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Message [Mission and duty of MPs and determining priorities of the second term of Majlis]

Jamaran, Tehran
Inauguration of the second term of Majlis
Mission and duty of MPs and determining priorities of the second term of Majlis
Members of Majlis
جلد ۱۸ صحیفه امام خمینی (ره)، از صفحه ۳۷۹ تا صفحه ۳۸۹
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
By the favors of God almighty the glorified and sanction of the Promised Mahdi( May our souls be sacrificed for him )the sacred Islamic Consultative Assembly has just started its second term. This state of affairs comes at a time when, thank God the Islamic Republic enjoys the full support of the dear Iranian nation, which is present in the arena. The nation has left behind the problems of the revolution one after the other to a great extent, its sacred pillars have been established, and has been able to attract the hearts of the believers and oppressed people of the world. The enormous wave of Islam has shaken the oppressed people across the world and despite the predictions and wishes of superpowers and their affiliates are continuing with its proud path. Fearless of the teeth and paws of superpowers and clamor of mass media affiliated with the east and west, the wave of Islam has remained firm and driven out the straws and dregs like surging flood." Then, as for the foam, it passeth away as scum upon the banks, while, as for that which is of use to mankind, it remaineth in the earth." «1» By the will of the omnipotent God, in a short span of time after the victory of revolution Iran has become one of the most powerful Islamic countries in cultural, political, social, economic and military dimensions. We consider these successes and victories to emanate from the source of absolute power, blessings of the great Islam, faith in the omnipotent God and following the sacred laws of Islam. We consider ourselves insignificant and are honored that God has bestowed His special favors upon this oppressed nation and saved it from the vortent of destructions. We hope that by continued commitment of the people to Islam and efforts of all organizations of Islamic Republic of Iran these favors will become permanent and that we will enjoy the good prayers of the Imam of the Time (May God hasten his reappearance). Here it is necessary to appreciate the efforts and struggles of the respected representative of the Majlis. Despite all the difficulties, sabotages and lack of coordination, they succeeded in accomplishing importan tasks and never deflected from the straight path of Islam. They stood against the deviants and accomplished their important works proudly in the first term of the Majlis and amid the atmosphere of sedition and riot that were inevitable in an enormous independent revolution such as the Islamic revolution in Iran. This Majlis should be regarded as an exemplary one because in the time of revolutionary penetration of pervert hypocrites in key positions, their ascent to top posts, and lack of actual experience in complicated issues it managed to achieve remarkable successes through effort, ddiligence commitment to the Islamic Republic, and moving towards Islamization of laws and working for the oppressed peole. Let us beseech the sacred position of divinity to bestow mercy upon the innocent martyrs offered in the cause of Islam and upon their esteemed families." May God grant them good spiritual reward through Islam!"
And as we are going to inagurate the second terms Majlis enjoys the unsparing support of the revolutionary nation who is committed to Islam and the Islamic Republic. The respected MPs have encountered many difficulties gained much experience during the first term of the Majlis, and are familiar with many of the so-called political convolutions, plots and plays. They have undergone sacrifices and witnessed the selflessness of the grand Iranian nation as of the outset of the revolution up to the present day. They have experienced these hardships whether during the tyrannical monarchical regime which subjected the brave nation's women, men, young, and old to collective martyrdom or after the victory when they encountered the treasons and crimes of the hypocritical groups and splinter groups affecting Islam, nationalism and supporting the masses of people while mercilessly butchering the weaker toiling classes. They also witnessed the war being imposed by eastern and western superpowers and their reactionary affiliates who burnt and ruined the tillage and generation of this justice-seeking Muslim nation, martyring the dear youths who defended the ideals of Islam and the holy Qur'an with advanced weaponry offered by the east and west as well as chemical weapons. Now that they have witnessed all these processes, they should give careful attention to the fact that they have undertaken a very great and fateful responsibility.
In this blessed month of Sha`ban and the auspicious birth anniversary of the Promised Savior (may our souls be sacrificed for him) who is ordained to dispense justice in the east and west and to redress the grievances of the oppressed and innocent peoples of the world, I humbly request the representatives and all the innocent people of Iran to accomplish the responsibilities they have undertaken competently in this turbulent and mischievous age marking the rule of jungle and succeed in this great strive and enter the holy presence of the Truth proudly and with honor.
