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Speech [Sympathy with the disabled of the revolution - opposition and sabotages of the enemies of the revolution]

Sympathy with the disabled of the revolution - opposition and sabotages of the enemies of the revolution
Disabled of the revolution in provinces and their nurses
جلد ۱۲ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه -۱ تا صفحه ۴۹
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Expressing sorrow for physical infirmity of disabled of the revolution

O, God! You know in what spirit I am when I observe this sight. How can I bear the sight of our brothers, sisters and children losing their members and health for the cause of Islam? How can we endure watching this child standing here maimed in his early childhood? O, God! Punish those who have brought about these predicament for us. O, God! Punish these super powers who commit tehse crimes in the world to gain power for a few more years. Castigate them with your powerful hand. My brothers! My sisters! My dear children! I know you are in suffering. I also sympathize with you in your pain. I sympathize with your pain like a brother whose brother and sister is suffering and like a father whose children are in anguish. However, that which eases afflictions, that which alleviate pains and that which facilitates these agonies is that these sufferings were for the cause of God. You revolved for God and wounded for God and many of your brothers and sisters were killed for God. What you lost in the cause of God is not wasted and will be safe with God. The world is a means for other worlds. God will grant you stations that if others see would wish to be like you.

Step by step policy of the enemy in their oppositions

Our nation is in the process of movement and has not yet reached the destination. Our revolution is making revolutionary growth, yet it has not reached the destination. Our nation is grappling with difficulties which should remove with power, solidarity, preserving faith and will and resolution. Previous difficulties were many and were settled with the power of you dear nation. God willing, the other problems would also be resolved. These problems brought about from beginning to present time are caused by persons who do not want to see our revolution coming to frution nor do they want to let it bear fruit. These are persons who objected to this revolution and worked sabotage step by step and now that the subject of electing president is in the offing, they are engaged in brewing plots and do not want the president to be determined. Now after suffering defeat here and the president was elected, they would carry on with their conspiratorial acts in the case of appointing the parliamentarians. You should prepare yourselves. The nation should be prepared to depart, be equipped to confront the layers sapping the progress of our revolution. Beware that in each and every step you take for improvement and advancement of Islam and the Islamic Revolution the devils that do not want Islam to be fructified and the Islamic Republic established persist in their objections. Be ready to endure the plights and plots in revolutionary way andgo forward as God Almighty is with you. Victory rests in the Iranian nation, God willing.

Our demand - creation of just Islamic government

We want nothing. We have nothing to say but crying for an end to the torture and suffocation our nation has undergone in the course of history. In these recent years optimal degree of torture, suffocation, crime and looting by foreign and domestic ones have loomed over this nation. We want our people to be free and not being under pressure and domination of others, be they foreign or domestic. We want our country to be independent and not be under the leadership of others. We want reservoirs of our country to be theirs. We want to work in our own country and reap the fruit of our labor. We want a just Islamic government, one modeled after governments in early age of Islam. We want our nation to live in comfort and peace. What do those who object step by step say? They object to these demands in the name of being supporter of the nation. These are the interests of our nation. You should wake up as the enemy is lying in wait. We are amid the way. We should cross these defiles. We will hopefully drive back the enemy for good. Your country is yours. May God cure these disabled and wounded ones and grant reward and patience to you.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 16 دی 1358

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