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Message [A Hajj in the manner of Abraham, advices to pilgrims to the House of God]

Jamaran, Tehran
A Hajj in the manner of Abraham, advices to pilgrims to the House of God
Iranian and world Muslims, particularly pilgrims to the House of God
جلد ۱۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۷۶ تا صفحه ۸۶
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
I congratulate the entire Muslims on the occasion of the arrival of great Islamic feast of Qurban, the feast that reminds men of knowledge of the immolating altar of Ibrahim who taught the lesson sacrifice and struggle in the cause of God to the children of Adam and chosen friends and saints of God. The depth of monotheistic and political aspects of this practice cannot be appreciated by any but the grand prophets and honorable saints( may God's peace and blessing be upon them )and the special saints and chosen friends of God. This father of monotheism and idol-breaker of the world taught mankinds that sacrifice in the cause of God is associated with political aspects and social values prior to monotheistic and devotional aspects. He taught us to offer the dearest fruit of our existence in the cause of God and celebrate this as a fest, to sacrifice our dear ones and ourselves and keep up the religion of God and divine justice. He taught all of us, Adam's offspring, that Mecca and Mina are fields of sacrifice for lovers. Here is the venue for dissemination of monotheism and rejection of polytheism, as attachment to life and dear ones is polytheism. He taught the children of Adam the constructive lesson of struggle in the cause of God so that from this sacred place the spirit of sacrifice and selflessness be communicated to the world. Tell to the world that in the cause of God and establishment of justice and curtailing the hands of polytheists of the age, one should spare no effort, and sacrifice all ha has, even one's Isma`il- the sacrificed for God- so that Truth would be eternal. This idol-breaker and his dear son and the other idol-breaker Doyen of Prophets, Muhammad Mustafa( may God's peace be upon him and his progeny )taught humanity that idols should be broken whatever they might be; the Ka`bah the center of Islam, and whatever expanded from it to the end of the earth up to the last day of the world should be cleansed of the idols, whatever they might be whether idol-figures, the sun, the moon, animals or human beings. What idol is worse and more dangerous than the arrogant powers in the course of history ranging from the time of Adam, God's chosen one to Abraham, Friend of God and Muhammad, beloved one of God- may God's peace be upon them and their progeny- to the end of the time when the last idol breakers cal people to monotheism from Ka`bah. Are not the superpowers of our time, which call people to obey, worship and bow down to them big idols? They impose themselves on people by force, gold and trick. The great Ka`bah is the sole center for breaking these idols. Abraham, the Friend of God, at the beginning of time and the beloved one of God and his offspring the Promised Mahdi (May our souls be sacrificed for him) at the end of time proclaimed and will proclaim monotheism.
God Almighty told Abraham:" Call peole to the Hajj pilgrimage and you will see them come to you on foot, and on very lean camels, from far and wide." «1» Elsewhere, God said," And purify My House for those who make the round (thereof) and those who stand and those who bow and make prostration." «2» This is cleansing of all impurities the worst of which is polytheism mentioned at the beginning of this noble verse. We read in Tawbah:" And a proclamation from Allah and His prophet to all men on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage that Allah is and His prophet despite the polytheists." «3» The expected Mahdi, as put by religions and unanimously accepted by Muslims, will proclaim from Ka`bah, calling mankind to monotheism. He proclaims all the calls from Ka`bah and Mecca and we should obey them proclaim the call for unity of expression and the term monotheism from that sacred place. We should break the idols with our cries, calls, revelations, complaints as well as living and crushing gatherings among the Muslims in holy Mecca, throw stone at and reject the devils, headed by the Great Satan, in Aqabas so that we would have performed the Hajj prescribed by the Friend of God, Beloved of the God and the Promised Mahdi. Otherwise, they will tell of us:" Many are those who wail, but few are the real pilgrims." «4»
It is hoped that the esteemed pilgrims to the House of God from any school and denomination pray collectively for victory of Islam over international blasphemy when meeting in mawaqif and masha`ir. They should cry and pray to awaken the Muslims and their governments. Perhaps, thanks to prayer in environment of revelation and the place where the idols of the Age of Ignorance were shattered, God almighty would favor Muslims to regain their glory of the early days of Islam. I hope the influence of aliens, world-devourers over the lands of Muslims would be curtailed, and Muslim would experience the downpour of blessing and forgiveness.
