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Message [Crimes of the Quds-occupying regime in Lebanon; laxity and lethargy of Islamic countries heads of state]

Jamaran, Tehran
International Quds Day
Crimes of the Quds-occupying regime in Lebanon; laxity and lethargy of Islamic countries heads of state
The Iranian nation and world Muslims
جلد ۱۶ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۲۸ تا صفحه ۳۳۱
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Verily, we are from God and to Him shall we return
On the anniversary of the International Quds Day, we are going through the most sorrowful and painful days and leaving behind the most troubled and calamitous times. All our sorrow and grief is not for the defenseless and innocent martyrs of the oppressed Lebanon, nor for increasing attack of criminal Israel, with cluster and fire bombs, on the Arab and Muslims residents of Beirut which has resulted in martyrdom of thousands of the homeless, old and young, women and men and innocent children, nor for sinister designs of super criminal US, nor for destruction of the foundation of Islam in Iran and other countries, nor for material and spiritual aids of Egypt and Jordan and their likes to two unrestrained criminals: Begin and Saddam who have savage and criminal disposition and whose lives depend on aggression on the rights of nations and oppressed people of the world and who take oppressing people and suppressing innocent nations as a sources of pride, nor for merciless aggression of `Aflaqi Saddam and the Ba`ath Party of Iraq on Islamic Iran and massacre of thousands of children, old women and men and destruction of habitable and green `Arab-populated cities and Persian-inhabited cities nor for the fact that this polytheist party cannot tolerate Islam and it aims to undermine Islam and its supporters, but for the fact that Muslims are afflicted with puppet governments enamored with the US and, blindly obeying the orders of the enemies of Islam and Muslims. To mount objection against the Islamic Republic and to supply military and material and spiritual aids to Saddam, who considers Islam as his enemy, they have worked out excuses and raising the issue of Persian and `Arab contrary to the instructions of Islam and the Holy Qur'an. In their propaganda horns and print media that are at the service of superpowers, they use Israeli support for Iran, this whopping lie, as an excuse.
Today when Israel has attacked an `Arab Muslim country and is killing Muslims what excuse do they have for their deathly silence? What excuse do they have before God Almighty and Islamic nations for helping Israel and its criminal master? What excuse do they have for pursuing the disgraceful proposal of Camp David and Fahd Plan? What excuse do they have for reconciliation with these inherently criminal and bloodthirsty professionals? Has the US differed from the former US that accused us of conformity with Israel? Or has Israel changed under the false pretexts of its giving arms to Iran they rushed to Saddam's help and tries their best to rescue the Ba`athist party?
O, God! Muslims of the region are suffering from such rulers, just as their mawla (spiritual leader) `Ali Bin Abitalib was afflicted with specious hypocrites and he joined eternity on their hands in a day such as today and was relieved of predicaments.
O, God! Today Islam is afflicted with hypocrites who are more criminal than the people of Nahravan and are crushing it in the name of Islam and compromise with the enemies of Islam in the name of Islam and in fact for plundering the properties of innocent and deprived nations and chaining free nations.
O, God! These ignorant government officials have succumbed to Israel so as to rule the Muslim nations for a few more days.
O, God! These ignorant governments commanding all resources for victory over superpowers sanction the crimes of the US and Israel and work round the clock to strengthen the pillars of blasphemy. O, God! Rescue this oppressed Muslim people. But what should be done today? Are the marches and outcries against the enemies of Islam and the oppressed people sufficient? Is not it a means, not an end? Regional governments and agents of colonialists and tyrants will not tolerate these cries and rest assured that they will stifle these cries in the throat of the oppressed and deprived people. At present they raise voice against the cry of the innocent people who circumambulate round Ka`bah (Mecca, as their chief aim) once a year and moan and wail in an assembly that is constituted on political matters, and choke the uproar of Muslims for liberation of Quds by any possible means.
