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Message [Munafiqin allegiance to the Iraqi Baath Party and support of big powers for aggressor]

Jamaran, Tehran
The Imposed War Week
Munafiqin allegiance to the Iraqi Baath Party and support of big powers for aggressor
Iranian nation
جلد ۱۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۱۲۱ تا صفحه ۱۲۶
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Three years have elapsed since the savage and foolish attack of the" Commander of Qadisiyeh". «1» Experience of the last three years and studying the military, political and economic condition of Iran, which based on the calculations of the Aflaqites, the munafiqin, the Tudeh Party affiliated to the Soviet Union and other servile groups were supposed to be defeated in the first few weeks or months, are enough to open the eyes of myopic people. They were waiting to see the defeat of Iran and collapse of Islamic Republic, but now the reverse of it has been proved to the world. The myopic people had better repent their paranoiac acts done so far. Nowadays they are left with nothing except the weapon of telling lies and idle talks. They should show repentance and ask forgiveness from God, if they believe in Him, and admit to their ignorance and myopic before the great nation of Iran. Today, despite falsifications and hollering, what have remained for Saddam are consecutive defeats and savage crimes against border people, particularly `Arab-populated and Kurdish-populated regions as well as other cities of Iran and martyring innocent women, children and men.
What has remained for the enemies of Islam and the revolution, whether those on top of disbelieving countries and atheistic governments or those who have sought refuge in these governments is obviously false rumor-mongering which none except a number of people unaware of the situation in Iran may believe. Undoubtedly, it has been proved for Saddamites and their domestic affiliates that full-scale support of the superpowers and their affiliates as well as their round-the-clock propaganda campaign have not so far been useful to them and will not be so in the future by the grace of God. If they open their eyes, it is clear to them that big powers, that is, the US and Soviet Union have taken advantage of their foolishness and foster the illusion of creating inconvenience in the region or in Iran through them.
All these problems and disgraces are because they don't understand Islam and its spiritual influence on millions strong masses of people, and have closed their eyes and ears to understand the truth. Have not they seen that the brave Iranian youths miraculously rescued themselves from the precipices made by oil-sucking inquilinous powers and soared up the peak of faith and commitment to Islam within short period in light of Islam's spirituality? With their unique courage, these selfless youths lunged at the global blasphemy and `Aflaqites, drove them out of their dear country, saved their Islamic land from the clutches of eastern and western plunderers, suppressed their scum, and put an end to their disgraceful existence. Are not the several-year-long experiences sufficient to bring those who claim power and pretend to be aware of military, political and organizational issues to their senses and wake them up from slumber so that they are not deceived by the empty promises of superpowers and no longer used as irresolute puppet in their hand?
What is ridiculous is that while meeting his commanders, who have tasted the bitter savor of defeat at the hands of the valorous Iranian youths and fled the ammunition dumps teeming with modern weapons, Saddam said that they were now equipped more than any other time and would continue the war for many years. What he says about advanced weaponry he has obtained from big powers by begging or by extorting, the property of the unsheltered Iraqi people is verified. However, this is a good omen for our combatants who, without losing prestige or wasting our resources, take these weapons from the clutches of fleeing Iraqi army and use against them. We are delighted at this method. The self-sacrificing combatants of Islam are now attacking the enemy with its own weapons, vehicles and tanks.
As regards the continuation of war, all know that the initiative is in the hands of our youths and defense of Islam and the two Islamic countries of Iraq and Iran will continue until the falls of the Iraqi Aflaqi Baath Party. After the destiny of the country fell into the hands of the suffering Iraqi people, the war will come to an end. A matter of great regret is that the superpowers, by duping Saddam into attacking Iran, engaged our powerful country in self-defense to provide the usurper, criminal Israel with the opportunity to implement its sinister plan to form the greater Israel extending from the Nile to Euphrates.
Isaq Shamir, the US new pawn, disclosed the Israeli scheme before all else as soon as he applied as candidate to replace Begin, another US puppet.
