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Politico-Divine Will [ever-lasting message of Imam Khomeini to the contemporary ones and next generations]

Jamaran, Tehran
Politico-divine will (ever-lasting message of Imam Khomeini to the contemporary ones and next generations)
Iranian nation, Muslims and peoples of the world and next generations
Imam khomeini's Sahife, Volume 21 from page 396 to 469

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
His Holiness Mohammad, the Prophet of Allah (s) has said:" I leave among you the Thaqalayn: «1» the Book of Allah and my `Itrah. «2» Verily, they will be inseparable from each other until they join up with me at the Howd. «3»"
To Allah belongs all praises and thanks and hallowed be Thou. O' Allah, bless Muhammad (s) and his household who are manifestations of Thy Beauty and Magnanimity and the treasures of secrets of Thy Book, which crystallizes Thy Oneness through all Thy Glorious Names even the Supreme One that no one knows other than Thee. Curse be upon those belonging to the root of evil tree that transgressed upon them (the Prophet and his progeny).
To being this prologue, it is apropos to touch on the two most exalted and precious things (the Thaqalayn). My explanation does not dwell on the transcendental, spiritual or mystical aspects of the Thaqalayn. It is a domain, the cognition of which covers all circles of beings, from earth to heaven and beyond to His Divine Presence including circles that lie beyond our comprehension. Nor do I mean to comment on that which has befallen humanity by his negligence of the true nature and status of the greater trust or precious thing, i. e. Thiql-e Akbar (the Holy Qur'an) and that of the great trust, i. e. Thiql-e Kabir (the progeny of the Prophet- s) which is greater than anything except Thiql-e Akbar which is absolutely great. Nor will this explanation speak of the harm that enemies of Allah and the Taghoutis «4» have done to these two theqls, for it is impossible for someone like me, with limited knowledge and time to give an account of all the wrongs done to the Thaqalayn by the Taghoutis and the enemies of Allah. I only considered it appropriate to summarize the sufferings which the two theqls have endured.
Perhaps the phrase" they will be inseparable" is an indication that, after the passing away of the Holy Prophet (s), whatever has happened to one of these two thiqls has also happened to the other. Once one is left abandoned, the other is left abandoned too. Until these two abandoned theqls join the Prophet of Allah (s) at the Howd. This Howd, however, may be the similitude of the station at which multiplicity connects to the unity. It may imply merging of droplets in an ocean or anything else, which is incomprehensible by the intellect and understanding of human beings. Moreover, the cruelty which these two Divine trusts have suffered, was also imposed on the Islamic nation and even the entire humanity. The transgression wrought by tyrants and their stooges defy description by pen.
The concatenate Hadith of Thaqalayn «5» has been quoted by both Shiite and Sunni schools as a positive proof for mankind, especially for Muslims. References to this noble had ith are frequently made in such reliable Sunni sources like the famous 'Six Correct Texts' «6» as well as in countless cogent Shiite texts. Thaqalayn Hadith has been narrated in several occasions by the Holy Prophet (s). This tradition has been accepted as an irrefutable proof for all Muslims regardless of their schools of thought. For the Muslims who are informed of this tradition, it is incumbent to act upon it. If there is an excuse for the uninformed, there is none for the scholars of the various schools of thought.
Now, let us see what has befallen to the Book of Allah, this Divine trust and legacy of the Prophet of Islam (s). The sad events, for which tears may well be shed, began to take place following the martyrdom of Imam 'Ali (s).«7»
Selfish people and followers of Taghouts abused the Holy Qur'an as a means by which to establish anti-Qur'anic rules.
To achieve this mischievous target, they forced off the scenes the true interpreters of the Qur'an as well as those who had received all of the Holy Book directly from the Prophet (s) and their ears still echoed with the voice of His Holiness Muhammad (s) who declared:" ... I leave among you the Thaqalayn ..." Thus, by abusing the Holy Qur'an, which was to be man's guide to moral and material life to the Last Day, was shelved and the rule of Divine justice that is one of the doctrines of the Holy Book was into oblivion. They laid the foundation for deviation from the religion of Allah, the Holy Book and the Tradition to the point that pen is ashamed to explain.
The more this deviated trend advanced, the more the Holy Qur'an, which has been sent down by the Almighty God for guidance of mankind, was forced out of the scene. The Holy Book, which was descended to guarantee the progress of mankind, to bring unity not only among Muslims but also among entire humankind, to deliver mankind to its final destination, to liberate the offsprings of Adam to whom Allah has taught the names of objects, to permit the entire existence to achieve justice and equity and to hand over the government to `the Infallible Imams' in order that they, in turn, leave it to those who would rule for the good of the entire humanity, was so forced out of the scene that it appeared to have no role to play in guiding mankind. This deviation reached a point where the role of the Glorious Qur'an in the hands of the oppressive rulers and their wicked clerics who were more corrupt than the Taghoutis, was distorted and abused as an instrument to continue their oppression and corruption and to justify the wrong doings of the enemies of Allah. Unfortunately, the Glorious Qur'an, which is capable of helping mankind to find his path in life, was not given a role other than to be recited in cemeteries because of plots of its mischievous enemies as well as ignorant friends. So, this Holy Book, which was to be the source of unity and guidance for man's life, was either used as a means to generate discord and conflict or totally driven out of the scene. We witnessed that if anyone spoke of an Islamic government or politics, which according to Qur'an and Tradition is the major role of Islam and the Prophet (s), one would be treated as if one had committed the greatest sin. The label `politicized cleric' was made to parallel `irreligious cleric'. This wrong concept still persists in certain groups and governments throughout the world.
Recently, satanic superpowers by employing anti-Islamic governments have deceptively attached themselves to Islam, have published that beautifully designed Qur'ans and dispatched volumes all over the world for the sole purpose of forcing out the Holy Qur'an from the scene and, thus attaining their satanic objectives. One of the examples that we all observed is the Qur'an published by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi «8» and, thereby succeeded in deceiving some people including a few Muslim clerics and preachers who, being unaware of the aims of Islam, praised him for it. Now, we witness Malik Fahad «9» spends regularly enormous sums of the people's wealth on publishing certain versions of the Holy Qur'an and supporting anti-Qur'anic ideas to propagate the baseless and superstitious dogmas of Wahhabism. «10» He abuses the Qur'an and urges negligent people and nations to side with the superpowers. Thus, he uses the noble Islam and the Holy Qur'an to destroy both.
We and our dedicated nation are proud that we adhere to a religion, in which the Holy Qur'an speaks of unity of all Muslims and the oneness of mankind. We are proud that our faith has retrieved the Qur'an from the cemeteries and saved this Holy Book, which is the best prescription for liberating human beings from all physical, mental and intellectual chains shaking their hands, feet, hearts and minds and dragging them towards non-existence, destruction, slavery and subjugation under the Taghoutis.
We are honored that we follow the religion established by the Command of Allah through His Prophet (s). We are proud that we are the followers of Imam `Ali (s) the embodiment of a man detached from all worldly chains, ones who was, in turn, appointed as the liberator of mankind from all chains of slavery.
We are honored that Nahjol Balagheh, «11» as a religious guiding book next the Glorious Qur'an and as the most elevated constitution for spiritual and material life and the greatest book for liberation of mankind together with its political guidelines, is authored by `Ali (s), our Infallible Imam.
We are honored that the twelve Infallible Imams «12» from `Ali Bin Abitalib (s) to Imam Mahdi «13» (May God hasten his glad advent) the Savior of mankind who by the grace of Allah lives in occultation, and supervises and watches our doing, are all our leaders.
We feel honored by our Infallible Imams who have authored such exalted and life-giving supplications as the Sha`baniyeh Orisons; «14» the `Arafat Prayer of Imam Husayn (s); «15» the Sahifeh-ye Sajjadiyeh, «16» known as the Zabur «17» (psalms) of the Household of Muhammad (s) and the Sahifeh-ye Fatimiyeh, «18» revealed by Allah to Her Holiness Fatimeh Zahra (s).
We are honored that Baqirul-`Oloum «19» the fifth Infallible Imam, who is the highest personality of history in the domain of Divine knowledge, belongs to us. His station is known only by Almighty God, the Holy Prophet (s) and the Infallible Imams.
We are honored that we follow the Ja`fari school of thought «20» and that our jurisprudence (fiqh), «21» which is the infinite ocean of knowledge, is from Imam Ja`far Sadiq (s). We are proud of all our Infallible Imams (pbut) and devoted to following them.
We are honored that all of our Infallible Imams (pbut), who suffered in prisons and exiles, finally became martyrs as a result of attempting to eradicate oppressive governments and Taghouts of their own time in order to raise the status of Islam and to implement the teachings of the Holy Qur'an, one of whose aspects is to establish a just government. Today, we are honored that we are determined to implement the concepts of the Glorious Qur'an and those of the Traditions. Our people, with outpouring enthusiasm sacrificed their lives, properties and beloved ones in the way of Allah.
We are honored that our women, young and old, prominent or unknown, attend cultural, economic and military scenes side by side with men or sometimes more active than men in raising the status of Islam and achieving the goals of the Holy Qur'an. Those, who have the ability to fight, take courses in military training program, which is obligatory in defense of Islam and the Islamic nation. Our women have liberated themselves from the deprivations imposed on them, on Islam and Muslims by the enemies of Islam and by inadequate knowledge of friends of Islamic tenets and the Holy Qur'an. They have bravely discarded the superstitions created by enemies through some ignorant clerics. Those women who are unable to fight have served behind the front lines with such distinction and valor that has thrilled the heart of the nation with joy and delight while making the hearts of the enemies and the ignorants, who are worse than the enemies, tremble with anger and frustration. We have repeatedly witnessed that our honorable women cry out, as did venerable Zeynab (s), «22» that they are proud of losing their sons in the way of Allah and the beloved Islam and that they are willing to sacrifice everything they have. They well know that what they have earned is higher than the blessed Paradise as a reward, not to mention the cheap worldly belongings.
Not only our nation but also the entire Muslim community as well as all of the oppressed people of the world are proud of the fact that their enemies, who are the enemies of Allah, the Holy Qur'an, and the beloved Islam are the ones who ferociously commit any crime or treason to achieve their gastly criminal purposes. The chief among these enemies, who does not distinguish friends from foes in obtaining power and satisfying greed, is America. This master of international terrorism by nature has set fire to everything and everywhere. The US close ally is the international Zionism that commits such crimes that are too shameful to be mentioned by tongues or written by pens in order to achieve its greedy ends. The Zionists idiotic fantasy of `Greater Israel' «23» urges them to commit all types of crime. The Muslim community and the oppressed people of the world are proud that their enemies are Husayn of Jordan, «24» this vulgar professional criminal, Hasan of Morocco «25» and Husni Mubarak of Egypt, «26» who are all allies of the criminal Israel and who commit any treason against their own people in order to serve America and Israel. We are proud that our enemy is `Aflaqi Saddam, whose friends and enemies alike consider him a criminal and a violator of human rights. Everyone knows that his acts of treason against the oppressed people of Iraq and the Sheikhdoms of the Gulf are no less than what he has committed against the Iranian nation.
We and the oppressed people of the world are proud that the mass media and the world propaganda apparatus accuse us of any crime and treason that the criminal superpowers dictate to them to propagate. What can be a better source of pride than that the US government with all its war equipment and military might, boastfulness, claims, allies among puppet regimes, all the wealth it has stolen from the oppressed countries of the world and control over mass media has become so disgraced. It is helpless to face the brave nation of Iran, the hand of the Savior (May God hasten his glad advent). The US has become so desperate that it does not know to which way and to whom to turn. This is not but with assistance of Almighty God, Who has awakened all nations, particularly the Muslim Iranian nation and guided the nation from darkness into the light of Islam.
I now take this opportunity to advise oppressed and noble nations, including our people, to stay firmly on this Divine straight path that leads neither to the atheistic East nor to the oppressive West, but to the path that Almighty God has decreed for us. I further advise not to neglect in thanksgiving for this blessing even for a single moment. They should not let the polluted hands of superpowers and their agents, whether domestic or foreign, affect your intentions and determination. They should know that the more the world mass media use harsh words and the more the Western and Eastern satanic powers oppress the people of the world, is a proof of their Divine Power and Almighty God will remunerate them for their acts here and in the Hereafter." Truly, He is the Benefactor of all blessings and in His hand lies the dominion over all things." «27»
I humbly and earnestly advise the Muslim community to follow the Infallible Imams and the political, social, economic and military teachings and culture of these great guides to humanity with devotion, sincerity and sacrifice. I would like to enjoin all of you to safeguard and observe the Fiqh-e-Sunnati «28» (traditional jurisprudence) or religious canons. These set forth the schools of Prophetic mission and Imamate and guarantee the growth and development of the nations through their primary and secondary decrees, «29» both of which are the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. My advice is that they should not deviate an iota from the teachings of both schools of Islamic jurisprudence and not listen to the whisperings of the slinking devils, who are the enemies of religion and truth. They should know that the slightest deviation is the beginning of the downfall of the religion, rules of Islam, and the Divine Government of Justice. They should never neglect Friday prayer «30» and daily congregational prayer, «31» which exhibit the political aspect of prayer. Indeed, they must never neglect Friday prayer, one of the greatest blessings of Allah, the Exalted, which is best performed in the Islamic Republic of Iran. They should also not neglect the mourning ceremonies for the Infallible Imams, especially for the leader of the oppressed and the most prestigious of the martyrs, His Holiness Imam Husayn; «32» May the Peace and Blessings of Allah, His Prophet, His Angels and the righteous be upon his great and brave soul! They should know whatever decrees there are from the Infallible Imams about honoring the mourning ceremony regarding historical martyrdom of Imam Husayn (s) and whatever maledictions and curses there are on those who transgressed against the Ahl al-Bayt «33» (the progeny of the Prophet- s) are the same cries of protest of the oppressed against criminal leaders throughout history until the end of time. You should know that maledictions, curses and cries of protest against the oppressions of Bani Ummayeh, «34» Allah's curse be upon them, though they have already been perished and gone to the Hell, also reflect the cries of protest by the oppressed against the oppressors of the world. It is the perpetuation of such cries of protest that shatters oppression.
It is necessary that the crimes of the tyrants in each age and era be regularly condemned in the cries of lamentations and in the recitals of elegies held for the Infallible Imams. In this age which is the age of oppression of the world of Islam by America and Russia and their satellites, including the Saudi family these traitors to the great Divine sanctuary, His Prophet and His Angels- the crimes of these oppressors must be strikingly reminded, cursed and imprecated. We all should know that it is these politico-religious ceremonies that give Muslims, particularly the Shiite Muslims, (these followers of the Infallible Imams), the unity they should enjoy; these also preserve the nationality of all Muslims.
This politico-religious testament of mine is not intended for the great nation of Iran only. Rather, it is recommended to all Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world regardless of their religion or nationality.
I humbly pray the Almighty God not to leave us and our nations to ourselves even for a moment. May He not withhold His blessings from the children of Islam and the cherished Muslim combatants.
Ruhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
The glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran, which is the product of efforts of millions of valuable human beings, thousands of martyrs and disabled of the war- these living martyrs- is the source of hope for millions of Muslims and the oppressed people throughout the world. It is so great that its assessment is beyond written prose and expression. I, Rouhullah Mousawi Khomeini, despite all my shortcomings, do not give up hope in the great generosity of Allah, the most Exalted. The sustenance of my perilous path to the Hereafter is my hope in the generosity of the Absolute Benefactor. As a humble student of theology, like other Muslim brothers, I have hope in this revolution, perpetuation of its outcome and its increasing fruition. I would like to express some matters to the beloved present and future generations. Even though they may sound repetitious, I beg the Forgiving Allah to bless my remarks.
