed or sent to horrible prisons, or to cold, snowbound regions.
( 2 )Martyr Muhammad `Ali Raja'i.

and children. The testing of the people in their capacity of( administrative )heads or when holding all other chief executive positions, and also when taking any kind of official position is more difficult than that which has to do with the loss of wealth and children. It is more difficult than one could safely stand and perform well in the light of one's actions which ought to be such as to allow one to have dignity in the sight of the Lord. The heads of state and the government officials, no matter where and in which country they be, ought to realize that in gaining their positions, they are being tested by God, and a very stiff test at that they should consider the change they have undergone before and after attaining their positions. Before they reached these positions, they used to fault and condemn the previous presidents, prime ministers, Majlis deputies, governors and courts. But now that they themselves are in such positions, are they doing the same things for those coming after them to censure them? Or, are they not? After taking office are they behaving like the Commander of the Faithful, regarding which the people still express their views after a lapse of one thousand four hundred years? After becoming the ruler, to use your own terminology that same person had the whole of Iran, Iraq, Egypt and other places under his control. He behaved with the people in a way that nobody could or can. When delivering the sermon from the pulpit at the Friday prayer, he would now and then shake his( wet )garment as he had washed his shirt and did not have an extra one. «1»
We should wake up! The government officials should wake up! The governors should wake up! The courts should wake up! We claim to be Shi`ah. It is claimed that we are Shi`ah and the followers of Shi`ism. Are we Shi`ahs also when being tested? Are we followers like he was? Are we obedient to the extent of our ability? Do we behave like him with our friends, our companions, our co-religionists and the people? He was that( kind of )person who on hearing that some antisocial elements, or something like that, had removed the anklet from the foot of a non-Muslim woman- either a or a Jew or a Christian- living under the protection of the Islamic state, said that it would not be so implausible if one were to die because of this shameful act. «2» We, too, claim to be Shi`ahs. The heads and the government officials should wake up! Stop this antagonism! Take a look at these scenes. Look at these youths who have had their blood shed for the cause of Islam. Look at these youths who have been instrumental in your attaining these positions. Abandon your enmity. Make peace. God is watching us. All of us are in His
( 1 )Sourah al-Gharat, Thaqafi, p. 62.
( 2 )Nahj al-Balaghah, sermon 27( Subhi Salih ).

presence. We will all die( one day )and be called to account. People, wake up! The government, wake up! Keep awake, everybody! All of you are in the presence of God. The time will come for you to answer( for your actions ). See that the blood of the martyrs has been shed in vain. Do not quarrel over posts. We who so curse Saddam and scorn him should not be like him ourselves. We ought to be introspective. When alone, we must assess ourselves to see whether we will do the things that Saddam does in case we attain position( of power )or act in a similar manner, or whether we will behave in a way similar to that of the Prophet's successor.
The most difficult divine test
Governing a society is the greatest test to which God Almighty subjects mankind. Governing- if this is the way it is called- a society that is shedding its blood for Islam and the Islamic country, and whose valiant youths are sacrificing themselves, is a very difficult task; a very difficult test( to undergo ). O you( governmental )authorities! You are being tested. Your actions are being closely watched by God, the Blessed and Exalted. Give all your attention to these people who are assisting you like this. O pasdars! O gendarmes! O the ones in the army! O the armed military and security forces! O the chiefs from wherever you are and from whatever tribe you are! O the provincial governors from all over the country!( Know that )you are being tested. Do not exploit the blood of these martyrs to gain positions for yourselves. God forbid, that others shed their blood to enable you to attain higher posts. God forbid, that such a bestial nature lie deep within you while you think yourselves to be human.( Remember that )human beings are being tested." Do men imagine that they will be left( at ease )because they say, we believe, and will not be tested with affliction?" «1» Do you and the people think that by merely saying," I am a believer" you and they will be left free? That they and you will not be tested? And that you will be free by merely claiming to be freedom-seekers? You will be given positions so that they find out whether you are telling the truth. And you will be made to understand this yourselves as well. Will you be let off just by saying that you serve this nation and this country? You will be examined, and you are being examined. Everybody including myself, a cleric, and all the people of this country, as well as the whole of mankind, are being tested. Even the prophets and saints were put to the test. Nobody can avoid the test by making claims and statements. God says that He has tested the previous ones to find out who is a
( 1 )Sourah al-`Ankabout 29: 2.

believer and who, a hypocrite. «1» All the various strata of the people, everyone who is in this country and is at the helm of affairs, and also the bazaar merchants, the cultivators, those working in factories and even the deviated splinter groups, ought to know that they are in the presence of God and are being tested. It is easy to verbally claim that one is like this and like that. But that person will be tested in those very claims which he makes. The person who claims to support human rights will be tested in that some matter. One can be considered a partisan, a follower of `Ali ibn Aboutalib if there is no change in him before and after attaining a( particular )position, and if his character remains the same without his managerial position making him proud, has come out of the test with his head held high. I feel ashamed to see that you have come from Khouzistan, Khorramabad, the south( of the country )and the west. I am ashamed that you have undergone all that suffering and have had your youths martyred and your houses destroyed in such a manner. And on coming here, you see that things are something else; that quarrels( over posts )are going on while you have been making sacrifices.
The world is God's hall of audience
The pens engaged in writing for newspapers, the hands that wield them and the people who give addresses on the radio, television and in other places are all being tested by God. When you wield the pen, you ought to know that you are doing so in God's presence. When you deliver a speech, be aware of the fact that your tongue, your heart, your eyes and ears are in the presence of God. The world is God's Presence. Do not commit any sin in His presence. Do not quarrel with one another over things that are ephemeral and insignificant. Work for God; make headway for His sake. If our people make progress for His sake and for the satisfaction of the Noble Messenger, they will be able to achieve all their objectives. May God enable you and us to pass this great test successfully. May we acquit ourselves honorably and with our heads held high. May God confer dignity upon every individual of our nation, and link up our movement with that of the Master of the Time( `a ). May He guide our enemies?
May God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.
( 1 )An allusion to Sourah at-Tawbah 9: 101.
And among those around you of the wandering Arabs there are hypocrites, and among the townspeople of al-Madinah( there are some who )persist in hypocrisy whom thou( O Muhammad )knowest not. We, We know them, and We shall chastise them twice; then they will be relegated to a painful doom."

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 07 دی 1359

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