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Speech [Avoiding conflict; logical confrontation with the subversive elements]

Avoiding conflict; logical confrontation with the subversive elements
Professors of the University of Shiraz and heads of the Education Ministry in Fars province
جلد ۹ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۴۸۸ تا صفحه ۴۹۰
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Shunning differences

When this movement has come to an end there shall be batches in high schools and universities and especially in the universities and at every place- where the teaching centers are located- there shall be groups that will create trouble; and from Tehran and other places also they have come here and asked what is to be done. They are thinking of presenting a plan but the important thing is that those that are among the subversive elements are in a minority. The majority is not subversive elements and this majority must shun any differences if at all they exist among themselves and with their gathering without causing a confrontation or physical fights, they should remove them from the scene with their protest gathering so that they are not able to engage in any activity. The important point is that those who are themselves in the universities where the Ministry of Education is present, whether they be professors or whether they be youth who are there, they should themselves thwart them in a reasonable manner because these people have nothing to offer. The subversive elements have nothing to say; they only want to create disturbances. If any of them makes a claim, go to him and ask him what he has to say. Ask him to talk. You will come to know that they have nothing to say. Their only language is to create disturbances and prevent anything from being done and this matter is in the hands of the university students, centers of learning, and the professors and non-academic staff to help in this affair. God willing, we also shall take certain steps and the government also plans to do something about it.
I shall look into this matter to see what it is and what must be done about it.
[A person from the audience said:" What we say is that if the mutual rights of the student and the teacher that number about ten million throughout the country is made clear to us from the viewpoint of Islam, so that any person whether he be a student or teacher wants to deviate from that direction, we shall confront him severely. I mean that if the mutual rights of the student and the teacher is clarified for us and you please do us the favor and give a message on this subject, so that any person who strays from this path]
I also want to prepare you for this that if we at any time write something and publish it; you should be prepared, for it is you that are important. We shall advise them and if, God forbid, at any time we notice that they are plotting we shall behave with them differently; but the important point is that in the universities, the gentlemen themselves, the students themselves, the teachers themselves, the doctors themselves, those that are present there should not have differences among themselves. At any place if the gathering are all Islamic and the majority are such and the deviants are placed in the minority, then if there are no differences among the majority themselves, they shall destroy the others quickly. The important thing is that sometimes there are differences among themselves. Differences among themselves cause them to infiltrate and prevent anything from being accomplished. You should try not to create differences among yourselves in whichever school or university you are studying; there should be no differences among the pious and Muslim gatherings anymore; they should not split into groups such that each becomes a different thing. They are groups but on the principle issue that must be attained, the criteria must be Islamic criteria. The moral behavior and ethics and these things must be purified. They must be united on certain common issues although there may also be differences of taste; it should be apart from this that all must together thwart an immoral act.
Let me give you this example; these Bakhtiyari tribes were at that time very powerful; they were two clans; I knew this thing; one clan was the Ilkhani who had a population while another clan was the Haj Ilkhani and they too had a population. They were usually on bad terms with each other; they were opposed to one another. I had heard that if an enemy would be found for one of them, both of these opposing clans would come together and drive out the enemy. Then after they had got rid of the enemy they would go back to their former hostilities and differences.
It is a logical matter that when all of you are Muslims; that all of you intend to carry, God willing, this Islamic movement forward; the majority are with you; that is, an absolute majority is with you, but differences should not cause to quarrel with one another opposite them. If you unite opposite that type that is the main enemies of the Revolution and the main enemies of Islam, if you unite against them, they can longer do any thing. But the important thing is that you should come together, be united with one another.
You should also be able to advise them; to persuade them to keep quiet. And if you are unable to do so and they do not heed, of course, we shall act with them in another way.
[At this juncture, one in the audience mentioned certain issues about the divisive role of some pseudo-clergymen.]
The Imam replied:" Well, that also is now a menace that also I hope, God willing, that they be guided."

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 24 شهریور 1358

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