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پیام به ملت ایران در سالگرد کشتار خونین مکه (قبول قطعنامه 598)the seminary and the university must be fusedthe seminary and the university must be fused
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Message [Anniversary of the bloody Mecca Massacre and acceptance of the UN Resolution 598]

Jamaran, Tehran
Anniversary of the bloody Mecca Massacre and acceptance of the UN Resolution 598
Iranian nation
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 21 from page 71 to 94
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
"Allah hath fulfilled the vision for His messenger in very truth. Ye shall indeed enter the Inviolable Place of Worship, if Allah will." «1»
Despite the lapse of one year since the horrible and merciless massacre of the innocent faithful and monotheistic pilgrims by the puppets of America and of the House of Sa`oud, the city of God and people of God are flabbergast. By killing the guests of God and slaughtering the best servants of God, the House of Sa`oud not only stained Masjid al-Haram with the blood of the martyrs, but also the world of Islam, making the Muslims and liberal people bereaved.
For the first time, last year Muslims of the world celebrated in the martyrdom of the children of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in the slaughterhouse of love and in the Mina of God's gratification, children who had returned from their battle against the world-devourers and their lackeys for umpteenth time. Once again, in contradiction with the way of freedom, America, Israel and the House of Sa`oud killed our men and women, mothers and fathers of the martyrs, the defenseless disabled of the war. At the last moments, they also dastardly and mercilessly whipped the half dead bodies of our aged ones as well as the thirsty mouths of our oppressed ones, thus taking their revenge. Revenge on whom and for which crime? Revenge on those who migrated from their homes toward the House of God and the home of people! Revenge on those who for years had shouldered the burden of trust and struggle. Revenge on those who, like Ibrahim (`a), were returning from breaking the idols; they had" broken" the Shah; they had" broken" America and the Soviet Union; they had crushed disbelief and hypocrisy. They were those who, after traversing all those ways, with the shout of," And proclaim unto mankind the Pilgrimage. They will come unto thee on foot and on every lean camel," «2» had come barefooted and bareheaded so as to delight Ibrahim; they had come to the reception of God to remove from their faces the dust and dirt of the journey by means of the Zamzam water, to extinguish their fire in the limpid water of the Hajj rituals, to be responsible with more strength, and on their perpetual wayfaring they took off not only in the stations of Hajj but also in the atations of action, the garment and veil of attachment and affection to the world. They were those who, for the deliverance of the deprived and servants of God, had forbidden for themselves the comfort of the comfort-seekers; worn the garment of martyrdom and made their definite decision not to become slaves of America and the Soviet Union and not to submit to any but God. They had come in order to tell Muhammad (s) again that they had not become tired of the struggle and that they are aware well that the Abou Sufyans, Abou Lahabs and Abou Jahls have been lying in ambush; and to acquire themselves," Are Lat and Hubal still in the Ka`bah?" Yes, they are there being more dangerous than those idols but in their new visage and deceit. Today, the modern day idols know that the Masjid al-Haram is indeed the Masjid al-Haram but for America rather than for mankind! And whoever does not resppond to struggle against America and instead direct his steps toward the Lord of the Ka`bah will deserve vengeance- vengeance against the pilgrims whose entire specks of existence and all the movements and pauses of their revolution have revived the Abrahamic rituals of Hajj. Indeed, they will move to fill the atmosphere of their country and lives with the fragrance of responsiveness.
Yes, according to the logic of the global imperialism whoever likes to declare immunity against disbelief and polytheism will be accused of being polytheist, and the muftis and complimentary offspring of these grandchildren of Bal`am Ba`ouras «3» will issue verdict for his murder and being a disbeliever. Finally, in the history of Islam, that sword of disbelief and hypocrisy which were supposed to have been hidden behind the false attire of the followers of Yazid and the stipendiary of the `Umayyads (may God's curse be upon them) for the annihilation and murder of the best among the righteous children of the Prophet of Islam; that is, Hadrat Abou `Abdillah al-Husayn (`a) and his loyal supporters, surfaces again from the garment of the same legacy of the offspring of Abou Sufyan and cut the pure and clean neck of the supporters of Husayn (`a), at the same hot weather of Karbala' of Hijaz and at the slaughterhouse of Masjid al-Haram; and the very accusations that the followers of Yazid leveled against the righteous children of Islam, introducing the latter as" aliens"," atheists"," polytheists", and apostates whose blood is permitted to be spilled, were exactly leveled against those who are treading their path. God willing, we will remove the contrition of our hearts by taking revenge from America and the House of Sa`oud at an appropriate time, and put on their hearts the bereavement and regret of sweetness of this mortal crime, and by celebrating for the victory of truth over the forces of disbelief and hypocrisy, and the liberation of the Ka`bah from the unlawful and illegitimate hands, we will enter the Masjid al-Haram.
However, the pilgrims of the countries, who certainly have traveled to Mecca under the control and intimidation of their states and governments, will miss their real friends, brothers, supporters and comrades in their midst. In a bid to cover their horrendous crimes last year and to justify" but to turn (men) from the way of Allah," «4» and the banning of the Iranian pilgrims from performing the Hajj, the House of Sa`oud will subject the pilgrims to their intense propaganda. The mass media and the press, the court-`ulama' and mercenary muftis (may God's curse be upon them) in the Muslim countries, especially in Hijaz, will engage in shows and speeches and limit the scene for reflection and quest for the understanding and comprehension of the real philosophy of Hajj as well as for knowing the (real score behind) the Great-Satan-premedit event on the massacre of the visitors of God. Certainly, in such circumstances, the mission of the pilgrims is so heavy. The most serious problem of the Muslim societies is that they have not yet comprehended the real philosophy of most of the Islamic laws. Notwithstanding all its secrets and splendor, Hajj has still remained a hollow form of worship and a futile and worthless activity.