1. We know that this great revolution, which has virtually cut off the hands of the world aggressors and oppressors from Iran, succeeded only with Unseen Divine blessings; otherwise, it would have been impossible for a nation of 36 million to succeed despite all the anti-Islamic and anti-clerical propaganda, especially in the last century. The revolution triumphed despite immeasurable discord triggered by international writers and orators in the media and through speeches, meetings, gatherings, poems, anecdotes and jokes in circles indulged in immorality, debauchery, gambling, drugs and alcohol. All of these were used to lead the younger generation, who should have been active for the progress and excellence of their beloved country, to corruption and to indifference towards evil deeds of the corrupt Shah and his ignoramus father, puppet governments and parliaments imposed upon our nation through the embassies of the powerful foreign governments. The most flagrant was the condition of the universities, high schools and educational centers, on which the future of the country depends. These centers employed teachers and professors who were fascinated with the West or the East and were absolutely opposed to Islamic culture and to patriotic values. Among these teachers and professors were, of course, some committed and considerate ones. However, they were too few and too restricted to take appropriate action. Along with these and tens of other problems, including exile and isolation of the clerics and defaming many of them through malicious propaganda, it would have been impossible for this nation to revolt unitedly throughout the country. They were not unified in target with the motto of Allahu Akbar and with dazzling and miraculous sacrifices to drive away all the internal and external powers and to take the reins of power into their own hands. Therefore, the Islamic Revolution in Iran is totally different from all other revolutions. The inception, the nature of the struggle and the incentive for `Revolution' were all different. There is no doubt that it was a Divine gift and blessing from the Unseen granted by Allah the Almighty to this oppressed and pillaged nation.
2. Islam or Islamic government is a Divine phenomenon the implementation of which, guarantees the happiness of its followers in this world and the Hereafter in the best possible way and has the potential to eliminate tyranny, corruption and transgression, and leading humankind to its ultimate desired goal. It is a school of thought that, unlike polytheistic schools, carefully intervenes and supervises individual, social, material, spiritual, cultural, political, military and economic aspects of life and does not neglect any point which may have a bearing on the growth of man and society as well as their material and spiritual progress. It warns people of all difficulties and obstacles standing on the way of perfection in order to eradicate them. Now that, with the blessed support of Allah and with the endeavor of the committed nation the foundation of the Islamic Republic has been laid, we should bear in mind that what is important in establishing the Islamic government is Islam itself and its progressive rules. It is formidable for the great nation of Iran to ensure the implementation and protection of Islamic values in all aspects of life. The safeguard Islam itself is the most important obligations. All Great Prophets from His Holiness Adam (s) to His Holiness Muhammad (s) have strived and sacrificed for the protection of the concept of Islam; «35» no deterrent ever stopped them from fulfilling this great obligation. After the Prophets, their committed followers and the Infallible Imams (s) strove for the protection of Islam to the point of sacrificing their holy blood. Today, it is an obligation for the Iranian nation, in particular, and the Muslim community, in general, to protect ardently this Divine trust, which has been officially established in Iran and which has already generated an outstanding outcome in such a short time. They must struggle to provide the means for its perpetuation and for removal of all obstacles. It is hoped that the reflection of its light shall reach all Islamic communities and lead governments and nations to obtain an understanding of this vital issue in order to curb the grip of world-devouring superpowers, the worst criminals in the history of mankind, from the oppressed people of the world.
Knowing that I am approaching my last breath of life, I deem it my duty to address the present and future generations and explain what could affect the protection and perpetuation of this Divine trust, warning against the perils and hindrances posing a threat to the revolution. I beg the Creator, the Sustainer of the universe to grant prosperity and felicity to all.
A. The secret of the perpetuation of the Islamic Revolution is undoubtedly the same that led the revolution to its success. This is known to the nation today; the future generations would learn through history that its two essential foundations are: a) Divine incentive to establish the Islamic government and b) solidarity of people all over the country struggling for the same incentive and aspiration with one voice.
I advise all present and future generations that if you want Islam and Allah's sovereignty to prevail and if you want the influence of superpowers and external and internal exploiters to be curtailed over your countries, do not lose the Divine incentive the Almighty God has revealed in the Glorious Qur'an. That which defies this incentive which is the secret of success, is to neglect the prime aspiration that would eventually result in disunity and discord. This is why the trumpets of propaganda are sounding off everywhere. Local agents are spending millions of dollars on sowing the seeds of discord for distortion of facts by spreading rumors and lies. Frequent visits of the enemies of the Islamic Republic to our region prove their malicious motivations. Unfortunately, among them are the leaders of some Islamic states who think of nothing except their own personal interests and who have been totally submitted to the will of USA. Some pseudo-clerics have also joined the `club'.
What is important for the Iranian people and the Muslims of the world today and in the future is to challenge these divisive and destructive propaganda. My recommendation to Muslims, especially to Iranians in the present age, is to defy strongly these conspiracies and consolidate their unity in any possible way in order to disappoint the Kuffar «36» and Munafiqin. «37»
B. One of the most important conspiracies against Islam, being clearly observed in the present century, particularly in recent decades and after the success of the Islamic Revolution, is the vast and multidimensional propaganda aimed at discouraging nations, particularly the devoted people of Iran. Sometimes they adduce the clumsy argument that the modern world cannot be administered by laws established 1400 years ago. They naively argue that Islam is a retrogressive religion opposed to innovation or manifestation of modern civilization. They claim that it is not becoming of a country to be isolated from the modern progressive world. At other times, they claim that Islam and other Divine religions simply deal with spiritual matters and purification of the soul, rejecting worldly affairs. Cunningly and shrewdly, they pretend to be defending the sanctities of Islam, arguing that acts of worship, remembrance of God and supplication bring man closer to Almighty God, but keep man away from material life. They further argue that being involved in governmental politics and political affairs defies all those great ideals and sublime spiritual objectives, arriving at the conclusion that all this is to make man's material life better and is, therefore, against the principles of the Great Prophets. Unfortunately, this latter argument has influenced some of the clerics and religious people being informed of Islam to the degree that they consider- and perhaps some still do- that participation in governmental and political affairs is sinful and corruptive. This was a tragedy, which had befallen Islam.
The proponents of the first argument are either incognizant or intentionally act as if they were incognizant about government, law and politics, because many are the concepts that are not liable to passage of time. Implementing law based on equity and justice, opposing tyrannical and oppressive governments, establishing individual and social justice, suppressing corruption and immorality, spreading liberty based on intellect, justice and independence; fighting against colonization, exploitation and dictatorship, observance of Hudoud, «38» Qisas «39» and Ta`zirat «40» based on justified criteria to protect communities against immorality; governing and ruling nations based on intellect, justice and fairness and hundreds of similar questions are not things that could become outdated in the course of history or man's life. It is absurd to say that social justice, which was to be practiced from the beginning of creation and fighting against crimes and cruelties, which were to be avoided, can no longer be exercised in the age of atom. The claim that Islam is against modern innovations- like the same claim made by the deposed Muhammad Rida Pahlavi to the effect that" These people (Islamic Revolutionaries) want to travel with four-legged animals"- is nothing but an idiotic accusation. If innovation and new features of civilization mean inventions, new scientific discoveries and industrial progress, it should be known that neither Islam nor any other monotheistic religion has ever opposed such things. On the contrary, Islam and the Holy Qur'an emphatically cultivate scientific and industrial development. If, however, `civilization' and `modernization' are what is implied by some professional intellectuals, i. e. freedom to indulge in all sorts of immoral and perverse acts, including even homosexuality, then all Divine religions, noble scholars and wise men of reason are opposed to them, even though some pro-Eastern or pro-Western individuals promote these ideas blindly.
The second category of the adversaries of Islam, who entertain more vicious plots, suggest that religion and politics are incompatible and should not be integrated. These ignorant individuals should be informed that the Glorious Qur'an and the Tradition of the Prophet of Islam (s) accommodate more rules and decrees regarding government and politics than any other subject. In fact, a great deal of Islamic laws concerning worship such as Congregational and Friday Prayer have political aspects as well. Neglecting such politico-religious ceremonies has led to many disadvantages. The Prophet of Islam (s) founded a government just like any other governments but with the spirit and motivation of promoting social justice, equity, and human rights. The early caliphs of Islam ruled extensive governments. The history of Islam clearly reveals that the government of `Ali Bin Abitalib (s) had even a broader and more extensive dimension to institute his administration. Unfortunately, most of the later Islamic governments were only nominals. Even now there are plenty who claim that they are running Islamic governments and following Islam and the Holy Prophet (s).
In this final will and testament, I briefly mention these points in passing and hope that writers, sociologists and historians can elaborate on the ideas, which have influenced the Muslim nations wrongly. This conviction that the prophets and Islam are only concerned with spiritual and moral issues and that governments are only concerned with secular or temporal matters are totally wrong. What must be opposed are satanic governments, dictatorial rules, injustice, thirst for power, greed for wealth and, finally worldly matters that would make a human being neglect Almighty God. This is what all the Prophets of Allah (pbut) and the Infallible Imams (pbut) have repeatedly warned against. The Divine rule that is for the benefit of the dispossessed and the oppressed and that seeks to prevent cruelty and injustice is exactly what Sulayman Bin Dawoud and the Great Prophet of Islam (s) tried to establish. This is one of the greatest Divine duties and ranks among the highest acts of worship same as the sound and healthy politics which existed in the above-mentioned governments and is among the essentials. The alert nation of Iran must, frustrate these conspiracies with an Islamic insight. Committed writers and preachers must rise up to help the nation to stop the plotting devils.
C. Of the same sort of conspiracies, if not more insidious, are the widespread rumors throughout the country, such as:" Islamic Republic has done nothing for the people of Iran. These innocent people made sacrifices with great zeal and enthusiasm to remove the oppressive regime of the Taghout but became captives of a worse regime. The transgressors have become more transgressive and the oppressed more oppressed. Prisons are filled with the youth who are the hope of the future. Torture is more inhumane and severe than before. Everyday a number of men are executed in the name of Islam. If only it was not called `The Islamic Republic'. Today is worse than the time of Reza Khan and his son. People are suffering from hardship. Inflation is driving people mad. The authorities are leading this regime toward communism. People's properties are being confiscated. Freedom is totally spared from the people and so forth." Such rumors are proofs of planned conspiracies that are carried out daily in different forms, in different towns and boroughs, in taxi cabs, in buses, at small gatherings, and so on. As soon as one false rumor wears off, a fresh one takes its place. Unfortunately, even some simple-minded clerics unaware of the satanic tricks believe in such baseless rumors being contacted with a few agents behind the conspiracy. The fact is that many of those, who listen to the rumors and accept them, are persons lacking knowledge of the world conditions, of world revolutions, and of post-revolutionary events and their inevitable aftermath. They lack knowledge of the events that have occurred in favor of Islamic values. They hear such rumors and accept them blindly and naively either deliberately or delinquently.
My humble request to everyone remains, not to criticize the present situation before studying the present world condition and comparing the Islamic Revolution of Iran with other revolutions. Do not find fault before becoming familiar with the predicament of other revolutionary countries and nations during and after their revolutions. Before any criticism you should probe into the sufferings of this country pillaged by the Taghouti actions of Reza Khan and his son Mohammad Reza. His pillaging has entangled the present government with many problems to resolve. These problems range from disastrous dependencies all the way to the ill-managed ministries, governmental offices, the economy and the armed forces. Centers of debauchery and liquor stores were on the increase. Permissiveness in all walks of life, education in high schools and universities and conditions of the cabarets and brothel houses, the youth, clerics and religious people, committed freedom-seekers and virtuous oppressed young women and mosques during the Taghout rule are part of predicament. Inquire into the files of those who were executed and imprisoned and inspect the conditions of prisons and the persons in charge of them. Investigate into the wealth of the wealthy people, large land-grabbers and hoarders of products and trade monopolists and speculators. Compare the conditions of the courts of justice and the judges in pre-and post-Revolution. Appraise the personality of the representatives of the Islamic parliament, members of the government, provincial governors and other public officials. Investigate into the performance of the government and works of the Reconstruction Jihad «41» in poor villages, where are deprived even from drinking water and hospitals. Consider the consequences of the imposed war, such as accommodation of several millions of Afghani and Iraqi refugees. Take into account handling and supporting the disabled and the martyrs' families, not to mention the imposed economic sanctions against Iran and conspiracies by America and her international and local agents. Add to the above-mentioned problems, lack of well-trained Islamic missionary to propagate true Islamic values as well as low number of qualified religious judges, the chaos raised by the corrupt enemies of Islam and the revolution plus ignorant friends and tens of other difficulties. My request again is that, before you have become familiar enough with these problems, avoid nitpicking and engaging in destructive and poisonous criticism. Think considerately of this lonely present day and Islam how it was left alone during centuries of rule of oppressive rulers along with the ignorance of the masses and its newly born infant, i. e. the Islamic Revolution, which is threatened by external and internal enemies. You, the fault-finders, should question yourselves. Is it not better to try to correct the situation instead of making harsh criticisms instead of defending the hypocrites, oppressors, owners of wealth and trade monopolists who lack divine consciousness, would it not be better to defend the oppressed and the deprived people? Furthermore, ask yourselves if it is not better to try to take into consideration either the martyred clerics or the devoted officials instead of indirectly defending rebellions?
I have never claimed, and will never do, that Islamic laws have been fully implemented after the revolution. I do not say that some personalities do not violate Islamic rules due to ignorance or certain complexes. But I do say that the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government are trying their best to Islamize this country with the support of the entire nation. So much the better if these minority groups introspect and wake up to the reality. Even if they do not join the awakened mass, still Islamic and humanistic ideals would be actualized as our masses of people are informed, alert and considerate. Deviant groups shall be defeated by the roaring tide of the mass.
I am highly convinced that today the Iranian nation enjoy greater integrity than the people of Hijaz at the time of the prophet (s) and the people of Iraq and Koufah at the time of Imam `Ali (s) and Imam Husayn (s). When the holy prophet Muhammad (s) was still alive, people of Hijaz disobeyed him and feigned excuses for not going to war fronts. For this, Almighty God has rebuked them severely in Sourah Al-Bara'ah of the Glorious Qur'an. So much, they accused the prophet (s) of lying and the holy prophet cursed them for such as accusation on the pulpit. Imam `Ali's (s) complaints against mistreatments and disobedience of the people of Koufah have provided food for many books of tradition and history. Disobedience and infidelity of the people of Iraq and Koufeh toward Imam Husayn (s) resulted in history's greatest tragic epic event, i. e. martyrdom of Imam Husayn (`a). Those who did not participate in the act of martyrdom either fled or sat idly. They watched that historic crime taking place. But today, we observe how the Iranian nation wholeheartedly supports its armed forces, the police, Sepah, «42» Basij, «43» and tribal volunteers making unthinkable sacrifices at the war fronts and behind the front lines. We are delighted at the invaluable assistance by people all over the country. We are proud to see the families of our martyrs and the disabled war veterans and their kins meet all of us with open arms and displaying such reassuring reactions and words. All this is due to their deep faith in Almighty God and their love for Him, Islam and the Hereafter. All these are taking place at a time when they are neither in the company of the prophet (s) nor an Infallible Imam (s). They are purely motivated by their belief and certainty in the Unseen. This is the divine mystery behind the victory in various aspects. Islam is proud of training such children. We are all honored to live in this age and in the presence of such nation.
