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Speech [Superpowers are the root of the problems of the world]

Husayniyyah Jamaran, Tehran
Superpowers are the root of the problems of the world
Members of the Islamic Councils of the rural areas of the country, immigrant persons of the imposed war
جلد ۱۷ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۷۴ تا صفحه ۸۰
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Preventing the infiltration of the deviants to the councils

Today, two beloved strata are present here and we shall God willing not forget to pray for the well-being of both of them. One strata, is a group from the Islamic councils of the rural areas, which we must thank the Construction Jihad who in the course of the victory of this Revolution and its realization, are engaged in serving. Many advantages have been gained from their presence both at the frontlines and at back of the frontlines and are being gained. The second are respected councils that are present throughout the country, they are also serving the rural areas and the deprived and the class that in the course of long years faced hardships, and nothing was accomplished for them. It is necessary to remind the councils that- even though they are aware of it- they should take care that influential individuals from the deviants do not infiltrate posing as Islamic individuals or pseudo-religious individuals. These are the devils in the same manner that Satan enters in various forms and deceives human beings. The past record of the men in the councils must be fully identified and investigated; the jobs they have held after the Revolution and within the course of the Revolution- and what is important is what sort of persons were they before the Revolution. This is in order to know whether they are individuals that are popular; that believe in the Revolution; that are devoted to Islam and have come forward with the intention of serving these oppressed masses that have always been deprived. This is an important aspect of the task, which, I have recommended to every group that has come here. I know that you yourselves are aware of it but it is necessary to remind once again. Yet another is the way they conduct with the people and with oppressed masses. It could be that their service is valuable but sometimes their approach with certain individuals is an approach that even negates the service they do. What is important is that these who have come to serve and are servants, should truly feel that these masses are the oppressed creatures of God; that they are creatures that before the Revolution faced so much deprivation and have done so much service to the Revolution. After the Revolution, also until matters had not settled down, again they were part of the deprived masses and that you wish to serve them and be their servants. Let it not be that when you are serving them you behave arrogantly that obliterates your service. You must observe Islamic behavior and Islamic ethics correctly; in the same manner that it has been the style of our Imams and the saints of God and the Prophets of God who regarded themselves to be the servants of the people. They would interact positively and behave humanely; they behaved with a Divine behavior and would accomplish what they were delegated to accomplish with this same good behavior. You, too, are the creatures of that same God and the nation of that same Prophet and the Shi`ite followers of that same Commander of the Faithful and your style must be the same.
I would like to say a few words to these strata that were displaced from their families and their cities because of this war; it is that we are aware of the problems and difficulties that you are facing; and the government is also aware and the councils and the" Basij" are also aware of them. They shall serve you to the extent that they can and God willing when the war is over soon their services to you shall enhance. I thank both of these strata and I thank them for having come here to meet with me from close.