One of the greatest responsibilities of Muslims is to discover this reality: What is Hajj? Why should they always spend part of their material and non-material facilities for its performance? So far, what has been described by the ignoramuses, spiteful analysts or sold-out servants as the philosophy of Hajj is that Hajj is a form of collective worship and a pilgrimage-tourist travel. It is in Hajj that Muslims learn how to lead life, how to struggle and how to take stand against the capitalist and communist world! It is in Hajj that the rights of the Muslims must be taken back from the oppressors! It is in Hajj that the Muslims should look for the solutions to their emotional and physical pressures! It is in Hajj that the Muslims should show themselves as the third great force and power in the world! It is Hajj that incites the Muslims to rise up against the surrogate governments! Instead, Hajj is that tourist journey for visiting the Qiblah and Medina, and that is all! Hajj is meant for seeking nearness to God and man's connection to the Owner of the House (i.e., God). Hajj is not mere movements, acts and utterances; man cannot approach God through hollow speech, utterance and act. Hajj is the center of all the knowledge on God, from which the essence of the policy of Islam in all aspects of life must be sought. Hajj is the messenger, creation and formation of a society far from material and spiritual vices. Hajj is the manifestation and recurrence of all the loving scenes of life of the perfect man and society in the world. And the rituals of Hajj are the rituals of life. While the society of the Islamic ummah, regardless of race and nationality, should be Abrahamic in order to be enlisted in the army of the ummah of Muhammad (s), be in unison and be a single hand, Hajj is the organization, training in monotheistic life. Hajj is the scene of showing as well as the mirror of assessing the material and moral talents and capabilities of Muslims. Hajj is similar to the Qur'an from which everybody will benefit, but if the scholars, researchers and afflicted ones among the Islamic ummah would take leap in the dark of Qur'an's knowledge and not be afraid of getting near and delving into social laws and policies, they would acquire gems of guidance, development, wisdom and freedom from the shell of this sea. They would be quenched forever by the fountain of its wisdom and knowledge. Yet, what is to be done and where to bring this great affliction for complaint? Like the Qur'an, Hajj has been antiquated. Such book of life, perfection and elegance has been hidden behind our self-made veils. Such treasure of the secret of creation buried and concealed in the deepest chambers of our perverted minds. Its language of affection, guidance, life and the philosophy of life retrogressed, turning into the language of terror, death and graveyard. Hajj has also met the same fate- a fate that every year millions of Muslims move to Mecca and take their steps in lieu of the steps of the Prophet Muhammad, Ibrahim, Isma`il, and Hajar, yet nobody would ask who were Ibrahim and Muhammad (`a) were and what they did. What was their objective? What have they demanded from us? As if the only thing that is not thought of is this one. Certainly, Hajj devoid of spirit, movement and uprising, Hajj without disavowal of polytheist, Hajj without unity, and Hajj that does not remove the traces of disbelief and polytheism is no Hajj at all. In sum, all the Muslims should endeavor to revive the Hajj and the Holy Qur'an and let these two return to the scene of their lives. By presenting the real and authentic commentaries on the philosophy of Hajj, the devoted researchers should throw to the sea all the twists and turns of the court-`ulama''s superstitions.
Nonetheless, what the dear pilgrims should know is that America and the House of Sa`oud have described the Mecca event as sectarian strife and power struggle between the Shi`ah and Sunni. They introduce Iran and its leaders as having the ambition to create a great empire so that many of those who are uninformed of the trend of political events in the Muslim world and of the evil designs of the world-devourers would imagine that our shout of disavowal against the polytheists and our struggle for the nations' attainment of freedom is in pursuit of our political power and expansion of geographical domain of the Islamic government. Of course, for us and all the scholars and researchers who are informed of the evil intentions of the House of Sa`oud establishment, it is not surprising that they would accuse of Iran and its government of creating dissension and division among Muslims, Iran's government from the emergence of the victory until now has called for the unity of Muslims and shared with Muslims in their adversity and prosperity in all happenings in the Muslim world. More serious than this, they accuse the pilgrims, who out of love in paying homage to the shrine of the Prophet and the holy precinct of security of God have gone to Hijaz, of forming and sending an invading army to siege the Ka`bah, set on fire the holy precinct of God and destroy the city of the Prophet, Medina! They would mention the presence of Revolutionary Guards, military men and officials of the country in the rites of Hajj as the evidence and reason behind their act of massacre! Yes, in the logic of the House of Sa`oud the military men and Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic country should be alienated from Hajj; and such kind of travels for the government and military officials is surprising and conspiracy-laden. According to the world arrogance, the officials of the Muslim countries should go to Europe; what they have to do with Hajj?! The American stooges have equated burning the American flag as setting on fire the Masjid al-Haram and chanting of slogan," Death to the Soviet Union, America and Israel" as hostility to God, the Qur'an and the Prophet. They have introduced our government and military officials who are wearing ihram as the leaders of conspiracy!
The fact is that the arrogant states of the East and the West, particularly America and the Soviet Union, have practically divided the world into two parts- the free and politically quarantined. In the free part of the world, it is these superpowers that do not recognize any limit, bound or law, considering encroachment on others' interests. Colonization, exploitation and enslaving of nations are necessary and totally justifiable, logical and in consonance with all their self-made and international principles and standards. However, in the politically quarantined part, on which most of the weak nations of the world, especially Muslims, unfortunately, have been confined and imprisoned. There is no right to live and freedom of expression; all laws, rules and formulas will be the same dictated laws approved by the surrogate systems and ensuring the interests of the arrogant powers. Regrettably, most of the agents at this part of the world are the same imposed rulers or followers of the general lines of the arrogant who treat mere shout due to pain within these fortifications and shackles as an unforgivable crime and sin; they protect the interests of the world-devourers such that nobody has the right to utter a single expression that can undermine them or disturb their sound sleep. Since the Muslims of the world, on account of the pressure, imprisonment and execution imposed on them by the rulers of their own countries, have no courage to express the agonies, with utmost freedom the afflictions and pains at the holy sanctuary of security of God so that the other Muslims could think of a solution to their deliverance. Thus, on account of this we insist and maintain that the Muslims could, at least in the House of God and the holy sanctuary of security, feel themselves free from the conditions and restrictions of the oppressors and in a grand maneuver they could declare their immunity against anything that they abhor and utilize any means for their deliverance.
The government of the House of Sa`oud has taken the responsibility of controlling the pilgrims to the House of God. It is owing to this that I mention with certainty that the event in Mecca is not separate from the principal policy of the world-devourers in suppressing the Muslims. By declaring immunity against the polytheists we decide for the liberation of the accumulated energy of the Muslim world. By the help of God Almighty and through the hands of the children of the Qur'an, one day this task would be realized. God willing, one day all the Muslims and those who are suffering would shout against the oppressors in the world, proving that the superpowers, their servants and mercenaries are among the most despised beings in the world.