Here, I advise those who oppose the Islamic Republic with any incentive and those boys or girls, who have been misled by Munafiqin «44» and opportunists, to pass judgments objectively and open-mindedly. I advise them to examine the content of the propaganda put out by those who wish to see the fall of the Islamic Republic. They should carefully watch the enemies' behavior towards the deprived masses, and the support they receive from foreign agents, the suspicious groups, and individuals who have joined them, their unethical communal code of practice and behavior, and the treacherous shifting of their stance in confronting different situations. They should study the character of those martyred in this Islamic Republic by Munafiqin and the corrupt people. They should evaluate and compare the martyrs with those who martyred them. Recorded cassettes and video tapes of both groups are available for ultimate judgment to see which group is the defender of the deprived and the oppressed people.
You will not read these pages before my death. You will read them after my death, when I am no longer among you. Then you cannot accuse me speaking for my self-interests or convincing you to acquire certain position or power or influencing your minds and hearts. Since you are a worthy generation, I wish you to spend your young days in the way of Allah, the beloved Islam and the Islamic Republic in order to earn prosperity in this world and the Hereafter. I beg the Forgiving Allah to guide you to the straight path of humanity and to forgive our sins through His Expansive Mercy. You too, in your own privacy, beg the same thing from Allah because He is the Guide and the Compassionate.
I also extend my advice to the noble people of Iran as well as other nations who are suffering under corrupt governments that are at the service of the superpowers. I specifically address you, the beloved people of Iran, to protect and guard the blessings of this revolution, which you have earned with your great holy war and with the blood of your brave children and dear ones. Cherish it as the most precious thing to you. Guard and preserve it as a supreme divine blessing of Allah. Do not fear the difficulties, which will appear on this straight path because:" If you assist the religion of Allah, He will assist you and will make your steps steadfast". «45» Take part wholeheartedly and sincerely in resolving the problems of the Islamic Republic. Consider yourselves as part of the government and the parliament and safeguard them as precious belongings.
I also advise the parliament, the government and the authorities to appreciate the people of this country and serve them well, particularly the oppressed and the deprived who are the light of our eyes and whose sacrifices made the formation of the Islamic Republic possible, perpetuation of which is due to their devotion. The authorities should regard themselves attached to the people and recognize them as part of their own being. They are also recommended to condemn the Taghouti governments constantly, a band of notorious plunderers and empty-headed bullies, of course in a manner which is becoming an Islamic government.
I advise the Muslim nations to consider the government of the Islamic Republic and the crusading people of Iran as an ideal example and to resist their oppressive governments strongly, since they do not submit to the will of their nations. They should remember that the cause of plight of Muslims are the governments which depend on the East or the West. I emphatically recommend these nations, not to pay attention to the sirens of antagonisitic propaganda against Islam and the Islamic Republic sounded by those who cunningly attempt to force Islam to the sidelines in order to foster the interests of the superpowers.
D. Isolating the clerics is a satanic plot of colonialists and exploiters and has been employed for a long time. In Iran, this plot gained momentum during the reign of Reza Khan and continued up to the time of Mohammad Reza. Reza Khan pursued the conspiracy using several methods such as: persecution, forcing the clerics to abandon their clerical robes, imprisonment, exile, insultation, execution, and so on. Mohammad Reza employed different approach such as creating animosity between university professors and clerics employing a great deal of propaganda. Unfortunately, due to the fact that both groups were unaware of the satanic conspiracy of the superpowers, grave consequences were deduced as it was planned. Efforts were made to choose teachers, professors and presidents of high schools and universities from among those who were fascinated by the West or the East and those deviated from Islam and other religions in order to leave the committed believers in minority. So that the would-be-managers who are expected to run the government in future would be brought up from the very childhood in such a manner that they would detest all religions in general, Islam in particular, and the religious propagators, especially the Muslim clerics. Muslim clerics were accused of being British agents at that time and later (on at the time of Muhammad Rida) were accused of being supporters of capitalists, land mongers, and reactionaries opposed to civilization and progress. On the other hand, through malicious propaganda, they created doubts among the clerics towards the university scholars as well as students, accusing them of secularism, recklessness, and opposition to all aspects of Islam and other religions. The results were that government officials would become anti-religion, anti-Islam, and anti-cleric, thus the masses of people who loved the religion and the clerics would become anti-government and whatever related to it. The deep gap between government and the nation, and between the university and the clerics opened the way to the exploiters and the plunderers so much so that the fate of the people and all the resources of the country fell into their hands and pockets and the nation suffered as we all witnessed.

Now, by Allah's will and sacrifices of the entire nation including clerics, university people, businessmen, people of bazaar, workers, agricultural and industrial workers and other segments, fetters of bondage have been removed and chains of enslavement broken. Arrogant powers have been repelled and the country saved from their clutches of these powers and their domestic puppets. I would like to advise the present and future generations" not to slacken their efforts". Let the university professors and students strengthen their bonds of friendship and mutual understanding with the clerics and the students of theology. They should never underestimate the plots of the cunning enemy. Whenever they see someone trying to sow the seeds of discord, they should provide counsel and guidance for them. If their advice to such individuals is not effective, they should turn away from them, isolate them and not let their conspiracies take root, for" prevention is better than cure". If, among the professors, there is someone who tries to mislead the students by distorting the truth, they should guide him; if he keeps up with causing deviation, they should reject him by boycotting his classes. This duty is mainly directed towards the honorable clerics and the religious students. Altogether conspiracies have a special trend in the universities. The alert individuals and students must react wisely and promptly to all sorts of conspiracies.
E. One of the most effective conspiracies that has unfortunately left an undeniable mark on the nations, including ours, is the alienation of the people of colonized countries with their own cultures. In other words, `Westernized' or `Easternized' intellectuals became alienated with their own cultures; they came to regard the people related to the superpowers as having superior culture and race compared to that of their own. They looked upon the superpowers as their Qiblah «46» and thought that affiliation with either of the two power poles is an inevitable issue. This sad story has a lengthy background. The blows we have received, and are still receiving, are seriously devastating and fatal.
Another unhappy and mischievous plot woven by the superpowers is to prevent the oppressed and colonized nations from progression and to keep them backward in order to make them consumers rather than producers. The imperialistic powers have so frightened us through their satanic might that we dare not venture into any initiatives. Rather we have submitted our minds and fates to them and became their followers with closed eyes and ears. This shallowness and state of feeling absurd has resulted in losing our self-reliance and power of initiation, thus blindly imitating the West and the East in every aspect. Whatever heritage we possessed whether cultural, scientific or industrial was belittled, criticized and ridiculed by ignorant writers and lecturers bewitched by the West or the East that constantly suppressed and frustrated our own native potentiality. They promoted foreign culture and imposed it on us. No matter how vulgar, shameful and degrading, the propagate it. For instance, if books contain a number of foreign words and terms, they are accepted right away with respect irrespective of their meanings. Their authors and speakers are regarded as scholars and bright individuals. If whatever and wherever we look at from cradle to grave has a Western or Eastern label, it is favored and valued, being considered as a sign of progress and civilization. If anything has a domestic and traditional label, it is rejected and considered as outdated, backward and useless. Choosing foreign names for our children is regarded as a prestigious matter, whereas choosing traditional names is considered as fanatism and backwardness. Streets, avenues, stores, companies, drugstores, libraries and even local products must bear foreign names in order to be attractive and acceptable to people. Imitating western mannerism in all walks of life and in all aspects of social association is regarded as a token of honor, civilization and progress. On the contrary, traditional modes of conduct and customs are deemed as retrograde and ancestor-praising. Going abroad for treatment even for minor ailments that are easily cured at home is the thing to do, thus causing disappointment and degradation for our well-qualified physicians. Making a trip to England, France, U.S.A., or Moscow enhances one's dignity while paying pilgrimage to Mecca or visiting other holy shrines and blessed places is considered sign of being backward and old-fashioned. Overlooking whatever related to religion, rituals and spirituality is a sign of open-mindedness and civilization whereas commitment to these issues a sign of being backward and old-fashioned.
I do not say that we have everything. It is a fact that in the course of recent history, especially during the last decades, we have been deprived of any progress. The treacherous statesmen of the Pahlavi regime and their propaganda belittled every domestic product and created inferiority complexes in us, thus depriving us from achieving any advancement. Importation of all types of goods from abroad, particularly entertainment and luxurious commodities such as cosmetics and childish games, which provided channels for our young men and women, and mainly the youth, was meant to make them preoccupied with such trivial things and cause them to be consumers of such things as well as items of luxury which has a long and sad story. No effort was spared in diverting the attention of our youth, as most dynamic members of the society, to establishing centers of debauchery and pleasure-seeking. Tens of these malicious plots are all conceived only for the purpose of keeping countries like ours backward. Now that the Iranian nation is, to a large extent, freed from such traps and the deprived generation has risen to create and construct at its own initiatives, commodities, many examples of which we are witnessing, such as aircraft spare parts, that were thought could not be provided locally and our hands were extended to the West or the East for manufacturing such items. This is because economic blockade and the compelling conditions of the imposed war «47» made their domestic production without assistance of foreign experts possible. Such items were produced more economically and they satisfied our needs. Our people have proved to be able to do things if they want.
I humbly recommend our people to be alert and watchful and do not let the West-or East-affiliated politicians draw us back towards the international plunderers. Take decisive actions to do away with all dependencies.
Be sure that the Aryan or Arab races are in no way less graded than the European, American or Russian races. If you succeed in finding your true selves and do not let despair overtake you and rely on yourselves and expect nothing of others, you shall be able to do and make everything in the long run. This is possible provided that you rely on Almighty God, earn self-reliance and cut off all ties of dependencies on others. Moreover, you should endure hardship in order to achieve an honorable state of life and attain liberation from the influence and domination of others.
It is incumbent on the authorities both in the present and the future governments to cherish and appreciate their experts and specialists and encourage them through moral and material support to take initiatives. The government and political leaders should not allow import of goods that encourage consumerism and destroy domestic economy. Let the people be content with whatever they have until they can make everything themselves.
I ask the youth, boys and girls not to compromise their freedom, independence and human values for luxury, pleasure-seeking and other vices that are offered to them by the corrupt agents of the West or the East. Experience has taught us that these affiliated puppets think of nothing except degenerating the youth and making them feel indifferent towards their own destinies and that of their country. The agents are engaged in plundering our natural resources and expanding the level of consumerism among people. In short, they work to pave the way for colonization and exploitation. For all these reasons, they try to keep a highly civilized nation such as ours in a state of backwardness, underdevelopment, and semi-primitive conditions.
F. One of their major plots mentioned earlier, is to take over the educational centers, especially the universities whose trained output would naturally take the control of the country in their hands. Their methods with respect to the clerics and the schools of Islamic sciences is different from that of the universities and high schools. Their plot is to remove the clerics from the scene and to isolate them. During the time of Reza Khan, a great deal of torture and persecution were used to achieve this purpose, but, thank God, the result was reversed. With propaganda, false accusations and devilish plans, they tried to segregate the educated and the so-called intellectuals. This continued during the time of Mohammad Reza cunningly and without apparent violence. As to university, their plan is to alienate the youth with their own values and cultural identity in order to draw them over to the East or the West and to select the statesmen from among them. These selected individuals were instituted in positions of authority and doing whatever they want to the country. They plundered the country's resources and exploited the people through their internal agents. Nevertheless, the clerics, who had been isolated, despised and defeated, reacted passively to the case. This is the best way to hold a nation in a backward state and to plunder the countries under their domination. It is easy for superpowers and of no cost to them while the whole wealth of nations goes to their pockets smoothly.
Now that due to 'the revolution' we are involved in the act of purging the universities and teacher-training colleges, it is necessary for all of us to help the officials and not ever let these institutions deviate from the right path. Take the necessary action as soon as you notice any deviation. This vital task should be primarily carried out by universities students. To save the university from deviation and perversion is to save the nation and the country.
I hereby urge our youth, their parents and friends as well as statesmen and intellectuals who care for the country to participate in this important task wholeheartedly to maintain the safety of the country and to deliver purified universities to the next generation. I also advice coming generations to guard the universities against tendency to the West or the East, as this is necessary for salvation of themselves, the country and beloved Islam. This humane and Islamic act cuts off the hands of superpowers from the country and makes them lose all hope. May Allah bless and protect you!
G. Commitment of the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly is a major issue. We witnessed the damage that Islam and Iran suffered at the hands of the corrupt and perverted representatives of the former parliament since the constitutional regime «48» was initiated in the country through the era of the Pahlavi dynasty. Such parliament representatives were worthless individuals, servants of foreign powers; they betrayed the country and the nation. During the fifty years of the tyrannical rule of the Pahlavi regime, a majority of sham parliament representatives was forged, carrying out the dictates of the Soviet Union, England and America in order to exploit the country and the nation. After the constitution was initiated in Iran, its major articles were almost always ignored. Before Reza Khan came to power, the country was in the hands of a number of treacherous pro-West feudal overlords. Then came the tyrant Pahlavi regime and its cruel agents.
Now that by the Grace of Allah and the determined and spirited endeavors of the nation, the destiny of the country has fallen in the hands of the people and their true representatives are elected and sent to the parliament without foreign interference and intervention of government feudals, it is hoped that, all sorts of perversion would be stopped with their dedication to Islam and to the interests of the country. My recommendation to the present and future generation is to elect righteous, upright and educated candidates in every election. The candidates should be individuals committed to Islam and the Islamic Republic. Persons who come mostly from the deprived middle classes of the society and are neither perverted nor gone astray from the Straight Path; individuals who are aware of the problems of the nation and the laws and policies of Islam.
My advice to the honorable clerics, specially the religious authorities, is not to show indifference to parliamentary and presidential elections of the Islamic Republic. You all witnessed and future generations shall learn how politicians who were followers of the East and the West removed the clerics, who were greatly influential in laying the foundations of the Constitution in the country. They would come to realize how clerics were deceived by such politicians who inculcated in them that involvement in the affairs of the country and of the Muslims were outside the parameters of their holy position and status. Consequently, they relinquished the realm of politics to pro-West or pro-East elements who dealt with the Constitutional Law, the country, and Islam damages in a way that would take ages to remedy.
Now that the obstacles have been removed, no excuses would remain. A free atmosphere is made available to all to involve and participate in the affairs of the country. So it is an unforgivable sin to neglect the affairs of Muslims. Every individual should be available to serve Islam and the country to the extent possible. Everyone should try his best to prevent the influence of the pro-West and pro-East elements and those who deviate from the great school of Islam. All should realize that the opponents of Islam and Muslim countries or the superpowers and the international exploiters infiltrate into our country and into Islamic states cleverly and gradually and manipulate the people into colonialization. You must all be alert and vigilant. As soon as you discover such infiltration, you should not hesitate act to neutralize it. Give them no chance! May Allah help you!
I ask the present and the future representatives of the parliament to reject the credentials of any deviate delegate who has gained the votes of his constituents through fraud and political intrigues. Let no sabotaging element find his way into the parliament.
I advise the recognized religious minorities «49» to learn lessons from the situation of the parliament during the Pahlavi regime and elect representatives who are dedicated to their own religion and committed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, persons who are not dependent on the world-mongering powers, persons with no leaning towards any deviationist, forged or atheistic school of ideology.