Let me give some brotherly and sincere admonitions to the honorable deputies, may God protect them, in the hope that they will be useful." And warn, for warning profiteth believers." «2»
1- That which is above all warnings and by acheiving it everything will improve and happiness will preveil is that we should instill in our veiled and diseased hearts that the universe from the highest to the lowest level are the manifestation of the Truth, the glorified and sublime, and in His control. No one from the celestial spirits, the prominent prophets and Immaculate Imams to wretched and vicious persons and wherever you search have nothing by themselves; in fact, there is nothing excluding those coming into existence by His brilliant manifestation. This warning is what secures the heart." Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!" «3» With this belief, fears from other than Him will depart from hearts and hopes in other than Him will die away from hearts. O, God! Although we are far from You and bound in the chains of the self, beg You to take our hands through Your saints and relieve us of our self so that we do not see other than You, do not fear other than You, do not have trust in other than you and do not rely on other than you. O, God! We are indebted to you for the victories in warfronts, behind the frontlines and in national and government organizations. If it were not for your special favor and the ray of your mercy over this weak nation, they had been suppressed at the very first breathes. The wolves around the world show their teeth to this nation, the plots hatched by east and west aim to overthrow Islam and the Islamic Republic in integrated form, wide and long international human rights, and security organizations together with mass media directed by left and right have risen in one voice to confront this nation. The so-called Islamic governments in collusion with the usurper Israel and its master and bigger usurper, the US, have been mobilized to topple the Islamic Republic. However, it was Your great favor that our Majlis, people and government have stood like a gigantic and indestructible dam and conveyed the voice of Islam to the world awakened the oppressed people beside the White House and Kremlin and every nook and cranny in the world to move and shout in the hope that Muslims and oppressed people of the world would rise up and take revenge on arrogant powers and preparing the ground for reappearance of the offspring of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny).
2- As this Islamic Revolution is not an ordinary revolution and not dependent on either the western or eastern blocks, it has its special features. It has stood against the two blocks by traversing the straight path and crying" neither east nor west." It has not been afraid of any of these illusory powers and this has helped the nation achieve miraculous victories. Although this treatment brought with it countless plots and conspiracies, the nation did not more back in any stage.
The Majlis stemming from this revolutionary nation is not an ordinary parliament: it is a special phenomenon with special features. One can rightly claim that under the blue sky it is the sole parliament resting on the million-strong vote of people, being set up with independent and direct vote of people remote from influence of khans (tribal chiefs), capitalists, landlords and the so-called political collusions and devious activities, not to mention the bullying of the monarchical regime and its affiliates. Naturally, the responsibilities of such a Majlis are weighty: responsibility of encountering with the politics played by the west and its capitalist wing as well as the authoritarian rule of the east and its communist pole. It is a Majlis that should put into practice the" neither east nor west" policy and bring to the fore the political, social, economic and cultural commands of Islam that had been pushed into oblivion and remained isolated for centuries. Such a Majlis command extraordinary mental power to discern the complex issues in the world and to adopt decisive decision without being tilted to the atheist and capitalist poles. It requires such a power, a power that enables it to proceed fearlessly towards the right even if all he world would move towards wrong. Such a Majlis needs committed experts and professional for its different commissions. For consulting in every field, particularly in foreign policy as well as economic policy, which is today of prominent importance, invite wise, experienced people. Since all seek to promote Islamic laws and render service to servants of God almighty, Majlis should be delighted at seeking assistance from outside of the Majlis.
3- Although the respected first Majlis performed very valuable works and managed to fulfill its duties using great efforts and with difficulty, the density of post-revolution problems and treasons of the former regime were so great that the current Majlis has to cope with many problems such as resolving big economic problems, curbing inflation, finding a solution for housing and land problem, and attending to the needs of deprived and low - income layers such as the esteemed employees working in governmental organizations with low salaries. These hard-working civil servants do not predominantly have a second income and are indeed among deprived people. Settlement of agricultural problems, as the most important affairs of the country, is vested with the government with backing of Majlis. In all these affairs, what is necessary to be done without negligence is the agreement of laws related to these affairs and other affairs of the country with the sacred laws of Islam including the primary and secondary laws. If, God forbid, a minor deviation from the sacred Sharia creeps in this Majlis, it will become an evil tradition to be followed by other evil acts. The burden of all and those who commit these sins will be suldered by them. If, God willing, activities of the respected deputies aim at improving the country and providing welfare of the deprived conform to Islamic standards, its spiritual reward like that of anyone acting accordingly goes to those laying the foundation for this practice. One should not imagine that serving the deprived people even illegally is not objectionable. This is a deviation and treason to Islam and Islamic Republic and to the deprived people who will suffer the fire of hell as the result of the illegitimate property, usurpation and doing injustice to others. I don't think such problems would happen in a country that has sacrificed everything for Islam and implementation of Islamic laws. The Majlis deputies should struggle not to pass bills countering canon and the Constitutional law, because voting against divinely laws is itself a sin and undoubtedly, the esteemed Guardian Council would reject it, thus the works would be procrastinated.