Where do the dear Islam, its honorable Prophet and its martyr of altar (Imam `Ali) who achieved martyrdom on the night of Qadr «1» take the complaint that hegemonic powers in Islamic lands force people to suffer pain without protest? They expect people to get crushed under the tortures of the US and evil Israel and other petty powers, but make no grumble! Pains are numerous, but what is the solution? Iranian nation, by following the Holy Qur'an and the great Islam, found the solution and overthrew the US puppet Pahlavi regime after cries and strikes with claws and teeth in the face of tanks and machine guns and shattered the criminal Saddam and his polytheist party in light of faith and uprising for God, humbled the ambitious Saddam who bragged of being commander of Qadisiyyah and nipped the plots in the bud with divine guidance. At present, Iran will not relent until reparations, which are meant to punish the aggressor, are paid in full and considers the decisions of the Security Council and useless organizations but empty words at the service of countries with veto right.
Despite all their hollering and baseless propaganda activities, they bow down before the Zionists and sit and issue resolutions for strengthening the base of their governments and their affiliates such as Saddam who is on the verge of a disgraceful death. They don't know that it takes a lot more to scare a government relying on God and the noble people of Iran. A nation which has tasted the sweet savor of martyrdom and follows Commander of the Faithful and his honorable offspring who considered martyrdom a great victory and who cried:" I was delivered by the Lord of Ka'aba" in the altar of martyrdom and battlefield, is not scared of lackeys of superpowers. A nation which drove out the US from the Savior's country (may our souls be sacrificed for him) with contempt and pulled out its oil and treasures from their throat will not fear the paper tigers. This nation and government, as announced time and again, will get back all their rightful claims from Saddam and Aflaqite party and will take any measure to secure their legitimate rights.
The duty of nations on the eve of International Quds Day and anniversary of the martyrdom of the great man of human history (Imam `Ali) is to demand their governments in their marches and rallies to rise up against the US and Israel with military power and oil weapon. If they do not listen and continue to confirm the criminal Israel that is threatening the entire region and even the holy shrines, and whose range of demands is just beginning to be revealed, they shall compel them to do so by strike and pressure and threat. When Islam and its holy places have been threatened and encroached on, no individual Muslim can be indifferent. What the regional nations do at this juncture when Israel has launched massive intrusion into lands of Muslims, killing innocent and defenseless Muslims, is nothing but conformist rhetoric. More deplorable is that they seek refuge in the US- the main criminal- from Israel. In fact, for fear of snake they resort to dragon. Despite commanding all means to confront them, they are not ready to utter a harsh or threatening word. In such state of affairs all should be prepared for destruction and succumbing to any abjectness in the course of their life. As announced, Iran cannot take an effective measure except through Iraq and removal of the rule of Ba`ath Party. After attaining its legitimate demands, Iran is ready to cooperate more than what it is doing today with other Muslims, particularly `Arab nations and governments to fight Israel. As one of the great Muslim powers of the region, Iran will then cooperate with other regional powers in the battle against Israel with stronger forces. If, God forbid, the condition of Islamic and `Arab countries and regional governments continue to be as it is, the militant Iran has excuses to produce before God. In such state of affairs when these governments not only conform to, succumb and sanction the main enemy and its affiliates but also render their material and spiritual support to it, what we can do is to implore Islamic nations minus their governments and if the nations respond, Iran will take more serious and effective measures. I advise the Palestinian leaders to abandon their coming and going and fight against Israel to the last by trusting God Almighty and relying on the Palestinian people and their own weapons. These coming and going causes militant nations to be disappointed of you. Rest assured that neither the East nor the West would be of any avail in you. Fight against Israel by faith in God and reliance on your arms, as did the people and armed forces of Iran who will fight to the end to restore their legitimate rights without relying on superpowers and thanks to faith in God Almighty and His omnipotence.
O, God! I take recourse to You from these laxity and indifference and ambitions and alienations dominating the world. O, God! I seek Your assistance for victory of Islam and Muslims of the world and oppressed people who are shackled by arrogant powers and for victory of Islamic Republic forces over beguiled Saddam Ba`athist forces. May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
«۱»- Holy Islamic night, which the Holy Qur'an mentioned as a great night, describing it better than one thousand months. The Holy Qur'an has said on this night angels ascend by permission of God. The Holy Qur'an was revealed on this night. Performing acts of worship on this night has enormous value.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 25 تیر 1361

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