I ask all parliament delegates to treat one another with utmost goodwill and brotherhood and be careful not to pass legislations contradictory to Islamic law. All of you should try to be faithful to Islam and its Divine law to earn prosperity in this world and in the Hereafter.
My advice to the Guardian Council, «50» now and in the future is to perform its Islamic and national duties with candor and take great care not to be influenced by any power and not to sanction any law, rule or regulation that is opposed to Islam and the Constitution. The Council should be attentive to the exigencies of the country that must be dealt with sometimes by secondary decrees and sometimes by the decrees of the Guardian of the Theologian or Jurisconsult.
My advice to the honorable nation is to participate actively in all parliamentary and presidential elections and those of the Assembly of Experts «51» to determine the Council of Leadership or the Leader. «52» The election of such representatives should be based on solid and creditable criteria. For example, if election of the Assembly of Experts is not inconformity to religious laws and standards, irreparable damages would be inflicted on the religion and the country, in which case all would be responsible before Allah the Exalted.
Thus, non-participation in elections by the people ranging from religious jurists and authorities to bazaar people, workers, farmers, civil servants, etc. whether among the present or future generations indicates their irresponsibility towards the destiny of the country and Islam. In certain cases, any failure to participate in the affairs of the state and elections would be taken as capital sins. Therefore, all must bear in mind that" Prevention is better than cure." If necessary action is not taken in advance, control of affairs would get out of all hands. This is a reality we all have experienced after the Constitutional Regime was proclaimed in the country. No remedial action is more effective than the people, nationwide performing the task and duties assigned to them in accordance with the Islamic constitution and Islamic laws and standards. In parliamentary and presidential elections, voters should consult educated and open-minded persons. Such persons should be aware of the channels of action. They should not be affiliates of any superpower. They should be dedicated to Islam and the Islamic Republic and reputed for their virtues. Such consultation should also be entered into with dedicated and chaste clerics. Care should be taken to ensure that those elected as president of the Islamic state and as delegates to the parliament are individuals who have felt and experienced the conditions of the deprived and oppressed classes of the society and who are concerned about the well-being of such people. The president and the parliament deputies should not hail from high-ranking and land-mongering capitalist classes sunken in carnal pleasures and are unable to understand the bitterness and pains of the deprived, the barefoot and the oppressed people.
We should realize that if the parliament delegates and the president are competent, devoted to Islam sympathetic with their fellow countrymen, most difficulties would not emerge. If they do, they will be solved without any delay. This also applies to the election of the Assembly of Experts to determine the Council of Leadership or the Leader. For, if the experts are elected by the nation with care and consultation with prominent religious jurists and authorities of the time, and if learned, dedicated, and virtuous persons go to the Assembly of Experts, because of the selection of the most competent individuals as the Council of Leadership or the Leader by them, then most of the major problems would not arise. In case it did, they would be dealt with efficiently. With regard to Articles 109 «53» and 110 «54» of the Constitution concerning the grave duty of the nation in electing the 'Experts' and the 'Delegates' to determine the Leader or the Council of Leadership, it becomes clear that the least oversight and negligence in their related elections would create gross harm to Islam, the country, and the Islamic Republic. Because of the paramount importance of the probability of their incidence, their occurrence surely entails Divine responsibility.
My advice to the Leader and the Council of Leadership in this era which is to dedicate themselves to the service of Islam and the deprived people of this country. They should not think that leadership is per se a gift or an exalted position for them. Rather, it should be thought of as a heavy and grave duty in which errors caused by mean and low considerations would subject the perpetrator to life-long shame in this world and to the wrath of Allah in the Hereafter.
I beg the Almighty God to admit us while we have to His emerged successful in this trial. This threat exists, though to a lesser degree, to presidents, governments and authorities now and in the future, each in proportion to their responsibility. They should also be mindful of the fact that God is present and oversees their actions. May Almighty God guide and protect them!
H. Justice is another essential issue to threat. It is involved with people's lives, properties and family chastities. My advice to the Leader and the Council of Leadership is to do their utmost in selection and appointment of highly qualified, deeply committed, dedicated persons and experts in Islamic law and politics for the relevant responsibilities.
I ask the Supreme Judicial Council «55» to clear up the woeful conditions in which all legal and judicial matters had sunk during the former regime, to cut off from this sublime tribune the hands of those who play games with the people's lives and properties, and those judges for whom Islamic justice has the least meaning. Try hard to change the Department of Justice gradually and appoint qualified judges whom the theology centers, especially the Qom Theological Seminary, train and introduce instead of judges who do not possess the required Islamic qualifications so that by Allah's will, Islamic justice would be implemented all over the country.
I advise the present and future judges to keep in mind the Islamic traditions ascribed to the Infallible Imams(s), regarding the importance of judging and great danger, which lurks behind the position of judging and unjust adjudication. They should not allow this position to go to people who do not deserve it. Those who are qualified for these positions should not reject to accept these appointments. Let those who qualify as magistrates assume the responsibility of this great task. Let all know that as the responsibility of adjudication is hazardous and great, its rewards and excellences are also considerable and grand. All should know that assuming the position of a judge is a religious duty. «56»
I. My advice to the holy theological seminaries, as I have often said, is that opponents of Islam and the Islamic Republic are determined to uproot Islam in every satanic way possible. A major approach they make towards their ominous objective which is dangerous to Islam and the theological seminaries, is to have deviate and corrupt individuals infiltrate into the seminaries. In the short run, this poses the danger of casting aspersion on the conduct of the students of theology, accusing them of having perverted and unethical behavior and character. Infiltration into theological seminaries by such evil agents poses a serious threat. Some of them may attain to high positions through their machinations. With the help of their sham knowledge of Islamic laws and rules, they may work their way into the confidence and hearts of the people and then at the right time deliver fatal blows to the seminaries, to Islam, and to the country. We are aware that the superpowers have implanted agents in various communities under different guises such as: `nationalists', `pan-Iranists', `liberals', `pseudo-intellectual and `pseudo-clerics'. This last group, if given the opportunity, is highly insidious and dangerous. Such agents live, sometimes for decades, among nations with patience, Islamic pretentions, deportment, sham patriotism, and other designs and carry out their missions at the proper time during the short span of time. Since the triumph of the revolution, our people have seen such agents under the titles of `Mujahid-e Khalq', «57» `Fada'i-ye Khalq', «58» `Toudeh', «59» and other such appellations. It is necessary for the whole nation to cooperate in neutralizing such conspiracies. All should be alert to the danger of these agents. The purging of the theological centers takes priority. This is the task of the honorable scholars and teachers of Islamic texts and the well-known men of theological centers with the approval of the religious authorities of the time. Perhaps the thesis that" Order lies in disorderliness" is one of the vicious inspirations of these plotters.
At any rate, my advice is that at all times, especially at the present times it is necessary in which plots and intrigues have increased, it is necessary to rise and bring order to the seminaries. Let the canonists, the scholars, and the instructors spend time and, by careful, sound planning, purge and preserve the major theological centers, especially the Qum Theological Center.
It is necessary that the honorable and distinguished scholars and theologians prevent perversion and distortion from creeping into the teaching materials concerning religious jurisprudence. Let there be no deviation from the methods of the grand learned authorities of religious law in the teachings of the principles of jurisprudence. Only in this way can the real Islamic jurisprudence be preserved. Efforts should be made for a daily increase in the consciousness of views, investigative methods, research and creative work. Traditional jurisprudence, which is the heritage of our worthy ancestors, must be preserved and maintained, because deviation from it weakens the foundations of research. Let research studies in jurisprudence be increased and developed to the utmost. With respect to other sciences, to be sure, research programs should be arranged with a view to the needs of the country and Islam. Students should be trained to do research work at the highest levels and in as many areas as needed. Research, its learning, teaching, and practice must be made available to all. Islamic moral sciences such as ethics, ego-purging, mystical teachings, etc. should be covered in the course of such educational research. This is especially necessary with the 'Spiritual Journey', purification of the soul, and the ego known as 'Greater Crusade'. May Allah bestow it upon us!
J. One of the areas that need purging, reform and care is the Executive Power of the country. Sometimes beneficial and progressive laws are enacted by the parliament, seconded by the Guardian Council and communicated by the concerned cabinet minister to the proper administrative unit or department for implementation, but is thwarted by bureaucracy, by incompetent personnel, by open violation of rules and regulations. Such actions are sometimes deliberately taken to create dissatisfaction and anxiety in the community.
My advice to the related present and future cabinet ministers is that they and their employees are earning on public funds and should, therefore, be sincere public servants, especially to the deprived. Creating uneasiness for the public and not doing one's duties are interdicted and may incur the wrath of Allah. You all need the nation's support, especially that of the deprived classes. It was by their support that victory could be achieved and the hands of tyrants virtually cut off from the country and its wealth. If you become deprived from this support some day, the oppressors would put you aside and take your place just the way you ousted the oppressive monarchical regime. In view of these tangible facts, you should make efforts to satisfy the nation and earn their confidence. Avoid inhumane and un-Islamic conduct.
Following this motivation, I recommend that our state ministers in future take great care in selecting provincial governors. They should make certain that such men are competent, wise, agreeable and dedicated to Islam and the Islamic Republic and can get along with the people so that peace and tranquility would prevail throughout the country. It should be remembered that although every cabinet minister has the responsibility of Islamizing and regulating the affairs of his own area of responsibility, yet, some of them have special responsibility. Take, for example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in charge of our embassies abroad. Since the early days after the victory of the revolution, I have often warned the ministers of foreign affairs about the pro-Taghouti nature of our embassies abroad and about the need for their purge and conversion into embassies worthy of the Islamic Republic. Some of them, however, either could not or did not want to take positive steps. Now that three years have passed since the victory of the revolution, the present Foreign Minister has undertaken this task and it is hoped that, by hard work and devotion this important matter can be accomplished in due time.
My advice to the present and future foreign ministers is that their responsibilities are heavy and sensitive indeed, whether in reforming your offices and embassies or in the area of foreign policy. You should preserve our independence and secure the interests of the country in the area of having suitable relations with the countries that do not intend to interfere in our internal affairs. Anything that might smack dependence in its various aspects and dimensions should be avoided. You should know that dependencies in some affairs, even though they may seem appealing and attractive in appearance, will result in the destruction of the roots of the country. Thus make every effort to improve relations with Islamic countries and to awaken their statesmen and invite all to unity and alliance. Know that Allah is with you.
My advice to Muslim nations is: Do not look for outside help in achieving your goal, which is Islam and implementation of the Islamic rules. You yourselves should rise up and undertake this vital issue, which will make liberty and independence a reality. Let the grand religious authorities and honorable preachers in Islamic states call on their governments to extricate themselves from dependence on superpowers and come to an understanding with their own nations, in which they would embrace victory. They should invite nations to unity and alliance and avoid racism, which is contrary to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. They should shake hands in friendship with their fellow believers in any country and race, since the great Islamic faith has termed them all 'brothers'. If, by Allah's Grace, this spirit of brotherhood-in-faith is realized, you will see that one day the Muslims constitute the world's greatest power. God willing, this brotherhood and equality may manifest itself soon.
My advice to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance at all times, especially at the present with its own particular characteristics, is to propagate the truth versus falsehood and to present the reality of the Islamic Republic. Now that we have virtually cut off the hands of the superpowers from our country we are subjected to enormous propaganda aggression of all mass media organizations dependent on the superpowers. Consider the baseless accusations leveled against us by the writers and speakers of these mass media apparatus subservient to the superpowers.
Regrettably, most of the Islamic states of the region that should show us brotherhood, by the command of Islam have risen in opposition to us and to Islam. They have placed themselves at the service of the superpowers for invasion against us from every side and quarter. It is to be mentioned that our propaganda mechanism is very weak while the world today revolves around publicity and propaganda. The so-called intellectual writers are either pro-West or pro-East. Their selfishness and monopolism do not let them think of independence and freedom of their own country. These factors do not allow the writers to consider the interests of their own nation and draw comparison between freedom and independence in the Islamic Republic today with that in the former tyrannical regime. Such writers and speakers do not stop to weigh and measure the worthy and honorable life in this country today against the partial losses in comfort and physical pleasures. In time of the former regime they were indulged in pleasure seeking, dependency, servitude, praising, and eulogizing those nuclei of corruption and vice. Foregoing this, they would desist from bringing such false and totally inaccurate accusations against this newly-born Islamic Republic. They would use their pens and tongues against the taghouts in favor of this nation and government.
The issue of propaganda is not only the function of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Rather, it is a duty incumbent on all writers, speakers, artists and scholars. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should see to it that the embassies are supplied with public relations literature to reveal the briliant image of Islam to all the world. If the glorious and immaculate image of Islam, which the Holy Qur'an and the Tradition have invited all to their various dimensions, would emerge from under the veils by the opponents of Islam ignorant friends, Islam would overwhelm the whole world and its banner of honor unfurled everywhere. How tragic it is that, the Muslims possess the most valuable gem, unparalleled in the world from its very commencement to the end of the world, yet being not only have unable to present this Divine gift, which every human being aspires by nature. They themselves are negligent and ignorant of its value and sometimes run away from it.
K. One of the most important and fateful issues is the question of educational institutions from kindergarten to university. Because of its far-reaching importance, I repeat the matter in passing. The pillaged nation should know that during the past fifty years, all the devastating blows to Iran and Islam have been mainly dealt with universities. If universities and other centers of learning and education were engaged in educating, purifying and training the youth armed with Islamic and patriotic programs for the benefit of the country, our country would have never been swallowed first by England and then by America and Russia. Such ruinous agreements or treaties would not have been imposed on our deprived nation. Nor would foreign advisers have been admitted to the country. Our resources, including the black gold would never go down the pockets of the satanic powers. Similarly, the Pahlavi family and its dependents could not have plundered the people's wealth and build for themselves at home and abroad private parks and villas over the bodies of the oppressed people. Foreign banks could not become rich with the wages of our deprived people and such funds would not have been spent by the Taghout and his offsprings and kinsmen on carnal whims and debauchery. If the parliament, the government, the judiciary power and other organs had come from Islamic national universities, our nation would have not been facing these ruinous problems today. If chaste personalities, with sound Islamic and nationalistic inclinations, not like that which is offered as Islam today, were dispatched from the universities to the three centers of power: 1) the legislative power, 2) the judiciary power, and 3) the executive power, we would be in different circumstances. We could see different days and our homeland would not be like this. Our deprived people would have been liberated; the cruelty and oppression of the monarchy would have been foiled by people much sooner as would the centers of vice, addiction and pleasure houses, one of which was enough to corrupt a whole generation of our young people. This disastrous legacy would not have been left for our people. If our universities were Islamic, humane and nationalistic, they would have trained, educated and presented to the society hundreds and thousands of teachers and professors. How sad it was that these institutions were administered and our children trained and educated, with a few exceptions, by people who were either Westernized or Easternized. These persons were installed in vital positions with special planning and design. Our dear, oppressed and innocent children were unfortunately trained by such wolves affiliated with the superpowers. They occupied high legislative, executive and judiciary positions and carried out the orders of the tyrannical Pahlavi regime.
Now that by the will of Allah, the Exalted, universities have been liberated from the grip of criminals, it behooves the nation and Islamic governments at all times not to permit corrupt elements, who are either the followers of deviant schools of thought or lean toward the West or the East, to influence the colleges, universities or the centers of education. Make guards against such individuals from the beginning and before they have achieved any mischievous plan.