The massacre of the pilgrims to the House of God is a conspiracy for the protection of the policies of the global imperialism and prevention of the influence of the pure Muhammadan (s) Islam. The black and shameful record of the impotent rulers of the Muslim countries speaks of the exacerbation of the suffering and agony of the half-dead body of Islam and the Muslims.
The Prophet is not in need of aristocratic mosques and decorative minarets. The Prophet of Islam has been aiming at the honor and dignity of his followers, who unfortunately have been in wretchedness due to the wrong policies of the puppet governments. Could the Muslims of the world forget the tragic mass murder of hundreds of scholars, and thousands of women and men of Muslims' various schools of thought during the ignominious period of House of Sa`oud as well as the crime of massacre of pilgrims to the House of God? Could not the Muslims witness that today the centers of Wahhabism in the world have been converted into centers of sedition and espionage, which on one hand, are propagating the Islam of aristocracy, the Islam of Abou Sufyan, the Islam of filthy court mullahs, the Islam of foolish sanctimonious seminaries and universities, the Islam of abjectness and misery, the Islam of money and force, the Islam of deception, compromise and servitude, the Islam of domination of capitalism and the capitalists over the oppressed and the barefooted, and in a single word," American Islam". On the other hand, they pay homage before their master- the world-devouring America.
The Muslims do not know where they can make their point with regard to the House of Sa`oud, the guardian of the two holy sites that makes Israel certain that" they would not use their weapon against Israel"! In order to prove their word, they sever their relationship with Iran. Indeed, to what extent should the relationship of the heads of Muslim countries with Israel be warm and sincere that in the summit conference of Muslim states they superficial struggle against Israel from the agenda?! Had they only a speck of Islamic and Arab zeal and fervor, they would not have been ready to engage in such a dirty political deal.
Are these acts not shameful for the Muslim world? Is it not a crime and sin to be simply a spectator? Is there anyone from among Muslims to rise up so as not to tolerate so much disgrace and ignominy? Verily, we should sit idly so that the heads of Muslim states to ignore the feelings of one billion Muslims, endorse all the atrocities of the Zionists and again bring Egypt and the like to the scene. Now, would Muslims believe that Iranian pilgrims have risen up to occupy the House of God and the holy shrine of the Prophet and want to steal the Ka`bah and transfer it to Qum?! If Muslims of the world have believed that their heads are the real enemies of America, the Soviet Union and Israel then they would believe their propaganda against us.
Of course, we have time and again announced that in our foreign policy we plan to expand the influence of Islam in the world and curb the hegemony of the world-devourers. Now, if American agents label this policy as expansionism and idea of establishing a great empire, we welcome and are not afraid of it. We are in pursuit of desiccating the rotten roots of Zionism, capitalism and communism in the world. With the help and favor of God Almighty, we have decided to annihilate all systems that are formidably standing on these three pillar; and to propagate Islamic system of the Messenger of Allah (s) in the world of arrogance. Sooner or later, the nations in chains will bear witness to it. We will try our best to prevent the expansion of black-mail and immunity of American agents even if it takes the form of violent struggle. God willing, we will not allow cry for compromise with America, the Soviet Union, disbelief, and polytheism be shouted at the Ka`bah and Hajj- this great pulpit that should resound the outcry of the oppressed to be reflected to the entire world and reverberating the call of monotheism. We implore God to grant us the power to toll the death knell of America and the Soviet Union not only at the Ka`bah of the Muslims but also at the churches in the world.
The Muslims and deprived people of the world should feel a sense of pride and freedom from this endless purgatory our Islamic revolution has created for all world-devourers. Muslims should cry for freedom and liberation in their lives and destinies and salve it on their wounds as the era of impasse, hopelessness and breathing in milieu of disbelief is over. The rose-garden of liberation of nations is blossoming. I hope that Muslims would look to the lovely buds of freedom, fragrant breeze of spring and fresh flowers of love and affection. The limpid spring of your resolution is simmering. We should all come out of the quagmire, silence, and inertia implanted by American and Soviet functionaries who have spread the seed of death and captivity; we should proceed to the sea from which Zamzam has gushed forth. We should wash the Ka`bah, this divinely sanctuary, polluted by the ritually impure and alien hands of America and its offspring with our tears.
Muslims in all countries of the world, from where you have been enmeshed into gradual death due to the dominance of foreigners, should overcome the fear of death. Make use of the devoted and martyrdom-seeking youth who are ready to break into the lines of the front of disbelief. Do not think of maintaining the status quo; rather, think of escaping from captivity, deliverance from slavery and rising up against the enemies of Islam, as honor and life are under the aegis of struggle. Thereafter, decide on forbidding for yourselves the hegemony of the global disbelief and polytheism. Whether or not we are in Mecca, our heart and soul are with Ibrahim and Mecca. Whether they open or not the gates of the Messenger's city (Medina), the thread of our affection to the Prophet would never be cut or weakened. We perform our prayers toward the Ka`bah and will die while facing it. We thank God for having abided with our pledge to the Lord of the Ka`bah and laid down the foundations of the declaration of immunity against polytheists with the blood of thousands of martyrs from among our beloved ones. We have not waited for the bad-natured rulers of some Muslim and non-Muslim countries to support our movement. We are always the oppressed, deprived and barefooted of history. We have nobody except God. If we were cut into pieces a thousand times, we would not give up the struggle against oppressors.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is thankful to the free Muslims of the world who, exposed the criminal secrets of America and the House of Sa`oud and showed to the world our state of being oppressed in spite of the strangulation of the ruling policy over them, through conferences, interviews and speeches. The Muslims should become aware that so long as the balance of power in the world is not in their favor, the interests of the foreigners will always take precedence over their interests; and every day, under the pretext of protecting their interests, the Great Satan and the Soviet Union will create a scenario. By the way, if the Muslims would not seriously solve their own problems with the world-devourers and not bring themselves at least at the fringe of the world superpower, will they have peace of mind? Now, if under the pretext of protecting its own interests, America destroy a Muslim country, who will prevent it from doing so? Thus, no option has been left except struggle. The claws and teeth of the superpowers, especially America, must be broken. One of these two options must be chosen- martyrdom or victory- both of which in our school are victory. May God, by His will, grant all the Muslims the power to break the framework of the ruling and oppressive policies of the world-devourers. I hope will God grant them the courage to form trellises (laws) on the basis of human dignity and to accompany everybody from the ebb of abjectness to the peak of honor and dignity.
