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Speech [Criticizing the procedure of printing news items in print media]

Jamaran, Tehran
Criticizing the procedure of printing news items in print media
Officials of Kayhan, `Ittila`at and Jumhouri-ye Islami newspapers
جلد ۱۹ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۲۷ تا صفحه ۳۲۹
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Duty of the print media in encouraging individuals to activity

Of course, I cannot comment on all issues dealing with print media. Nevertheless, what is concerned with the recent subject is that radio and television and print media belong to the public. You also believe that people have right to them. Therefore, on my part I want small coverage to be given to me unless in sensitive times in which case we should be asked if any subject should be quoted or not. Foregoing this, what is good to be covered by radio and television and print media is to be effective for a country. For example, if a farmer did good farming and produced good outputs, you should cover him in the first pace in place of government authorities, with a caption on the farmer's nature of success. This is to be covered by newspapers. You should carry the picture of a civil servant who has worked efficiently or a doctor who has done an excellent operation in the front page. You may write a caption explaining the surgery. This practice encourages the doctors who will follow their activity more enthusiastically. If, for instance, one made a discovery, the event should be covered in detail with picture. If one arrested a thief, a farmer, an artist, a surgeon are the one to be covered in newspapers. Unfortunately, however, there is no mention of them, neither their name nor picture. These are the ones deserving of being covered by newspapers. In brief, what counts is encouragement of individuals who are active in this country. The country, newspapers, radio and television are indebted to these people. Compared to them, we have little right. Of course, what I say deals with me; I am not concerned with others. They and you are the one to make the choice. I do not like whenever radio is turned on my name is projected. It is for quite a while that I hate this state of affairs. This is wrong. As is normally done with regard to others to an ordinary extent is good. Excessive coverage is harmful. It is to the detriment of the newspaper and make light of print media. Personality of individuals vests in them and will not be enhanced or degraded with little or much coverage. In Iran, everyone's status is clear. What I say regarding me is that if you are supposed to cover my picture, in its place you can use the picture of a farmer and what important works he has done.
Another question is that repetition is the major deficiency in a newspaper. In my opinion, these three newspapers should come to terms and present materials with brevity, but usefully. The materials should not be long and repetitive. When people read the paper, they should benefit from it; they should feel there is something worth reading. To write everyday that I said so to so and so is repetitive. Every day I treat a subject and the newspapers repeatedly carry what I say. What is the use of it? In every part of the country, an event might occur that should be carried as news item which is useful to tell people.

Presentation of healthy criticism in newspapers, not revenging

Another subject deals with criticism. Of course, newspapers consider the issues that come up. Once they might raise criticism, healthy criticism. This is useful. Once there is talk of revenge, not criticism. This should not be done. Such a thing does not conform to standards. Since one is not in good terms with somebody, one begins pounding him in the print media. This is not correct. However if one has done a wrong, one should be advised. Do not spill the beans. Criticism is good. You should be cautious in this respect so that print media would be a forum for use of the public. People should understand what they should do and what should be done.

Covering useful news reports in the press

As regards news reports, newspapers should not carry repetitive news. What importance lies in who met whom? This is not worth being called news or important. The fact that you always write whom I met and what I told him is repetitive. Every day, I say something and newspapers repeatedly carry so and so said this or that. What is the use of this coverage? I tell about myself that my picture should not absolutely be covered in the front page as I said earlier. Occasionally, it is necessary something to be covered. For instance, president should be introduced. Well! This is important. On other hand cabinet ministers have come to hold meeting with me. This is something to cover, but this occurs every once in a while. But what is the use and impact of covering every day meeting with anyone or what one told the other?
People should be trained by news that should be useful. Something should have been done to be called news. Those who are struggling around Iran will be encouraged when you cover their efforts. Not all work for God so that they would not care whether you encourage them or not. We are obliged to encourage individuals in every field so that they would be multiplied. If newspapers carry materials about this class, these papers will find credit. Newspapers belong to the third class; they are not exclusive to the first class. In my opinion, newspapers belong to the public and all people have the right in them. It can be said that at times some people's place is appropriated. Of course not in the sense of confiscation, but something close to it. This is my idea.
Certainly, I thank the gentlemen who are engaged in a valuable activity. I hope they will be successful and carry out the works efficiently, quitting selfish motives and highlight the interests of the country. Once one might see individuals doing wrong in which case should advise them mildly without discrediting them. There is no objection to correct criticism of the government, but revenge and weakening the government is not to be done, God willing.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 10 شهریور 1364

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