Now, it is necessary to remind the pilgrims to the House of God and the all Muslims of some issues, although they have been repeated several times.
1- Of important issues that respected Hajj pilgrims and `ulama' of the caravans should devote more time to be teaching and learning Hajj rules and regulations. Dereliction of this duty might cause numerous difficulties including invalidation of Hajj or being stuck in the stage of ihram. The prominent `ulama' of the caravans should invite the pilgrims of their caravan and hold session on rituals for them. The pilgrims are obliged not to hesitate a moment to learn and learn the issues with all their power, thus performing the rituals with comprehensive knowledge of them.
2- We all know and should know that what has befallen Muslims since centuries ago, particularly in the last two centuries when alien governments found their way into Islamic countries and their evil shadow looms over the lands of Muslims darkening their countries, cast their sinister shadow other the land of Muslims and plundered their treasures was due to the Muslims' negligence of social and political issues in Islam. This state of affairs was imposed on the deprived masses of Muslims by the colonialists and exploiters and their westernized and easternized agents. This mentality was so dominant that even most of Muslim `ulama' thought and still think that Islam is separate from politics and that a Muslim should not interfere in politics. The cunning plunderers struggled to isolate Islam like the deviant Christianity through the so-called intellectuals, and confine `ulama' in the framework of devotional issues. They tried to isolate the prayer leaders in mosques and at marriage contract parties, engage the pious people with zikhr( remembrance of God )and prayers and indulge the dear youth in feasting and drinking thus dissociating them with political and social concerns and attending to the problems of Muslims and troubles of Islamic countries. They achieved great success in this attempt. They took advantage of our ignorance and negligence, colonized and exploited the Islamic lands, employed many of the Muslim kings and rulers and impoverished the Muslim nations through them. The masses had to grapple with dependence, poverty, destitution and their consequences. Today Muslims continue with their negligence, as do agents of colonialism with their propaganda and superpowers with their domination and plundering. Mercenary and court akhounds foment contribute to backwardness, ignorance and negligence of Muslims. We are from God and to Him shall we return.
3- One of the issues that does not allow the Muslims and deprived people of the world to make any effort to cut the cords of colonialism, and keeps them in inertia and backwardness has been the full-scale propaganda launched by westernized or easternized people on the order of superpowers or due to their own short-sightedness throughout Islamic and oppressed countries. That is why science, civilization and improvement are exclusive to the two wings of imperialism and communism. They, especially the western countries and recently the US, consider themselves to be the master race and other the low, imperfect race. The development of the former is due to the master race and the backwardness of the latter due to their racial deficiency. In other words, first group are perfectly developed while the second group will evolve relatively after millions of years. It is therefore futile to make any effort for improvement. Liberal people should be affiliated to either the western capitalism or eastern capitalism. In other words, we have nothing of ourselves and should borrow everything from superpowers of the west or the east: science, civilization, law and development! You see our wretched state today when as the result of this mentality that has been imposed on us whatever we make, even of high quality, has few customers. If the same good has a western brand name, the customers rush to buy. Iranian textiles should bear foreign and Latin letters to find customers. The diseases that can be cured inside the country in an efficient manner is treated abroad. This mentality comes when some non-Muslim scientists and writers have demonstrated with living evidence that science, knowledge, and civilization were transferred to Europe through Islam and that Muslims had been pioneers in these respects. It should be said that our universities were run by a bunch of westernized mercenaries, while committed scientists were in minority and were divested of authority. That westernized majority filled the youth with love of the west and sent them abroad in great numbers. In the west, colonialists did their work and trained the youth in a way that were desired by colonialists and sent them back to the country with westernized, non-Islamic mentality and devoid of patriotism. This was a disaster for Islamic countries in the past century, for which they have to blame. The full story can be deduced from this evidence.
4- Among the things, deterring Muslims from defending their countries is the extensive propaganda for magnifying foreign powers. In the past, Britain had been presented as a monster by the so-called westernized intellectuals and educated people. This idea had been forced down the unknowing governments and shackled nation's throat that if someone spoke harshly with the servant of British Embassy, Iran would be annihilated. If the British flag flew over an offender's house, that person would be immune from punishment. A hint of the British ambassador to the government or chancellor would be sufficient for implementing his orders indisputably. Nowadays these two powers, and especially the US, has been presented as even bigger and more sinister monsters in the lands of Muslims and people think that if any of these two poles is ruffled, their country will be destroyed. They disappointed Muslims from their righteous defense by naive illusions, by comparing the present age with previous ages, and by westernized agents fuelling such rumors. The crime of these bankrupt pseudo nationalists is not less than that of the main criminals.
