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Speech [The need for the people to control the country's current affairs]

Neauphle-le-Chateau, Paris, France
The need for the people to control the country's current affairs
A group of Imam's friends and assistants who have been with him during his stay in Neauphle-le-Chateau
جلد ۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۵۰۹ تا صفحه ۵۱۱
[In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful]

Repairing the ruins through cooperation and patience

I thank all the gentlemen who have given their assistance and have performed tasks throughout this period that I have been entangled with these problems. I must say that the tasks they did were their own tasks and this home was their own throughout.
I would like to point out that when we are together in a small, humble house, we have to work together, each person has a job to do, it is not feasible for one or two people to do all the work. The same goes for the work which has to be carried out in a country which has almost been destroyed and has witnessed many tragic events, it cannot be done unless all sections of that country and all the people of that country pull together. If the Iranian people, every one of them, wherever they may be, do not take steps towards the reconstruction of this country, it will remain in its ruined or semi-ruined state and it will be the fault of us all. Everyone must do whatever he/she can and, for a while, must endure hardships patiently and stoically. If this happens, a pleasant, flourishing, sound country will be established, which will be right in all aspects.
All sections of the country should also keep watch over the country's affairs to prevent devils from once again penetrating. People coming and going into government offices should be inspected, they should be checked and searched, so that anyone purposely planning some kind of offence or act of treason can be stopped and referred to the judicial system to face prosecution.

Lack of restriction cause of corruption and lawlessness

All the disasters that have occurred in these years have done so because the institutions in the country from the top one down, from that man who ruled this country calling himself the Shah, have been free to do what they liked. The Shah ruled without constraint, he was not restricted by the law, and consequently when he acted with license, others learnt from him and followed his example. When the parliament is formed with no regard for the law, then it only follows that the representatives therein are going to do whatever they like, heedless of the law.
Such things should be brought to an end if one wants Iran to be a progressive country in the true sense of the word, not merely by someone just saying that it is. It must be one's intent to change the country intrinsically; that is, the hand of treason should be severed; the hand of crime should be severed. The people are duty bound to watch over all those places that are affiliated to the government. Those with problems who go to the police station or attend court should keep a careful watch over the proceedings; if they wish to see the country reformed, they are duty bound to report any wrongdoings they witness there to the establishments which will be set up to look into such matters, so that the people involved can be prosecuted. If for a period of time some righteous tribunals are set up to look into affairs, that is to see to the people's problems, things will be very different from what they are today with the courts having nothing to do with the rights of the people, or not being able to have anything to do with them, and with the police robbing people rather than serving them. If such practices continue, then even if the biggest thief of them all does go, the lesser thieves will simply take his place and carry on doing the same things. All of you, all of us, should observe matters closely, we should follow up wrongdoings and be prepared to make sacrifices so that, God willing, a sound country will be created.
I pray to Almighty God for your well-being. I apologize for all the troubles you have gone through during this period. May God protect you all and keep you healthy. I am now going to return to this country and we will see what happens. I am bound to go whatever happens. We may have to turn back mid-way and consequently I will once again be at your service, or we may reach there, in which case we will accept whatever lies in store for us.
[One of those present: We will be honored, sir, to be in your service.]
Imam: May God keep you all.

Anxiousness about companions

Gentlemen, I must say something to you that I have already said to Mr. Yazdi «1» and some of the others, and that is that I release you from your oath of allegiance to me, for it is possible that due to the preparations they have made, this journey will be a dangerous one. I have no desire to see you put in danger, God forbid, because of me. «2» I have lived for many years now, but you are all still young.
[ One of those present: I sign these words with my blood. ]
[ One of those present: I have told the ladies that you do not wish them to be on the airplane. It has upset them and I put it to you that didn't Imam Husayn take Hadrat Zaynab and his sisters along with him? ]
Imam: Well, Imam Husayn was Imam Husayn. My circumstances are different. No, I do not wish the women to accompany me, the gentlemen likewise. I feel it would be better if I went alone and the gentlemen followed later...
May God prolong your life. May you be successful, God willing. It is unacceptable to me that someone should be put out for my sake. I have no concern for myself, but I cannot see one of my brothers embroiled in difficulties because of me. May God protect you all and may you be successful, God willing.
«۱»- Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the transitional government. «۲»- Monte Carlo radio in its Arabic service said:" Shapour Bakhtiyar has information to the effect that certain groups are plotting against the life of Imam Khomeini and have hired a few foreign terrorists, who are presently in Iran, for the task. Bakhtiyar has sent a message to Imam Khomeini warning him of the danger that threatens him in Iran. Meanwhile, Imam's words created a commotion in the gathering and unsettled members." Ittila`at newspaper ۱۲/۲۶/۷۸ [۱۰/۵/۵۷ AHS].

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 04 بهمن 1357

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