The superpowers the looming threats to the world

The problem that threatens the world today is the problem of these two superpowers that have kept the whole world under their wings and are exploiting them. They are busy with plans to make certain weapons, which are dangerous for the future of humanity. Although each one is afraid of the other and this superpower from that superpower but it is possible that at one time a lunatic like Hitler or Saddam may head one of these two superpowers; and because of the mania that he has for power leads the world to destruction. If, God forbid, there is a war between these two superpowers today, they will destroy the world. They are the problems of the world today. The other problems are the regional problems, these problems must be resolved by the nations and the intellectuals all over the world, and the deprived masses of the world should go after resolving this problem. If they sit idle and expect their governments to solve their problems, they shall not do it. The governments do not have such power and capability and the carnal desires that they themselves have, prevents them from opposing these two superpowers.
Today, the masses of the people, the writers, and the orators must think about the future of the world and to enlighten the people about this danger that threatens the whole humankind. They must enlighten all the masses of the world that this great danger is looming ahead and if the superpowers are allowed to remain in a situation, which they are busy making big atomic weapons and conventional weapons, it is possible that they will bring destruction to the world and the nations will have to bear the major losses. Every person, wherever he is, the writers, intellectuals and the theologians are present among all the strata of the world and the scientists must enlighten the people of this danger so that perhaps the people themselves and the masses of people confront these two powers and prevent the making of these weapons. There are rumors of this making the rounds and have been making the rounds; it is since long that there is discussion of the elimination of these nuclear weapons; of wanting to arrive at a consensus to prevent the construction of these nuclear weapons or these enormous missiles that have been produced recently; both of these are nonsense. America is also of the opinion that it should take advantage of the Soviet Union credulity and to make the weapons that it keeps in the West or wherever it has a hold and access, make it ready for the day when with a single press of the button the world can be destroyed.
Today, the people of the world must pay attention to this great problem of the world; and every stratum, a writer, the press, all over the world should pursue this subject and awaken the people to revolt rightly against what they are carrying out. However, there are certain strata that are holding demonstrations against these weapons, but the entire people must revolt in order to be able to do something. Was it not for the power of America, even Saddam would not have been able to do this foolish act. If it were not for the power of America, Israel would also not be able to commit these atrocities. If it were not for the power of America, these governments around the Persian Gulf and their likes would not do the things they have recently been doing. If the world wants to be free from these two powers, they must act in the manner that Iran has acted whereby all the strata revolted and all the strata created a movement and caused a revolution. They did not seek refuge to any of these two powers and acted independently and even America made an all-out efforts from previous times until now in order to suppress them, it was not able to do so. Until all the Islamic and non-Islamic countries that are in the world and all their masses of people who are weak and helpless under the subjugation of their own rulers; until they do not revolt and until they do not take notice of this great danger that is threatening the world, nothing will change. Moreover, if God forbid, something happens all of a sudden, then there neither be any nation in place nor any human being- except a few. The world must think about it.

The disgraceful defeats of Saddam in the battlefield

The scholars must think; they must awaken the people. The pen alone is of no use; to talk alone is not enough; to trust the governments is of no use; the people themselves and the writers and orators themselves must awaken the people. The pen is useful that enlightens the masses of the people. If the condition of the world remains as it is now, it is likely that the likes of Israel and Saddam will remain; and if this one is shattered and that one is destroyed, then they will create others like them. See, what a disgusting thing Saddam has done that he is trapped today and does not know what to do. The example of Saddam is like the example of a person that claims to be a champion in the field of wrestling but whenever he would go outside, somebody would come and beat him up or knock him down; he would then return home and beat up his mother. On whichever frontline that Saddam has been slapped and in whichever frontline that he has been defeated, following that he has vent his frustration at a group of these wretched Iraqis that are suffering under his tyranny and are struggling to free themselves. He either banishes them or imprisons them or with his, long-range weapons strike the `Arabs' inhabitant cities or at other cities in Iran. This is the same matter. Whenever he is defeated, such similar issue happens. Now also that he has been handed a signal defeat, you should expect that again- God forbid- if he can, he will commit a horrible crime in the border cities and his friends and the munafiqin inside the country. This is perhaps in order to divert the attention from that defeat. At the same time, the forces of Iran advanced so much in the" Muharram operations" and forced them out of the country- of course, they are still occupying some territory- and took some two thousands prisoners out of which about Eight-hundred prisoners of war have been evacuated to behind the fronts. They wreaked havoc on them, took a large cache of their weapons and ammunitions as spoils of war, and destroyed a large number of their weapons. Simultaneous with these matters and these advances, in his speeches, Saddam claims that Iran attacked them, but we have defeated them; our army has defeated them. The foreign propaganda machinery and their trumpets have decided that whenever he is defeated, they keep silent or cover it up for some time. When they finally decide to want to speak, they say Iran claims this and Saddam says this. When they talk about Iran, they mention something lesser than the fact. For example, that we have taken a hundred prisoners so far; and when they want to mention, they exaggerate them. After a time that they act in this manner, then gradually they see that they cannot put a lid on it and keep quiet for long; then little by little, they move towards mentioning the issue to some extent. On the issue of Khorramshahr, you noticed that the matter of Khorramshahr was denied for a long time that it had been retaken from them. Both Saddam would say that it was not so; that they had killed so many of our forces and so forth and also their propaganda loudspeakers would toe his line and utter these things. Gradually, when our forces took so many prisoners of war and showed them, subsequently, he states that he had ordered his powerful army that they should retreat now since they had made their conquest; that their conquest was over.
More surprising is that he mentions these matters in the presence of his own military personnel's and commanders. Underneath their breath- if they have any left- they laugh at him because they know the facts. At the same time, he sees that those who are standing before him know that he is talking nonsense, yet he has the guts to utter it. Now also it is the same; now also this commander of" Qadisiyyah" claims that his" Qadisiyyah" army has done such and his" Qadisiyyah" soldiers have done so forth! Recently, he has been saying that in this very operation, he has killed four-thousand of the Iranian troops and so many they have killed so far and so many men they have lost and so many they are holding as prisoners of war. This is the same thing, which is that he does not know what he has to do; and for this, he must curse America that duped him in such a manner. In addition, if God grants Muslims the favor so that the Muslims pay due attention to the problems of the region and expel Israel from the region and from the world- they must curse America. These countries around us that have assisted to the extent that they could, are now of late saying that if Iran wants to enter Iraq, they shall enforce an economic and political blockade against Iran! You have done whatever you could until now. What they say is that so far Hijaz «1» has contributed thirty billion dollars to the Iraqi army and they have also opened the way to Iraq in order to send the weapons from that side for them and also forces.
That wretched one that is sitting on the other side of the world and who cannot hold onto his own hat; that Numayri «2» is saying that they will help Israel. That petty man who is having internal problems does not know what to do and says that he will offer help. All of them are puppets in the hands of America. America tells them to say so and they comply.