5- What is the remedy today? For breaking these idols, what duty should be taken on by the Muslims and oppressed people? One of the remedies- the most effective ones- that puts an end to these troubles and uproots corruption is the unity of Muslims, and by the same token, the unity of oppressed and shackled people of the world. This unity, which the noble Islam and glorious Qur'an have underscored, should be achieved by calling to unity and massive propaganda. The center of this invitation and propaganda is the holy Mecca at the time of congregation of Muslims for performing the Hajj rituals which were initiated by Abraham, Friend of God, and Muhammad Beloved one of God and will be pursued by the Savior (May our souls be sacrificed for him) at the end of the time. Ibrahim, the Friend of God, will be addressed to call people to Hajj to come together from all countries to witness their interests. These are the interests of society: political, social, economic and cultural interests. Let them come and see you who are their prophet and offered your dearest fruit of life in the cause of God. Therefore, all offspring of Adam should follow you. They should see that you broke the idols and discarded other than God be they the sun or the moon, idol figures, animals or human beings. You really meant it when you said:" I turn my face towards the creator of heavens and the earth as a monotheist and I am not from the polytheist." «5» All should follow the father of monotheism and father of grand prophets. In Surah Tauba that was ordered to be read out in public gathering in Mecca, we read:" This a proclamation from God and the Prophet of God to people on the day of the `greater pilgrimage' that God and His prophet despise the polytheist." «6» The cry of disavowal from polytheists in Hajj ceremonies is a religious and political call which the holy prophet (peace be upon him) enjoyed us to perform. Now, that mercenary akhound who considers the cry of death to the US, Israel and the Soviet Union to be against Islam should be asked whether following the prophet of God and obeying the command of God Almighty are against the Hajj rituals. Are the likes of you, American-oriented akhund, impugning the deeds of the prophet of God( may God's peace be upon him )and the command of God? Do you consider following that honorable one and obeying the command of God almighty to be wrong? Do you purify Hajj rituals from disavowal from infidels, and forget the commands of God and the messenger for your worldly interests? Do you consider disavowing and cursing the enemies of Islam and those fighting and oppressing Muslims to be disbelief? We hope that the Saudi government will not listen to the temptations of these ungodly akhounds and let Muslims perform the Hajj rituals and disavowal from infidels and polytheists as it has promised. I hope they will cooperate in this divine order with all pilgrims with Iranian, Palestinian, Lebanese and Afghan pilgrims who have been victims of aggression by infidels so that they would introduce the common enemy of all oppressed people to the world in one voice.
I emphatically ask the Iranian pilgrims and other pilgrims of the House of God to observe order and peace and act according to the instructions of my representative Hujjat al-Islam Mr. Khoeyniha and consider all Muslims as their brothers and treat them in a way that deserves a committed Muslim. It is hoped that the Saudi government will cooperate with Iranian pilgrims who want to air their grievances against oppressors attacking and interfering in Islamic countries. Expectantly with concerted cooperation and unity of expression, they can condemn infidels encroaching on the Islamic sanctuary so that this year Hajj would be performed in a way that wins God's gratification and consent of the messenger of God (may God's peace be upon him).