My advice to the students of the teachers training centers, colleges and universities is to rise bravely and oppose all deviation and perversion so that their and the nation's independence and freedom would remain safe and secure.
L. The entire armed forces, including the army, navy, air force, Sepah, police, Basij volunteers the enlisted tribal militia enjoy special status. They are the mighty arms of the Islamic Republic. There are also the border guards. These forces ensure the safety of the roads, towns and rural areas. Indeed, they provide peace and security for the nation; therefore, they are entitled to receive special attention by the nation, the government, and the parliament. All should remember that the armed forces are manipulated and taken advantage of more than any other group or institutions by the superpowers with their destructive policies. It is through the armed forces that the superpowers carry out their political intrigues and arrange coups d'etat thus changing governments and regimes. The treacherous profiteers buy off some heads and commanders of such forces and, through them, work out their vicious conspiracies. They take over a country or dominate some oppressed nation, stripping them of their freedom and independence. If military commanders are upright and chaste, there can be no occasion for a military coup d'etat in a country, nor for its occupation. If any such moves are taken, they occur, will be defeated or neutralized by the dedicated commanders. In Iran, where the Islamic Revolution this miracle of the age, was performed by the nation, the devoted and committed armed forces and their pious and patriotic commanders had a considerable part in it.
But, today, the accursed war imposed by Saddam Takriti at the instigation, order, and through the assistance of the U.S.A. and other powers have met with the political and military defeat of the aggressive Ba'thist army after two years, its strong supporters and allies. The armed forces, security police, public militia and Sepah with unsparing help of the people have brought us honor at both the battlegrounds and behind the front lines. The internal intrigues and acts of mutiny by the puppets of the West or the East aimed at overthrowing the Islamic Republic were defeated by the youth of the Revolutionary Committees, Revolutionary Guards, mobilized volunteers, and police with the help of the nation. It is these zealous youths who stay awake at nights so that families may rest in peace. May Allah help and assist them!
Therefore, in these last few steps left to the end of my life, my brotherly advice to the armed forces who love Islam, who give their lives at the war fronts for the love of gaining proximity to God, and who carry out their devotional work everywhere in the country, is that you stay alert and vigilant and beware the treacherous political ruses of the pro-West or pro-East elements at play behind the scenes! Rest assured that the sharp edges of their blades are, from every side, directed at you more than at any other time. They want to make use of you, who have given your lives so that the revolution could triumph and Islam revived. They intend to overthrow the Islamic Republic. By shamming Islam and pretending to serve the country and the nation, they mean to separate you from Islam and the nation. They work to toss you down into the laps of one of the two world-mongering poles, they attempt to foil your efforts and sacrifices by political tricks.
My emphatic counsel to the armed forces is to observe and abide by the military rule of noninvolvement in politics. Do not join any political party, group or fraction. No military man or security policeman, no revolutionary Guard or Basiji is allowed to enter politics. Stay away from politics. You will be able to preserve and maintain your military powers and thus immune from internal division and dispute. Military commanders should prevent the men under their commands from entering into political parties. As the revolution belongs to all the nation, its preservation is also the duty of all. Therefore, the government, the nation, the Defense Council and the Islamic Consultative Assembly are all charged with the religious and national responsibility to oppose from the very beginning any interference in politics or any action against the interests of Islam and the country by the armed forces, regardless of category, class, branch, and rank. Such involvement will surely corrupt and pervert them. It is incumbent on the Leader and the Leadership Council to prevent such involvement of the armed forces by decisive action so that no harm would befall the country.
My sincere advice to all the armed forces in these last days of my earthly life is to remain faithful to Islam, as you are faithful to it now. Islam is the only true ideology of liberty and independence and Almighty God invites us all to attain to the exalted status of humanity by the light of Islam. Islam saves you, the country, and the nation from the shame of dependency and leaning on powers that desire slavery for you only. It desire to keep your country and your cherished nation retarded and as a consumer market under the yoke of subjugation. You should prefer an honorable life with difficulties to comfort and pleasure gained through slavery for strangers. You should know that as long as you extend your hands begging for advanced industrial needs, the power of initiative and inventiveness will not bloom in you. An objective example you witnessed after the economic blockade was those that seemed to be unable to make or repair anything. They were impelled to use their minds and brains and succeeded in manufacturing a good many things that met the needs of the army and the manufacturing plants. This war, the economic blockade and the expulsion of foreign specialists were divine blessings in disguise of which we were negligent. Now, if the government and the army would boycott the products of the world-mongers and make more effort to encourage inventiveness, the country may become self-sufficient and does not have to beg anything from the enemy.
After such prolonged artificial backwardness, our need for foreign-manufactured goods is an undeniable fact. This, however, does not mean that we should become dependent either of the two poles in advanced sciences. The government and army should send the students who are committed to Islam to countries that command advanced technology but are not colonizers or exploiters. They should not send students to America or Russia or to countries that follow these two poles. Perhaps, by the will of Allah, the day shall come when these powers see their mistakes and fall in the line of philanthropy, humanism and respect for the rights of others. Or, by the will of Allah, the oppressed people, alert nations and devout Muslims make them see their positions. May that day come!
M. Radio, television, the print media, cinema, and theaters are the most effective means for stupefying and corruption of nations, especially the younger generations. During the past century, especially the second half of it, great plots were hatched and executed through these media against Islam and its faithful servants, the clerics. The mass media are used also in the colonial propaganda networks of the West and the East. They have been used to create markets for goods, especially for the sale of luxury and decorative commodities. The media are focused on making people imitate other cultures, particularly in areas like clothing, consumption of alcoholic drinks, styles of architecture and in many other things. To look Westernized was the thing of which one should be proud. Especially, ladies in higher or middle income groups imitated the westerners in all forms and manners, in attire, in talking, in deportment, in all facets of behavior and in social relations. Foreign words and terms were used in speeches and writings in such a way as to be difficult to comprehend by most people, even by the peers of their users. Television films depicting Western or Eastern products made young men and women stray from the normal course of their work, sliging life and industry into oblivion irrespective of themselves and their personalities. They produced pessimism in people vis-a-vis their own beings, their country, culture and even about highly valuable works of art and literature of the West and the East through the treachery of middlemen and collectors. Magazines printed pictures and articles detrimental to morality. Newspapers took pride in directing the youth towards the West or the East by publishing anti-Islamic and anti-indigenous culture and articles. Extensive publicity promoted centers of vice like pleasure houses, gambling, casinos and lotteries. Large retail stores sold luxury goods, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, etc. All this came to the country financed by export of oil, gas and other valuable minerals. If the Pahlavi regime had survived, our youths would have been ruined before long. These children of Islam and the country, who are the nation's hope for the future, would have been lost by the satanic conspiracies of that corrupt regime and through the mass media and pro-West or pro-East liberals and intellectuals. Or, they would have ruined their own lives in the centers of vice or turned stooges of the superpowers and destroyed the country. Almighty God has, by His Mercy, saved us from the mischief of evil-doers.
My advice to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, to Presidents, to the Guardian Council, to the Supreme Judicial Council and to Governments, now and in the future, is to maintain the news agencies, the press and the magazines in the service of Islam and the interests of the country. We must all know that Western-style freedom degenerates the youth and is therefore condemned in Islam's view and by intellect. Propaganda literature, articles, speeches, books and magazines that oppose Islam, public morality and the interests of the country are forbidden and their suppression is incumbent on us and on all other Muslims. Harmful liberties must be restrained. If all that is 'forbidden' and against the path of the nation, the Islamic state, the country and the prestige of the Islamic Republic is not decisively controlled, then all are to be held responsible. If people and the Hezbollah youth (lit., the members of the Party of Allah) encounter with a violation of these rules, they should report it to the appropriate authorities. If they fail to act, then the people themselves should take preventive measure. May Allah, the Exalted, help all!

N. My advice to the bands, groups, and persons especially their ringleaders abroad or at home, actively opposing the nation, the Islamic Republic and Islam, is that long experience whether acting in conspiracy in different ways or in asking foreign authorities and states for support, should have taught you. You regard yourselves wise and know that the direction of a self-sacrificing and dedicated nation cannot be altered by acts of terror, sabotage, explosion of bombs, spread of meaningless lies and baseless rumors. No state or government can ever be toppled by such inhumane and illogical methods, particularly a nation like that of Iran, whose youth, old men, women and children all sacrifice their lives in the path of the Holy Qu'ran, their religion as well as the Islamic Republic. You should know- and you will be thinking naively if you do not- that the nation is not with you and that the army is against you. If you assume that they are with you, your crude moves and the acts of crime perpetrated by you, have caused separation between you and them. You have gained nothing but the enmity of others.
As a well-wisher, my advice to you at the close of my days is that: you are fighting an oppressed nation that after 2500 years of suffering, under the tyrannical rule, liberated itself by sacrificing the lives of its finest children and youth from the yoke of the oppressive Pahlavi regime and the world-mongering East and West. How can the conscience of a man allow him to behave so cruelly and mercilessly with his nation and country only for the sake of probability of gaining political power?! I advise you to give up such useless and unwise actions and not be fooled by the world-mongers. If you have not committed any crime, you can come back from wherever you are and submit yourselves to the fostering lap of Islam. You should repent to Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Forgiving and by the Will of Allah, the nation and the Islamic Republic may pardon you. If you have committed a crime for which Divine punishment is decreed, you should return to Him from the middle of the way and repent. If you courage, you should accept your punishment and thereby save your soul from the painful chastisement ordained by Allah. You should not waste your lives any longer; you should change your attitude; you should do something that is best for you.
Then, I ask the followers of these groups, whether domestic or foreign, why you ruin your lives and the life of the youth. These people who, as has been proven, are at the service of world powers, follow their plots and unknowingly have fallen in their traps? Why do you do wrong about your own nation? What for and for whom? They have been manipulated and fooled by the world powers. If you live here in this country, you can see with your own eyes that these multi-million strong masses are faithful to the Islamic Republic and are dedicated to it. You can see that the present government is most sincerely serving the people and the oppressed people. Those groups and bands who falsely claim that they belong to the people or are Mujahid or Fada'is have actually risen in opposition to Allah's servants. Young boys and girls have been deceived by these groups, to serve their own objectives or the objectives of one of the two world-mongering poles, while themselves live in pleasure in the lap of one of these two poles of crime. Or, they live in luxury and comfort of elegant team-houses or residential villas and continue their crimes for which they sacrifice their lives.
My kind advice to you, the youth, who live in this country or abroad, is to give up the wrong path. Return and join up with the deprived people of the country who are serving the Islamic Republic wholeheartedly. Act to serve the free and independent Iran, so that the country and the nation may be rid of the enemy's sedition and mischief. Live in honor altogether and unitedly. Why and how long do you want to listen to the commands of leaders of the bands and groups who fight their own nation with the support of superpowers that think of nothing except their own personal gain, immolating you for their sinister aims? You have noted since the victory of the revolution, that their words and deeds are two different things. Their claims are made to deceive pure-hearted youths. You know you have no power vis-a-vis the torrential movement of the nation. Your actions can result only in the loss of your own lives. Hereby I have discharged my duty to advice you through my last will and testament. I hope you will listen to it and act upon it when it reaches you after my death. Then, there can be no question of personal gain and power-seeking motives on my part. By listening to these advices deliver yourselves from the painful chastisement decreed by God. May God, the Merciful, guide you to the straight path!
My advice to the groups such as communists, guerillas and other leftists is that without prior study about various schools of thought and consulting the authorities on Islam, how could you bring yourselves to embrace an ideology that is already dead? What was your incentive? What did make your hearts settle for ''isms" that have already been proved null and void by researchers? What is your purpose in pushing your country to the lap of the Soviet Union or China? What do make you fight against your own nation in the name of 'love for the masses or make plots against your own people for the benefit of foreigners? ' You see very well that those, who claimed and adhered to Communism since its inception, have been and still are the most dictatorial, power-hungry, hegemonist authorities and governments. How many a nation has not been crushed under the Soviet Union's pressure. Yet, the Soviets claim they are supporters of the masses. The people of the Soviet Union, Muslims or non-Muslims, are all struggling and writhing under the pressure of the Communist Party and suffering under a suffocating censorship that is worse than the censorship exercised by any other dictatorial governments. We witnessed coming to power of Stalin «60» and his stepping down and luxurious and aristocratic manner. He was one of the most distinguished faces of the party. Even now that you, the deceived individuals of this country, are ready to sacrifice your lives out of your love for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, their deprived people and its satellites such as the people of Afghanistan, etc. are perishing under the Soviet regime's cruelty. Meanwhile, you, who claim to be siding with the masses, hurt and harm your own people in any possible way. You committed unimaginable crimes against the respectable people of Amol whom you had erroneously regarded as your staunch supporters and, by deception, sent many of them to fight the Muslim people and the Islamic government as a result of which many of your comrades were killed. «61» You, who claim to be supporters of the people, want to hand over the innocent and deprived people of Iran to the Soviet dictatorship. For this, you disguise yourselves as Fadaiyan-e-Khalq and supporters of the oppressed. Now, this is being carried out by the Toudeh Party and its cohorts by weaving plottings and intrigues under the guise of supporting the Islamic Republic and by other leftists groups using arms, terrors, bombings, etc.
I advise the political parties and groups, whether those known as leftists-although indications point to their affiliation with American communists- or those who receive their sustenance as well as their inspiration from the West, to join their own nation. This also holds true of those who, are taking up arms and ruin the lives of the deprived people of Kurdistan «62» and other localities in the name of 'self-rule' and support for the Kurds «63» and Balouchis, «64» you have thus thwarted the Islamic government's efforts to implement educational, medical and economic services as well as reconstruction activities in those provinces. I similarly advise the Komoleh «65» and Democrat «66» Parties, whose activities thus far show that they have done nothing but harm and bringing nothing but misery to those areas. Therefore, it is to their own benefit as well as to the benefit of their nation and their provinces to cooperate with the government, avoid insurgency and refrain from serving the foreigners and doing treason to the country. Rather, they should participate in the country's reconstruction and rest assured that Islam is better for them than the criminal West or the dictatorial East. Islam can better fulfill man's wishes.
My advice to the Muslim groups, who have mistakenly acquired 'Westward' or 'Eastward' leanings and sometimes supported the Munafiqin (hypocrites) , whose treason was proven, is not persist in making such mistakes. Let these groups and individuals show Islamic courage and admit their mistakes. Please Allah, line up behind the government and the parliament join the people. All together rescue the oppressed people from the mischief and wickedness of the oppressors. Remember what that great Muslim jurist, Mudarris «67» said at a sad parliament meeting of his time: ''Now that we must be destroyed, why do we do it ourselves?"

In memory of that great martyr of Allah, I say to you today that it is much better we be eradicated from the surface of the earth with honor by the treacherous hands of America and Russia and meet our Allah in glory than to live in comfort and luxury under the flag of the Red Army of the East or under the flag of the Black Army of the West. Such has been the practice of Allah's great Prophets, Infallible Imams and the men of religion. This is also the line we should follow. We should bring ourselves to believe that if a nation wants to, it can survive without any dependency and that world powers cannot impose anything against a nation's resolution.
A lesson should be learned from Afghanistan. While that usurping government and the leftist parties had and still have the Soviet Union on their side, they have not been able to suppress the people. Moreover, today, the deprived nations of the world have awakened and soon enough their consciousness shall result in uprisings, movements, insurgencies and revolutions. They shall liberate themselves from the domination of the arrogant oppressors. You, Muslims, who care for Islamic values can well see that keeping away from the West or the East is revealing its blessings. Native intellects and minds have become active and are moving in the direction of self-sufficiency. All that the treacherous specialists of the West or the East claimed to be impossible for Iranian people to achieve is markedly achieved by the hands and brains of the nation. By Allah's will the trend shall continue in the future. Alas, this revolution took place rather late! Had it taken place even as early as the beginning of Mohammad Reza's rule, this pillaged country would have been something else today.