He said Palestinian Liberation Organization should be wiped out. He stipulated that he would remain a supporter of the greater Israel. Is not it regrettable that the heads of `Arab states have either remained silent about this disaster, thus opening the way for materialization of the sinister plan, or have expressed support for Israel support for Israel so as to please the US or keep their ephemeral posts? To fulfill my Islamic duty, I have conveyed the cry of the heart of the deprived and oppressed people of the region to the world including governments of Islamic countries at any opportunity and I will continue to do so in the future if I find the chance. Perhaps this attempt will impress the governments of these countries some of which are preoccupied with debauchery, some are engaged in quarrel with their brothers and some others have been cowed by the US. I hope that their slumber is transformed into an Islamic-human awakening, that they terminate their wretched conditions and turn down the superpowers as the heroic Iran did. Now, our Lebanese Muslim brothers are in a plight brought about by Israel, the bloodthirsty government of Lebanon, and even worse than the aggressor US. Every day a number of them are martyred or rendered homeless. Most regional governments are trying to compromise with Israel, approve of the Lebanese government, and condone the crimes of Saddam and provide him with military or financial assistance so that he will be able to perpetrate these crimes against Iraqi and Iranian nation.
They imagine that Saddam can be rescued by these aids and that if he is rescued he will press their hands warmly. They are unaware that with his domineering, ambitious and brutal disposition, Saddam will not give respite to them to breathe and attack their countries using false excuses. The US and the Soviet Union are employing different scheme such as spreading discord, crating civil unrest through their gullible mercenaries, escalating war between countries and other colonialist ploys in order to debilitate Islam and Islamic countries. These governments of Islamic and oppressed countries of the world should open their eyes and ears in order to defuse these plots.
The people of Iran and the brave and devoted armed forces have left behind the third year of defending the attack of the uncultured `Aflaqites so as to hoist the banner of monotheism and consolidate the pillars of Islamic Republic. Endless gratitude to God's unseen and open aids for the land of the Savior (May our souls be sacrificed for him) and for the defense put up by the people of Iran in all arenas and the victories achieved. In the arena of the imposed war, the impudent aggressor who was duped by the promises and glad tidings of the US and plunged into this pitfall was given such a good lesson by our country that he seeks help from any government and turns no stone unturned to save him from this self-made trap. He will not, however, be rescued, thanks God. Now that the Islamic Republic has slapped him and his hopes have been dashed, he has resorted to the French government so as to be able to inflict damage on Iran's economic resources using destructive weapon; thus adding an other page his crime records. I warn the regional countries and the countries that use oil in some way that the government of Iran will strenuously against this crime and is determined, in case such a crime is carried out, to block Hormuz Strait with full power thus preventing even a drop of oil to be exported from there. France is responsible for the consequences of this great event.
fall is so impending that he has even shaken hands of brotherhood with fugitive munafiqin who are more wretched and object than him. In order to cover up their infamy and disrepute, munafiqin resort to any means. Only to be mentioned by Baghdad radio station, these so-called liberators of the nation shake hands of brotherhood, in the most impertinent way, with the criminal Saddam, who has martyred thousands of women, men, the young and old with mortars and missiles, and targets the cities of this innocent people every day with long range missiles. They are officially spying for Saddam. Although the ringleaders of Munafiqin have a life of debauchery in the US and France, they have, unfortunately, been able to deceive a number of teenagers with various tricks and ploys, and totally brainwashed them. I hope that after seeing the crimes of munafiqin and their complicity with Saddam, these deceived teenagers will no longer follow them blindly.