6- One of the things that is worth mentioning for uprising of Muslims and oppressed people of the world against global plunderers and world-devouring arrogant powers is that oppressive powers generally enforce their evil intentions through intimidation and threat or by their propaganda trumpets or by their treacherous native hirelings. If, however, nations stand against them vigilantly and concertedly, they will not be able to implement their intentions. There is ample evidence for this claim. The most striking evidence in the regional countries is Iran and Afghanistan. As you and we know, Iran succumbed to the US with tied hands. The treacherous deposed Shah had made this country dependent on the US in all aspects. Iran was one of the military bases of the US. The military was in the hands of American advisors; culture was in the hands of hirelings; the Shah, the government and Majlis were like servants and mercenaries. Economic dependence was even worse. The deposed Shah was the most powerful gendarme in the region. He was backed by the US and other affiliated countries. He was rich in terms of military equipment. In spite of this, the noble people of Iran who did not have any military power or weapons miraculously shattered the illusory idols of the west and our people terminated the 2500- year old tenure of oppression with empty hands, strong faith emanating from Islam, firm resolution, reliance on God Almighty, and self-confidence in a short span of time. They crossed out the epoch-making and idol-making myths. Afghanistan crushed the savage attacks of Soviets with their mythical power, and the strong army of the usurper government and treacherous part with the power of faith, trust in God and self-reliance. The Soviet Union lingered in distress and repentance of its cruel aggression and wonders how to retreat from Afghanistan without losing its image. In addition, the powerful nation and committed `ulama' drove out usurper France and England from Algeria and Iraq. These and the likes of them are sufficient to shatter the frightening images projected by colonialists and exploiters; to waken Muslims from deep slumber and to counteract the effect of the talismans and satanic witchcrafts. They can rid Muslims who number around one billion, who have control over the lifeline of the west and east, and live in vast rich countries from magic and intimidation. They can get lessons from which with a population 30- odd million people curtailed the influence of all powers over its country, cut the bonds of colonization and expelled the advisors and hangers-on from the dear Iran. Do not listen to the colonialist trumpets that through rumors and lies have been unanimously trying since the victory of revolution up to now Iran as a bankrupt collapsing country. Appreciate an Islamic power whose goal is to bring honor to the Muslims and curtail the influence of oppressors over their God-given treasures and unceasingly attempts to create peace and amity among Islamic brothers. Beware that powerful opportunist countries whose ultimate aim is to gain control over Islamic countries and the oppressed people will leave you in the lurch in time of trouble. The term loyalty cannot be found in their lexicon.
7- If the unity among Muslims and governments of Islamic countries demanded by God Almighty and His honorable prophet is attained, the governments of Islamic countries can, with the support of their nations, from a joint defense God prevails backed by they can form a joint-defense reserve army of over 100 million trained people, and a conscript army of tens of millions of troops, they comprising the biggest power in the world. Now that this is not possible, the regional and neighboring Islamic governments can make use, for the defense of Islamic countries; form a reserve army of tens of million of troops and a conscript army of over 10 million people, which surpasses the superpowers. It is hoped that regional governments irrespective of language, race and religion and under the banner of Islam will think this idea over, and plan it out and so that than can get rid of the disgrace of humanization before the superpowers and enjoy independence and freedom. To gain such a power, each government is required to study this plan in concert with its nation for defense of their country. They are recommended to get the inspiration from the Islamic Iran this respect since Iran is the defender of itself and its Muslim brothers.
Today, Iran with all its problems, obstruction and embargoes plans to give all its youth's military trainings. So far, as reports indicate, approximately one million reserve combatants have undergone such trainings. These forces can be mobilized and armed to defend the Islamic country at short notice. If Islamic and regional governments treat their people the way the Iranian, government does and stand beside their nations such that the people feel their governments are serving them, such a thing will also be applicable in their own countries. This is a prelude to what the great Islam has ordered and charted out. It is regrettable that Islam with all its dimensions has remained unknown under colonialist curtains in the course of history. We beg God to remove these black curtains and open the eyes of Muslims of to the beauty of Islam so that the world would know what Islam has brought for the world. The ultimate goals of Islamic teachings are peaceful co-existence worldwide which we hope will be achieved by expedite return of Mahdi the promise one at the end of the time (May our souls be sacrificed for him) as well as pursuit of human perfection and eternal happiness- may God grant everyone.