Prior to the bitter and sweet event of Hajj last year, some individuals had not comprehended well the philosophy behind the insistence of the Islamic Republic of Iran for march rally in declaring immunity against polytheists. They asked about the need for march rally and clamor for struggle at the Hajj journey and in such a hot weather. If there were ever shout of immunity against the polytheists accordingly, there is no harm if the world arrogance is taken into account. So many simple-hearted individuals used to deem that the so-called civilized world of the world-devourers will not only have the tolerance on such political issues but also allow the oppositionists even more than this extent of life, demonstration and march rally. The proof to this claim is the permit given to the march rallies in the so-called free countries of the West. However, the point must be cleared that such kind of march rallies brings no harm whatsoever for the superpowers and powers. It is the march rally in Mecca and Medina that will lead to the closure of the oil tunnel of Saudi Arabia. It is the march rallies in Mecca and Medina that will end up in the annihilation of the staunch servants of America and the Soviet Union. It is exactly due to this that it is prevented by means of massacring free men and women. It is under the auspices of this immunity against the polytheists that even the simple-hearted will understand that one should not bow his head in front of America and the Soviet Union.
The beloved and valiant nation of Iran should be certain that the event in Mecca will become the origin of great transformation in the Muslim world, and paving favorable ground for the uprooting of corrupt systems in the Muslim countries and ostracism of the pseudo-clerics. Although no more than one year has passed since the epic declaration of immunity against polytheists, the fragrance of the pure blood of our beloved martyrs has diffused in the entire world. We can observe its effects in different parts of the world. The epic poem of the people of Palestine is not a fortuitous phenomenon. Does the world imagine who have composed this epic poem and on which ideal the people of Palestine have relied, who are heedlessly and empty-handedly resisting against the brutal attacks of the Zionists? Is it the mere call of patriotism that has made a world of resistance for their existence? Has it sold its tree of politicians since it is the fruit of steadfastness and the olive of light and hope that are falling? If that was the case, it is for years that these politicians are in the midst of the Palestinians and have taken their bread in the name of the Palestinian nation! There is no doubt that it is the call of" Allahu akbar"- cried by our nation that rendered the Shah hopeless in Iran and the Zionist usurpers in Jerusalem. It is (because of) the realization of that slogan of disavowal that the Palestinian nation, shoulder-to-shoulder with their Iranian sisters and brothers, shouted the loud cry of liberation of Quds «5» and uttered," Death to America, the Soviet Union and Israel" at the Hajj demonstrations. On the same bed of martyrdom that the blood of our beloveds spilled that it (the Palestinian nation) rested in peace with the offering of blood and the rite of martyrdom. Yes, the Palestinians found their lost way through our way of disavowal. We observed in this struggle how the strong sieges were broken; how the blood over the sword, faith over disbelief, and shout over the bullet emerged victorious, how the dream of the Children of Israel of occupying the area from Nile to Euphrates was disturbed and how the shining star of Palestine was set ablaze from the blessed tree of our" Neither East nor West". Today, just as the widespread moves in the entire world to draw us to compromise with disbelief and polytheism are in full swing, the same continues for extinguishing the flame of wrath of the Muslim nation of Palestine. This is just one example of the advancement of the revolution. While those, who believe in the principles of our Islamic revolution, have multiplied in the world and we consider them as strong assets of our own revolution, those who sign the scroll of defending us with the ink of blood and respond to the call of the revolution with all their lives will take control of the entire world with the help of God. Today, the war has embarked on between truth and falsehood, poverty and affluence, oppression and arrogance, and the barefooted and the indolent affluent. I kiss the hands and shoulders of all the dear people across the world shouldering the burden of resistance, struggling in the cause of God and enhancing the honor of Muslims. I present my sincere greetings and salutations to all the buds of liberty and excellence. God has spread the effects and blessings of our spirituality in the world. Your luminous hearts and eyes have become the center of supporting the deprived, and the spark of your revolutionary wrath has frightened the rightist and leftist world-devourers. Of course, we all know that our country at the state of war and revolution has endured hardships and troubles. Nobody claims that the deprived, deprived and low-income classes, particularly workers and employees, are not experiencing the grips of economic problems. However, what all the people think as more important than this is the issue of preserving Islam and the foundations of the revolution. The people of Iran have proved that they can endure thirst and hunger but can never tolerate the defeat of the revolution and blow to its principles. The noble nation of Iran has always resisted against the most intense attacks by the entire world of disbelief against the foundations of its Revolution, all of which have no chance of mentioning here.
Has the valiant nation of Iran not resisted against the numerous crimes of America in the Persian Gulf? They have resisted the US military and intelligence support of Iraq, attack on the oil platforms, ships and boats and shooting down of passenger plane. Has not the Iranian nation stood firm against the war of diplomacy of the East and West against itself and the creation of political games for the international community? Has not the courageous nation of Iran withstood the economic, propaganda and psychological war and atrocious attacks and bombardment by Iraq on cities and residential areas, not mention the repeated chemical bombings of Iran and Halabchah? Has not the beloved nation of Iran endured the conspiracy of the hypocrites and liberals, the pillage and hoarding of the capitalists and the pretense of the sanctimonious clerics? Have all these events and happenings not aimed at striking a blow at the foundations of the Revolution? If it were not due to the presence of the people, any of these conspiracies could render a blow to the foundations of the system. Thus, we thank God for making the Iranian nation succeed with flying colors in accomplishing its mission and not deserting the scene.
Our beloved nation, which constitutes the true and authentic combatants for the Islamic values has understood well that it is not appropriate to combat with welfare-seeking. Those who imagine that struggle along the path of independence and freedom of the downtrodden and deprived people of the world is compatible with capitalism and welfare-seeking are alien to the alphabet of struggle. While those who think that capitalists and indolent wealthy ones can be awakened through advise, counsel and admonition join the freedom-fighters or assist them are building castle in the air. Struggle vis-a-vis welfare and capital, uprising versus comfort-seeking and love of the world and the hereafter are two subjects that can never be mixed together. Only those who are with us up to the end would experience the pain of indigence, deprivation and weakness. The indigent and underprivileged are the true architects of revolutions. We have to undertake all our efforts to preserve in whatever way possible the fundamental line of defending the downtrodden. The government officials of the revolutionary Iran should become aware that in a bid to destroy the revolution some of those who are ignorant of God would immediately brand as" communist" and eclectic anyone who desires to work for the poor and indigent and tread the path of Islam and the Revolution. One should not be afraid of these accusations. God must be taken into account. One must exert his utmost efforts to please God and help the poor, and not to be afraid of any accusation. America and the world arrogance have agents in all areas working to defeat the Islamic Revolution. In seminaries and universities there are elements whose menace I have repeatedly pointed out. Through their ruse, they are destroying the revolution and Islam from within. Assuming the" true face" of proponents and votaries of religion and guardianship of supreme Muslim jurisprudent, they brand everybody as irreligious. We must seek refuge in God from their evil acts. Similarly, there are others who assail every cleric and religious scholar without exception and introduce the latter's Islam as" American Islam" are also treading a dangerous path God forbid that could, result in the defeat of the pure Muhammadan Islam. We continue upholding restoration of the rights of deprived people in human societies up to the last drop of blood.