4- You and we know that the Majlis has great and delicate duties. In this country, people have risen for Islam and Islamic government, implementation of the brilliant laws of the holy Qur'an and curtailing oppression and injustice in any form and have sent you to the Majis. The Majlis should reflect your words and deeds, disposition and mentality. Since all these will spread the country and other countries even all over the world through radio and television waves or other media. I feel duty-bound to touch on some of these issues. These are affairs Islam, Islamic ethics, human values and committed Muslim nations expect of them in particular and the public in general.
A) Regarding the manner of treating each other in the Majlis and discussions between proponents and opponents, the deputies are expected to observe Islamic etiquettes in conversations with the intention of finding the truth and a solution in friendly and amicable atmosphere-like scholarly debates in seminaries which aim to discover the truth without imposing ideas. This treatment serves the gentlemen to find the truth better and easier. However, dispute in state of anger and resentment keeps one aloof from reality. Since the debates aim at finding ways forever better service to Islam, the country and the people, peaceful debates are counted as devotions and acts of worship. It is therefore necessary to avoid what counters God's gratification. The Majlis should strive to find proper ways and serve to teach the audience Islamic ethics and human manners. This is an act of worship in itself. If God forbid in this sacred place certain people plan to develop private motive and impose ideas and settlement of accounts, it will naturally lead to dishonor of a Muslim and exchange of unsuitable words, keeping one aloof from the course leading to the truth. This is against the duty of a deputy. At times, dissemination of obscenities in a vast environment is a cardinal sin. I hope that God grants you success in turning the Majlis to a temple glorified from acts and words reminiscing the days of the arrogant powers just as our dear combatants transformed bunkers into mosque and temple, thus producing a model Majlis to be followed by Majlis in other Islamic countries.
B) As regards the quality of treatment with the government, ministers and other staf, there is no doubt that the Majlis supervises all affairs of the country. It is the right of the deputies to prevent any deviation or violation they observe being practiced by ministers and organizations by the rule of law, even to the point of interpellation of the government. There is however, difference between supervision and impeachment and between faultfinding and vengeance. Anyone consulting his conscience comes to realize the difference. With some contemplation on one's state, one will find if summoning the minister is for God and interests of Islam and the country, with no other intention interfering except guidance and withholding deviation and protecting the interests of the nation or being influenced by carnal passions such as ostentation, flaunting and such carnal and satanic tricks. The touchstone (benchmark) to differentiate divine standard from satanic one is that after consulting one's self, one comes to realize if what one has done has been inspired by carnal self and if his dear friend had committed the offence done by one whom he has summoned, would he treat him as he did others or not. This is the meaning of regulations, rules and the straight path, which brim with human values. May God guide us towards it and help us!
Another stage is that supposing no intention but seeking the truth and preventing deviation is at work, one can differentiate between the divine and carnal criteria by quality of fulfillment of duty and pronouncement of the problem. The former requires that claims to be proved through sound reasoning and conclusive evidence and snides, insulting remark and faul behavior be avoided. Otherwise, one should know that hand of Satan, tempting self is at work, and that the speaker is a plaything of carnal passions.
Respected representatives and honored brothers and sisters, the subject is very important. The honor and prestige of a Muslim or a human being is at work. Many a time with one deviation one honorable man might be ruined in society and the dignity of a man might be impaired. If you observed a deviation, firstly embark on investigation without clamor. After it was clear out of question, sit to talk to the person prior to raising the issue in the Majlis. Settle the problem with him/ her as much as possible in a personal manner. If this does not work, summon him/ her to the relevant commission and settle by arbitration of friends. If it is not resolved and the person in question insists on acting contrary to the interests of Islam, the country and the nation, preservation of public interests and Islam is superior to preservation of personal interests whoever one might be. In this case, present the subject without the slightest insult and using logic and cogent argument. You should give him respite to defend himself in a peaceful environment free from tension. At the present, the Majlis should act according to whatever legal and legitimate duty it has without the slightest insult. We all should know that a convict we should all know that no one is allowed to verbally or physically torment a person even a convict who has committed the gravest crime and is gowing towards the gollowas, beyond the reliiuosly defined punishment. The one who does so is himself an oppressor and liable to punishment.