My advice to the writers, orators, intellectuals, fault-finders and those with inferiority complex is to reflect one night on what you are doing. You are spending your time pursuing a course contrary to that of the Islamic Republic and doing all you can to vitiate the parliament, the government and other public servants with your pessimism and ill-will, thereby pushing your country into the path of superpowers. Sit one night in seclusion with your Allah; if you do not believe in Allah, sit in seclusion with your conscience, and study your inner motives, of which people are often unaware. Think of the reason why and by what standard of fairness you ignore the blood of all young martyrs strewn everywhere on the battlefields and in towns and cities throughout the country. Why have you started a psychological war against a nation that has shaken off its neck the pressures of foreign and domestic oppressors and plunderers and has paid dearly for its freedom and independence with the blood of its beloved youth and now wants to preserve it with further sacrifice? Why do you reopen the way for the arrogant oppressors by brewing treacherous plots and by creating discord and disunity? Is it not better that you guide the government, the parliament and the nation by your pens, words and minds in order to preserve your homeland? Are the deprived not worth of your assistance? Is it not better that you try to support the Islamic government? Do you regard this parliament, this president, this government and this judicial system worse than what we had in the former regime? Have you forgotten the cruelty with which the former regime treated this oppressed nation? Are you not aware that this Islamic country was a military base for the US and was, in effect, a US colony? Do you not know that the parliament, the government and the military forces were under the US control? Do you not know that foreign specialists, advisors, and industrialists played havoc with this nation and its resources? Have you forgotten the spread of immorality throughout the country nationwide, centers of vice including gambling, bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, cinemas, etc.? Each one of these was a major cause of corruption of the youth! Have you forgotten the pornography which was encouraged by the corrupt mass media during the former regime? Now that the vice markets do not exist, are you crying in protest for trial of several young men. They were mostly from deviant and pervert groups, who had acted to defile and tarnish Islam and the Islamic government by their terroristic acts. Are you protesting the execution of a number of people who had revolted against Islam and the Islamic Republic? You befriend individuals who have overtly condemned Islam and have risen against it with the 'sword' or with their pens and tongues which are more dangerous than armed struggle. You have made friends with people such as these and shake hands with them as brothers! You call individuals whose blood is lawful to be shed, the apple of your eyes! You sit beside these 'actors' and watched them create the carnage of 14 th of Isfand «68» (March 5, 1981) calamity in which the youth were beaten up. You then call such acts Islamic and ethical! But, when the government and the courts of justice rightly punish the enemies and the atheistic perverts, you cry out in protest and claim that these perverts are innocent! I feel sorry for you brothers with whose past I am somewhat familiar, and like some of you. I do not feel sorry for those who were evil-doers draped in the clothes of benevolence, those wolves in the clothes of sheep. These game players fool around, making fun of everyone. They were intent on destroying the country and the nation. All the time they were in the service of either of the two plundering poles. Those, who martyred our valuable young men, our cherished religious authorities, educators and instructors of the community with their filthy hands in fact deprived themselves from Allah's Mercy. They showed no mercy toward innocent Muslim children and thus have no way of return, as they are governed by their devilish self.

But why you, the believers, do not aid the government and the parliament that are trying to serve the oppressed and the barefooted people who are deprived of all facilities? What is your complaint? What does ail you? Have you thought of evaluating the amount of service rendered by this government and by the various foundations of the republic in comparison with limited development of the previous regime? All these were accomplished despite the imposed war with all its damages, destruction, millions of local and foreign refugees, with all acts of sabotage in a relatively short time. Do you not know that the development programs and works in the former regime were confined, almost entirely, to cities and that to well-off areas and people? The poorer classes had little or no share of it, whereas the present regime and the Islamic foundations wholeheartedly serve the deprived groups. You believers, support the government so that projects are accomplished faster. Thus, when you eventually appear in God's presence you are marked with the sign of service to His servants.
O. One of the issues that requires comment is that Islam does not support oppressive and uncontrolled capitalism which deprives the masses. The Book and the Tradition seriously condemn this type of capitalism and regard it as opposed to social justice. Although some have wrongly thought that Islam favors uncontrolled form of capitalism, that is not true! Such mal-reasoning veils the shining face of Islam and paves the way for biased attacks of the enemies of Islam. They consider it as a capitalist regime on the order of the U. S. A., England and other Western plunderers. Relying on such baseless accusations and wrong understanding, the enemies rise to challenge Islam without referring to Islamic sources for clarification of the point. Islam does not oppose private the ownership, like Communism, Marxism, and Leninism. From the earliest days until now these schools have taken a variety of forms. They sanction homosexuality and sharing of spouses. They have always been accompanied by dictatorship.
Rather, Islam is a balanced and moderate school that recognizes ownership and respects it in a limited form of production and consumption. If it is implemented, a sound economy and social justice would result from it, for social equity is a prerequisite to having a healthy regime. Here, too, a number of unaware and illogical persons with no knowledge of Islam and its ideas for a healthy economy, have risen in opposition to the first group. By appealing to some Qur'anic verses and reciting phrases from the Nahj al-Balaghah, they consider Islam as being in agreement with the deviationist schools such as Marxism and his peers. Such men do not pay attention to the other parts of the Nahj al-Balaghah and the Qur'anic verses. As a result of their inadequate understanding, they have risen to follow a communist idea. They ignore the inherent atheism, dictatorship and strangulation of human values by a minority party treating human masses as animals!
I advise the parliament, the Guardian Council, the Government, the president and the Supreme Judicial Council to be obedient to the commands of Allah and not to be influenced by the inane propaganda of the cruel, rapacious pole of capitalism and the atheistic pole of communism and to respect ownership and private capital within Islamic limits. I advise you to reassure the nation so that private and creative initiatives proliferate in order to make the country and government reach self-sufficiency in all areas including light and heavy industries.
I advise those who lawfully acquire wealth to invest their legitimately gained wealth for innovative development works in agriculture, rural development and industries. This in itself is a commendable act of worship.
I advise all people to make ceaseless efforts for the welfare of the deprived classes. This is considered as good deeds both in this world and the Hereafter. These groups have suffered throughout the long and oppressive feudal and monarchical history. How fair it would be if the wealthy classes could voluntarily provide housing and other relief aids to the slum-dwellers. It will be a blessing to them on earth and in the Hereafter. It is far from fairness that one person owns scores of buildings while scores of other people of his community is deprived of a single room where in to live.
P. I have a piece of advice to the pseudo-clerics who oppose the Islamic Republic and devote their time to uproot it. They help the enemy carry out its plots and political intrigues. As has been reported, they make large financial contributions provided by Godless capitalists to sabotage works. You have gained nothing so far from your wrong-doings. I think, you will not achieve anything. Thus, if you do all these evil acts for the sake of gaining in this world, God shall not let you gain anything. It is better for you, then, to repent while there is a chance. Beg for God's forgiveness and join ranks with the oppressed nation. Support the Islamic Republic, which has found reality by the sacrifices of the nation. However, I do not think you will repent.
To those clerics who are against the Islamic Republic and who make every effort to overthrow it I say you had better make a comparison between the two regimes in your private. You think this regime is worse than the monarchy or similar to it. Your judgments are mostly based on the complaints received from wrong-doers opposed to Islam. Think about the Islamic Republic with sincerity in your seclusion. Make a fair and impartial comparison between it and the former regimes and consider that world revolutions have all entailed disruption, riots, confusion and disturbances. Opportunists always struggle to take advantage of such conditions for their own selfish aims. Consider the fact that the Islamic Republic faced all these. It had to withstand false accusations, propaganda, lies and armed attacks from outside and inside of its borders. It had to fight the unavoidable infiltration of corrupt and anti-Islamic elements, who were trying government organs, to generate dissatisfaction and unrest. Moreover, most of the public servants in the regime were inexperienced; many old-timers were dissatisfied because of their resentment by spreading lies and baseless rumors. All this, plus a shortage of judges, strenuous economic entanglements, difficulties in purging corrupt personnel and a shortage of qualified and competent personnel and many other problems had to be and were dealt with. On the other hand, biased monarchists, with immeasurable capital acquired by usury, foreign exchange manipulations, profiteering, exorbitant commodity prices, extortionist rates of services, smuggling, hoarding, and similar evil acts place the deprived classes under extreme pressure and draw the society to vice and disintegration. Men of this category come to you with deceptive purposes. To make you believe what they say, they sham Islam and even pay the Imam's share and shed false tears. They enrage and incite you to opposition. Many of these individuals sponge the people's blood or exploit them by some illegitimate ways and means and make the country's economy go bankrupt.
My brotherly, humble advice is that you, honorable people, be not influenced by rumors. Support and strengthen this republic for the sake of Allah and for the preservation of Islam. Be sure that if the Islamic regime falls, a republic acceptable to Imam of the Time and pleasant to you would not be realized. Rather, a regime acceptable to either one of the two power poles would replace it much to the disappointment of the world's deprived peoples who have turned to Islam and the Islamic government. Islam shall become isolated for ever and you would regret your conduct some day when it is too late! If you, gentlemen, expect all things to be Islamized overnight, you are making a mistake. Such miracle has never happened in any part of history of mankind. When the Great Reformer reappears, do not think that the entire world would be put aright in a day! Rather, it is by hard work and sacrifices that the oppressors would be exterminated. If you think, as some misguided laymen do, that for reappearance of that graceful Imam, the world must be entirely overwhelmed with cruelty and injustice so that the Imam should reappear sooner, then we should seek refuge in God
Q. My advice to all Muslims and oppressed peoples of the world is that you should not sit and wait till your own authorities or rulers, or some foreign powers make a gift of freedom and independence to you. During the last century, we have observed the infiltration of the world's major powers into all Islamic countries and smaller lands. Reliable history has related this for us. None of the rulers of any of these countries have been concerned with freedom, independence and welfare of his nation. Rather the majority of such rulers have been cruel oppressors who tried to strangulate their own people. Whatever good they did was to benefit themselves or some special group. Such rulers promoted the welfare of the already well-to-do classes but never did a thing to benefit the deprived groups and slum-dwellers. These last groups were deprived even of their daily bread. The miserable and deprived groups were taken into the service of the profligate pleasure-seeking or they were made puppets of big powers, doing their best to make their countries more and more dependent on foreign powers. The rulers of such countries, who were only nominal, secured the interests of their Eastern or Western masters, turned their countries into markets for the consumption of the manufactured products of their overlords and kept their own homelands in an undeveloped condition. They are doing so even now.
O, you deprived people of the world! O, you Muslims and Muslim countries of the world! Rise up and fight for your rights! Do not be afraid of the propaganda operations of the superpowers and their mercenaries. Drive out from your lands your wicked rulers who hand over your earnings to your enemies and the enemies of Islam. You, yourselves and the dedicated public servants should take charge of the affairs of your country. Gather, all of you, under the proud banner of Islam and fight the enemies of Islam and of the deprived peoples of the world. Advance toward an Islamic sovereign government with so many free and independent republics. If you realize this, the arrogant powers would retreat to their own places. All deprived people would come to inherit the earth and attain guardianship over it. Looking forward to the day when Allah's promise shall be fulfilled!
R. At the conclusion of this testament once more I say to the honorable Iranian nation that in this world the vastness of one's pains, sufferings, devotion, deprivations and sacrifices is commensurate with the vastness of one's cause and its value and station. You, noble nation, have risen and given your lives and wealth for the noblest, most sublime and most valuable cause. This cause has been put forth since time began. No such cause would be ever presented again. This cause is the 'school of divinity' in its broad sense. It is the idea of Monotheism in its lofty dimensions whose ultimate and creative foundation lies throughout the expanse of the world of being. It unfolds at the levels and degrees of Occultation and Presence as made fully manifest in the school of Muhammad the Prophet (s). For its realization, the Prophets and the Divine Guardians (s) worked hard. Absolute perfection and utmost glory and beauty cannot be attained except by the Supreme Divinity Who has exalted the earthly man above the heavenly beings. That which accrues to the earthly man from progression in His path does not accrue to any other being whether perceptible by the eye or veiled.

O you, the struggling nation! Move under an emblem and banner waving everywhere in the moral and material world! Whether you are aware of it or not, you are treading a path that was traversed by all Prophets. It is the only path to happiness and bliss! This is the incentive of the prophets in accepting and embracing martyrdom. This is what makes martyrdom sweeter than honey to them. Your youth have experienced this at the battlegrounds. It has made them live in ecstasy ever since. It is reflected in the soul and conduct of the brothers, sisters and families of the martyrs. We should truly say:" We wish we were with you (the martyrs) , perhaps we, too, could be blessed and receive salvation." May they enjoy the breeze that delights the heart and that exhilarating manifest.

We should know that a fragment of that manifestation is displayed in the hot and agricultural cultivated fields, in enervating factories and workshops and in industrial centers of research, development, and inventions. It was partially reflected among the nation on the whole; in the bazaar, in the streets and in rural areas. Only a portion of it was displayed among all who those serve Islam and the Islamic Republic, working toward progress and self-sufficiency.
As long as this spirit of cooperation and dedication prevails in the society, our country shall, by Allah's will, be immune to worldly woes. Thank God that the theological centers, the universities and the younger generation in educational institutions have all been blessed with the Divine spirit. They have control over all these agencies, which are safe from encroachment by the saboteurs and perverts.
My advice to all is to advance towards self-awareness, self-sufficiency and independence with the remembrance of Almighty God. Without any doubt, His Hand is with you if you are with Him and continue with this spirit of cooperation for the advancement of the Islamic country.
I pray that what I observe in the noble nation as alertness, intelligence, commitment, devotion, spirit of resistance and courage being employed in the path of Allah, shall, by His Grace, be transmitted to the successive future generations with increased momentum.
With a peaceful mind, a certain heart, a happy soul, and a conscience hopeful for Allah's mercy, I take my leave of all brothers and sisters to journey to the eternal abode. I need your prayers and beg for Almighty God's pardon and forgiveness for my inadequacies.
I hope, the nation, too, will forgive my shortcomings and failings, move ahead with power and determination and know that the departure of a single servant shall not leave a scratch on the steel shield that is the nation. Worthier servants of greater stature are in service and Allah preserves the nation and the oppressed people of the world.
May God's peace be upon you and His righteous servants.