Now is the Week of War and this year's week of war differs greatly from those in previous years. I congratulate the Iranian nation on having such brave, committed and devoted youth that are unmatched in the world. History has not shown such youths. I also congratulate the great Islam for having such combatants in the cause of truth who sacrifice everything in the cause of Islam and their Islamic country. They are an honor to not only Iran but also the future generations in the world. They are also an honor to the great Islam that, through its teaching and revelations, fostered such an enormous development. Today all are unable to picture these spiritual and human scenes. I recommend the writers, speakers, analysts, artists, painters and all and all to, always especially in this week, offer the best of what they can do to these warriors, the Iranian nation and great Islam, so that they may be able to fulfill part of- although insignificant- their Islamic, human, national and patriotic duties. Certainly, God the grateful will exalt the name of these great people in this world and portray their stations in the heavens, because they have conveyed the voice of Islam to the remotest part of the world, and demonstrated its grandeur all over the world. No one except the holy essence of God the Exalted can truly appreciate this great feat
Likewise, we are unable to pay tribute to and appreciate the grat mothers who brought up these committed youths in their laps and valorous fathers who sustained them to become young adults and sympathetic wives who stood alongside them and willingly send them to the battlefields to defend the truth. This is also under the jurisdiction of the Beneficent God. Nevertheless, the noble Iranian people should prove in this week that they are loyal to Islam to the point of sacrificing their lives, fruits of their existence and property, although some desperate myopic people inside and outside the country might be hooting and wailing to somehow their wounds.
Let me now give a few words of advice to the dear youths who are making sacrifices on the warfronts and home fronts for dispensation of divine justice, to the dear ones who have sustained injuries for divine purpose, to the families of the dignified martyrs who achieved the greatest blessing, martyrdom, in the cause of the holy Qur'an, to the fathers and mothers and wives and intimate relations of the living martyrs and to those who render help to their defending brothers behind the frontlines. Notice lest the pride of victories fame and braveries permeates your heart. This pride is an ailment of the self and one of the traps of the Satan to distract the servants of God from attention to Him. It is among the tricks of the tempting self, pushing man towards polytheism and servitude of idols, particularly towards the chief idol; that is, the idol of self. Beware lest you consider other than Him the Exalted as being effective. Only God is the One to bring victory; victory is not achieved except by His will." Ye (Muslims) slew them not, but Allah slew them. Moreover, thou (Muhammad) threwest not when thou didst throw, but Allah threw, that He might test the believers by a fair test from Him. Lo! Allah is Hearer, Knower." «2» Whatever you and we have is from Him.
O, God! We are weak and powerless. Protect us against overt and covert polytheism by your grace. Save us from obeying carnal desires, which is polytheism, and guide us towards monotheism and Unitarianism. Let Islam, the religion of monotheism and Unitarianism brighten the world; break the banners of polytheism and hypocrisy; acquaint Muslims with their Islamic-human duties; protest the lands of Muslims and oppressed people from the evil of arrogant powers and world-devourers; shower Your bounteous blessings and special manifestations upon martyrs in the cause of the Truth beginning from Adam, God's chosen one, to the age of the seal of prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny), up to the present time and to the age of the Savior (May our souls be sacrificed for him), associate the dear Iranian martyrs who honored Islam and Islamic country with the martyrs of the early days of Islam; grant their families- committed fathers, mothers and wives patience, reward and perseverance; bestow health on our prisoners of war and return these celebrated men of Islam, who brought honor to the Islamic country of Iran, to their Islamic land; grant cure to the war wounded- these living martyrs- and associate them with the multitude of martyrs; bestow patience and reward upon their mothers, fathers and wives and grant power, health and dignity to the combatants in the cause of Islam and defense of the Islamic country, whose tremendous efforts brought the enemies defeat and infamy, and put an end to their aggression, crimes and treason. O, God! Grant them health, power and greatness and number them among those striving in your cause.
Peace and blessings of God be upon His prophets, especially the last and noble one, Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him and his progeny) and upon the Immaculate Imams and saints, particularly the last of them the Promised Mahdi (May our souls be sacrificed for him). May God's peace be upon the righteous servants of God!
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
«۱»- the overbearing president ruling Baghdad promised victory at the outset of the imposed war against Iran in three days and called its offensive against Iran" Qadisiyyah". «۲»- Sourah al-Anfal ۸:۱۷.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 31 شهریور 1362

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