C) Worthy of note is the pre-agenda sermons. The speaker may occasionally imagine he can speak unconditionally and unrestrainedly about anyone whether present or absent, supposedly attacking anyone with no divine, religious and moral standard and even no religious responsibility. At times, sermons are regrettable, going beyond normal limit in insulting a Muslim and believer, or tainting the prestige of people. Occasionally, such people put together figures and subjects corner irrespective of being correct or corrupt and play with the prestige of government and people and even Majlis. They view the Majlis as they did the Majlis in the former regime causing the Muslims across the country to either turn away from or insult it. The gentlemen know that Majlis is the product of long years of pain and suffering and respected blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs and disabled to materialize the brilliant laws of Islam and transformation from arrogant regime to a divine-Islamic one. Majlis deputies should enjoy high and noble Islamic ethics and consider the great God present and supervising their words and deeds, and shun behaviors and words reminiscent of arrogant regimes. If, God forbid, one goes beyond the religious limits whether in pre-agenda sermons or other debates and conversations, others should not forget the great obligation of forbidding evil deeds so that God forbid the rights, principles and prestige of people would not be impaired at a venue meant to protect the interests of Islam, Muslims and the country. The esteemed deputies should impart the noble human and Islamic ethics in their treatments and sermons, which are widely distributed, and acquaint people with the nature of healthy treatment with each other. This in itself is a great service to Islam, Muslims and humanity. Although I did not like to discuss these matters openly, I was moved by religious obligation and the fact that I wish the sanctity of the honorable Majlis and the respected deputies to be observed to serve as a model for parliaments of the world and those of Iran's future.
It is worthy of note that if one is attacked in the Majlis or outside the venue while not being present to defend oneself, one should be permitted to defend oneself in the Majlis or if it is not legally possible to be present in the Majlis, radio, television and the press should shoulder this heavy duty so that the right of an innocent one is not trampled on and his personality is not damaged impaired unreasonably. The Majlis deputies and the Majlis Speaker should serve as a guide to this end. With their commitment and the responsibility they shoulder, they should give this right to absentees so that no right would be spoiled and Majlis that is to protect the interests of the country and the people would oppress no one. If an accusation is leveled against government authorities or others, one has the right to lodge a complaint with the judiciary, which will investigate the case, prosecute the violator, and punish him/ her. If a ministry or organization is subjected to accusation, the right to defend lies with the minister or chief of the organization, they are entitled to complain, and the judiciary will follow up the case. In brief, in any way possible such un-Islamic practices should be prevented. Obviously, it does not mean that Majlis should relinquish its legal and legitimate right, but that the respected deputies are free within the framework of law and Sharia and no one can deny them their legal rights.
D) Today, the principal concern of the country is war and defense of Islam and the Islamic country. Any arrow released from very direction towards Iran target the Islamic nature of Iran. Any voice being raised by anyone or radio wave in any corner of the world aims at weakening, insulting and humiliating Iran. Whatever takes place in our country is reversely reflected in the world. The so-called human rights organizations, Security Council, Amnesty International and others have exerted all their energy to condemn Islam and Iran. Those pretending to love peace and deten human rights struggle to foment the fire of sedition and war everywhere, particularly in Iran. They unsparingly supply the enemies of Islam with weapons of mass destruction and chemical bombs. Thanks a million that God almighty favored this nation by introducing a transformation in them, making them a united entity. By relying on divine power this nation has stood against all and is not afraid of their tumult and commotion. They get prepared for defending Islamic ideals more resolutely than every before. At this time, the duty of all particularly the honorable clerics, the esteemed Majlis and government and chiefs of armed forces is sensitive and heavy. They are the guardians of this unity and solidarity and can save Islam and the country from these sorrowful seditions through their good deeds. No doubt, unity and solidarity of deputies themselves are the highest priorities. Every group should support the others. Today, given the present approach of the world towards Iran, difference and discord among any layer or a layer with another that might pervade the layers of people are deadly poisons pushing the very person or group, the country, the nation and even the great Islam to the verge of destruction. In this time and condition, there is no sin or crime graver then this. The prominent `ulama' and Friday prayer leaders- the likes of whom God may increase- should note that sometimes one sentence or one interview or one sermon can bring Iran under fire; lead to a disaster within the country; cause difference and discord; weaken the military, Sepah and other armed forces, or create discord between Sepah and the military which may, God forbid, cause the several-year-long efforts of gentlemen go to waste. This state of affairs might dishearten the government that is willing to serve. With the government suffering defeat, the pillars of Islamic Republic would begin tottering. The honorable deputies of the second term of Majlis who have just started to serve Islam and the Islamic Republic are required to help the governmentgiven the current situation of the country, growing economic and military pressures, unbe`Arable troubles encountered by the government, the enormous expenditure caused by the war and its consequences, the problem of war refugees, Afghan and Iraqi guests who are great in number, the war ravages and the corruption of all sorts inherited from the former regime and many other back-breaking problems. With your help the government can settle the problems one after the other. While keeping your right of supervision and preventing deviations, in the present conditions assess the questions altogether and if something appears to be undue in your view bear in mind the existing situation and evaluate the problems and see if you were the government how you would be able to overcome the current problems.