Today, the world is thirsty of the culture of pure Muhammadan Islam. In a grand Islamic organization, the Muslims will destroy the prosperity, sustenance and luster of the Red and White Houses. Today, Khomeini has opened his breast for the bullets of calamity and difficult events and in facing all the cannons and missiles of the enemies. Similarly, all the lovers of martyrdom are counting days for attaining martyrdom. Our war is an ideological war and recognizes no geography or border. In our ideological war we must undertake a general mobilization of the soldiers of Islam in the world. God willing, through its material and moral support for the revolution, the great nation of Iran is compensating the difficulties of the war with the sweetness of the defeat of the enemies of God in the world. Is there anything sweeter than the fact that the great nation of Iran has descended like a thunderbolt over the head of America? Is there anything sweeter than the fact that the Iranian nation has witnessed the fall of the pillars and components of the monarchial system and broken the mirror of life of America in this country? Is there anything sweeter than the fact that our beloved people have desiccated the roots of hypocrisy, nationalism and" eclectism?"? God willing, the Iranian nation will taste its eternal sweetness in the hereafter. Not only those who have advanced up to the station of martyrdom, self-sacrifice and presence in the warfront but also those who behind the warfronts, have strengthened the war through their affectionate glances and benevolent prayers that can benefit from the prominent station and their great reward of mujahidin «6». Blessed are the mujahidin! Blessed are the inheritors of Husayn (`a)!
The followers of America should know that martyrdom in the way of God is not a concept to be can be compared with victory or defeat battle. The station of martyrdom is itself the pinnacle of servitude to God and wayfaring in the world of spirituality. We should not degrade martyrdom to the extent of saying that in exchange for the martyrdom of the children of Islam, Khorramshahr and other cities were liberated. All these definitions of martyrdom are wrong assumptions of nationalists. Our aim is higher than that. The nationalists imagined that our aim is to implement the international Islamic objectives in the world of poverty and hunger. We say," So long as the supremacy of the East and the West are there, there is struggle and as long as there is struggle, we are here." We do not have any dispute with anybody over a city or country. We plan to hoist the banner of" La ilaha illallah" [There is no deity but Allah] on top of the lofty summits of glory and grandeur. Thus, O my children in the Army, Revolutionary Guards and Basij forces! Never be impressed by relinquishing a position (continuation of the war) and be glad and proud for taking another position (ceasefire). These are trivial matters vis-a-vis your goal just as the whole world is trivial compared to the Hereafter.
The fathers, mothers, spouses and relatives of our martyrs, prisoners of war, those missing in action, and disabled of the war should be aware that nothing has lost from what their children have attained. Your children are beside the Noble Prophet and the pure Imams. Victory and defeat make no difference for them. Today is the day for the guidance of the future generations. Fasten you seatbelt as nothing has changed. Today is a day, which God has willed to be so, and yesterday God had willed it as such, and tomorrow will be the victory day for the army of truth. But whatever is the will of God, we are ready to face it; and we obey the command of God. It is for this reason that we seek martyrdom. It is only for this reason that we do not submit to abjectness and servitude to anybody other than God. Of course, in performing the duty, we are all responsible to do in the best manner, precision and meticulousness all the works and matters related to ourselves. Everybody knows that we have not started the war. We have only defended ourselves for preservation and existence of Islam in the world. It is this oppressed nation of Iran that has been always the subject of attack by the world-devourers. By utilizing all political, military, cultural and economic stratagems, the world arrogance has assaulted us. Now, our Islamic Revolution has shown to the nations the ambuscade of the Satan and the trap of the hunter. The world-devourers, capitalists and their agents expect us just watch the growing up of the children and the falling into the pit of the oppressed, and not give warning. However, our primary duty and that of our Islamic Revolution is to voice out in the entire world," O those who are in slumber! O those who are in laxity! Wake up and take a look around your surroundings, as you have been situated beside that den of the wolf! Rise up as here is not the place for sleeping! America and Soviet Union have been lying in ambush; they will not relent unless you are totally destroyed." If global mobilization of Muslims was organized would anybody have the courage to show such impudence and wickedness toward the spiritual children of the Messenger of Allah (s)?
Today, one of the great honors of our nation is the deployment of troops vis-a-vis the biggest show of force by American and European warships in the Persian Gulf. I warn the American and European marines to leave the Persian Gulf before it is too late and before being plunged into the quagmire of death. It will not be always like the time when our passenger plane was shot down by your warship. The children of the revolution will send your warships to the bottom of the Persian Gulf.
I say to states and governments in the region, especially to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that all of you would be accomplices in the adventures and crimes to be perpetuated by America. So far, we have not taken any action in order that the entire region would not plunge into the verge of fire, blood and instability. However, the stupid acts of Reagan will surely impose unexpected events that bring about dangerous consequences to all. Make certain that in this new page of events in the region, you would be the losers. Do not make yourselves, your countries and Muslim people so much abject and weak before America. If you have no religion, at least you must be free.
Thank God, through the blessings of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, windows of light and hope have been opened in front of Muslims of the world. It will be so when at the spark and lightning of its events, the shower of death and annihilation would fall upon the heads of the arrogant powers.
The important point to which we must pay attention and which must be considered as the basis and foundation of our policy toward foreigners is: Up to when and where would our enemies and the world-devourers tolerate us and up to what extend would they accept our independence and freedom? Certainly, they do not recognize a limit except deviation from all our spiritual and divine identities and values. According to the Holy Qur'an, they will not relent from killing you and having hostility with you unless they take you out of your religion. Whether we like it or not, the Zionists, America and the Soviet Union will be in pursuit of us so as to blemish our religious identity and our school's nobility. Some spiteful individuals are describing and taunting us as engaging in the policy of hatred and vengeance in the world gatherings. With their inappropriate sympathies and childish protests, they are saying that the Islamic Republic has been the source of hostilities and that it has been looked down by the West, the East and their allies! How good it is that this question be responded thus:" At what particular period that the Third World and Muslim countries, the Iranian nation in particular, have been respectable and creditable for the Westerners and Easterners that today they have become non-creditable?!"