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini
February 15, 1983 [Bahman 62, 1361 AHS/ Jamadi-al-Awwal 1, 1403 AH] 

«۱»- The term `Thaqalayn' means `two thiqls'. The term `thiql' is used in explanatory accounts of traditions and narratives as well as in interpretations of the Holy Qur'an in various senses and concepts such as `weighty heritage', `great thing', `a precious thing', `an invaluable trust', etc. However, in the Thaqalayn narration, by the two precious things it is meant the Holy Qur'an and the Holy Prophet's household. «۲»- Members of the Prophet's family. «۳»- `Hawd' means a pool, pond or ditch dug in the ground to store water. In Islamic literature, the term `Hawd' usually precedes the word `kawthar'. According to narratives, it means the Kawthar Pond, a stream located in Paradise. «۴»- The term `Taghoutis' means followers of Taghout, a term used in the Qur'an on various occasions. Taghout was also the name of an idol of the Qoraysh tribe in pre-Islamic days. This name has also been used to mean Satan, oppressor, tyrant and dictatorial governments. «۵»- In Islamic teachings, it means words and sayings as definitely coming from the companions of the Prophet (s) or the Infallible Imams (s). «۶»- These six correct volumes which the learned Sunni authorities and jurists selected from among the many volumes of traditions and designated them as the base and source from which to deduce religious laws, tenets, commands, interpretations and a part of the history of the early days of Islam. «۷»- Ali (s), the first Infallible Imam of Shiite Muslims, was born ۶۰۰ A.D. to Fatimeh daughter of Asad and Aboutalib paternal uncle of the Prophet (s). `Ali (s) grew up in the house of the Prophet (s) since the age of ۶ He was the first male person who embraced Islam and pledged himself to assist the Prophet (s). When the Prophet (s) called his own kins to Islam early in his Prophetic mission, he announced at a gathering attended by his relatives:" The first among you to believe in and accept my faith shall succeed me." He repeated this sentence three times and each time `Ali (s) was the only person who professed his faith. On the night of hejira (migration of the Prophet- s from Mecca to Medina), `Ali (s) lay down in the Prophet's bed to foil the plot woven by the enemy to kill the prophet in his bed. The Quraysh had plotted to assassin the Prophet (s) that night and `Ali (s) thus demonstrated his fidelity to the prophet (s), who adopted `Ali (s) as his own brother; on return from his Last Hajj (pilgrimage) at a place called Ghadir, where the Prophet (s) publicly declared `Ali (s) as the guardian of the Muslims and administrator of their affairs. `Ali (s) was a companion of the Prophet (s) in his lonely days and his assistant in hardships and dangers. For a period of ۲۵ years after the Prophet's demise, `Ali (s) was deprived of government administration and leadership by his opponents. After the third Caliph was killed, the companions and a number of other people swore allegiance to `Ali (s) and selected him as the fourth Caliph. Imam `Ali (s) administered the affairs of the Islamic world for nearly four years and nine months. He restored the changes that had occurred after death of the Prophet (s). The dissidents whose interests were threatened, rose on every side and, pretending to avenge the blood of the ۳rd Caliph, set off bloody internal wars that lasted during the entire period of `Ali's (s) rule, until, finally, they martyred this unique man of history next to the Prophet (s) in the altar where he was performing prayers.«۸»- The king of Iran. «۹»- King Fahad is the king of Saudi Arabia. The extent of Al-e Saud's dependence on major powers, especially on the world-mongering America, the role of this family in the spread of the false and pervert creed of Wahhabism, their ancient historic animosity towards the followers of `Ali (s), their hypocritical approach towards the fighting people of Palestine, their massacre of the pilgrims of Iran and other countries in the House of God, their intrusion on the Divine sanctuaries, suppression of the Arab strugglers in and out of Saudi Arabian Peninsula, squandering the wealth of the Muslims ... and other atrocities of this family are all known to the whole world. «۱۰»- Wahhabism was founded by Muhammad Bin `Abdul-Wahhab Najdi toward the end of the ۱۲ th and the early ۱۳ th century A.H. and is ascribed to British colonialism. The adherents of Wahhabism are of the opinion that all Islamic sects, are idol worshippers. They regard respect and reverence toward the shrine of the Prophet (s) and the Infallible Imams (s) a kind of heresy and paganism. Supported by Muslim wealth, the Wahhabis are active in cultural propaganda; they are instruments for implementation of the destructive plans of the superpowers. «۱۱»- A religious guiding book by Imam `Ali (s). The contents of this book revolve around the three essential subjects of God, the universe and man, comprising scientific, literary, religious, social, ethical and political topics. Next to the words of the Holy Qur'an and statements by the Prophet (s), no words regardless of the source and author, can equate those of the Nahjol-Balagheh in significance and eloquence. So far more than ۱۰۱ exegeses and commentaries have been written about the Nahjol-Balagheh, indicating the importance of this book to the authorities in science, research and study. «۱۲»- Explicit Islamic texts indicate that after the Prophet (s), the holy leaders and infallible caliphs of the Prophet known as Imams number ۱۲. They are: ۱. `Ali ibn Abitalib- Imam `Ali (s). ۲. Bin `Ali- Imam Hasan (s). ۳. Bin `Ali- Imam Hossein (s). ۴. `Ali Bin Hossein-Imam Sajjad (s). ۵. Muhammad Bin `Ali- Imam Muhammad Baqir (s). ۶. Ja`far Bin Muhammad- Imam Ja`far Sadiq (s). ۷. Mousa Bin Ja`far- Imam Mousa Kazim (s). ۸. `Ali Bin Mousa- Imam Rida (s). ۹. Muhammad Bin `Ali- Imam Muhammad Taqi (s). ۱۰. `Ali Bin Muhammad- Imam `Ali Naqi (s). ۱۱. Bin `Ali- Imam Hasan `Askari (s). ۱۲. Hujjat Bin al-Hasan- Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance). «۱۳»- The era of leadership of the ۱۲ th Shiite Imam, His Holiness Hujjat Bin al-Hasan `Askari (May God hasten his reappearance) began when he was only ۶ years old. Because of the conditions prevailing at the time and by Allah's will, His Holiness went into occultation. The period of occultation of Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) is divided into two parts: the lesser and the grand occultation. The lesser or minor occultation lasted ۹۶ years. During this period, His Holiness was indirectly in communion with the people through the medium of four representatives. Then began the grand or major occultation which has continued to this date and will be effective until his reappearance and the triumph of Truth over falsehood. Islamic thought holds to the view that the extensive challenges of Imam Mahdi (`a) and his impending reappearance would be the last link in the chain of the fights of supporters of Truth against adherents of falsehood. This means that the struggles of the followers of Truth will continue throughout history and that grounds for the victory of Truth become better prepared with each day passing and culminate in the reappearance and rise of the Promised Mahdi (`a) with the eventual dawn of the light of Truth and justice in man's horizons, marking his intellectual, moral, and social maturity.«۱۴»- Because of richness of contents and importance, this invocative litany has been frequently recited during the month of Sha`ban by Imam `Ali (s) and other Infallible Imams. On the importance of this prayer as often emphasized by Imam Khomeini in the course of his blessed life, suffice it to say that no other invocation is said to have been recited by all the Infallible Imams (s) «۱۵»- `Arafat is a station for Hajj pilgrims in the vicinity of Mecca. The Prayer of `Arafat is ascribed to Imam Husayn (s) and was often recited by him and Imam Sajjad (s) on the ۱۹ th of the month of Dhu'l-Hijjah in the desert of `Arafat. This prayer is expressive of the lovely supplications made by the Master of Martyrs (Imam Husayn- s) invoking the mercy of his beloved God, the One and only Creator of universe. The `Arafat Prayer, contains deep and lofty concepts as does other prayers of the Infallible Imams (s).  «۱۶»- In view of the dominance of tyranny in time of Imam Sajjad (s), the fourth leader of the Shiite Muslims of the world, a collection of his advices, exhortations and counsellings have been handed down to us in the form of prayers and supplications. This collection which contains ۵۴ of such entries is known as the Sahifeh-ye Sajjadiyeh; it is a veritable encyclopedia that has been constantly referred to us a source of inspiration to Muslims and seekers of the Path of Allah in the course of history of Shi'ism. This book has a great impact on the readers through its educational influence. «۱۷»- Zabour is the name of a Divine Book that was sent down to His Holiness Davud (David), a great Prophet of Allah. It contains plenty of phrases and sayings of knowledge and wisdom. The Sahifeh-ye Sajjadiyeh is also known as" the Zab ou r of the family of Mohammad". «۱۸»- The word `Sahifeh' means letter or book. The term `Fatimiyeh' implies the realities and topics ascribed to Her Holiness Fatimeh (s). Thus the Sahifeh-ye Fatimiyeh is a book attributed to Fatimeh Zahra, daughter of our noble Prophet (s) and consort to `Ali (s), man of equity and virtue and the first Imam of Shiites. Fatimeh is the mother of Imams Hasan and Husayn (s), who are the ۲ nd and the ۳ rd Shia leaders. She was born in Mecca in the ۲ nd or the ۵ th year after divinely appointment of Mohammad (s) to Prophetic mission. Comment on the qualities and attributes of Fatimeh, this grand lady of Islam and symbol of Muslim woman, is beyond the scope of this writing. Her love and attachment to her father was so intense that people called her `Umma Abiha' (her father's mother). Fatimeh (s) was a helper of the Prophet (s) and `Ali (s) during the most eventful terms of their Divine mission. She passed away young because of the great pain and hardship she went through following the death of her father, the Holy Prophet of Allah (s). «۱۹»- The term `baqir' means `splitter' or `dissector' and Baqirul-`Oloum or Dissector of Sciences and Knowledge was a title accorded to the ۵ th Imam or the leader of the Shiite Muslims of the world. This title which is a proved prophecy was given to him before his birth by the Prophet of Allah (s) .  «۲۰»- The Ja`fari religion or Ja`fari Islamic School of Thought is attributed to Imam Ja`far Sadiq (s), the sixth leader of the world of Shiism. He extended the means of teaching Islamic truths and arranged classes for lessons, discussions and debates and also succeeded in furthering the education of the faithful believers and the establishment of a great theological center. «۲۱»- Fiqh is a science dealing with deduction of religious rules and the practical aspects of religion for every individual in his private and social life. The objective of this science is understanding the Divine commands and acting according to them. The sources from which fiqh deduces Allah's Commands include: Holy Qur'an, Tradition of the Prophet (s) and of that Infallible Imam (s); consensus among the Islamic learned men about issues the correctness of which cannot be doubted, and reason. «۲۲»- Zeynab-e-Kubra (the Great Zeynab), the brave lady of Islam is the third child of Imam `Ali (s) and Fatimeh Zahra (s) after Imam Hasan (s) and Imam Husayn (s). She was born in the ۶ th year A. H. and Fatimeh nurtured and raised under the care and education of the Prophet (s), `Ali (s) and Fatimeh (s) like her two brothers. Zeynab's (s) traverse was an eye-witness to the long thorny passage up to the tragedy of Karbala. In that great tragedy, Zeynab (s) was an eye-witness to the martyrdom of her holy brother Imam Husayn (s) and other young men of her family. She traveled to Iraq in captivity and then to Sham (Syria) and supervised the remaining family members of Imam Husayn (s). During this tragic event, Zeynab did not, for a moment, lose her fortitude and patience. She managed to create a center to vent their anger and wrath against Yazid, the blood-thirsty Umayyeh Caliph. With unique courage, she hoisted the banner of challenge against the criminals. By performing an awe-inspiring role, she took the initial steps toward perpetuation of the epical deeds of Imam Hussein and his companions in `Ashoura and the struggle of truth against falsehood in all ages.  «۲۳»- The only ideal and objective in which the Zionists strongly believe is the formation of Jewish government to exercise sovereign rule over the entire world. According to them, such a government will rise from Palestine and would extend to the Egyptian territory between the Nile and the Red Sea Sina, Jordan, Syria, the greater part of Iraq with a window opening to the Persian Gulf and the western part of the Saudi domain. Because of the immeasurable natural resources which they shall thus acquire, they think and believe that sovereignty over this area is sovereignty over the entire world. «۲۴»- The present king of Jordan, known as Malik Husayn has taken a stand beside the Saudi Arabian monarchy, the reactionary Arab rulers and Saddam as of the victory of Islamic Revolution, challenging the Islamic Revolution. Hussein's betrayal of the ideals of the people of Palestine, bloody massacre of Palestinians and his support of Israel have made him a hated figure among Muslims. «۲۵»- Shah Sultan Hasan II, the monarch of Morocco is one of the despotic kings who, like the king of Jordan and Arabia considers the collapse of the previous regime of Iran and the formation of the Islamic government, a major threat to their thrones. He has not spared any mischievous action in opposition to the Islamic Revolution of Iran. «۲۶»- Mubarak is the current president of Egypt who, after the terror of the treacherous Anwar Sadat, goes on with the shameful Camp David Treaty and the humiliating peace with Israel. He is a sworn servant of America.«۲۷»- The Holy Qu'ran (۳۲:۸۸). «۲۸»- The term `fiqh' was defined earlier. `Sunnati' is a method transmitted to us by the ancients. With this explanation, the Fiqh-e-Sunnati or Traditional Jurisprudence is a method for deducing and extracting religious rules and decrees from authentic and reliable sources, a procedure pursued by the learned authorities of the Shi`ah denomination from the earliest days of the Infallible Imams to the present; they accept no alternative to it. «۲۹»- The Book and the Tradition embody many of the laws or precepts concerning social relations needed by the Muslims and their decrees are specified in whole or in part. This group of commands are known as `primary decrees'. However, in the administration of the society, the Islamic government occasionally faces issues and problems for which primary decrees do not point to a solution. In instances like this, Islam has empowered the governor to use his sovereign right of wilayat or guardianship and, by considering the interests of the society, legislate a set of rules and regulations and thereby solve those difficulties. This type of laws are counted as `secondary decrees'. «۳۰»- Friday Namaz or prayer is one of the Islam's major act of worship and social rituals. It is performed every Friday in congregation by believers. Prior to the start of namaz, the leader of the mass performs two sermons during which he acquaints the Muslims with their individual and social duties and keeps them abreast of the current problems of the country, the world and Islamic issues. Friday Prayer is a tradition of the Prophet (s) and the Infallible Imams (pbut). It is so important that even prison inmates must participate in it. In the course of Islamic history, nothing has been as effective as Friday Prayer in unifying the people, imparting information to them and making them alert. «۳۱»- In the Divine disciplines of the Prophet, namaz or s alat prayer is the ascension of the terrestrial men to the highest moral stature and a means for approach to the Creator of the world, He who prevents man's depravity and mental pollution. On the other hand, namaz or s alat, if said in congregation with its particular characteristics, develops an ideal society and purges human societies of pollution and rust. It is by means of this support that the Islamic government can approach its goals and achieve unity which is one of the Divine covenants of the Prophets (s) and is emphatically recommended by the Infallible Imams (pbut). Therefore, saying namaz in congregation is confirmed and emphasized by the great authorities of Islam. «۳۲»- Hussein (s) was the hero of `Ashoura, the greatest epic event in man's history, which happened on the ۱۰ th day of Muharram when Imam Hussein (s) was martyred. He was born to `Ali (s), the man of justice and chastity and Her Holiness Fatimah (s), the symbol of a Muslim woman, in the ۴ th year A.H. After the martyrdom of Imam Hasan (s) in ۵۰ A.H., Mu`aviyeh the Caliph increased his pressure and ordered all his governors to delete the names of the Shiite Muslims (followers of `Ali- s)- from the rosters of the Muslim treasury, to apprehend and put to death any one accused of sympathy with `Ali (s). Yazid succeeded his father Mu`aviyeh as a caliph and followed the path of his sire. He suggested that Imam Hussein swear allegiance to him or be slain should he refuse. Imam Hussein did not yield to Yazid, this prototype of meanness and villainy. Imam resorted to the sword and undertook the fundamental `Ashoura move so that he might thus kindle a light of hope amid the darkness of oppression and initiating history's eternal epic event. By sacrificing his life and the lives of his kins and followers in the Path of Allah, Imam Hussein (s) became a model and an example for all his followers in the path of Allah; Imam Hussein (s) became a model and an example for all those who died in the path of Truth. Many books have been written about the personality of Imam Husayn (s) and a great deal has been talked about him. Friend and foes testify to Imam Husayn's matchless courage, patience, fight against cruelty and injustice, courtesy and humbleness, kindness and compassion. «۳۳»- In common usage, the term `ahl-ul-beyt' refers to those who live in a man's house and all together make up his household including wife, sons and daughters. Unimpeachable narratives, recorded and quoted in both Sunnite and Shiite books and other reliable sources, indicate that the term `ahl-ol-beyt' is a `blessing' that applies to the family of the Prophet (s), `Ali (s), Fatimeh (s), Hasan (s) and Husayn (s) exclusively. However, according to these narratives and others, nine other Infallible Imams who are of Imam Hossein's progeny are included in the ahl-ul-beyt or household. The Holy Qur'an recommends love for the Ahl al-Bayt or the Prophet's Household by the Muslim community. Such love is deemed as the reward of the Prophet (s). «۳۴»- Mu`awiyah, son of Abousufyan and the grandson of Ummayah declared himself the Caliph of Muslims in ۱۴ A.H. (۱۶۶ A.D.) just after His Holiness Imam `Ali (s) was martyred. The Ummayeh clan held the caliphate until ۱۳۲ A.H. (۲۷۰ A.D.) The Ummayeh rulers revived aristocracy and the hereditary monarchy which is in sharp conflict with basic Islamic faith. History is replete with accounts of painful events in the Islamic world during the Ummayeh rule, events like ruthless massacre, imprisonment and banishment of the Household of the Prophet (s), martyrdom of Imam Husayn (s) by agents of Yazid (son of Mu`awiyah), etc.