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Speech [Divine helps in the victories of the nation and the authority of the Iranian nation in the world]

Jamaran, Tehran
Anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution
Divine helps in the victories of the nation and the authority of the Iranian nation in the world
Sayyid `Ali Khamene'i (President), Mir Husayn Mousawi (Prime Minister), members of the cabinet, government and military officials, clerics, Foreign guests participating in the Ten-Day Dawn Celebrations of the Islamic Revolution and Iran-based foreign political representatives
جلد ۲۰ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۴۴۷ تا صفحه ۴۵۰
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Victory of the nation through the helps of God

After extending felicitations to all Muslims and the oppressed on the occasion of the ten-day dawn celebrations, what I want to say is that one should not entertain in his mind the idea that the revolution is the works of a single person. I should say that the degree of my interference is commensurate to my being a member of the society. Whatever exists is from God. It is God Almighty Who transformed this nation from one state to another. He is the Changer of hearts. It is He Who does all works and controls all the affairs, and we are nothing at all. It is His helps that transformed this nation while in a state of defeat in all aspects. Thank God, the nation emerged victorious; victory comes from God. I repeatedly experienced during this period when I got involved in the affairs that on many occasions when we wanted to do something, we would be diverted to another one. Later on, this decision would turn out to be the right one. It was nothing except that God Almighty did it. When we were traveling, we would see the things coming about naturally were good and not the one we were imagining. In each of the affairs, I experienced that our mind was unable to comprehend the events happening. It is God Who controls minds and is in control of all the affairs. We should believe in this. Our nation should believe that if one of the favors of God Almighty is withdrawn from the universe, the universe will perish. The universe exists by the will of God Almighty. If a certain grace is withheld, the heavens and the earth will perish. It is always the will of God that preserves the things, but we are ignorant; we do not know the issue. Basically, all the sufferings experienced by humanity is because of this ignorance. If this ignorance is removed, the sufferings will also be removed. If the human beings realized that all works come from Him, then there would be no more suffering. This is a station of saints, and they have also other stations that have no names and rituals.
We should be aware that we are just a particle in the world. A population of some million as we are is nothing compared to the universe; we are weak; we are few in number; our country does not have a large population. We must have been annihilated from that initial moment given all those conspiracies. That which protected us was God and not ourselves. The One Who defeated the big powers and is defeating them is God. That which gives power is God. The big powers do not know that this power is God and sufferings are also in this context.
We should believe in the fact that it is because of the grace of God that we reached this point from nothing and it is because of the favors of God that the nation was able to do so. I for one am nothing. It was God who was able to take this nation out of the yoke of the monarchial tyranny and worse than that the yoke of America, the Soviet Union and the like. There is no precedence that a nation would stand on its own feet and say no to this and that. This has no precedence. Everybody is leaning on something although the source of all these supports is God, and they do not realize it. In their understanding, everybody should lean on something else.
Our nation, thank God, by the grace of God Almighty and the favor of the saints of God who gave faith to them, gave power to them, dealt a blow to each of them, stood up and said," We want our independence; we want our freedom." If this trend continues, rest assured that its impact will encompass the entire world.

World's attention toward Iran is on account of its power

Now, thank God, Iran is the focus of talk everywhere in the world. A group is talking inimically while another one is talking well of us. This issue is discussed everywhere because a certain power is involved; otherwise, it would not have been vilified. If it was like before when you were bowing your head, they would not also release abusive language. But as you can see now, the entire world, the whole propaganda machinery of the world is against us and many of those who are inimical to us do not know that it is to our advantage. Perhaps, you observed that most of the propaganda they are having and these words they are uttering end up to our advantage but they are unaware of it. This is also among the favors of God. The point is that we should realize that the source of all affairs is God Almighty. We should not deceive ourselves in thinking that once we are doing something, we should claim that we have done it:" I did it; I am the one doing it." Once this happens, the consequence is defeat; the spiritual defeat is already obvious; it will also entail external defeat.
However, I hope that this nation will progress with the same state that it has while its power and progress are increasing everyday. God willing, the world will become free again and delivered from the yoke of the powerful ones. Hopefully the freedom of nations and the world will be realized and the world's oppressed would be relieved from the oppression of the oppressors. All those that are supporting these nations under their sway are actually trampling upon them. If America praises a certain place, it is actually praising itself because it sees that everybody is subservient to him. If it is rejecting us and telling something about us every day it is because it observes that this nation is not subservient to it. America wants Iran to be subservient. You should know that if this nation utters a single word in line with America's view, it will restore the whole condition" in favor" of this nation while in reality it is not in favor of the nation. In fact, the nation will be trampled upon again. I hope that all nations will go hand in hand and not allow these powers to come to the scene again.

Enemies' conspiracy to defeat Palestine

Today, you can see Palestine. Without any exception, I would like to say that all should go hand in hand and not allow Palestine to remain in its present condition. We should not only sympathize with Palestine and not say what would happen if they backed down a little. The Palestinian nation should know that if it makes a single step back in its position, it will return again to the initial condition. Now, Palestine is almost beating the Jews. I hope it will do so. If it would clings to this Islamic notion and does not listen to the words of the well-wishers, as they imagine to be, or those who are not so but want to deceive- those who argue that a little bit of ceasefire, a five-month ceasefire, a sort of such ceasefire should be in place- it will be able to go ahead with its aims. They all want to stop Palestine from achieving its aims. They want to silence it and to crush it again. The same thing is true for us. Once you see that they are treating us nicely, you should know that the reason behind it is that they want to trample upon us. Whenever they see good intent, you should take it more seriously.
I hope that by the blessings of the purified Imams especially Imam of the Time (`a) to whom this country belongs, God would give opportunity to this nation to continue what it is doing. I hope all the gentlemen and all those who are serving this nation are successful and triumphant, God willing. May God's peace and mercy be upon him.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 21 بهمن 1366

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