Yes, if the Iranian nation would deviate from all Islamic and revolutionary principles and standards and be destroyed by its own hands the house of honor and respect of the Prophet and infallible Imams (`a). Then the world-devourers will not possibly recognize it officially as a weak, poor and uncultured nation. To the same extent that they would be considered gentlemen, we are servants; they are superpowers while we are weak; they are lords and guardians while we are stipendiary and protectors of their interests. It is not an Iranian who has an Iranian-Islamic identity, rather an Iranian identification card would be issued by America and the Soviet Union; an Iranian who would serve as the chariot of American or Soviet policy. Today, all the afflictions and agonies of America and the Soviet Union, the East and the West are due to the fact that the Iranian nation has not only get out of their protectorate, it has also called on others to be rid of the domination of tyrants. If the control and call for elimination of destructive weapons in the world were true and sincere, it would be the wish of all nations. However, this is yet another old trick. This is the same thing that has recently been disclosed in the statements of the heads of American and the Soviet Union politicians. The recent contacts between the heads of the East and the West aimed at harnessing the Third World and, in reality, curbing the influence of the barefooted and the deprived people in the world of the capitalists' immeasurable and unbounded possessions. We must prepare ourselves, in face of the united front of the East and the West, to form the powerful humane-Islamic front with the same name and symbol of Islam and our Revolution, and the mastery and lordship of the deprived and the barefooted will be celebrated. Be certain that the powers of the East and the West are like the manifestation of the empty material world, which are not worthy of mentioning in face of the eternity and infinity of the world of spiritual values.
I do frankly mention that the Islamic Republic of Iran will invest to the utmost in reviving the Islamic identity of Muslims in the entire world. There is no reason why it would not call upon the Muslims of the world to follow the principles of acquiring power in the world, and not to restrain opportunism and acquisitiveness of the holders of power, money and trick. We must plan for the advancement of the objectives and interests of the deprived nation of Iran. We must exert all our efforts in communicating with the people of the world, attending to the problems and concerns of the Muslims, and defending the combatants, hungry and deprived. We must consider it as part of the principles of our foreign policy. I declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran is always the patron and refuge of the free Muslims of the world, and the country of Iran, as a military and invulnerable stronghold, fulfills the needs of the soldiers of Islam and familiarizes them with the religious and training essentials of Islam as well as the principles and methods of resistance against the systems of kufr (disbelief) and shirk (polytheism).
Meanwhile, concerning the acceptance of the Resolution, which is indeed a bitter and unpleasant matter for all especially for me, until a few days ago I believed in the same mode of defense and stance that was announced during the war, considering the interest of the system, the country and the revolution in its implementation. However, owing to the events and factors, which I will presently refrain from mentioning with the hope that God make them clear in the future and by taking into account the view of all the high-ranking political and military experts of the country on whose commitment, sympathy and sincerity I rely, I agreed to accept the resolution and ceasefire. At the present moment, I consider acceptance of the resolution as a move in the interest of the revolution and the system. God knows that if it were not because of the motive that all of us as well as our honor and credibility must be sacrificed for the interest of Islam and Muslims, we would never be satisfied with this act while death and martyrdom are more pleasant for me. But what shall be done that all should be sacrificed in pleasing God, the Exalted? Certainly, the heroic and valiant nation of Iran has also been so and will remain so.
At this juncture, I thank and appreciate all my children in the warfronts of fire and blood, for undertaking their efforts and struggle regarding the war from its onset up to this day. I invite the entire nation of Iran to vigilance, fortitude and resistance. In the future, individuals will discuss this issue among people warily and unwarily asking:" What happened to the fruits of bloods, martyrdoms and self-sacrifices?" Most certainly, they are ignorant of the unseen worlds and the philosophy of martyrdom, not knowing that the events of time do not affect the immortality, perpetuity and lofty station of anyone who has gone to jihad only for the pleasure of God and offered his life out of sincerity and servitude. In order for us to have total understanding of the value and path of our martyrs, we should traverse a long way and search for it at the passing of time and in the history of the revolution and the future generations. Surely, the blood of the martyrs has ensured the survival of the revolution and Islam. The blood of the martyrs has been offered to the people of the world forever as the lesson of resistance. God knows that the path and rite of martyrdom never ends. It is these nations and future generations that will tread the path of the martyrs; it is this pure dust of the martyrs that will be the shrine of the lovers, mystics and compassionate as well as the hospital of the free people. Blessed are those who passed away through martyrdom! Blessed are those who lost their lives in this caravan of light! Blessed are those who nourished these gems in their laps!
O God, keep open the notebook book of martyrdom for the lovers, and do not deprive us of approaching them. O God, our country and our nation are still at the beginning of the path of struggle and in need of the torch of martyrdom. Be the Keeper and Guardian of this radiant light. Blessed are you, O nation! Blessed are you, men and women! Blessed are the disabled of war, prisoners of war, those missing in action and the noble families of the martyrs! Woe to me who lag behind and have drank the poisoned chalice of accepting the resolution. I feel ashamed in face of the greatness and self-sacrifice of this great nation. Woe to those who were not in this caravan! Woe to those who passed by this great arena of war, martyrdom and immense divine trial while being silent and indifferent, or (even) critical and disputant!
Yes, yesterday was the day of divine trial which passed, and tomorrow is another trial, which will come to pass. All of us have also the day of the greater reckoning before us. Those who, for whatever reason evaded the performance of this great responsibility in these few years of the resistance and war, and have kept themselves, their lives, wealth, children, and others away from this fire of event for whatever reason should be certain that they have evaded the transaction with God, incurring enormous loss, damage and harm for which they will regret on the Last Day and in the reckoning of God. Again, I would like to say to all the people and officials to separate the account of this kind of individuals from the account of the mujahidin in the way of God, and not to allow these artless claimants of today and shortsighted officials of yesterday return to the scenes.