«۳۵»- Islam as a concept means total submission to Almighty God.«۳۶»- Unbelievers. «۳۷»- Hypocrites.«۳۸»- In Islamic law, a fixed punishment for committing acts of immorality and transgression. «۳۹»- A punishment determined by Islamic court. «۴۰»- In Islamic law, it means a punishment against criminals and assailants. «۴۱»- Performing Jihad in the path of Allah is one of the most important duties of every Muslim. In ۱۹۸۰, Imam Khomeini (s) asked the people to participate in the Reconstruction Movement. Thus a revolutionary institution called `the Reconstruction Jihad' was formed that began to operate on a voluntary basis. This was later expanded into a ministry known as `the Ministry of Jihad. «۴۲»- The Islamic Revolution Guard corps. «۴۳»- A volunteer group besieged to defend the revolution and to render nationwide services to maintain Islamic values. This group came into existence in ۱۹۷۹ following the order of Imam Khomeini.«۴۴»- Literally, it means hypocrites. In this context, it means the partisan fighter group called `Mujahidin' that was formed in ۱۹۶۵ to challenge the Shah. But after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, a group under the same title took a position against the revolution; they martyred a large number of government officials and true believers of the Islamic Revolution. This is why the nation called them" Munafiqin", meaning hypocrites.«۴۵»- The Holy Qur'an (۴۷:۷).«۴۶»- It is the Ka'ba in Mecca, the direction to which Muslims face when saying daily prayers.«۴۷»- Because of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the U.S.A. lost one of the most sensitive strategic areas of the world and its access to the immense oil reserves was cut off. Therefore, by hook or by crook, America tried to restore its losses. Actions taken by the U.S.A. in this connection include: aid to domestic insurgents, military attack on Iran (known as Tabas incursion) and masterminding a coup d'etat. As none of these were effective, America tried something else; it made the adventurous Iraqi regime to impose an undeclared war on the Islamic Revolution. The cost several hundred thousand of human lives; hundreds of thousands men maimed, wounded or taken captive. The superpowers and their bonded servant Saddam Hussein (president of Iraq) could not achieve any one of their objectives. «۴۸»- By the end of ۱۹ th-and early ۲۰ th-centuries, the Iranian people had become obsessed with the cruelty and injustice of the rulers and agents of despotism and dictatorship as well as with chaotic conditions of the country and the atrocities of the government agents.Weakness and incompetence of Muzaffaruddin Shah, the monarch of the time, in administering the affairs of the state and the increasing awakening of the people and other factors, like the rise of the clerics and religious authorities, provided grounds for a revolution known as the 'Constitutional Movement, ' which triumphed in ۱۹۰۶ after long and hard struggle.Though not led in the right channel, the movement effected great changes in the social structure of Iran, breakdown of class distinction, upsetting the power position of the courtiers, the big landlords and the institution of law and justice. However, the Constitutional Movement failed to yield the desired results because of the influence of pro-West elements and removal of the clerics from politics and government rule; hereditary monarchy was reinstituted with a coup d'etat by Rida Khan.«۴۹»- Article ۱۳ of the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity as true religious minorities who are free within the limits of law to perform their own religious rites and to act according to the dictates of their own faith in matters of personal status.«۵۰»- In order to ensure the conformity of the legislation approved by the Majlis with tenets and teachings of the Holy Qur'an and the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a council named Guardian Council being composed of ۶ jurisprudents and ۶ lay jurists or legal experts from various branches of the law was formed as provided by Article ۲۹ of the Constitution. These men are elected for a period of ۶ years (Article ۲۹). The Islamic Consultative Assembly is not legally valid without the Guardian Council (Article ۳۹). All legislation enacted and approved by the Majlis should be sent to the Guardian Council to confirm their conformity with Islamic laws (Article ۴۹).«۵۱»- In the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, public affairs must be administered on the basis of public opinion and by means of elections. If in an election, whether presidential or parliamentary, etc. obtaining a majority of votes is not possible or if achieving a purpose requires argumentation and discussion, in that case the people elect their trusted experts who convene in an assembly called the Assembly of Experts wherein they discuss the issues that are of concern to the people. Example: The Experts on the Constitutional Law, the Experts on the Leadership, etc.«۵۲»- Whenever a qualified religious jurisprudent is recognized and confirmed by majority of the people as a Leader, such a leader and religious authority assumes all the responsibilities that ensue the title. If this does not materialize, the experts elected by the people study and consult among themselves the qualifications of all those who meet the standards set for leadership and from among them select three or five competent religious authorities and present them to the people as `members of the Leadership Council'. In the review of the Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran) IRI (, this article was amended; the leadership council of the Muslim community is not envisaged.«۵۳»- Article ۱۰۹ of the Constitution of the I.R.I. is devoted solely to a declaration of the qualities and qualifications of the leader and of the members of the Leadership Council. These terms or conditions include: academic competence, the necessary righteousness, political and social insight, courage and sagacity and sufficient administrative ability. These principles were modified somewhat in amendment to the Constitution under the heading of 'Conditions and Qualities of the Leader'.«۵۴»- Article ۱۱۰ of the Constitution of I.R.I. deals exclusively with the leader's powers and responsibilities, which mainly include: appointment of the fuqaha the members of the Guardian Council, appointment of the highest judicial authority of the country, appointment and removal of the commanders of the armed forces, introduction of the Supreme Defense Council, declaration of war and peace, endorsement of the credentials of the president following his election by people, removal of the president from office in a view of the country's interests, grant of amnesty to convicts or reduction of their sentences within Islamic rules. In amendment to the Constitution, this article has been somewhat modified.«۵۵»- This council, which was the highest judicial authority in the Judicial Power of the I.R.I. , was deleted in the process of adding an amendment to the Constitution and the status of the country's highest judicial authority was vested in an individual person.«۵۶»- An obligatory duty incumbent on every Muslim; if fulfilled by some members of the Islamic community it ceases to be obligatory to others.«۵۷»- The term 'Mujahid-e-Khalq' literally means 'people's fighter' or 'one who struggles for the people'. However, in reality and in the political history of the Iranian nation, 'Mujahidin-e-Khalq' is the name of a guerrilla or partisan fighter group that came to be in ۱۹۶۵ (۱۳۴۴ A.H.) to challenge the Shah. Due to the inadequacy of the familiarity of its leaders with the principles and all-inclusive teachings of the school of Islam, this organization adopted an eclectic ideology and, within a short time after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, took position opposite to the revolution. Its forces martyred a large number of people's true servants, the dedicated clerics and religious authorities and finest youths. They also detonated scores of bombs all over the country and burned houses and street buses full of passengers; they started a stream of running blood. This group spared nothing in fighting the Islamic Revolution but in the long run, after going through several stages, was suppressed by the revolutionary forces and some of them fled to foreign countries. Those who were once daubed anti-imperialism and afraid to have their identity revealed, are today spending their last shameful day in the laps of imperialists in utter ignominy. The terrorist group of Mujahidin-e-Khalq has been equated by the public with the 'hypocrites'. «۵۸»- The Fada'iyan-e Khalq were a partisan or guerrilla Marxist group that started their political, terrorist, anti-revolutionary moves after the victory of the revolution. The group's birth dates back to ۱۹۶۶ when a number of Marxists student had gradually become disenchanted with Orthodox Marxism and leaned towards Maoism. In spite of their terrorist activities against the Shah's top brass, their popular base among the lay student and university leftists remained undeveloped; they were unable to gain public recognition. This group struggled for rapid institution of the socialist discipline in Iran. However, political and ideological crisis gradually divided this process into several branches. The Marxist's international crisis and the circumstances in the former Soviet Union deeply affected these elements and caused their political abashment.«۵۹»- The Toudeh is the oldest Marxist-Leninist organization in Iran. Remnants of the communist party of Iran proclaimed existence in ۱۹۲۰. It began its activities in ۱۹۴۲ under the title of 'The Toudeh Party of Iran. Because of its direct affiliation in its political life with the former Soviet intelligence Service, the Toudeh Party assumed positions that made it notorious as treacherous group. The most important of such positions was the Toudeh Party's support of the separation of Azarbayejan and Kordestan from Iran by the Soviet troops and its support of granting oil concession in the north of Iran to The Soviets. After the coup d'Ntat of August ۱۹,۱۹۵۳ and the continuation of Mohammad Reza Shah's monarchy, the activities of the Tudeh Party within Iran ceased until ۱۹۷۹ marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The central committee of the Toudeh Party was stationed in Leipzig, East Germany. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, favorable grounds were provided for the party and other groups to resume activity. However, because of atheistic beliefs and hypocritical tactics, the Toudeh Party failed to find a firm base among the people in spite of years of struggle and propaganda. At last, in ۱۹۸۳, when espionage relations of this party with KGB and the former Soviet Military intelligence Services were reveled, the members of its central committee were apprehended and the party's secret networks were disbanded.«۶۰»- Joseph Stalin was a member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party and a director of the Pravda Newspaper, the official organ of the former Soviet Communist Party. In ۱۹۲۲, Stalin was elected as Secretary General of the party. He was then actually placed at the head of the Soviet government. The story of Stalin's cow has often been referred to by Imam Khomeini in his talks. The story is about the Tehran Conference of the heads of the allies during World War II. It is related that the Anglo-American heads of state, in spite of their imperialistic beliefs, had not much observed formalities and protocols while Joseph, in spite of his proletarian background, had brought a cow to Tehran with him in his aircraft so as to have his own exclusive fresh milk every morning. Such attachments and such proletarian slogans that are in sharp contrast and mutually contradictory are the sort of things Imam Khomeini has often recalled.«۶۱»- An incident was perpetrated in Amol, a city in the north of Iran, by a group called 'Communist Union'. This group, which was a small Maoist group, had no activity inside Iran during the time of the Shah. However, as soon as the revolution triumphed, elements of the group entered the country from the U.S.A. and Western Europe and started their activity in Amol. During this incursion, nearly ۵۰ armed elements of this group who were committing terrorist acts against Iran in the forests of the north, entered the city of Amol in a calculated and planned act. The objective of these terrorists was the military occupation of the city. They had figured that if they took the city, the people of surrounding territory would join them and thus an insurgent base against Islamic Revolution would be set up. Contrary to their fancy, the people of the city spontaneously resisted this armed invasion from its onset and the city became the battleground of intense fighting between the unarmed defenders and the armed men of the group. After ۵ hours of fighting, all the invading elements were captured or slained by the people and the plot was defused. A considerable number of defenseless men, women and children were also killed in this incident.«۶۲»- A province inhabited by Iranian Kurds, located in the west of the country.«۶۳»- One of the Iranian ethnic people who mostly live in western provinces.«۶۴»- One of the Iranian ethnic people living in eastern provinces, mostly in Sistan and Balouchistan.«۶۵»- Immediately after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Komoleh Group, consisting of a number of adventurous anarchists with an ideology leaning toward Maoism, was founded. According to existing documents, this group was instantly placed under serious material and military protection and support of Western intelligence services, especially those of England and its dependent Baghdad regime. The reputation of the Komoleh was mostly due to its brutal torture savage killings of the people and defendants of the revolution.«۶۶»- Another ethnic-minded group that undertook armed and terrorist actions against the revolution, after it had triumphed, was the Democrats of Kordestan of Iran. The Democratic Party was formed in ۱۹۴۵ when a part of the Iranian territory was under the occupation of the Soviet troops. It framed an autonomous government in Kordestan on the strength of the Soviet army. After the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Iran, this party had no actual existence but its name or title was retained by the pro-Soviet Party, the Toudeh. In the meantime a member of the Toudeh Party named Qasimlou was able to obtain a Ph. D. degree through one of the scholarships that the Checkoslovak government made available to the Toudeh Party. Qasimlou meanwhile married a Jewish Check lady.On the basis of available document Qasimlou was engaged in intelligence relations through his wife with the Israel intelligence services. After a while, he migrated to Baghdad and continued the publication of the new series of the magazine termed 'Kordestan', with the help of the Ba'th Party of Iraq. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Qasimlou quickly entered the Kordestan of Iran announced the start of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and 'ethnic autonomy' in the Revolutionary Iran.«۶۷»- Mudarris is regarded, in the history of Iran, a champion of freedom, a pro-independence cleric and a fighter against dictatorship. He was born in ۱۸۸۶, in a village and received his elementary education in Isfahan and his higher education in the holy city of Najaf. Simplicity and easy to understand parlance, kindness of temper and disposition as well as simple living, placed Mudarris in a position of leadership and guidance among the people. During the second legislative session of the National Consultative Assembly of Iran in ۱۹۴۹, Mudarris was elected by the religious scholars and clerics of Najaf and Iran as one of the five religious jurisprudents to supervise the enactment of laws. At the end of the ۲ nd session of the Majlis, Mudarris was elected as a delegate representing Tehran. Mudarris was opposed to puppet governments and their treacherous anti-nationalistic action and the agreement signed with England in ۱۹۱۹, the ratification of which he presented in the Majlis. Because of all this, Mudarris and his supporters were arrested by the command of the British through Reza Khan, commander of the Cossack Brigade. They were imprisoned and tortured. Public pressure and demonstration led to their release after ۳ months of imprisonment service. In the Majlis, Mudarris disclosed Reza Khan's plan for republic form of government for Iran. This and his opposition to the rule of Reza Khan who acted according dictats of the British government helped Mudarris to be recognize as the most steadfast figure of anti-colonialism and anti-dictatorship.Foreigners and their puppets who were mortified by the influence of Mudarris and saw that the plots to terrorize him fell through one after the other, decided to smother this vociferous and clear call to Islam and liberty. Therefore, they prepared plans to apprehend and deport him and finally, one day in the month of Ramadan ۱۳۱۶ [۱۹۳۷] , they poisoned this great scholar while in a state of fasting and then strangulated him. «۶۸»- It refers to a violence between leftist groups and Hezbollah which resulted in martyrdom of several innocent young men.

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