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Speech [Conspiracy of the Amnesty International; remarkable feats of the Iranian nation]

Jamaran, Tehran
Conspiracy of the Amnesty International; remarkable feats of the Iranian nation
Mahdi Karubi (the Imam's representative and superintendent of the Martyrs' Foundation) , members of the Islamic Association of Parents and teachers, Families of martyrs from Markazi, Lorestan, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari provinces as well as from Zarand and Kuhbanan (in Kerman)
جلد ۱۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۲۷۳ تا صفحه ۲۷۷
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Appreciating the sacrifices of the honorable families of martyrs

I do not know whether to express condolences or congratulation to the families of the martyrs, to the prophet of Islam, the Immaculate Imams and to the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for him). Congratulations to because it has raised such a nation and such worthy people, such youth whose photos are seen everywhere and whose shining images are before eyes and such mothers, fathers and relatives of martyrs, who are present here. I do not think that except in an Islamic environment such a thing can be possible where an old woman says that she has other young ones to offer for Islam, an old man who lost his youth says that he is ready to go to the front to obtain martyrdom, lots of young people come and ask me to pray for them to get martyred in the way of Islam and young people want us to pray for them to obtain martyrdom.
Where else except in Islam and Islamic education can you find such youths and such families of young martyrs? Though they have lost their young ones in battlefronts, they have bravely stood up against the enemies and are ready to make sacrifices.

International organizations defend villains and murderers

These international organizations, the Amnesty International that has applied to visit Iran to inspect the executions and report in favor of the superpowers know nothing about Iran. Are they aware of the wickedness of these" munafiqin"? Definitely, they are aware of these on-going explosions. Do you think they are unaware of these killings and arson attacks that wipe out the people and their properties? Do not they know that they set buses on fire and burn and kill the children inside the buses? Did they not hear the report that the villains set a bus on fire in Shiraz yesterday and killed two kids and wounded about 30 or 40 others, some of whom are in critical condition? Some of these villains were arrested and punished. How come they do not say a word about this villainy? How come that the human rights organization do not consider Iranians as human beings whom America and the conspiracies of the superpowers are eliminating, their only guilt being that they want to lead the humble lifestyle they have independently and freely? How come these corrupt international organizations do not say a word about this? But they raise their voice when Iran executes criminals like" Huwayda" and" Nasiri" who had committed countless crimes throughout their lives. How come these organizations keep quiet when the explosion in the Islamic Republic Party burned 72 pious and innocent scholars, among whom were the two committed and faithful ones? But when a few armed men who took to the streets and who wanted to kill innocent people, were arrested and executed after the trial which proved them to be guilty of killing some people, the international organizations shouted at the top of their voice.
Respectable brothers and sisters who have come here from different places, know that all evil forces and all associates of the satanic powers such as the Amnesty International and other organizations have joined hands to stifle the Islamic Republic of Iran and to not let it develop, fearing that the revolution may find its way into other places where they have interests. They want to disappoint, assuming that with such plots they can discourage a nation which has risen up for God and Islam. As long as there is Islam, this nation will be firm and determined in serving it. These people have not risen up for the sake of worldly gains, so that they turn away after losing their youths. The uprising of this nation is like the uprising of the prophets, the Immaculate Imams and Imam Husayn, the Doyen of Martyrs. A nation, whose uprising is motivated by Islam and faith, will not get desperate by such moves. If the whole world stands up against it, as it has, they will not be able to turn it away from its purpose and direction. And we know that the Amnesty International has asked to visit Iran and inspect what is going on. It has been ordered to come here and condemn Iran. They have been commissioned to join hands to suppress the Islamic Revolution and Islam. They are scared of Islam and right from the start they were afraid of Islam, but now that they have been slapped by Islam, they are more scared.