Whether I am in your midst or not, I advise and admonish you not to allow the revolution to fall in undeserving and alien hands. Do not permit the forerunners of martyrdom and blood to be relegated to the dustbin of oblivion in the twists and turns of your daily life. I emphatically urge the beloved nation of Iran to be vigilant and watchful. The acceptance of the resolution on the part of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not mean solution to the issue of war. By the announcement of this decision, the propaganda machinery of the world-devourers against us has slackened, but the landscape of events cannot be precisely and seriously predicted. The enemies have not yet abandoned their acts of wickedness. By various pretexts they would continue with their former interventionist styles. We must be ready and prepared for the next possible aggression of the enemy. As of the moment, our nation should not also consider the issue as a close case. Of course, we officially announce that our objective is not a new tactic in continuing the war. So many enemies would like to pursue their attacks under these pretexts. Our military forces should never be unwary of the tricks of the enemies. In every circumstance, the defensive capability of the country must be in the best condition. Our people, who have sensed the dimensions of the rancor, cruelty and enmity of the enemies of God and themselves, should comprehend more seriously the menace of the world-devourers' aggression in different ways and forms. As in the past, all the military forces including the Army, Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Basij should presently continue their operations in the warfronts for defense against the evil of the world arrogant powers and Iraq. Once we pass by this phase of the event of the revolution in the same particular form and arrangements related to itself, I have some reminders for the period after that, the reconstruction of the country and the overall policy of the system and the revolution, which I will state at the appropriate time. Nevertheless, as for the moment, I am seriously requesting all the spokesmen, authorities and officials of the country as well as the managers of the mass media and the press to keep away from quarrels and quarrel-mongering. They should be cautious not to become tools unconsciously in the hands of radical minds and thoughts. With all the liberality with one another, they should watch for the conditions of the enemies.
During these days, it is possible that because of their emotions and sentiments, many individuals would talk about whys, dos and don'ts. Although this issue is a very nice value for them, now is it not the proper time to deal with it. So many are those who, until yesterday, had taken side against this system and only for the fall of the Islamic Republic system and government that they were ostensibly talking about peace and peace-seeking, are today delivering other deceptive talks with the same aim. The global imperialists sold-out servants wearing the mask of peace had thrust their dagger into the heart of the nation from the back, are today acting as the proponents of war. In a bid to get in vain the blood of the beloved martyrs and to eliminate the dignity and honor of the people, the uncultured nationalists commence their venomous propaganda. God willing, our dear nation will insightfully and warily respond to all the conspiracies.
I repeat again that acceptance of this matter is more lethal for me than poison. Yet, I am pleased with the pleasure of God and for His pleasure I drank this beverage. A point that needs recalling is that the officials of the country have decided on accepting this resolution by relying only on themselves; no person or country has a hand in this affair.
Beloved and noble nation of Iran! I treat each of you as my own child. You know that I love you all; I know you; you know me as well. In the present circumstances, what led to the affair was my duty to God. You know that I had made a pledge to you that I would fight up to the last drop of blood and up to the last breath, but the decision today was only for identifying what is expedient. Only because of the hope for His mercy and pleasure that I trampled on everything I said. If I ever had any respect, I have made a bargain with God. My dear ones, you know that I have tried not to make my comfort prevail over the pleasure of God and your comfort. O God, You know that we do not compromise with kufr (disbelief).
O God, You know that the world arrogance and world-devouring America multiplied the flowers of the garden of Your message. O God, in the world of oppression, tyranny and injustice, You are our only support; we are alone and isolated; we do not know anybody but You. We do not want to know anybody except You. Help us as You are the best Helper. O God, compensate the bitterness of these days with the sweetness of the advent of promised Savior (may our souls be ransomed for the dust of his footsteps) and reaching You.
My revolutionary children, O you who are not ready for a moment to compromise your sacred dignity! You should know that every moment, my lifespan in the sacred path of love of serving you is passing by. I know that you have a hard time; yet, does your old father not also have a hard time? I know that martyrdom is sweeter than honey for you; is it not so for this servant of yours? But you have to persevere as God is with those who persevere. Keep your revolutionary spite and grudge at your bosoms; look at your enemies with wrath and rancor; you should know that victory belongs to you. I emphasis you should not think that I am not informed of the affair of war and those taking charge of it. The officials whom I trust are there. Do not taunt them for this decision that they have taken since such a recommendation has been also hard and unpleasant for them. By His will, may God make us successful in serving and pleasing Him.
At this point, I advise you, the beloved youth of our country- these great divine assets and reserves and these fragrant and newly blooming flowers of the Muslim world- to become aware of the worth and value of the sweet moments of life and to prepare yourselves for the great theoretical and practical struggle in attaining the sublime objectives of the Islamic Revolution.
I advise all the officials and authorities to provide in whatever possible way the means for the moral, religious, scientific and artistic development of the youth, to accompany them up to the threshold of acquiring the best values and technologies and to keep in them alive the spirit of independence and self-reliance. Let there not be professors and teachers who, by means of contacts and travels to the so-called civilized world, would despise and taunt our youth who have been recently delivered from captivity and colonialism. God forbid, they would create idol out of the advancement and talent of the foreigners and inculcate in the minds of the youth the spirit of following, imitation and begging. Instead of saying," Where did others go and where are we?" they should be asked to pay attention to their humane identity and to revive the spirit of capability and the path and rite of independence. At the circumstances of war and siege, we have been able to have the artistry, creativities and advancements. God willing, in the better circumstances we will provide enough ground for the growth of talents and researches in all affairs. Scientific struggle for the youth is the revival of the spirit of searching and discovery of realities and truths. Yet, their practical struggle has taken form in the best scenes of life, jihad (holy struggle) and martyrdom.