The need to confront the igniting of fire by America

The world must destroy America; otherwise, as long as they are existing, these tragedies will be present in the world, If not here, then somewhere else. Right now, in many places all over the world, America has started fires and the wars that are now in progress in many parts of the world, it is behind all of them. They are threatening the world; and they will never halt the production of these weapons that they claim to halt and to limit; they are lying and they never speak the truth. Therefore, we must cry out against them as much as we can.
Today, which is the anniversary of the" Espionage Den", I congratulate our nation and this step, which the friends of Islam, the combatants of Islam have taken. It was a very good action and effective so that this" Den" is uprooted from here. If this den would be in place here, may be it would have destroyed Iran. Now also in abroad, they are offering the maps to Iraq; they are taking the maps from here with the means that they have at their disposal and giving them to Iraq. Let them do whatever they want. Until now, almost all although not all but many of the countries of the Gulf and around the Gulf have given all-round assistance to Iraq and have not been able to do anything. Now recently, they are saying that if Iran wants to advance into Iraq, they shall no longer tolerate it and they will bring political as well as in some instances military and economic pressure on us. You have done whatever you could do until now; you cannot do anything else. Unnecessarily, do not bring disgrace to yourselves and you should know that if Saddam- God forbid- advances, he shall set all of you on fire. This is the psychic condition of Saddam. This destructive element and this manslaughter and crime are present in the psychic state of mind of Saddam. If- God forbid- he gains control, he will destroy Saudi Arabia; he will destroy Syria; he will destroy these countries of the Gulf and Kuwait- he will demolish all of them. This is how this man is; he is made from such material. On the same pattern that Israel is made of that sort of nature, it is criminal and most happy by committing crimes. He is also the same. They are the brothers of each other.
May God eliminate the evil of the Great Satan and the big and small devils; and may he awaken the Muslims and the Islamic states from the negligence from which they suffer and make them alert. The great nation of Iran is a model for all the countries and the nations. May God safeguard them
from all afflictions and calamities; may God grant these refugee people patience; may grant strength to the government and the nation, God willing, to construct their places better than before and enable them to serve these deprived people.
May God's peace and mercy be upon you!
«۱»- Saudi Arabia. «۲»- Ja`far Numayri, President of the Republic of Sudan had announced his readiness to give military aid to Iraq.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 13 آبان 1361

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