Know that overall, the government has been able to serve so far in an extraordinary manner. The remaining shortcomings are inevitable. To put it briefly, it is necessary for all to support each other to bring the event under control. With the performance of the government in this brief period and its valuable services across the country, it should be said that it has been a successful government. It should be given the opportunity to find greater success. The government should be assisted in shortcomings and failures by intellectual and practical contributions. The country belongs to all and by relying on the eternal power and with the help of all one can overcome any problem, God willing.
E) The respected deputies who, through God's assistamce and the votes of deprived masses, have been given the chance to serve the dear Islam and the esteemed nation are expected to stick the truth and regulations in all activities and votes as the sign of gratitude to God Almighty. For example, regarding the credentials that are debated consider what gratifies God and is necessitated by reality without political inclinations and considerations of friendship and enmity and the political aspects prevailing in the world. Consider this approach in all your deeds and words in your tenure to render valuable service. Beware not to subject yourself to the wrath of Creator to gratify the created. In fact, you should be the ones who execute the divine justice. This attitude is pleasant by all but is more pleasant to be done by those occupying sensitive posts. You respected deputies can render valuable service to God and the Creator with one vote of yours and vice versa. You can remove one big threat from the country and Islam and vice versa. Sticking to the right cause and acting accordingly is freethinking and remembrance of God, which lead to the peace of heart and mind.
F) If you want to bravely stand against the wrong and defend the right, if you want the superpowers with their advanced weapons, and devils with their plots not to impress you and cause you leave the scene, try to get used to living a simple life and shun attachment to property, wealth and name and fame. Great men who have rendered great services to their nations had simple life-styles and were disinterested in wrongly giltter. Those who have been and are entrapped by venal passions succumb to any wretchedness and abjection to attain to or preserve these animal desires. They are humble before force and satanic powers and oppressive to the weak masses of people. However, the pious people are totally different. Because by aristocratic life styles and consumerism one cannot preserve human-Islamic values. The Iranian youths, women and men brought up under arrogant powers' education could never challenge the arrogant power. However, when they were transformed by the powerful hand of God the glorified into revolutionary ones being remote from satanic likings, they were able to crush that great power. The criminal hands that led our youths to debachuery centers in the former regime and reduced the liberal men into poppets, intended to make people indifferent to various treason committed in the country and whatever befalling the country and its recourses. They wanted people not to object to being affected by chains of colonialism. Today, the active layers in warfronts and behind the frontlines comprise of the deprived and plain living classes. Among them, there is no trace of those attached to the worldly allurements.
May God rid us of all satanic bonds so that we can carry this divine trust to the destination and hand it over to the proprietor of the trust- the Promised Mahdi- (May our souls be sacrificed for him). I implore God almighty to grant happiness and health to the esteemed deputies of the first term of the Majlis, who were not afraid of problems and strived to implement the Islamic rules. It is hoped that the deputies of the second term enjoy success and power to make decision to attain the sacred Islamic ideals. Let us pray God to protect the Muslims of the world against the evil of superpowers. May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
«۱»- Sourah ar-Ra`d, Part of Verse ۱۷. «۲»- Sourah az-Zariyat ۵۱:۵۵. «۳»- Sourah ar-Ra`d, Part of Verse ۲۸.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 07 خرداد 1363

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