The other point that I would like to say out of my utmost goodwill and fondness to the youth is to take benefit from the presence of the committed clerics and `ulama' of Islam along the path of values and spiritualities. Never and under no circumstance whatsoever think that you are not in need of their guidance and cooperation. Throughout history and under most pressing conditions, the combatant and committed clerics of Islam, with hearts full of hope and feelings filled with love and affection, have always dedicated themselves to teaching, training and guiding the generations. They have always been the vanguards and shields over the people; they have endured calamities and experienced deprivations; they have been imprisoned, detained and exiled. Above all, they have been the target of sarcasms and calumnies; at the circumstances when most of the intellectuals had become dejected and hopeless in the struggle against the taghout (evil powers), they have revived the spirit of hope and vitality on the people and defended the true prestige and reputation of the people. Now they have also taken position in every stronghold of the preferred lines compared to the other stances. They are along with the people; in every sorrowful and tragic event, they have offered great martyrs. I am not aware of any country and revolution except the revolution of the beginning of the mission, the mission and lives of the infallible Imams of Guidance (`a) and the Islamic Revolution of Iran in which the leaders of the revolution were so much subjected to attacks and hatreds. This is because of the sincerity and trustworthiness that are epitomized in the existence of the committed `ulama' of Islam. Assuming responsibility in a country under siege with economic, political and military problems is not an easy task. Of course, the committed clerics of our country should prepare themselves for more sacrifices. In times of need and urgency, they should make use of their prestige and reputation in preserving the prestige of Islam and serving the deprived and the barefooted. It is amply worthy of gratefulness and appreciation that the brave and valiant nation of Iran knows the value of their true servants, and sums up the philosophy of their love and dedication to this sacred institution in a single word. The committed `ulama' and clerics of Islam have never and will never betray the Islamic ideal, authenticity, belief and objective of the nation. Of course, it is necessary to point out that in all writings and statements whenever I have mentioned" the clergy" and appreciated them, I mean the pure, committed and combatant `ulama', as in every stratum there are those who are unpurified and not committed. The blow of the affiliated clerics exceeds that of any other unpurified individual. This group of clerics has always been the subject of curse and damnation of God, the Messenger and the people; the affiliated, sanctimonious and religion-selling clerics have been rendering the main blows to this revolution. Our committed clerics have always detested and shunned these uncultured elements. I frankly mention that if there were nationalists, they would easily extend their hand of abjectness and compromise toward the enemies in problems, difficulties and vicissitudes. In order to deliver themselves from the daily political pressures, they would break at once all the cups of fortitude and resistance and trample on all their claimed national and patriotic covenants and commitments. One should not imagine that we do not know how to compromise with the world-devourers. Yet, alas that the servants of Islam would betray their own nation! Of course, we are certain that also under the same circumstances, those who have old grudge with the noble clerics and cannot hide their own beliefs and envies, would curse the clerics. At any rate, that which is not true in the destiny of the clergy is compromise and surrender to disbelief and polytheism. Even if they cut us into pieces and scatter our bones, even if they hang us, even if they burn us alive in the flames of fire, even if they imprison our spouses and children and plunder our possessions before our eyes, we will never sign the peace pact of disbelief and polytheism.
God willing, the `ulama' and clerics are familiar with all the dimensions and aspects of their responsibility, but for the sake of reminding and emphasis, I do say that today, many of the youth and intellectuals in the free environment of our Islamic country feel that they can express their own ideas on different Islamic issues and concerns. With a smiling face and open arms, their comments must be listened. If they are going astray, through words full of love and amity you should show the straight path of Islam to them. You should bear in mind that their spiritual and mystical emotions and feelings cannot be overlooked, nor their writings be immediately branded as iltiqat (eclectic) and deviant, nor all together subjected to doubt and suspicion. Undoubtedly, the hearts of those who are dealing with an issue like that today are beating for Islam and the guidance of the Muslims. Otherwise, they have no motive behind putting themselves in trouble for designing this issue. They believe that the positions of Islam on various cases are as what they are thinking. Instead of quarreling and sidetracking them, you should fatherly and kindly deal with them. If they do not accept, do not be discouraged. Otherwise, God forbid, they will be snared by the liberals, nationalists or the leftists and hypocrites; the sin of this is not less than that of being" eclectic". We can be hopeful for the future of the country and the future-builders once we give them value in the different issues, forgive their minor lapses and have knowledge of all the means and principles that will lead to their proper training and education. The culture in the universities and non-seminary centers is in such a manner that it is more used to experiencing and feeling of realities than the theoretical and philosophical culture. To blend these two cultures and filling the gaps, the seminary and the university must be fused so that the ground for the spread and expansion of the teachings of Islam be widened.
The other point is that I consider their practical and ascetic value as the factor behind most of the successes of the clerics and their influence in the Islamic society. Today also, this value, apart from not to be relegated to the dustbin of oblivion, should be dealt with more as in the past. There is nothing more loathsome than the worldliness of the clergy. There is no means of polluting the clergy worse than worldliness. So many ignorant friends or clever foes, out of their inappropriate sympathies, desired to mislead the ascetic-inclination path of the clergy. There is also a group that spitefully or unconsciously accuses the clergy of siding with capitalism and capitalists. Under these sensitive and destiny-making circumstances in which the clergy is at the helms of affairs of the country and the menace of the others' exploitation of the station of the clergy is conceivable, one should be extra careful of his own actions. There are so many individuals in political organizations, associations, establishments and the like- having a hundred percent Islamic appearance- who wanted to undermine their (clergy's) credibility and reputation. Apart from guaranteeing their own interests, they even wanted to make the clergy confront one another. Of course, the thing from which the clerics should never deviate and not remove from the scene due to the propaganda of others is the defense of the deprived and the barefooted people. It is because anyone who would deviate from it has deviated from the social justice of Islam. Under whatever circumstances, we should consider ourselves as the ones shouldering this gargantuan responsibility. Indeed, once we commit lapses in this regard, we have committed treachery to Islam and the Muslims.
In closing, in the Sacred Presence of God Who have granted boundless favors to this nation, I extend my gratitude and appreciation. We humbly request before the Sacred Presence of the Savior (may our souls be his ransom) to assist and guide us in our way and objective. I beseech God, the Exalted, to grant fortitude and reward to the families of martyrs as well as health to the wounded and disabled of the war; and make the prisoners of war and those missing in action return to their own country. O God, we ask You to bestow on us that which is for the interest of Islam and the Muslims." Verily, You are near and hearer (of prayers)." May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
Dhou'l-Hijjah 5,1408 AH
Tir 29,1367 AHS
«۱»- Sourah al-Fath ۴۸:۲۷. «۲»- Sourah al-Hajj ۲۲:۲۷. «۳»- Bal`am Ba`oura or Bal`am ibn Ba`our refers to scholars of the people of Israel who did bad to Musa and who rose up in opposition to him. «۴»- Sourah al-Baqarah ۲:۲۱۷. «۵»- Quds: the Arabic word for Jerusalem and meaninng `the holy'. Jerusalem is revered as the third holiest city in Islam, after Mecca and Medina. «۶»- Mujahidin (sing. mujahid) : those who struggle in the cause of God for attainment of God's purposes on earth; those who perform jihad.

امام خمینی (ره)؛ 29 تیر 1367

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