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Speech [The importance of collective cooperation in furthering the goals]

Jamaran, Tehran
The importance of collective cooperation in furthering the goals
Families of the martyrs of 7 Tir (tragedy of the explosion of the Head Office of the Islamic Republic Party) , officials from the illiteracy campaign organization, German-based military college students affiliated with the national defense
جلد ۱۵ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۷۹ تا صفحه ۳۸۲
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Cooperation is the duty of everyone

Today, this gathering is very dear and blessed; it is very blessed because some of the people who are present here are the survivors of the martyrs of the Islamic Republic Party who are the dearest ones of the nation and the most dedicated ones. The Islamic Republic has benefited a lot from these dear martyrs and other ones whether in their life time or martyrdom. From this viewpoint, they are very blessed and honorable. Another group tries to teach the illiterates and root out illiteracy in the country. They have started a very important and highly valued work. I hope they will see it through to the end and with the help of all the people and the government, especially the people in villages. Through their efforts this task can be fulfilled in a proper manner, these blights, which are relics of the monarchy, can be eliminated soon, and our nation will hopefully become knowledgeable, active and aware.
The thing I must tell you is that nothing can be done in the right without collective effort. When people sit and just wait, it is unlikely for the government to be able to tackle everything, and the opposite is equally true. Nowadays, people and government are not separate from each other. The main point is having the sense of responsibility. We should feel duty-bound to help wit everything that is in the interest of our country. With respect to education of the illiterate, as one of the highest values, all the strata of the nation whether teachers or learners or others in the country should cooperate. If those who want to educate slack off, those who want to learn show laxity and the nation as a whole shows apathy, we will not be able to achieve our end. All the problems of this country have come to an end or about to come to an end by the good efforts of all strata of the nation. Therefore, all of us and the entire nation are duty-bound to help with all issues and problems brought about by the superpowers and their allies so as to frustrate all the plots. Do not lose hope because God cares about you and will render ineffective all the plots.

Reminding all strata to abide by the law

The Exalted God says," Those who assist me, I will assist them," «1» He knows that our nation and we want to assist Him and His religion and implement Islamic rules and that right from the beginning of the revolution it has been the concern of all the nation to fulfill Islam. All the martyrs, our dear friends from the army, the revolutionary guards and the other military and non-military strata are pursuing this goal. When all of you, the entire nation and us are after the victory of Islamic rules the exalted God will help us with victory. I want to remind all the strata wherever they are, to abide by the law and regulations of the country. They should help one another and not protest against each other.

Guidance, the only duty of Islamic associations

Islamic associations all over the country are highly valuable and should notice two points: the first point is that they must pay attention to the fact that only the committed individuals must be found in their ranks. Beware that if there is one deviant person influential in an Islamic association, he will lead astray association. I have repeatedly said while selecting people for associations, almost care must be taken. Their personal and family background, their ex-friends, and their performance before and after the revolution must be investigated in detail. When you thoroughly investigated their records and found them to be decent people committed to serve the nation and Islam, you can select them. One more advice I would like to give to these clergies is that while you carefully look into the status of the people working in ministries, army and whatever, your job is just to provide guidance. If guidance does not get them anywhere, you should inform those at the top, like the judiciary. If you interfere directly, it will be against the law and religion. Of course, you should not do such a thing. If you see any of them suggesting such a thing, you should know that they want to lead you astray. The same is true about departments and other strata engaged in activities. The brothers who are making efforts to educate the illiterate in the entire country should know the background of anyone involved in these jobs and what they did in the past to ensure that there are no devious people among them who can lead astray the children of this land forever. This is a very important issue that you brothers working in the Literacy Campaign Organization should take into account and, God willing, you will do so.

Unity of expression, basis for progress of nation

And what I want to tell the nation is that commitment to Islam and unity lay the basis of our progress. Commitment to Islam without consensus on things is useless. Consensus on issues without commitment to Islam is harmful. You should always bear these two points in mind: commitment to Islam and unity of expression. You ought to know that this country, the Majlis, the administration, the army, the revolutionary guards, the Basij and military forces belong to you and all move in the direction that help elevate the idea and develop the country in all aspects. If you want to liberate your country from the clutches of superpowers once and for all, you should make your commitment to Islam firmer day by day and be more active to maintain unity among all strata.

Unity of the Islamic governments makes for self-sufficiency

Another issue I would like to point out to others outside of the country is that if Islamic governments with all their numerous forces and resources unite together, they will not need anything or any country or power. If you hoist the banner of unity, it is they who will need you. If Muslims and Islamic countries keep the brotherhood pact the Exalted God has cited in the Qur'an, neither Afghanistan nor Palestine nor other countries will come under attack. If Islamic countries have unity of expression, they will not need to stretch their hands before America or the Soviet Union. What do need them for? Only when you are disunited you will need them. Why do countries commanding such great support as the glorious Qur'an, the beloved Islam and the great God not get united? When they have such support that always calls them to unity there is no reason for disunity. Why do we have disunity when we have God's Book and the beloved Islam? Iran is a country committed to Islam and has risen up against all powers opposed to Islam and is moving forward. Why do you invite the Islamic governments against Islam and an Islamic country? This Islamic country has gone to great pains for Islam and has offered martyrs and homeless people. So why do the Islamic governments which claim to be Muslim joining forces to oppose a country like Iran? They have seen that despite being small, Iran enjoys the support of God and Islam, has stood against all powers and is moving ahead. With every day passing, the country is getting out of chaos and everything will be alright. It is, however, a pity that other countries do not take Iran as a model. Why do they not take Iran as a model and thus create unity of expression? Those countries failing to come to terms with their nations and others would suffer defeat at the hands of Israel. You saw that Israel captured Golan Heights without caring for any one of you, declaring that no power could make Israel back down from its decision. Why instead of uniting all your resources against Israel are you encouraging disunity among yourselves in such a situation? Israel is the enemy of Islam and humanity; it is your own enemy and the enemy of `Arabs. Why take side? Taking side is against Islam and the glorious Qur'an. The glorious Qur'an calls you to unity while you call for disunity and confrontation with each other. You should come to your senses and make Islam your model; all should submit to Islam and act according to Islam that calls you to unity. If you are united, no country encroach upon you. Israel would not dare to stay in these countries and occupy your land if you were united. At present, because you are not united, Israel is hollering that no power can stand up against it because it is backed by America. But our nations are backed by God.
What has happened that you are taking side? You know that taking side is not in your best interests. Islam wants you to unite. Stick to the string of God. Why not let the string of God bring you together? Every one is siding either with the West or East. Come and put a stop to such things and unite. Be like brothers to each other as prescribed by God:" the believers are brothers to one another". «2» Be like brothers to each other and unite against the opponents of Islam. Rest assured that if you unite, you will emerge victorious; no power, be it in the East or the West, can rule over you. I beseech God to familiarize the heads of the Islamic countries with the Islamic rules and with the interests of Muslims. I hope God will grant success to all of you and to the brothers serving in the Literacy Campaign Organization.
May God's peace and mercy be upon you.
«۱»- Sourah Muhammad ۴۷:۷. «۲»- Sourah al-Hujjrat ۴۹:۱۰.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 07 دی 1360

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