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Message [A look into the causes and dimensions of the imposed war, Saddam's crimes with the protection of big powers]

Jamaran, Tehran
A look into the causes and dimensions of the imposed war, Saddam's crimes with the protection of big powers
Iranian nation, Muslims and liberal people of the world «1»
جلد ۱۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۰۳ تا صفحه ۲۰۶

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
One year has passed since the Takriti-American Saddam waged a war against Islam. One year has elapsed since the aggression of the infidel Iraqi Baathists on the Islamic land and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now, on the threshold of the" Defense Week" different dimensions of the war, its motivations, consequences and the criminals hands coming out of the sleeves of the Iraqi infidel Baath Party and the Aflaqite Saddam should be fully investigated so that the sweet and bitter results obtained in the battle between right and wrong and between Islam and disbelief will be highlighted. In this week, writers, speakers, combatants and artists throw light on different aspects of this historic event. What has so far been clear from motivation of the Saddam and the Iraqi Baath Party is that the criminal superpowers, especially America, have arrived at this conclusion that the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation is essentially different from all the other non-divine revolutions in history, and that they found the secret of its amazing victory to lie in the genuine Islam. They have also felt that the key to unity of expression among all strata of the nation and their uprising is in the great Islam. The prospect of exporting the revolution and the light of Truth to not only the Islamic country, but also the whole world of oppressed people has panicked them and they have come to realize that it can serve their criminal hands from not only the Islamic countries but also all the downtrodden countries all over the world. Their devilish experts rang the death-knel of their empire. Hence, with the acceleration of the pace of the revolution, their conspiracies to bring about the fall of Islam, this divine mystery of removing the rule of tyrants and plunderers, mounted. Among the regional governments they found no one being as resolute to undermine Islam as the Baath Party of Iraq and Saddam. He was tempted by easy victory over Islamic Iran, using foolish excuses. Thank God, contrary to their wish, his ugly nature was revealed to other Muslims as it had become clear to the Muslims of Iraq, with his disbelief having been proven, as pronounced by the jurist of the time. Now, after one year of indulgement in mischief, crime, enormous losses and wasting great human and material forces from both the oppressed nations of Iraq and Iran, and despite resorting to big powers and regional rulers, he has embarked on a brutal massacre of the Iraqi nation and army, is taking revenge on those who refused to succumb to his atheistic ambitions, and is living and object hopeless life.
He and his friends are motivated by the desire to undermine Islam in favor of the superpowers while the motive of the Islamic nation and the armed forces of Iran is to defend Islam and the glorious Qur'an in favor of Islamic nations and oppressed people of the world. The wicked Iraqi Baath Party, with its diabolical motivation is rolling towards the precipice of the bottomless pit. However, the Iranian nation, army, the revolutionary guards, the Basij, and the other armed forces are climbing up the peak of happiness by seeking either victory or martyrdom and meeting God. What is there to bring grief to a nation which is moving towards God or realizing Islamic objectives and reflecting it in the world? Our people who have taken the Messenger (s) and his household as their rose models are not worried if the war perpetuates for many years as they are ready to proudly continue with this sacred struggle in the cause of Islam for a lifetime. And we are determined to turn to Israel, the enemy of humanity, after we have disposed of Saddam, the enemy of Islam. What is regrettable in this imposed war is that the enemies which should have been devoted to eliminate Israel and save Jerusalem are wasted for attacking those who are the archenemy of Israel and America, in a conspiracy between the great Satan, the international Zionism and the Iraqi Baath Party.
Let me reiterate that as long as Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world fail to rise up against the arrogant powers and their children, especially the occupying Israel, their criminal hands would not be cut off from Islamic countries, nor this cancerous tumor would be driven out of Jerusalem and Lebanon. The like of Saddam and Sadat will carry on with their crimes and ruin Egypt and Iraq. The way to eliminate these oppressors is to resort to Islam and adopt a committed approach to the Qur'an and rise up under the banner of unity and harmony.
Oh, Muslims and the oppressed people of the world! Divine religious, chief among them being Islam, have been set up for your development, perfection and happiness in this world and for elimination of oppression and plundering of the oppressed people, for education of man and securing freedom and independence of your countries.
Today, organizations such as the human rights organization work for the oppressive superpowers, while divinely establishments, chief among them Islam, struggle in favor of the oppressed and against the arrogant powers and have rejected colonialists and imperialists throughout the course of history. For this reason the arrogant powers, the invaders and the power wielders have been at war with them. You see that from the outset when the Islamic Republic of Iran rose up with the slogan of" neither East nor West" for independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic and emerged victorious, all the corrupt, devious and infidel powers stood up against it. They worked sabotage and carried out mischief through their hypocritical and infidel agents inside and outside country. All propaganda operations were directed against the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the hypocritical organizations leveled accusations and libels against the Islamic Republic and endless propaganda and military help were provided for Iraqi regime to stifle Islam.
It is incumbent upon the honorable and combatant nation of Iran to stand against all the plots and mischiefs and as they cut off the hands of the superpowers and their scum from Iran by their uprising, they should not fear any power and evil act in order to carry on with their Islamic Revolution and establish divine justice. It is incumbent upon the army, the revolutionary guards, the Basij and other armed and popular forces in the frontlines and behind the frontlines to drive out the agents from their Islamic country like a raging flood and purge the dear Iran from these mean fellows, knowing that the forces of faith are victorious. It is incumbent upon the heroic nation to render unsparing support to the disciplinary forces and the revolutionary guards, to arrest these bankrupt grouplets engaged in evildoing in the streets and to turn them in to the competent courts. It is incumbent upon the revolutionary courts to deal with them according to divine command, implement the rule of the Qur'an so as to end the sedition and refrain from overstepping the Shariah and going into extreme.
I call on the beloved nation, especially those in charge and the armed forces, to be aware lest other activities may cause them to overlook the affairs of the imposed war. Place the war as a top priority because treacherous hands are at work to dissuade you from continuing the struggle. I stress that the innocent war refugees should not lose their patience and be sure that the losses of this war will be compensated by the will of God, the nation and the government. I request the nation and the government to do their best to meet the needs of the war refugees. They are your sisters, brothers and children who have been displaced from their families at the hands of the agents of America. I humbly implore God to provide the nation with unseen help and to curb the hands of the enemies of Islam from the Islamic country and to grant ultimate victory to the Islamic country on all fronts.
May God's peace be upon His righteous servants.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

«۱»- The text of message of Imam Khomeini was read out by Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini in a grand congregation of Friday prayer at Tehran University.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 27 شهریور 1360

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