Uprising of nations inspired by the Islamic Revolution

They see that the signs of their downfall are becoming more noticeable day by day all over the world, and even among black Americans. They saw that Islam has the power to march ahead and to mobilize religious and oppressed people. With this universal uprising of the downtrodden people the death knell of superpowers will ring. They are afraid of this. They are not concerned with Iran nor with Iranian nation; they are concerned with Islam. Since Iranian nation symbolizes Islam and has risen up under the guidance of Islam and this uprising has been exported to other countries and they have risen up or are in the process of rising up, and are ready to support this Islamic-human uprising in Iran, the gig powers are afraid because they may lose their interests and domination in the region and even in the whole world. Now Egypt has risen up and Iraq is trying to rise up and the same is true about other places. When nations become conscious of the motive that Iran has, they will be motivated, rise up and get rid of people like Saddam and other criminals like Sadat.
Respectable brothers and sisters, you have come from different parts of Iran and other centers. If I want to mention the names, I am afraid I might leave out some. Therefore, you are all brothers and all are in the path of Islam. All of you and all Iranians, women and men, should know that you have stood up against the superpowers and up to now no one has done such a thing. Up to now no country has stood up against the superpowers and no country has been as much oppressed as Iran. While the Islamic country of Iran has been oppressed by the superpowers, has been attacked from all sides, and has been under heavy propaganda campaigns, it has been able to withstand all and has marched ahead because the nation has risen up for the sake of God and for establishing Islamic rules. No revolution in the whole world is like this revolution in that it has secured spectacular victories with little losses. You offered many youths, lost your property and took a great deal of trouble, but do you know what you have gained? You defeated the 2500- year-old monarchical regime which had power and which was backed by all powers big or small, with the exception of a few, though you did not have sophisticated weapons. With your clenched fists, you stood up against it and defeated it and consigned it to the dustbin of history. This is a miracle; this is not a small thing, it was a huge miracle, which the Exalted God brought for you, honorable nation of Iran. Do you know that certainly the hands of the superpowers from Iran and ousting all the advisers and agents from Iran were a miracle? Though you were oppressed, you did your job. All the propaganda machinery of the world, particularly that of America and Israel, were blowing their trumpets against you and aired lots of lies. If you make one single mistake, they make a big deal out of it; if a court sentences someone to death following proper legal proceedings, they falsely claim that we execute kids. They say that you execute right here on the streets and do not hold trials. This propaganda all over the world is because of the fact that their access to Iran, its oil and other resources was denied and as a result they directed all sorts of libels and accusations at us.

Miracle of the heroic nation of Iran

Though you, the oppressed nation of Iran, have been attacked from all sides, whether by propaganda campaigns or armed attacks, you have stood up against all of them. Your uprising is getting stronger everyday and I hope you will keep it up this way. You worked miracle in this century. The Iranian nation has wrought a miracles in this century. No nation in the whole world can say that they stood up against all powers. While the superpowers have sophisticated weapons and Muhammad-Rida Khan was equipped with all modern weapons, you, your children, your youths, your men and your women came out and stood up against rifles, tanks and guns bare-handed, and defeated them. You will be the same in the future, and will keep your enthusiasm for Islam. If you are martyred, in the next world you will be counted as holding the rank of the martyrs of early Islam and the martyrs of Karbala and if you become victorious, this too will be for your own good. Martyrdom is for your own good and so is victory. Whatever it might be, it is victory.
Let the propaganda trumpets drum whatever they want. Let the corrupt people do whatever they want. Let the blasts and blazes bring about whatever they do. This great combatant nation will bear it all and march ahead. From the outset of the revolution until now people have become ever more unanimous and strident in defending your country. From the beginning till now, you have not shown any sign of laxity. The million-strong masses of people, the oppressed masses, the slum dwellers and the middle class have been present in the arena and stood up against the superpowers and will do so till the end. And even though Iranian men and women have offered many martyrs and one cannot say that this is a city in which people have not offered martyrs nevertheless, their power has augmented and so has their uprising, with their ranks growing tighter. They will stand until oppression and its corrupt roots and the powers with their corrupt roots are eliminated from this country.
I hope that other nations will take note and follow in the footsteps of the Iranian nation. The Egyptian nation should not care about the threats of this oppressive regime, which has announced it will support anyone mentioning Islam. People should know that Islam is at risk in Egypt and that it is the duty of every Egyptian man and woman to rise up and to topple this government, which has from the start declared war against Islam. Iraqi women and men should also rise up and destroy this corrupt person who was primarily against Islam but who aligned himself with Islam to deceive people. We are acquainted with the Iraqi Ba'ath party and know that they do not believe in Islam. In fact, they are the enemies of Islam, considering Islam a thorn in their side. It is the duty of all Iraqi people to rise up and weed out this germ which generates corruption. Thank God, they are approaching their defeat and will very soon be purged from our land.
I would like to say a few words to the parents and teachers of the children who are present here. You should stick together and raise your children in an Islamic way. You see that it was Islam that saved you from the evil domination of powers. It was the teachings of Islam that made you so resistant against all the problems. The aim of your opponents is to lead your children and young ones astray from Islam. Take care to raise your children in an Islamic way so that your country would be protected against any harm and so that your future children and youths, who are our hope and the hope of Islam, will keep Islam alive, as you did.
I also would like to thank the Jihad-e Sazandegi coming here from different places. I hope they will carry on with their duty and engage in greater construction efforts.
I should thank Mr. Karoubi «1» who is serving this nation and who is running the Martyrs' Foundation, which is of the best organizations, successfully by the grace of God. May God preserve the like of these servants.
May God's peace and mercy be upon you.
«۱»- Mr. Mahdi Karoubi, representative of Imam and superintendent of Martyr's Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 26 مهر 1360

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