8- Muslims, particularly the oppressed ones in the region, Israel change of political figures is a ploy to distract the Palestinian and Lebanese combatants, and it will never give up the sinister idea of ruling over Islamic countries from the Nile to Euphrates. The US that is showing its teeth to the region will fully support a puppet such as Israel that implements its crimes in the region. Their political ploys should not be forgotten. Those supporting Israel should know that they in doing so are nurturing a deadly viper which if God forbid finds the opportunity would systematically destroy plantations and generations in the region. This dangerous stinging viper should not be given the opportunity. Likewise, if the criminal Saddam finds the opportunity, his danger is not less than that of Israel's to the region. It is necessary that for peace of the region, now that with the help of God almighty the Iranian armed forces, may God support them, have pushed this source of corruption to the verge of destruction and turned the Commander of Qadesiyeh into a desperate creature, the regional governments should stop supporting him, as therein lies their religious and worldly interests. If he finds an opportunity, he will not show mercy to any of the governments of the Persian Gulf and others. You saw that now that he is facing a disgraceful defeat, he addressed in a speech:" `Arabs should accept the leadership of Iraq!" Undoubtedly, if he finds the opportunity, he will not be content with leadership. The propaganda campaign of governments that have received a slap from Iran, they will frighten you from Iran to ensure their own interests and fetter other nations. The governments should, however, know that Iran, in accordance with the Islamic teachings would treat them in a brotherly equal manner if they succumb to Islamic rules. However, Iran will never allow itself to compromise with one who has inflicted those damages and crimes. The dear people of Iraq are expecting Iran's victory to be rescued from the stings of this deadly scorpion. It is hoped that with the help of God this expectation will realize before soon." Is not the morning nigh?" «7»
9- The respected Iranian pilgrims to the House of God and the holy shrines should bear in mind that they are going towards the House of God, the noble shrine of the prophet of God (peace be upon him) and the glorious tombs and the prophet's offspring (peace be upon them) from a country, which has risen up to establish Islamic goals and expel the oppressors, so they are under the limelight of their Muslims brothers from all over the world. The news agencies and propaganda campaign of the enemies of Islam are the lurking, watching their deeds and words, intending to make a mountain out of a molehill and fill the world with rumors. In such a condition, a minor deviation, offence and slip is not only before the Great God and His honorable messenger but also other pilgrims to the holy shrines, thus being counted as a big sin and enormous offence. Some deeds and words are in contrast to the sanctity of holy shrines, and may result in weakening the Islamic Republic. God forbid, the republic that has been established for the rule of Allah and enforcement of the sacred divine rules of Qur'an and Sunnah may be presented in a distorted form due to some deeds and manners of this. Moreover, there are faultfinders who at the slightest excuse try to spread rumors against the Islamic Republic and tarnish the brilliant image of Islam and the Islamic Republic. The pilgrims should be aware because the sin of those faultfinders may be written in their book of deeds. They should be careful so that no improper deed or word is allowed. Everyone should take care of his/ her own friends and intimate ones, obey the correct human-Islamic programs drawn up by my representative Hujjat al-Islam Khoeyniha and not violate these programs as it may leaf to chaos or cause inconvenience for the pilgrims.
The Saudi police, those in charge of Hajj affairs and the Saudi government should note that the Iranian pilgrims who are coming from a revolutionary country which was oppressed by the west and east and plundered by them, which rescued itself from the clutches of superpowers with God's assistance and public uprising, attained freedom and independence thanks to the great efforts of men, women, the young and elderly, transformed the tyrannical, regime dependent on the US to an Islamic popular one, and faced out the American and Soviet advisors and spies, want to make a pilgrimage to the House of God, the noble shrine of the prophet of God (peace be upon him) and the great Imams (peace be upon them). They are the guests of God and His messenger. Insulting them is like affronting their great hosts. These guests have come to respond to the call of Abraham Friend of God and Muhammad Prophet of God (may God's peace be upon him and his progeny) along with performing Hajj rituals. Response to these prophets is to respond to God Almighty. Treat those who" come from every deep ravine." «8» Treat kindly, lovingly and with Islamic fraternity. Do not harass the guests of God and His prophet. They have come to perform Hajj rituals and proclaim disavowal from polytheists and infidels whom God and His messenger detest. Endear these committed guests, use the power of a powerful Islamic regime for suppressing the enemy of Islam and Muslims, the usurper Israel, and curtail the influence of its master, America that stands on top of the list of enemies of Islam and Islamic countries. In coordination with pilgrims from across the world, transform the Holy Mecca in the center of protest against the oppressors, as this is one of the mysteries of Hajj. God is needless of labbayks and worship of human beings.
O, God! Protect us against following Satan and the tempting self. Protect us from the love of worldly post, position and the self. Save the governments of Islamic countries from fearing the two powers of the right, left, and acquaint them with Islamic-human duties. Guide the Muslim nations and governments of Islamic countries to achieve unity and brotherhood. Shower your special mercy and manifestation upon the Iranian pilgrims who are suffering troubles, insults, imprisonment and torture in your cause. Curtail the influence of plundering powers from Muslim lands. Guide us towards what brings your gratification. Grant victory to the army of Islam in defending their lands and oppressed people of the region. Humiliate the usurper and aggressive Israel and tyrannical US and Soviet Union. Strengthen Islam and Muslims and protect them against the evil of aliens.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
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امام خمینی (ره)؛ 12 شهریور 1362

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